posted by dave on Monday, August 25, 2008 at 11:10 AM in category daily

Forgot my rock today when I left for work. I feel oddly naked without it. Please note, however, that I'm not actually naked, so neither running to nor fro are necessary.


Yesterday I might have screwed myself up. I was getting out of my truck, with my arms full of stuff, when I slipped on a damn dryer sheet that somebody, some terrorist probably, had placed on the floor. My foot went right out from under me. I fell about three feet onto my concrete garage floor, landing on my right hip and left knee and left arm. So yeah, I apparently played an impromptu game of solo Twister on the way down.

This afternoon I get to go get x-rays. My hip, in particular, feels gimpy.

And what really sucked about falling, besides almost dying, was that as I fell I slammed the door of my truck into the door of my Monte Carlo. I'm kind of afraid to look at the latter to assess any damage. I know there was at least some paint transferred.


LuckyFucker has a new clam in his aquarium. It looks like a horribly-deformed vagina. It's creepy and erotic at the same time.

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I told you those dryer sheets were evil!! Someone is going to die because of them, or at the very least you'll come home to one of your sisters on the laundry room floor with several dislocated body parts - most likely the youngest sister. Hope you're alright! XOXO

I am very sore, and parts of me are a lovely shade of purple-green. But nothing is broken or seriously strained or sprained. I'm just sore.

At least a dryer sheet tried to kill you in my laundry room, where the floor is made of wood. I fell onto my concrete garage floor. So I win.

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