Saturday, October 30, 2010
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I went to bed around 1:30. I guess I slept. The next thing I knew was it was 9:00 and I was awake and Buddy was singing his song of starvation in my face.
Sadness achieved.
Stone Vertical Epic 09.09.09
(bottle) Indigo with a nice tan head. Enticing aroma of peaches and plums. Mouthfeel a little thin but coating. Flavor more tame than the aroma led me to expect. Good though.
I have a crush on this Purple Kelly chick.
I'm in a ranty mood. I will attempt to restrain myself. Nobody deserves the words I want to say.
It would be cool if I could bring Buddy to work. Once his fur grows back out, I mean.
I just caught myself glaring at my phone.
Maybe those ten hours of sleep will prove to be enough. I think I feel better this morning.
This is stupid. I'm going to bed.
The problem is that no food is good.
This guy at stupid Bearno's is the worst bartender in history.
I feel guilty. I suck.
I'm totally unmotivated this morning. I kinda want to just go back to bed, but even that seems like too much effort.
I don't feel like I should sleep tonight. I feel like, tonight, I should stay up. I wish I had beer.
I might be sick. That's all I need.
I was all set to write that I was worried because I hadn't seen Picklepie since Sunday morning, but then he showed up.
Now I'm at stupid Bearno's. I forget why.
Hmmm, the one dude should be wearing the same clothes, and the other dude should be dressed differently.
I want to write a manifesto now.
Seriously? No kidding? Okay, fine.
Upland Kimodo Dragon
(draft) Black with a tan head that faded quickly. Malty aroma. Thin mouthfeel. Decent flavor of malts and licorice. Disgusting hoppy metallic finish. Gross.
Now maybe everyone will shut up about how happy they are about the rain.
Storms and tornadoes all day today, and I'll be stuck at work like a chump.
Got sucker-punched by a buddy this evening. I probably deserved it. Goodnight, cruel world.
Oh boy, the world's most closeted guys are here.
I liked the old Elector girl better. She looked more like HatGirl.
DeadLady is here.
Yes, still. Get over it.
Sierra Nevada Fritz & Ken's Stout
(bottle) Black with a nice beige head. Aroma of roasted malts and chocolate and licorice. Thick mouthfeel. Flavor milder than I was expecting. Quite good.
I'm thinking that I'm going to be selfish and childish about this.
OddlyFamiliarGirl flaked on me. I'm not sure I'm up to the task of distracting myself tonight.
I am officially starving to death. I may not have the strength in me, but I need to try to go to the stupid store. The problem with going to the stupid store when I'm starving is that I buy one of everything. And I have no idea what I'm hungry for. Something I can eat with chopstick, maybe? Like Lucky Charms.
That's exactly what I thought would fucking happen.
Well, that was, um, interesting.
People suck, especially the ones at the haunted Burger King.
I'm worried that a possum stole my rock.
The problem with a good time is that it makes me remember great times. The problem with remembering great times is that it makes me wish for fantastic times.
I had a nice night. Now I'm having a nice Marzen. In a bit, I'll go to my nice bed.
My blackberry spell checker thinks "mu" is a word.
I want to know what's so damn interesting.
In about 90 minutes, I get to go to bed!
I was just thinking about a really great day, and it made me smile.
I moved to the bar to get away from a pair of weirdoes, but an even weirdoer pair came in and sat next to me at the bar.
In disguise
I'm all sneaky and stuff...
Maybe I wasn't the one who failed...
After sleeping on it, I've decided that it just doesn't count.
Too long of a wait, too close, and now way too far away.
Three Floyds Moloko
(draft) Black with a thin brown head. Sweet and chocolatey aroma. Very creamy mouthfeel. Flavor is sweet, with malts and a bit of dark chocolate. Alcohol very well-hidden. Good.
Some old woman is here today instead of CartGirl.
I've been sleeping too much.
Also, I was going to say something clever now, but I forgot. Your loss, I suppose.
If that's the last thing I get to tell her, I can live with that.
That's what I think.
I had a feeling that would work. Goodnight, cruel world.
Sausagefest at Jack's. I miss OddlyFamiliarGirl.
I'm feeling very writey tonight, but I'm not feeling particularly topicky. See, I'm just making up words now.
What great about English is that you can say, "Fucking fuck that fucking fucker!" and your meaning is perfectly clear.
The question is - what's the easy thing?
Land of the Lost
Even Will Ferrell can't do anything for this stinker of a movie.
Went to the house of a million cats, but only counted a half-million. Now I'm at Rich O's.
I think I proved my point. And I don't feel mean at all. Just tired.
Sometimes something is worse than nothing.
I hate people.
This day is dragging. In about 800 million years I'll get to go home.
It's a wild goose chase!
And I think about the things on the other side of this wall we slammed into.
That's funny.
I'm not supposed to think about that!
What a long day at work!
I was up too late, and I got up too early. I predict that I'll be very tired before this day is over.
Wow, I'm up way too late. How did that happen?
Home now. Wishing I could help more. Wishing I mattered more.
All done yelling and shopping. Nappy-time I think.
Now I'm at Sportstime. I'm going to eat and then maybe glare at my phone for a while.
Taking a vacation day to go yell at everyone.
I think this is the first time I've ever owed any money for taxes.
Wednesday, October 13, 2010
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Today I get to go file my taxes, as my six-month extension is almost over. Fun times...
I'm doing good. I'm neither surprised nor disappointed.
This Taco Bell flatbread thingy is yummy to my tummy!
He's fine. I was really worried because they took me to a little room and made me wait without telling me anything except the doctor had some information for me.
I haven't heard anything about Buddy yet. I guess they'd call me if got loose and tore the place to shreds. I wouldn't put it past him.
LaptopGirl knows someone who made this
Poor Buddy is so scared.
Come to think of it, that was weird, that they were parked right where I'd chosen to turn around.
Today Buddy gets to go to the vet for a haircut. He's a holy terror, so he has to be sedated first. Poor Buddy.
I feel guilty, but I think that it's just too late.
Managed to catch Nugget, now it's off to the vet.
What am I supposed to say right now? I'm tired of playing the guessing game, and guessing wrong.
Better to see you with
Getting examined for new glasses today. They're having a 2-for-1 sale. I'm also going to have them check this annoying blind spot I have in my left eye.
It's really trafficky this morning. I don't know why for sure, but I suspect a conspiracy.
That is all, just wow.
Now I guess we're going to Red Lobster. I haven't been there for a while. Too bad I already ate a million tater lots about an hour ago.
I need clothes. Maybe I'll go shopping. Too bad I have to put on clothes to go buy clothes.
That's what Buddy is.
Still needs a home...
I wonder if I'll be relieved.
...of a sort.
I'm not having any fun. I should go somewhere.
I'm cautiously optimistic that this might finally be enough. Grrr.
I hope the weekend is good. It's been a shitty week and I'm glad it's Friday.
Sometimes it seems like I really do work in a weirdo factory.
I want one
I guess seven hours of tossing and turning is enough.
I'm going to bed now. I hope I don't dream.
If anyone met me now, they'd want nothing to do with me, and I wouldn't blame them a bit. The only reason that anybody puts up with me is because of inertia.
I should have gone straight home. I'm sad today. Unfit...
I'm really enjoying myself today.
I've been thinking the same thing, about all of this.
Random hot chicks are awesome.
To whom it may concern...
...I miss you.
What sucks is that what I want doesn't exist, but my desire is unabated.
This week is going by way too slowly.
That was very nice. Now that it's over, I'm sad again.
I'm getting excited! Not in that way, you pervert.
It's way too early.
Still Monday
...that things were different. Had been different. Whatever.
How dry I am...
Well, that's just fucking fantastic...
Good morning.
Poor Picklepie is sitting outside meowing to come inside. He's breaking my heart.
Worth a try...
Abracadabra!!!... Hocus Pocus!... Presto?...
Still waiting for the call that it's time to go to work. This went beyond ridiculous about twelve hours ago.
Other thought
What a beautiful girl.
At least two more hours. So much for my Saturday.
What a great kid.
Some people need to be spanked. Hard.
I was just thinking about something funny. He had no clue that I was in bed with her.
Now HatGirl is mad at me.
I miss being up at these hours.
Wake me when this is over.
There are a lot of very short, very ugly people here. I suspect a conspiracy.
Word of the Day
It's either stupessary or necestupid. I can't decide.
There's a word. I'm not going to use the word because it's not very nice, but there is definitely a word.
I might buy a car. Because I really need a fourth car.
Second verse...
...same as the first.
Sticking my head in the sand this morning. Goofy, but necessary.
Again? This time? How can I not see this as a "fuck off" and who on Earth would blame me for returning that sentiment?
Why is it that a cat can always be underfoot, weaving around your feet and trying to trip you, but as soon as you schedule an appointment to get its balls removed, it's nowhere to be found?
I feel like I slept for a million years, and I'm wondering what bizarre new world the sunrise will reveal.
And still I manage to be surprised and disappointed, every fucking time.
Fine, be that way.
Wow, this show is awesome.
I got to see HatGirl for the first time in 73-billion years.
That was fun and useful.
It can't be morning already, I distinctly remember my head hitting the pillow and that couldn't have been more than five minutes ago.
...but especially the truths.
Even the lies...
My problem is that I remember.
Sometimes the right thing is also the stupid thing.
Buddy being stuck-up
Nugget wookin' at something
I've got an urge to go buy a new camcorder. I don't know why.
I went to the store and bought a bunch of yummy looking stuff. Now I can't decide what to eat.
I can feel my resolve fading away. I hate it when that happens.
It could have been a great story, but instead it's kinda lame.
