posted by dave on Wednesday, June 24, 2009 at 12:27 AM in category quickies
Dammit dammit dammit dammit, it was not supposed to happen this way. It was not supposed to happen at all, dammit.
It's not two-dimensional, it's three-dimensional, dumbass.
I forgot to say that I went to The Keg and managed to score one of the last six-packs of Gumballhead in Southern Indiana. So, ha-ha!
Now that I'm fresh out of girlfriends, my sister is having a pool-party this weekend. Oh well.
I'm wondering, if I leave, if I should bother to say goodbye.
Samuel Adams Longshot Traditional Bock
(bottle) Clear dark amber. Tan head that faded quickly. Aroma of burnt malts and molasses. Medium mouthfeel. It's got that same weird flavor that I find in most bocks. I don't like it.
Tuesday night I think
Dinner was good. Now I'm at Rich O's. I don't know why.
Fine, I'll go to Red Lobster, by myself. Meanie.
Even better
Well I didn't continue the dream from yesterday. Even better, today I dreamed about having ice cream.
Now what will be nice is if I can continue my lucid dream from yesterday.
I vant to suck your blood
I see that my sleep schedule is slowly but surely creeping back into vampire mode.
Now I'm at Denny's. Same reason I was at Jack's, I guess.
Pop quiz asshole
Question: What's worse that being alone? Answer: Being with the wrong person. Question: What's worse than being with the wrong person? Answer: Being alone and wishing you were with the wrong person.
I'm at Jack's now. I'm not sure why. I guess I just didn't feel like going home alone just yet. This sucks, by the way.
Some things are funny. This is not one of those things.
Dammit, I wish things had been different in the past, or were different now, or would be different in the future. Dammit.
If a person quacks often enough, people are going to start thinking that the person is a duck. I'm just saying.
Saison Dupont
Light brown, with a white head that seems to be lasting. Very light aroma of yeasts and apple peels. Sharp and clean flavor, watery mouthfeel. Decent is all I can say.
That's my good deed for the day. It will go unappreciated, of course.
I hate people
Fucking people are talking about her, behind me. I'm trying not to listen, but her name keeps reaching my ears.
Clipper City Red Sky At Night Saison
Clear light golden. Nice white head. Subdued aroma and flavor of fried apples. Mouthfeel more creamy that I'd expected. Good.
Abracadabra. There, that should work.
I'm at the haunted Burger King. I don't know why.
My resolve is weakening. Perhaps I should bolster it with alcohol. That always works, right?
Boom rumble rumble
I like waking up to the sound of thunder.
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