posted by dave on Tuesday, July 7, 2009 at 12:42 AM in category pictures, quickies
Oh well
I need to accept that there's only one. The sooner I accept that fact, the better.
I'm craving strawberry syrup for some reason.
I'll tough-out this nice guy stuff for a while longer, I suppose.
Okay, I've been a good boy for a while. I guess it's time to be bad.
Dammit, I really don't want to be alone tonight. Oh well.
Damn weirdoes. I'm not in the mood for them tonight.
Now I'm freaking out and I won't know why until at least tomorrow. This sucks.
My rock at Bearno's
I lost my rock sometime last week. I was really afraid that it was gone for good, but I found it this morning! I know it's just a rock, but it's my rock. Yay!
Also, I wish I could sing. There are some girls I'd like to melt.
Walking the dark streets at night is kinda nice, but I think I'd rather be sitting on my swing. I really need to get it fixed.
Lost again.
It's always a race. Will beer weaken my resolve before it puts me into a mood wherein I don't need resolve?
Because, dammit, sometimes silence is just another lie.
Right now, I'm guessing, and I'm second-guessing. I don't know what's the right thing to do.
Sunrise achieved
Getting closer
Another day dawns
It's 6:05 AM, and I'm sitting in my garage, drinking a beer and glaring at my phone.
I was just realizing that there's a difference between knowing what kind of person I am and knowing me. You have to know both. Whoa.
While it lasts
Sitting in my garage, a nice beer at my side, my ears lulled by the sound of gentle rain. Sometimes it's not so bad, being me.
The reason I still deserve this beer is because thoughts don't count.
The McDonald's near my house is now open 24 hours! I was sooooo craving a sausage biscuit, and now I get to have one! Yay!
When they say the buffalo tenders at Tumbleweed are hot, they're not fucking around.
Going to heaven
In case anyone was worried about me. Friday night I manhandled an 84-year-old one-legged man into his van after some dickhead abused the handicapped parking spot at the American Legion hall. I was going to say "some dipshit" but I didn't see him there so it must have just been a dickhead.
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