Now the night took a turn for the better.
Oh boy
That fuckhead is here now.
Long enough
I think I've made my point.
I knew it would be a good day.
By the way
Happy anniversaries. So there.
If you bend a piece of metal back and forth enough times, it will break. Sometimes I conveniently forget that fact.
This should be a good day. I hope so.
There's a dude here who looks just like Dana Carvey, except taller I think.
This is the sssssslllllllooooowwweeesstttttttt day ever.
Too relieved to sleep, apparently.
Whew again
Buddy is fine, just naughty.
Buddy waiting and wondering why the carrier smells like pee
Nugget is fine. Just fat.
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
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Nugget waiting for test results
I'm starting to freak out!
Having a beer to steel my nerves.
Tonight I'll find my snow shovel and use it to carry the possum to the woods. I hope it hasn't popped by tonight. If it's popped, I might have to sell my house, or at least burn down my garage.
Today, I plan to worry. This will be followed by freaking out this evening.
There's a big dead possum in my garage.
I'm not immune. I'm just as sickened by this as everyone else. I wish she'd fucking stop preaching all the time.
Cool I guess
DeadLady is here.
Falls City Original Pale Ale
(draft) Clear light copper in color. Aroma of grass. Flavor neither piney nor floral. Kind of like a mixture. There was a slight metallic finish. Decent is all I can say about this.
What a strange thing to say.
Sometimes, I wish I was blind.
Running out of excuses...
You know what? I'm really trying here.
I wish this mood would last. I like it.
Overgeneralization is always a bad idea. Every single time.
The fundamental difference between me and a lot of other men is that they secretly hate women whereas I think women are delicious.
Never gonna happen. Sorry.
Sitting at Jack's, so that I might better contemplate this mood.
I'm in a good mood, despite thinking that most of the last several years have been wasted.
I'm worried that my kitties might be infected. Trying not to think about it, but failing sometimes.
Oh well
I'm pretty disappointed now.
Well, $600 may not buy happiness, but it will certainly buy a buttload of kitchenware.
Thinking about going shopping. Now I have to figure out what to shop for.
I'm in a very unusual mood. I think it's a good mood.
I've got something in my eye. From the feel of it, it's probably a goat or a small deer.
I'm not sure what was harder. Hearing the news about Pickepie, or telling LaptopGirl.
The vet left a long time ago. I think they had an emergency come in.
Poor scared kitty
Watching hundreds of geese fly overhead. Pretty cool.
"I thank my parents for making me." -- Enzo
My patience is so thin these days, it's nearly transparent.
I'm not exactly raring to go this morning.
The question is, "Why?" The answer is the same as it's always been.
Now I've probably got rabies. Stupid cat.
Good thing I lugged my laptop to work and back. And good thing I glared at my phone all day. Both activities came in very handy.
I'm in a doozy of a mood tonight.
...for OddlyFamiliarGirl!
I don't think I could ever get tired of watching these squirrels jump from tree to tree.
Well that was a pretty screwed up thing for first thing in the morning.
The horse was just in my yard again. Picklepie scared it away.
Thinking about thinking. Doubting about doubting.
Wondering about wondering...
I hate that guy. I've never met him or even seen him in person, but I hate him.
I'm fucking tired of living under this rug.
I went out and petted Picklepie and sprayed off my heat pump filter. That, you might think, should be more than enough excitement for me for one day, but I still might go to stupid Jack's later. OddlyFamiliarGirl is sick again and/or still, though, so that sucks.
This is making me uncomfortable.
I need to leave my house and go buy something today. I just need to decide what to buy.
It's warmer than I thought.
I wish it was warmer. I want to go outside and drink and think.
She needs a better man than the one she's turned me into.
I think I'm turning into Every Guy On Earth, and that makes me feel guilty.
I'm making some Pad Thai chicken now. Just who do I think I am?
Now I gots me some contemplatin' to do...
There are less noble things I could be doing with my life.
More for me, then.
At least that one fucker seems to have shut up for now.
Because, that's why. Der.
I miss HatGirl.
I think I'm going to marinate a couple steaks in Stone Smoked Porter. I hope I don't managed to burn my house down somehow.
I got here late this evening. So now I feel rushed.
Of course I looked.
I don't want to talk about it.
I'm in an incredibly bad mood all of a sudden.
Talk to me. Pretend that you like me.
Today I get to hear the price to replace my heat pump. I'm estimating between three thousand and fifteen million dollars.
I'm in my parking lot at work. I'm oddly excited to be here. I like it out here in the mornings. I should have come here over the weekend.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday to StupidGirl! The timing was just a little off, or I could have been there for your birthday.
Can't sleep because my ass is too sore from kicking myself.
Giving up, breathing a big sigh of relief, and going home.
Going to stupid Jack's to glare at my phone, because (a) Rich O's is closed, and (b) there's no A/C in my house.
Twinkle twinkle
I doubt that I'll ever look at stars the same way again.
Nom nom
Had a fairly relaxing evening. Now home, getting ready to watch Big Brother and cram some yummy White Castle fish sandwiches.
Okay, now she's late.
I'm at Sluttopia, waiting for OddlyFamiliarGirl. She's not late, I'm early.
Trying to get this cat to hold still is impossible
I just did something stupid, but necessary and long overdue.
LaptopGirl's cat came back!
Happy Anniversary!
My dearest friend RockGirl and I "met" five years ago today. I'm so incredibly humbled by her and by the understanding that she's given me. I don't know if I'd be here, or anywhere, if it wasn't for her.
Was shooting pool and drinking beer with my friend Eric all night.
I miss you.
Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial
(bottle) Clear fizzy light brown. Weak head that lasts and clings. Sharp aroma of pine and alcohol. Flavor very dry, with noticeable alcohol. Finish is smooth and nutty. Good.
The bad news is that my A/C is broken again, and the other bad news is that there's no beer in my fridge.
My sister hasn't seen that cat all week. I hope he shows up when he hears me calling for him.
Due to scheduling shortsightedness, I'm am now sitting in the Cincy airport for two and a half hours. This is more time than it would have taken me to drive home, had I mustered the foresight to just drive up here originally.
On the plane. Turning my phone off. You know you care.
Just got dropped off at the airport. Everyone is sad.
This Irish guy walked out of a pub. Hey, it could happen.
From my ass, perhaps
I just found great restraint from somewhere. I put it to good use.
I absolutely will not.
Had a slightly skunked Newcastle. Not enough to taste bad, but enough to wreak havoc on my insides.
I'm at the Rio. I miss this place.
Took a nap. Now I'm awake. My neck is killing me.
Some lady just won 1.2 million dollars, but it wasn't me, so fuck her.
Nice big giant kitty...
Wednesday, September 1, 2010
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I'm wooking at wions.
I feel sad this morning. I don't know why. My life is fucking perfect.
Wifey worked her magic and got us great seats for Believe!
I get offended when the skanky big fat hog hookers proposition me.
I had a bad dream. Serves me right. I've been ignoring the problem for too long. Pretending it doesn't exist. So it haunts my dreams.
I am a magnet for hookers and drunken idiots.
Moylan's Kilt Lifter Scottish Ale
(Draft) Clear dark copper. Medium tan head. Malty aroma. Strong malty aroma, maybe a little molasses. Decent.
I'm always wondering about the other people at the bar at these early hours. I mean, are they still up from last night, or are they, like me, victims of a time zone different than this one?
Right after I posted that last quickie, the pickup guy left with both girls. Good for him, I thought. But now the two girls have returned alone. Poor pickup guy.
Now I'm down at this bar watching these pickup guys work on these two hot girls. I really like one guy's style. I'm finding myself rooting for him.
I got talked into trying six kinds of sushi. I still don't really like it.
We just stumped the piano dudes.
These guy play piano a million times better than they sing, and even that's not saying much.
It's been six months, but it's like I never left. I can't wait to see my wife!
My phone is being weird about email.
I'm in an actual decent mood. I'm hopeful that this is a prelude to excitement!
Up and at 'em, I suppose.
I can't find the doohickey!
Those cats were fast as lightning
Picklepie got into a fight with the neighbor's cat, Pete Jr. I got them separated, suffering only a few major lacerations in the process.
I've had better. I've had worse. I wish I'd had some chopsticks.
Hypothetical answer
I don't care.
Hypothetical question
What if Everyone On Earth has been right, all this time?
I think this is the last chance, for either of us.
I suppose I should start thinking about packing.
So there.
OtherDave had a fantastic idea. I'm going to take it and run with it.
There's a helicopter circling overhead. That's always a good sign, right?
Why is standing-up dude always standing? To confuse me, I think.
For a second there, I was okay. But, as soon as I noticed it, it was over.
I got a new Blackberry Torch today.
He was outside this morning, and very glad to see me!
I haven't seen PicklePie since this morning.
Five strippers, three old women, and an ex-girlfriend.
They're giving me a guarantee. Well, I guarantee that I just wasted my money.
So, this place turns into a gay bar on January 1st.
I miss WomanRepellant. He would be just as disgusted by this as I am.
I'm suddenly sad. For some reason. Or lots of reasons. I can't tell.
There's one thing that never fails to piss me off. I should probably get over it.
Going to see Criss Angel Believe again next week.
Okay, I guess that was it for the day. Goodnight then.
It sucks that we've fallen this far.
In my semi-rush to get out the door this morning, I totally forgot to take my allergy medicine. I can definitely feel the effects of that oversight.
So I just got to my parking lot. I want to get here by 7:15. I guess I'll try again tomorrow.
You're welcome
I keep knowing people who are sick. And I'm sick of them being sick. I demand that they all feel better..............NOW!
