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Every now and then something will strike me as being really funny, and I'll just start laughing. Usually I keep my laughter inside, but not always. And it usually happens at the most inappropriate times. Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at the absurdity.


Every now and then I'll reach out. For answers, or for comfort, or for companionship - it doesn't matter - and I'll end up with a big handful of nothing. One might think that I'd eventually stop doing this, but instead it only strengthens my resolve to try harder next time.


I had way too much caffeine today. And now I'm wired.


I've been working on a simple little twitter-like thingy for this site, so I can just use my blackberry to make quick updates. The coding was simple enough, but I'm having a tough time deciding on the output format. Once I get the twitter-like thingy implemented, stupid tidbit entries like this will probably become a thing of the past.


I wasn't really trying to fix anything, I was only trying to explain myself. It really did need to be said. Even if nobody was really listening, I needed to say it.

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Aww...I happen to like stupid tidbit entries like this.

I think I might replace the random quote on my main page with whatever my latest tidbit is. And there'd probably be a link to the older ones. would be like Snack-Size Dave? I might be down for that.

Snack-Size isn't really the term any guy wants used when referring to them.

Fun-size? Bite-size?

Hey, I could have called you Dainty Dave but I didn't, because I'm cool like that.

Yes, you are cool.

Siltz Sampler?

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