I wanted to stay. I wanted to go back. I did neither.
Maybe we're all Truman.
It looks like a full moon. I can recharge my rock when I get home.
This morning is too early in the morning.
When this falls apart, that's when I'll be useful again. I guess I'll wait.
My new bedding, gray with dark gray stripes, came with shams. Shams means it's gay, right? Now I have to buy more bedding, right?
Tomorrow I'm getting a new Blackberry, and I'm switching to Verizon. I'm not excited.
I could really use a bottle, or ten, of Alaskan Smoked Porter right about now.
Climb every mountain
Today, I have a boring, but very important mission. I need to buy hangers. Lots and lots of hangers. This is likely to be the highlight of my day.
He's taken over my foot-rest
I wonder how long they'll keep my picture up on the wall. I wonder who'll remember me the longest.
Leveraging societal expectations of normalcy...
And so, it begins again.
I had a nice dream about someone I haven't dreamed about in years.
RockGirl made me come out here. I couldn't decide, so she decided for me.
Now I'm getting pissed.
Fair play
PearlGirl came in. I jumped and clapped when she came in.
And so, it begins...
Stolen from Slashdot
First they came for those who wanted more than 120 characters, but I did not speak out, because I did not want more tha
I like to get here early and watch the squirrels and rabbits frolic.
Part of me wants to write an blog entry now, but a bigger part of me wants to go outside and drink a Marzen.
I'm actually nervous...
I don't like guys who wear gay hats.
Traffic was bad, so I got here late, but all the Thursday weirdoes got here early. That's probably because they don't have jobs.
It's a lifestyle, not an income level.
It's official. I'm permanent starting Monday.
I wish we could talk. I mean really talk.
Goodnight, cruel world.
How did things get so fucked up?
As if
Wow, a preemptive cockblock.
I'm starving to death. I think that's a good sign.
I took a Claritin this morning. My head feels a little less concretey, but now I'm coughing.
If I took door number one, it would be seen as weird. If I took door number two, it might be seen as mean. So I think I'll take door number three, and just go to bed.
What if I had one? This thought is freaking me out.
I feel like my entire body has been filled with cement, and it's hardening quickly.
I just had a thought. This changes everything.
Phone noises are off. Don't even bother. I'm sleeping, I hope.
Got my 87th wind.
Going to try to stay awake until the sun goes down. I doubt I'll make it.
So very tired today...
I'll be in a meeting until 11:00 today, so don't freak out of I don't reply to emails or texts. This means you.
They delayed Big Brother for golf. Fucking Golf?!? I didn't get it recorded. Now I have to wait for it to hit the internet.
Wow, I'm just physically and emotionally drained tonight. I'm actually feeling my age for once.
I'm still going, though. Oh yes, I'm definitely still going.
It's the something else that keeps giving me stupid hope.
Pondering apathy vs cruelty vs stupidity vs something else.
Oh goody, that one whore is here.
I should put myself first for a while. I probably won't, but I should.
The 1970s called, and they want their mirrored sunglasses back.
Saturday, August 14, 2010
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Well that sucks.
Choosing between stupid thing number one, and stupid thing number two. This time I'm going with the latter.
I put on clothes and came to my garage for this?!?
Hoping this storm continues its beeline.
Not even trying to sleep.
I'm driving my truck today. It doesn't have air conditioning. I must have a death wish.
I had a good time this evening, and I wish it could have lasted longer.
How do we make this better? Is it even possible? Do you even care?
It really fucking bugs me, if I let myself think about it. I'm trying to not let myself think about it too often.
This Rachel chick is a fucking psycho!
We should go to Splashing' Safari.
If these clouds go away, the next two mornings I'll be up on my roof!
So there
I got to see HatGirl, and meet her dad.
Right now, I'm in a perfect mood. This won't last.
Did you ever notice that there are an awful lot of shitheads?
Never again. At least, not until next time.
I dreamed all night that it was Thursday and the week was almost over. Imagine my disappointment upon waking.
Guess where I am?!?
Still ugh
First I had to work all day, then I came home to sleep, but then I had to go back to work, but then I didn't have to go back to work, so now I'm back home to sleep, and I'm scared to death that my phone will ring.
It took me a week to finally get caught up on sleep, then I had to go and only get four hours last night.
I've been thinking about it, and I think that I would. Yeah, sure, why not?
Sometimes, the sweetness is a tangible thing. I want to pick it up and keep it in my pocket for the bad times.
Ommegang Tripel Perfection
(bottle) Cloudy yellow, with a nice white head. Aroma of apple and orange peels. Mouthfeel a little gritty. Flavor of a nice tripel but with some citusy undertones that I could do without. Pretty good, though.
It's Vertical Epic day!
Well, it took a week, but I feel like I'm finally recovered from last Sunday night.
I'm not that bad of a guy, I'm really not. Just because I seem to have shitty tastes in women, that shouldn't disqualify me from consideration.
Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout
(bottle) Black with a thin brown head. Nice malty chocolate aroma. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor very malty, with chocolate and a hint of oak. Doesn't taste as strong as it is. Very yummy.
Biting my tongue now. Words are useless anyway.
It was cool to see OtherDave after six months, but he had to leave. Now I'm back to my regularly scheduled glaring at my phone.
Most of the Rich O's crew is here. They're already loud.
I'm all laundryed out. Now I'm at Jack's waiting for OtherDave.
I can get video without sound, or sound without video. This fucking footage just doesn't want to play nice. Wait, why am I doing this again?
Why do I have enough clothes for 87 people, even though I live alone?
Today is Laundry Day. I have declared it. So there.
Or maybe they could have gift certificates. I know who I'd get one for.
It's a brilliant concept. I'd sign up in a heartbeat.
Chinese buffet. By myself. Pity me.
People often wonder why I do the things that I do. Well, this is why.
I keep getting reminded of my place, and it's always nowhere.
HatGirl texted me. Today is the anniversary, as near as we can figure, to the day we met. Five years ago today!
I guess the dampening field doesn't cover this side of the building.
I'm so glad I'm not sitting with those people. They won't shut up.
My secret shame
I cannot snap my fingers. The best I can do is make kind of a scraping sound.
This is going to be a long day.
I forgot to post this earlier
Sitting on my deck with Picklepie, waiting for my laundry to finish and watching heat-lightning.
Oh well.
Thinking about spending the weekend on the surface of the sun, where it's relatively cool. Plus, it's a dry heat there.
Now I have to come up with another word besides stage. Maybe phase would work. Or maybe I should consult a thesaurus.
I predict that, by the end of this week, I'll be firmly entrenched in stage two. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm very wrong.
NABC Ancient Rage
(draft) Black with minimal beige head. Aroma and flavor chocolatey and smoky. Both understated, but balanced nicely. Good, but could use more of everything.
I'm excited about the new NABC Ancient Rage!
In case... were wondering, I'm not having any fun.
I really didn't mean to do that. Now I'll definitely never sleep again.
It makes me mad at myself when I start thinking that the right words exist.
Now I'm pissed. Stupid stage two.
...that was quick.
Also, I'm going to be sooooo mad at OddlyFamiliarGirl in the morning...
Once again, I feel like I should write something.
They're taking over. I should write a real blog entry about it. People should be warned.
I like it when we go on silly adventures and laugh a lot.
If it feels like a bag of sand, see a doctor.
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me several billion times, um, it's still shame on you, right?
I'm excited about the NABC Ancient Rage!
Happy that the bartender came back
Pouting because the bartender disappeared
HaircutLady is closed again, but Rich O's has Koningshoeven Quad on tap, so it's a wash of sorts.
That cat is a quick little bugger.
I'd make a movie about me sitting in my garage and glaring at my phone. It would be awesome, if I could get Morgan Freeman to narrate it.
I'm amazed that it's only 3:00. I really thought I was sleeping much longer.
I'm having White Castles at 6:40 PM.
The next time, I'm going to nod my head and agree wholeheartedly.
This chick just demanded a bottle of Spaten.
I've just had a disturbing thought. If it's true, spontaneous combustion may be the only proper response.
Thought of the day
Hey! Who turned out the lights?
Somebody remind me why I'm here, and not there.
I'm oddly okay. This pisses me off, of course.
Back to where I belong. Back to how I should be. Back to who I am.
...there went my mood. You'd think I'd get tired of this eventually.
Trying to remember all the things, not just the good things.
That was random and sudden.
It's weird that I'm going to Las Vegas to escape this heat.
Four hours of sleep. That's enough, right? Yes, for cows and elephants.
Okay fine I'll write something. Beauty is meant to be beheld. Otherwise, what's the point?
This is a time when I'd normally be writing something.
Goodbye cruel world?
My fortune cookie was empty.
I can't connect to my home computer today. I don't know why. I feel isolated.
So far, so good...
I implemented a brilliant scheme to get back into stage two.
I miss being a baseball fan. I should move back to Seattle.
Some old man kept trying to talk to me, until some old woman came and sat between us. So I'm thankful for old women. They come in quite handy sometimes.
I forgot to tell my Tivo to record Big Brother.
So I'm avoiding Jack's tonight because of the loud music, and I came to stupid Bearno's where they have the jukebox cranked to eleven.
Maybe sometimes the best thing to say is nothing at all. That doesn't make it easy, though.
I'm craving ice cream. That might be nice for a change. Usually I stay fat with chips and beer.
There are worse things than unrequited love. Indifference, for example, is worse. So is disbelief.
Saturday, July 24, 2010
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Now my mood has affected HatGirl.
Glub glub
I haven't felt like this in a long time.
The good news is that there was no line at HaircutLady's place. The bad news is that she was closed.
Not sure what happened...
Okay, I slept forever. Next step in my grand plan to have a full life is to get my hairs cut.
I shouldn't be here. Not today.
I wish I could think about something else. It's constant today. No breaks.
I'm in a pretty shitty mood. I hope I get out of it soon, or my weekend will suck.
At least it's breezy.
Now I'm all cultured and shit.
Okay, who in the fuck is that asshole? Wait, I probably don't want to know.
I'm at Rich O's, waiting for OddlyFamiliarGirl. We're going to see some play about some barber. It's opening night. Her daughter is in the play.
I had the most annoying dream. It better not turn out to be true.
My fuse is a lot shorter than it used to be...
The kitty finally showed up! Covered in burrs, poor thing.
None of the above
A nice person would have said hello. A good person would have at least replied.
Sometimes I crack myself up.
That was nice. Sometimes I forget how good it is to just hang out with HatGirl.
At Rich O's, waiting for HatGirl.
The annoying thing is that, had I been asked a week earlier, I'd have loved to have gone.
Or even the prettiest.
What I have to remember is that I'm not the only victim here. Or the most important one.
I'm excited now! Yay!
Trying to beat the storm home!
My stupid phone keeps quacking for stupid weather alerts. It's not supposed to quack, dammit.
Wow, stage one with a vengeance!
Well... looks like the A/C is out in my Intrepid again.
Pizza night!
Maybe I'm just curious. That's as good an explanation as anything else, I suppose.
Why do they have to make mornings come so early in the day?
Sunday, July 18, 2010
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Biting my tongue, big time.
Remembering accidental footsie.
Had a nice night and didn't get too paranoid.
I thought we'd moved beyond this bullshit. I guess not.
I took too long a nap earlier. Now I'll be up forever.
Lots of horizontal lightning. Way cool.
Sitting in my garage with LaptopGirl's cat. It's about to storm, and the humidity is a billion percent.
I ate waaaaaay too much.
I wish she wasn't so damn beautiful all the time.
That was fucking creepy.
This is stupid. Glaring at my phone like it's actually going to do something. I'm going to lunch. By myself.
I slept forever. I think I almost feel refreshed.
I can see you, you know. Skulking around. You're not as sneaky as you think.
It's not because I don't care. It's only because I get tired of waving at a statue.
Landed... Louisville.
In Chicago. Have an hour-long layover. Oh the joy.
Boarding for Chicago now...
Rockbottom Big Horn Nut Brown Ale
(draft) Color of clear dark tea. Nice whitish head. Aroma and flavor of light roasted malts. Finish a little dry. Quite good.
Because Delta sucks so hard, now I won't be getting home until after 6:00.
Looks like it's supposed to storm all day back home. I hope my flight doesn't get delayed.
"Embrace your life, find out what it is that you love, and pursue it with all your soul. For if you do not, when you come to die, you will find that you have not lived." -- from a book I'm reading
Papa Beer and Mama Beer
I'm still hungry. I should have gotten the 12-oz steak instead of the 8-oz one.
"fuck cancer"
That's what it says on a bumper sticker on a car parked outside. While I appreciate the sentiment, I can't say that I'm in favor of putting it on a bumper sticker like that.
Deja vu
...all over again.
So far, every woman I've talked to in Wisconsin has been a bitch. Must be something in the cheese.
Wisconsin, barely
Thursday, July 15, 2010
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Class is done. The test is after lunch, and then I'm outta here!
Still not enough. Dammit.
I fucking hate that guy.
Well... much for that.
I found a Ruby Tuesday up here!
Halfway done!
I would love to except I hate coffee and I'm a million miles from home.
At least
Things might not be better if they were different, but at least they'd be different.
There are three people I'm not allowed to miss, but I'm doing it anyway. So there, and there, and there.
I came "home" to see three fire trucks and two ambuli in the hotel parking lot. These are almost never a good sign.
Kinda excited to see if I still have a fourth kitty when I get home.
Surly Bender
(draft) Cloudy brown. Nice tan head. Aroma of malts and caramel and hops. Fairly thick mouthfeel. Complex flavor of barley and rye with a nice hoppy finish. Damn good.
I found a Chinese place. So at least I won't starve while I'm here. I didn't see any bars yet, though.
This will seem like a very long flight.
At the airport, hoping to stay awake so I don't miss my flight.
I'm not getting any texts, and stupid AT&T's customer service is closed. This sucks.
Now I'm confused.
I think my nap was too long. Now I'll be up all night.
I like neither sluts nor whores.
Now I'm at work and glaring at my phone. Later I need to pack for my trip and glare at my phone. And I hope to have time to go to Jack's and glare at my phone tonight.
I miss my parents. I wish they were still alive.
Yummy Tremens in a weird glass
First time in a million years that I've been in Rich O's on a Saturday night. There are lots of weirdoes here.
I probably shouldn't text her that I'd like to make her vibrate again, right?
Now I'm at Rich O's. ActualGeorge is here!
Not holding my breath
Had lunch at this Chinese place on Grant Line Rd. It was yummy.
Saturday, July 10, 2010
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Feels... lightning running through my veins...
Wow, that hasn't happened in a while. Now I guess I'm up for the rest of the night. Oh well.
Don't even bother.
This is what I get for letting my mind wander for two seconds.
Wishing RockGirl the best vacation ever. She's certainly worked hard to deserve it.
I believe that I'm a victim of flaking. I can't wait to see what excuse she comes up with.
How I spend my free time
Some people are mean. Good thing I'm nice. So far. Usually.
I keep going there, almost every day. I might have a problem.
What if people twisted the golden rule, and treated people the way they themselves were being treated? I wouldn't want to live in such a world.
Why can't this old woman realize that there are only a few people I want to t= alk to right now, but none of those people are her?
Has anybody seen my thumbnail? It's gotta be around here somewhere.
At least, this time, I knew exactly what I was getting into.
Happy day!
That right there...that pisses me off.
I guess, if I have to go, I'd rather go in July than January.
Tilting... a windmill.
One of the loads of laundry I did today happened to contain work clothes. So now I can sit in my garage with a Marzen, guilt-free.
There's some kind of shoe-drama going on. I don't claim to understand it.
I wish I could help. Instead, I make things worse. I suck.
I'm at Rich O's. They're playing sad music. I'm in a mood that I like. Sad but not overwhelmed.
I've hooked my iPhone up to my laptop for the first time, and iTunes is finding all kinds of weird music on the laptop. I didn't put any of it there.
Pondering the differences between men and women. We're barely the same species, I think.
I'm being eaten alive, and not in a good way.
Sometimes, I'm a dick. Shocking, I know.
It's not just that I'm afraid of being bitten again, it's also that I'm pretty sure I'd bite back.
I think I'll sleep. Maybe I'll have a good dream.
I guess I should go get my truck one of these years...
Saturday, July 3, 2010
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Please disregard.
That was nice of her. She must be up to something...
Sitting alone and listening to the neighbors set off fireworks. As always, the perfect summarization to my life.
Trying to decide between disalieved or relappointed...
Well I don't get/have to go to Kansas City this weekend. Now I get/have to figure out someplace else to go.
So there.
I wonder if that was a hint. I so suck at hints.
It's not even pizza night, but I'm craving pizza.
Today I tried an experiment. It seems to have failed, but I might try again. I'm stubborn sometimes. That trait clashes with my lack of patience.
He said I was passive-aggressive.
It's not always that I get irritated. Sometimes it's quite the opposite.
That one dude who creeped HatGirl out is here. I think I'll blame everything on him. Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.
It's a really nice night. I would take a long walk if I didn't have to get up so early tomorrow.
My air conditioning is working again! Finally!
Still have no air conditioning in this house. Still waiting for them to show up. They're 90 minutes late now.
My car will be ready to be picked up in the morning!
I have cable and internet again!
I'm dreading going back to my hot house.
I only saw about half of my sister's cats. The others must have been scared of me and hiding.
My stupidity never warranted special mention before. I must have exceeded expectations. Yay me!
"You're not that old." -- StupidGirl
I need a new life.
I have to buy new shoes. These shoes have sucked since the time I bought them, and now the glue is all melted because of the heat. Never buy shoes from Target!
It's just hard to let go. She was my life, dammit! I need more time. Maybe, in fifty years, I'll be able to let go. Don't count on it, though.
Got my hairs cut. Now I'm at Rich O's where the air conditioning works.
No A/C in the house or any of the cars. No cable or internet in the house. Having a great day.
I wasn't expecting that to happen. I don't think I like it.
Now I'm more pissed than ever.
Thursday, June 10, 2010
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OddlyFamiliarGirl is here!
My neighbor just walked in.
The best thing about where I work is that I can have Skyline every day for lunch. That's also the worst thing.
Now I'm at Rich O's. Traffic sucked, and it was made worse by the temperature being 47 billion.
I'm falling asleep here, but StrangeGirl has already fallen asleep once at her desk. So I guess I win.
Looking for a spark that can start a fire that can grow into an inferno that can consume me.
That is all.
Now I'm craving Red Lobster. This time, it's RockGirl's fault.
Had a meeting with the CIO, and we talked about Arni's Pizza. So now guess what I'm craving.
Okay, this morning it seemed silly to get up at 5:00. I still did it, but it seemed silly.
That was totally unexpected. But I kinda liked it, in a weird way.
I still think it could be awesome. Or, at least, a lot of fun for a while. Either way, better than this bullshit.
I just hit a wall. I'm so tired all of a sudden. That's weird, because I've been getting plenty of sleep. Also, it's weird that I've been getting plenty of sleep.
They called me to tease me and tell me that my new furniture is ready in the warehouse.
Got up way early (3:38) because of a stupid dream that I still can't get out of my head. I guess I may as well go into work.
People suck.
I'm very confused by today's events.
It's such a nice day out there. I may postpone pizza night and eat outside at Polly's.
Well, crap... I've got a decision to make. Maybe I'll hold off for a while. Maybe I'll get lucky and spontaneously combust.
Apparently, I bought gay sheets.
I think that I'm finally and officially all shopped out.
Instead of murdering anyone, I ended up hurting them financially. Less jail time that way.
Bedroom is prepped. My new bed should arrive sometime in the next four hours.
Had a really nice night. Now, back to reality.
This girl in the movie just ran through a glass door and got all cut up. I did the same thing when I was a kid.
Damn, they're out of Barfly. I guess we'll make do with Gumballhead.
I really wanted to go somewhere today. Oh well, I guess.
I'm going to have them try to fix my air conditioning. That would be cool, so to speak.
Friday, May 28, 2010
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I just heard some. A nice storm would be cool.
I went by my old school today. It's changed so much on the outside. I'd love to take a tour of the inside.
I should sleep, but I don't want to.
Watching Never Been Kissed. I'd forgotten how funny it is.
I should take a nap and wake up when women aren't crazy anymore.
Going home now. I don't know why. Have to go somewhere, I suppose.
I finally bought a waterbed, but it won't be delivered for two weeks. Grrr.
I just thought of something. It's a secret, though.
Deja something
Sitting in my garage again. This is how I started this long-ass night.
I'm home now. I'm not really sure why, but maybe it's for the best. I'm beyond tired, by the way.
But nooooooo
Now I'm at Rich O's because OddlyFamiliarGirl.
I'm trying to enjoy these warm nights as much as possible. Winter is less than seven months away, after all.
If NotHideousGirl was here, I'd hold up one finger. She'd know what I meant.
I went grocery shopping and, for the first time in about 18 months, bought a bunch of frozen stuff. Now my new freezer is stuff with yummy food. The fridge is still a little bare, though.
The new kitchen stuff is all installed. Now I'm sitting at Rich O's pondering a waterbed purchase.
They're here!
Up early and waiting for my new stove and fridge to arrive.
I'm so happy now! I don't even care how long it lasts.
I got six new puzzles in the mail today. I can't decide which one to mess with first!
Trying to decide if those were really hints, and whether I should ignore them or not.
Flooding stopped. Sitting in my garage with some nice Cone Smoker for a while.
The shutoff valve on the water-supply line for my fridge is, apparently, just for decoration.
I forgot to buy a microwave when I bought a new stove today. Now I've got to go back to stupid Sears.
It would have been fun.
I really had a good time this evening.
It's not just a request. It's not even an edict. Nope, it's a symptom, and that's much worse.
Words to live by
"Train tracks can't walk, because they don't have any feet." -- A cool little kid
Pizza night?
Feeling very unmotivated today.
Monday, May 24, 2010
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Not there yet. It's close, but it's very shaky. Kind of like my faith, I guess. Note the use of lowercase.
StupidGirl just told me to write about faith. I suppose that I will, but not until I'm in the proper mood.
Cuteness overload
I shit you not - five baby bunnies were just cavorting in my driveway, no more than twenty feet in front of me.
There's a little baby bunny outside my front door. I think it looks cute, and my cats think it looks delicious.
The fridge I bought is silver and black. My stove and microwave are white. So, eventually, I'll buy a new stove and microwave (and stove hood!) so everything matches again. No, I'm not gay; I just want things to match.
I think I'll go buy a new fridge today. They seem a lot less expensive than they used to be. I'm tired of living out of this tiny dorm-size fridge.
This is nothing personal...
Went to Rich O's. After about two seconds, reality reminded me that it was stupid to be there, so I came home.
Clothes almost dry. Almost time to leave my house.
Poet and don't know it.
That was a nice way to end my long day.
I'm either slightly sick, or extremely tired. Sometimes it's hard to tell.
Maybe there's a gun that shoots out little kittens and the enemies put down their guns to pet the kittens and then they can be captured without bloodshed.
Slate is heavy.
Call me. Or don't. I wish you would, though.
Dessert of champions
Lunch of champions
Today I went and saw AlliGirl, then I got my hairs cut. Now I'm at Rich O's.
Today, I think, is the best chance I've had in a long time to get back on a normal schedule. I can do it, as long as I don't take a nap this afternoon.
I never did like this stupid game anyway.
Sitting at the bar at Rich O's, doing what I do. It's bittersweet.
I should have stayed, but I shouldn't have stayed. Does that make sense? I wanted to stay, but I didn't want to stay. I didn't stay, but I should have.
Wow, just wow. So there.
I got a blister on my finger from filling out a million forms.
Hi ho, hi ho...
I got a job that I really wanted! Yay!
Wow. I really feel like we accomplished something tonight. Now, I hope to accomplish getting some sleep. I bet I have good dreams...
It's cold tonight. Have I mentioned that it's late May? Well, it is.
Home now, but seriously thinking about leaving again.
Getting the travel bug really bad. Going to check airfares when I get home.
The secret mission was a bust. Now I'm back at Rich O's for some reason.
Tuesday, May 18, 2010
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So, apparently, Pizza Hut is now hiring disabled people to take phone orders. Good for them, I guess.

Before this, I was pretty sure that I'd seen every possible misspelling of my last name. Even the infamous Sililililitz from 1986.

For an added chuckle compare the phone number to my actual number.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010
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Nature's alarm clock
I love waking up to the sound of thunder!
I'm up late. I wonder if I'm the only one.
Sometimes, you just want some company.
Such a brave face she wears! I'm so proud of her.
There's a stobor out here in my garage.
I should get one, to hold ice and beer while I sit in my garage. It would class up the joint.
Now I can die happy.
I'm not sure how I feel about that color...
Dammit. I wish things had been different. Were different. Would be different. So there.
GemGirl is here!
I forgot about last night being pizza night, so it will have to be tonight.
I had the most wonderful dream.
I think that I have to go. I think that I have to see it for myself. I think that, while it may not help, it's certainly worth a try.
Ask yourself why you keep coming here. Perhaps the answer matters.
Willing... try. Lot of good it's done me in the past, I know.
Movie night
The Reverend and I are watching Avatar.
Trying to remember the last time I saw my Uncle Stan. It might have been Christmas 2008.
The dipshit is here. That's all I fucking needed.
At Rich O's, waiting for OddlyFamiliarGirl.
Restraint is fun. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something.
Almost time to head back home.
Great restraint I am showing. Miss her I do.
Small world
I've been talking to a dude and his girlfriend. They both seem really familiar. Turns out I went to college with them in Nebraska.
I'm hungry for steak. I'm going to drive around and look for some. Remember when all I ever wanted was Asian food? That was weird.
Cumberland Nitro Porter is yummy!
Now I'm at this Cock & Bull place. This Alli chick is working. I like her.
Now I've done it
On the road again...
I hate that I keep imagining the worst. The truth is bad enough. Or, it should be.
She flaked. :(
HatGirl is on her way!
Sunday, May 2, 2010
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Every week or two, I'm supposed to move my oldest quickies to their own blog entry. I haven't done it since November. I guess I've been busy and/or distracted.

If anyone cares, I'm going there tonight.
Probably because I've been watching Lost so much lately, I want to go live on a deserted island and do nothing but glare at my phone and work on my tan.
This isn't happening quickly enough. How can I speed it up?
That's the word of the day. It has been for a while, and will be for a while longer.
Where are all those tornadoes they promised us?
Face in the crowd
Today, I went to the store. So did everyone else in the world.
I was going to write something totally honest and necessary, but I realized that I'm too tired. You are soooooo lucky.
Friday, April 30, 2010
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Tonight, I not only miss you-know-who, I also miss you-know-who-else. So, it's been a fun night, so far.
Breckenridge Mighty Brown
(draft) Dark Brown. Smallish head that faded quickly. Slight aroma. Thin mouthfeel. Fairly sharp flavor of roasted malts. Decent.
Going to Rich O's. This is probably almost certainly stupid.
I'm drafting an escape plan. I always do this, though, yet I never escape.
Now I'm at Denny's. There are weirdoes here.
Finally doing my good deed for Thursday, even though it's Friday now. Then I'm going to Denny's as a reward.
I should get a job sitting outside at night and drinking and thinking. That would be nice.
Weird, I know
I missed the full moon by one night, but I'm trying to let my rock recharge anyway.
I found them! They were under a huge-ass spider in my garage. That must be why I didn't see them before.
Sitting out in my garage, thinking that I should probably write a blog entry.
That was a lot more fun than I had expected.
Well, it's official. Sometimes in the last year or so, someone has snuck into my house and stolen the extra adapters for my universal laptop power supply.
I live alone, so I really really hate it when I can't find something. Because there's nobody to blame but myself.
Looks like the universe wants me to stay here and suffer, for at least one more night.
Channeling Otis Redding
These Arms of Mine...
There, I feel better now. And I barely escaped getting peed on.
I'm excited about dinner plans!
I've lost my resolve. I've looked everywhere, even between the sofa cushions. I fear that it's gone for good.
...and at 'em!
If I were in Paris, these would actually be normal hours. But nooooooooo, I work these hours while stuck in the stupid EDT.
What was that all about?
Thinking about something silly, and it's making me smile.
Not fun
Reliving some very old, very bad memories.
Somebody's finally come up with a fucked-up situation that I've never had to deal with. At least, not all at the same time.
My cat is in a crabby mood. Probably because I keep fucking with him.
Hair of the Dog Adam
(bottle) Clear dark amber, with a decent beige head. Enticing aroma of malts and caramel. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor mild, with malts and dark fruits. A fairly strong alcohol burn is present all the way to the finish. Pretty damn good.
That was cool! Gross, but very cool!
So there
I'll have the soup
I like that joke.
The coast is clear.
I'm probably just being paranoid or something.
Something very weird just happened. I guess I'll just roll with it.
I miss my dad.
Just trying to give myself a fair chance of moving passed this. I will probably fail, but it won't be from lack of trying.
I'm showing restraint now. I like it when I do this. It makes me feel like I'm being strong.
This might not be what I'm supposed to be doing, but it's not a bad second choice. It seems to fit me.
Pondering the dubious merits of going to Jack's, even though OddlyFamiliarGirl won't be there tonight.
Supposedly, there's a new Sam's near my house. We're going to go check it out.
...same as the first
Except this time I want 87 eggs over-hard.
Some things are funny.
This should teach me to stop looking forward to stuff. It won't teach me, but it should.
I've never see the sky look as green as it looks right now.
I don't like them. In case I've never mentioned that before.
I'm really sad all of a sudden. I know why I'm sad, but I don't know why all of a sudden like this.
I'm excited to see HatGirl!
Is the reason that it keeps happening the same reason that I care that it's happening. I think so, but I don't like it.
Well, that was just about the most random thing ever. The weirdest, too.
Wondering how things got so bad, but then realizing that they were always bad and I just refused to notice. Dammit, so there, etc.
Gumballhead is on tap. Oh well, too late now.
Today I'm the interrupting cow.
I'm at Rich O's now. My 2:00 interview lasted until 3:30. It was almost like working.
Ain't technology neat?
Had a nice video call with HatGirl to start off my day.
I wish it was a little warmer.
Jamie Moyer is still pitching. Also, Jamie Moyer is still alive.
I can't tell if this girl is pretty, or if she just used to be pretty ten years ago. I should ask her.
Goose Island Winter Rye
(draft) Clear copper in color, with a huge white head. Aroma is mildly sharp, if that makes any sense. Creamy mouthfeel. Oh wow, this is really good. Spices mostly, but with rye undertones.
...for AlliDay!
Awesome Newcastle glass that I want to steal
Wishing a special little guy a very happy birthday!
Two seconds at a time. I'm not sure it's enough.
Man with a plan
I plan, eventually, to stop being such a pussy.
If I can sleep a normal schedule tonight, then I'm leaving tomorrow. To where, I don't know. For how long, I don't know.
Okay, fine. I'm awake and out of bed. Now what?
Nom nom nom nom...
I'm craving eggs, over hard. Five or six of them. And orange juice. And toast with grape jelly.
The worst thing wrong about her is also the best thing right about her.
If there's no point to any of this, does that mean that it's all rounded and blunt?
The Spankers are playing in Madison in May. That would have been a nice date.
I can't seem to get out of stage one today. This really sucks.
For some reason...
...I'm going to Rich O's now.
All the better to see you with
I wish they'd hurry up and invent bionic eyes.
I had a phone interview today at 1:00, but we got our wires crossed and it'll have to be rescheduled. Meanwhile, I stayed home instead of going over to see BikerGirl for lunch. I haven't seen her in a trillion years. Grrrr.
Watching Peggy Sue Got Married. Better than glaring at my phone.
Now that was a very nice nap. Great dreams, too!
I think I saw her car at Kroger's. That's the last thing I need - ongoing proof of her existence.
This place is full of loud weirdoes today.
I hate Mondays. Sundays, too, but especially Mondays.
There's a huge difference between being supportive and being a dishrag.
I have to pee now.
Yay for me!
Four for four, baby! Woo-hoo!
I've somehow managed to fubar my toe. Oh yeah, and I'm still awake.
She said it would be 20 minutes before she even took my order. Past experience tells me that it takes them an hour to cook anything. So, fuck that place, I'll go someplace else.
Going to eat at Don Pablo's, then to meet OddlyFamiliarGirl at Jack's for our usual Sunday date.
That's what my brain is today. Working on some fairly complicated scripts, and I might even have to dig out the manual. I hate it when I have to do that.
Waaaaaah the planes promote war! Waaaaaah the fireworks simulate bombs! Waaaaaaaah the exhaust from the traffic is killing the planet! Waaaaaaaah the evil corporations are sponsoring it! Waaaaaaah the ashes hurt the fish! Waaaaaaaah the noise scares my dogs! Waaaaaaaah the poor horses have to *gasp* run in the Derby! Waaaaaaaah my pussy hurts!
I remembered to buy cat food. I believe that my life would have been in jeopardy if I'd come home without cat food.
It would have been awesome, though.
I figured out why my email and phone/text blocks weren't working! And I can fix them! So there!
Great Divide Claymore Scotch Ale
(draft) Very dark ruby, with a nice tan head. Aroma mostly of malts, with some sweet chocolate and caramel in there. Mouthfeel thicker than I was expecting. Flavor pretty good, but tastes more like a malty porter than a Scotch ale to me. Very good, though.
Sitting at Sportstime, missing YouKnowWho. This is pretty much the opposite of being at Thunder with HatGirl, but maybe we'll still go there later.
Just bought my lottery ticket. My doggie reward is in the bag!
Thunder plans fell through.
The world is safe from me tonight.
HatGirl is here!
I fucking hate pickles!
Today, my good deed was to go and find HatGirl's doggie for her. Then, I got my hairs cut. Now, I'm at Rich O's.
One nice thing about sleeping half the day away is that now it's only six more hours until I get to see HatGirl.
I'm really annoyed that I'm bothered by this.
Well, my plans for tonight changed, but I got to be useful to a person who's very important for me. Now, maybe I can still watch some meteors.
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
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Get that thing out of my face

Thursday, April 15, 2010
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I didn't want to be mean, and I didn't want to be nice. Both would have been very, very bad. So I did what I could. I left. Finally.
I'm starting to freak out!
Got my tax extension filed. Now off to meet with SassyGirl!
The night glows...
...from the dying embers of a million dreams.
Having this stupid little daydream. It's fun, as long as I remember that it's stupid.
I've now seen my first lightning bug of the year. Yay!
If anyone needs us, we'll be in my garage. Maybe forever.
Home now. Excited about my big date with Baltika later!
I'm at Rich O's. I don't know why. HatGirl isn't coming, I don't think.
I switched my A/C on before I went to bed, but I forgot to adjust the thermostat. Now it's 65 degrees in here.
I probably won't sleep, but I've got to try.
Still awake. No relief in sight.
So, someone texted me that she'd "got the rapth." I don't know what that means, but it sounds bad. I hope it's not contagious.
I don't know if you read this or not, but if you do, PLEASE MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! How many times do I have to ask this of you?
Missing someone does not always equate to wanting to see them. Not always.
Stop staring at me, you weirdo!
Shame on me
Feeling guilty...
Well, it's official now...
Now I'm home. I wish that I wasn't.
I wish things were different. Just for one night. It could be awesome. So there.
I've realized that I have something to look forward to, in 17 years.
She is here!
Craving Delirium Tremens, so I guess that means it's back to Rich O's for me.
There was a light at the end of the tunnel, but I can't see it anymore. Did it go out, or is it night outside?
I'm trying a Strawberry-Kiwi V8 Splash. It's really gross.
I actually had some crap to write tonight. But then I got really really really tired, so I'm going to go to sleep instead.
If I go, I'm going to be soooooo tempted to just stay there.
It's amazing how stupid I can be sometimes.
Croisez vos doigts
Je pourrais aller a Paris!
Rattle rattle rattle...
I don't have any idea what to say, or I'd almost certainly say something.
Nitey nite!
Just wake me up when this bullshit is over.
I had a really nice dream earlier this morning. I'm hoping for another one tonight, though I realize that nice dreams are quite rare lately.
The problem is, without trust, there can be nothing else.
Did my good deed for that day. Now sitting at Rich O's waiting for karma to reward me.
Hoping that whatever HatGirl has goes away soon, and that she didn't give it to me.
Managed a whopping 15 minutes of sleep before I had to get up to meet HatGirl. Now I have a few hours, so I'll try to sleep again.
C'mon... something crazy and impulsive.
Let's go somewhere. I'm thinking Key West. It would be fun.
I shouldn't be up. I have to meet HatGirl in less than seven hours. I should be asleep. But, I'm not. I'm up. Still.
Now my fingers are all sticky, and it's not from anything fun either. Okay, maybe it was a little fun.
I wish it was warmer.
I have a huge blister on my finger, and it's not even from doing anything fun.
...his mother. Dammit.
...a little kid.
Pushing my luck
Come on, seven!
I'm excited about tomorrow, and hoping that it doesn't go horribly wrong somehow.
Not having any fun. Nope, not having any fun at all.
Do me a favor, don't ruin my dreams tonight like you did last night. Thanks.
C'mon already
This is the slowest line of storms ever!
I miss you too.
I never ever thought we'd end up like this. I always thought things would get better, not worse. This really sucks.
Now I'm keeping my distance, so to speak, so we won't be accused of something that we're not fucking guilty of anyway.
That is all.
That's the answer. Now, ask the right question...
Left Hand St. Vrain
(draft) Clear yellow. Head faded quickly. Aroma typical for the style with a little mustiness. Mild flavor of apples, with a hint of alcohol burn at the finish. Does not taste like it's 9% ABV. Decent.
Going to Rich O's to meet up with SassyGirl!
There, I feel better now.
Just waiting for my day to officially start.
I can't even remember when I last slept. I guess that means that I'm way overdue. Goodnight, cruel world...
To-do list
Think for a second. Be honest with yourself for a second. Be subjective about yourself for a second. Open your eyes for a second.
Giving up. Going home.
Beffie and Dustin and some other people at Rich O's
I'm being stupid right now, as evidenced by the fact that I'm still here.
Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit so there!
Some faker has a car identical to HatGirl's. I was excited to see her, but a little miffed that she hadn't let me know she was here. Now I'm back to nothing.
At Rich O's, counting my blessings. Got to two and now I'm stuck.
That was fun.
Forced myself to get up at 9:30, after only four hours of sleep. Now, if I can avoid taking a nap today (doubtful) then maybe I can go to bed at a normal time tonight.
The neighborhood dogs and I are barking at each other. I bet there are ten of us, within a half mile or so of each other.
I went inside for a bit. Now I'm back in my garage. It's so nice out. I seem to want to be sad tonight, but I can't quite manage it.
It's blustery, like it could storm any minute, but there's hardly a cloud in the sky.
Well, the forecasted storms never showed up, but I'm still having a nice night in my garage. Time to open the growler, I think.
I miss her so much.
Garry Shandling just bummed a smoke from me.
Now I'm at Rich O's. Weird, huh?
I've been thinking a lot about this, and I can only think of one solution. I don't like it, though.
I think it just became ridiculous...
Sitting in my garage, glaring at my phone out of habit. It's still really warm out here. I love it!
Fighting the urge...
That chick that looks like that one bitch is here again tonight. It's still not her, though.
I think I might get into baseball again this year. It used to be a lot of fun, being a fan. And it's not like I've got anything better to do.
I've got to leave my stupid house and see if there's anyplace open. I'm starving to death. I guess I'll check stupid Jack's, too, but they're probably closed. Maybe stupid Sluttopia is open, but I think they were closed last year. I suppose I should just check stupid Bearno's first, because they're so close to my stupid house. I wish I didn't have to eat, so I didn't have to go anywhere. Stupid stomach...
I feel like having some social interaction. I wonder if every place in the world is closed.
I dreamed this morning that it was snowing like crazy. I'm so glad it was just a dream.
We're watching a baseball movie marathon.
It seems like it'll be a good night to be depressed. Yeah, that should be fun.
I'm not letting the rain get me down. I still get to see HatGirl in a couple of hours, we'll just have to eat indoors.
I got to be useful to someone I really care about tonight. That was nice, because I was feeling pretty useless before that.
There's one sight that I definitely will never get used to.
Climb every mountain
Going to Rich O's for a couple of hours. I might even put on clothes first.
I got eleven hours of sleep, so I think I'm finally caught up.
When, exactly, is this supposed to start getting easier?
It's so nice outside. I'm sitting in my garage, drinking a Cone Smoker and watching for stobors. I wish I had some more beer, but I'm out after this glass.
I'm sad about the end of my fake marriage.
In my defense...
Nobody is allowed to be mad at me for this. If you got fooled by something this outrageous on April 1st, then it's your fault.
April Fools!
All good things must, as they say, come to an end. StupidGirl and I had a lot of fun with this, but now it's time to go back to reality. Boring old reality.
Landed 20 minutes early! Excited!
Internet on the plane. Expensive, but it's working very well. What a world we live in.
No turning back now, even if I wanted to. Which I don't.
I can't sleep. I don't want to sleep. I just want to go, right now.
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
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It's not as warm as I'd hoped, but it's still quite nice out tonight. I should try to sleep, though. Big day tomorrow.
Ancient Chinese secret!
At Rich O's, anxiously awaiting the arrival of HatGirl. Yay!
Wednesday, I think
Going to the cemetery for a bit, then after that I get to see HatGirl!
Nice try
"Come with me, I think it's time for you to see the package" -- A line from tonight's Lost episode that almost never works in real life.
So there.
This just in...
...girls are weird.
Well, it would certainly be a change. Maybe even a change for the better.
I found the word I've been looking for.
Channeling Patsy Cline...
Practice something something
Working on my concentr ohhh look my phone's blinking...
By constantly having to tell people that she doesn't like it when people talk about her, am I not breaking the rule, just by stating it?
Did my good deed for the day. Waiting for karma to reward me.
This movie is better than the last one.
I'm not really sure if I believe in them. Now would be a good time for the universe to help me decide.
That was a really stupid movie.
Okay, that's weird. It's also silly.
Oh well
I should have gone to Arizona and seen some Spring training games. That would have been awesome!
Everyone told me this would get easier. Everyone was wrong.
Went to the store and spent too much, but I got some cool new toys.
Just seeing if this works. Last night it didn't work.
Observing Earth Hour, albeit a few hours late.
I'm at Rich O's, waiting for HatGirl. I'm excited to see her!
It's making me wait!
I wish it was warmer.
Home for the night. On a Friday. This is what I've become.
Went ahead and got my to-go order, in case I have to make a fast getaway.
HatGirl says I should be craving Thai food, but I think I'm craving Red Lobster instead. It's still her fault, because she went there yesterday.
The stupid thing was last June, I just never heard about it until yesterday, and I thought it was recent. Duh.
Okay, I'm a little freaked out about the train crash at the Louisville Zoo.
I don't like it when they do the pranks.
I just had a fantastic idea. Too bad nobody else would think it was fantastic.
Buddy misses her
He says that he says hi to everyone.
I'm either the smartest dumb person I know, or the dumbest smart person I know. I vote for the latter; it sounds better somehow.
I read it. I still see no point in this anymore.
I've got a bottle of Reverend, and I think I'll see what my friend has been up to lately.
Well that plan didn't last very long. Oh well, I'm sick. That's my excuse.
Slept for four hours. I hope this means that I can go to sleep at a normal time tonight. If I don't ruin it by taking a nap this afternoon.
Can't sleep, but exhausted.
I sure would like to know what pollen or whatever went into full-bloom yesterday, so that when I'm in charge of the universe, I can eradicate it.
Ran out of beer. Had to come back inside. Plus, it got a little cold outside.
I like to sit outside at night. Once my eyes adjust to the darkness, everything seems to glow.
No matter what happens, or how I feel, I can't seem to stop missing that kid.
Tommy Lee! Enough with the drumming on the bar!
I keep seeing beauty in the strangest places...
Going to Rich O's. I don't know why.
I keep going there and hoping to run across someone I know.
I'm being incredibly selfish about all this. Some may say that it's about damn time, but I would disagree.
Still ugh
On my death-bed, er, death-couch, drinking a Baltika 6. Not a bad way to go.
So there
I kinda feel like I should say something right now. But, I won't. It's all been said already.
I think it's just seasonal allergies, and not the Parisian Death Flu. I think.
I'm home for the night.
It's sleeting.
They're out of Tremens glasses
Wonders never cease
I actually slept. First time since Friday morning.
Pete's Wicked Ale
Clear. The color of cola. Reasonable head. Aroma and flavor of lightly roasted malts. Pretty good, but I'm biased, because this is the beer that opened the door for me.
I got to see HatGirl! Yay! She's sick, so she might have given me the Parisian Death Flu. If so, totally worth it!
So far...
It's a fairly nice night out here. No clouds and no wind. The temperature is bearable, so far.
PearlGirl clapped and jumped when I came in to Rich O's tonight. I think everyone should do that whenever I enter a room.
"The first rule of tautology club is the first rule of tautology club." -- A joke I just stole from
Polly's is open!
"I see two components to being a writer: a need to write, and an ability to write. I often think I've got too much of one and too little of the other." -- Me
I'm craving Chinese for lunch. Weird.
I really liked the book; the series is a little tougher to enjoy. Anyway, I wish I could look into my future.
I'm in an oddly-good mood tonight. Too bad it was wasted on MusicalYuppieDude.
Did my good deed for the day. Gave a old man a ride to his out-of-gas car. Now I'll see if karma decides to reward me.
Having my two brothers over to visit tonight. There will be no green beer.
This bartender's shirt says "Rub my jugs for hugs." Her mom must be so proud.
I was all set to take a long road trip, but then I remembered that I absolutely have to be home Saturday night. So I guess I'll have to wait until after that.
The tornado sirens are going off, for no reason whatsoever.
The issue with getting emails on my blackberry is fixed. Thanks for your patience.
I wish for a minute, an hour, a day, a night. Especially a night. Desire for anything more is beyond even me.
SassyGirl never showed, so I came home. Rich O's is safe from my influence for the night.
Looks like I'm getting no emails. I can send, but not receive. So, if you need to contact me, you'll have to text or call. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I got my hairs cut, then I ate at stupid Five Guys, somehow managing to not kill the stupid bitch at the counter, and now I'm at Rich O's glaring at my stupid phone.
Humpty Dumpty
As much as I suspect that she and I are irreparably broken, I also wonder if I'm irreparably broken, too.
My brain is running a mile a minute, but it's not getting anywhere.
Me, of all people
I had a nice time tonight. Weird, huh?
Monday, March 15, 2010
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Today, I'm missing a special little guy.
I'm starving to death. I should have caved to my craving back when I had it. Now I'm settling for stupid Bearno's burgers.
I'm craving 5 Guys fries for some weird reason.
I'm bored. Somebody interest me, please!
I like this movie.
So there.
Me and SassyGirl and JauntyGirl
Ain't she purty?
New Albanian Smoked Abzug
(draft) Hazy yellow, with a nice white head. Musty aroma, fairly light. Watery mouthfeel. Flavor of tap water that's been sitting out too long.
Going to Rich O's to see HatGirl now!
I had an actual good night, and then I escaped before it went bad.
I get to see SassyGirl later!
I'm back home now. You know you care.
Talking to the world's drunkest man, which is cool, because at least I know it's not me.
Okay, I found a place with some OTR. The trip is worth it, now.
The shampoo here has coconut in it. Good thing I noticed, or I'd have ended up looking like the dude from Mask.
There are four guys in a row at this bar, all named Dave. It's like being named Tim at Rich O's.
My cat Buddy was roaming the house looking for HatGirl. Now he's curled up on the couch where she was sitting. I know how he feels.
Had some nice Arni's pizza, then a nice visit from HatGirl, now I'm in my nice garage with my nice beer, and I plan to be nice and miserable for a while. Oh yeah, and I'm glaring at my nice phone.
It's warm enough tonight; I think I'm going to sit outside and drink and ponder the bullshit that is life and love. Should be a blast.
75 months my ass
Looks like it's time for my annual trip to get another battery for my Monte Carlo.
I'm getting the travel bug again.
Looking at averages, there's no contest.
So far...
The urge is very strong, but the restraint is even stronger...
Pissing into the wind
Stop fearing me. There is no need for fear, or caution, or wariness, or trepidation. Only trust is needed.
I'm entertaining myself by designing the perfect woman for me. I wish I was a mad scientist.
They're playing that "Mad World" song designed to make everyone on Earth want to commit suicide.
I sent a text message, and I didn't get my emailed copy of it. So now I'm freaking out because maybe it didn't really get sent. And it's not really the kind of thing I can send again. Grrr.
I get to see HatGirl in 9 hours! Yay!
We need to talk. The problem is that we both need to be ready and willing to talk at the same time. I'm not holding my breath.
Probably for the best
Sausagefest at Rich O's tonight...
Good news...
...and bad news. Balance is maintained.
I'm craving Skyline. HatGirl got me a gift card for my birthday, but I don't feel like driving all the way to Louisville. Maybe I'll go to Covington on Wednesday, and I can eat at the Skyline there.
So there.
With one eye, I'm glaring at my phone. With the other eye, I'm glaring at the door to Jack's. It's giving me a headache.
I went outside and it started raining. So I came back inside and it stopped raining.
Reading a book about waking up, and wondering if I'll ever do it.
It would be cool, though...
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a mind reader.
I find myself being less and less patient and more and more irritated with certain people. This is good practice for when I get old(er) and hate absolutely everyone.
StupidGirl and HatGirl keep making my phone woohoo, and now the whole bar is chiming in. The same thing happened with LaptopGirl when I was in Bellingham. Now I miss all three of them.
From my balcony...
Hard Rock
Isle of Palms beach
Stopping for the night
Finally out of Tennessee...
On my way...
I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to have left already. If I don't leave within the next hour, then I won't go anywhere and I'll wish that I had. Again.
Road Trip?!?
I'm itching for the ocean. I fought the urge today, but tomorrow I may just have to go there.
Do it
I know you're thinking about it. Just do it, dammit.
I get to see HatGirl in only four hours!
I'm at Rich O's. Jesus is here, drinking water. Maybe he's about to turn it into wine.
Sunday, February 28, 2010
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It's not that I do, it's that I still do. It's a subtle difference, but a difference nevertheless.
Waiting for OddlyFamiliarGirl. I can't remember the last time I was in here.
Just when I find a good girl...
I'm watching a show about how the andromeda galaxy is going to collide with ours in several billion years. So, that's just great. Fucking timing...
StupidGirl is worried, and she has every right to be. And she's correct. It will happen again. Someday.
Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron
(draft) Black with a decent brown head. Aroma of roasted malts and I'm gonna say coffee. Flavor like the aroma, but with a fairly strong alcohol finish. Decent.
Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche
(draft) Pours a dark gold, with a huge white head. Looks like a lager. Smoky aroma and flavor, pretty good. Reminds me of Spezial.
It's a good night for a fire.
The problem with gobbling up bullshit, aside from the taste, is that it lingers on one's breath and makes them unbearable to be around.
This was not my choice. Not even close to my choice. But, I'm trying to respect it anyway.
I feel like I should say something. What I should say isn't very nice, though, so instead I'll just say that I'm happy.
We're going to go see this Criss Angel Believe show. I'm excited.
Straight to sleep. What a brilliant idea. I'd be very happy if I wasn't so tired.
Now my hard-earned decent mood is shot to shit. Thanks a fucking lot.
I just went outside. It's like a mother-in-law convention out there.
Uh oh
Thinking about going to see an old friend.
The anti-Lent
Pizza and beer for lunch.
Trying to separate the signal from the noise...
The Antiques Road Show dude almost killed that old woman.
Why do people keep talking to me? Don't they realize that they don't matter to me at all? Don't they realize that they suck?
I'm at this Chin Chin place. This is the place that started my recent obsession with Asian food. I ordered peanut noodles with chicken. Fucking yummy.
Small world
Talking to the same hooker I talked to in November. I'm still not interested.
Trying to decide whether to start my birthday on EST or PST...
Arrived in Vegas, baby!
Got my first birthday present of the year. Now I'm gonna cry.
We're just wasting time now.
He was crying, and we told him he'd see me again in a month. I bet he thinks we were lying to him.
Getting ready to start getting ready...
I'm showing incredible restraint right now. The world should be proud of me. I know that I'm proud of myself.
Not because there's nothing, but because there's too much. Too fucking much.
Totally worth it...
HatGirl! Yay!
Sunday, February 14, 2010
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10 seconds at a time...
I got to see HatGirl, and most of you didn't! I win!
I get to see HatGirl in less than an hour! Yay! It's been a bajillion years.
MusicalYuppieDude is fired up!
Still being a good boy. Still don't fucking like it.
I wish my swing was fixed. I'm in the mood to sit on my swing. Oh, and I also wish it wasn't a bazillion degrees below zero outside.
Quote of the day
"I don't feel like I'm short-changing myself. I get to be in love. A lot of people never get to do that." -- from an old email.
Being a good boy, but not liking it very much...
This one fucker just will. Not. Shut. Up. I may have to kill him.
Getting there...
I pore over the memories, looking for the code that I can break. But I begin to suspect that it's not so simple as a code; it's a different language altogether.
A cult by any other name...
It's late, and I'm thinking. So I'll either have great dreams, or horrible ones.
"Yield to temptation. It may not pass your way again." -- R.A.H.
Uphill from here
My night so far has consisted of skunked beer, shitty pizza, and a bunch of old men pretending to be The Who.
Newcastle, check. Wick's pizza, on the way. Something to watch on TV tonight, still pondering.
"Once in a great while lips meet and two spirits merge for a time and the universe is right and complete and the planets wheel in their proper places. Once in a while the lonely, broken spirit of a man is healed and made whole. For a while his quest is over and his questions are answered." -- R.A.H.
I wish I knew what to say.
I just realized that, if things were different, we could have gone sledding today.
Because it was asked of me. That's the only reason.
I wonder what the climate is like on that planet.
Thursday I think
It's not as much fun to glare at my phone when (a) I'm not sure I want it to woohoo anyway, and (b) she's in the next room.
Stupid Bearno's changed their hours. Now they don't open until 4:00. Also, the unfortunately named girl is working.
My brain is exploding. Time for lunch.
I'm watching it again, because I'm a glutton for punishment.
I'm so worried about my friend, I can't even see straight, let alone think straight.
Still life
New puzzles
You know you care
Got my new puzzles. Still waiting on my new phone.
Sweet dreams...
...sweet girl.
I'm not sure if I was dreading it, or hoping for it. Either way, it didn't happen, and now I'm disappointed.
Never again should it be said that I'm dimmer than a burned-out headlight...
Pete Jr. is outside!
So there.
My new phone didn't arrive today. You know you care. I hope they didn't ship it to Washington by mistake.
Sunday, January 31, 2010
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Well, that was certainly a stupid thing to do.
oh well...
Now I guess I'll go back to glaring for the usual reason. Not sure my heart's in it, though. Luckily, I can glare for this on autopilot. Years of practice...
My fun night
Waiting and hoping, but not expecting.
"Let there be light," I said. "Not so fast," the universe replied.
A long hot shower was such a treat this morning. One of life's great simple pleasures. The shower in my hotel involved all the heat and water-pressure of a foggy night, so I'm especially glad to be home now.
I came home. I'm not sure why.
I'm on the plane, about to head home, via Detroit.
I'm back in Kent. Still so fucking surreal to be in Kent. And I got the same hotel room I had a month ago. I don't know what that means.
There's a part of me that's actually going to miss this place. It's a teeny tiny itty bitty part, but it's a part nevertheless.
One of many
It's so surreal to be emailing HatGirl and realize that we're not talking about me coming home weeks from now; we're talking about two days from now.
At least now I know the reason. Because fuck me, that's why.
Now they're saying they'll have balloons for my going-away thingy tomorrow night. I should stay away. That would teach them.
Oh well
I'm kinda annoyed that I didn't make it down South as often as I'd hoped. I'll be there Friday evening and night, though. I'll try to meet up with my friend Gene for a beer or three.
It's freaking cold here this morning. That is all.
Bribing God
As I go to bed tonight, I don't care about her. I would give anything to not care tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day...
I'm in a weird mood.
My windows are encrusted. And my stupid blackberry never heard of the word encrusted.
My life needs more cowbell...
The Russian mafia dudes are here now. I'd better lay low.
So there.
Now some old fat woman is hitting on me. My ring's whore-repellant qualities don't seem to be working.
So there.
Last room on the left
What these people keep forgetting is that it's fucking football.
I wonder if this bartender is a terrorist. He looks suspicious.
Alcohol is supposed to be a depressant. So then why do so many people get LOUD and obnoxious when they've been drinking?
"Hey, why not go back to the bar and have another beer?" I asked. "Why, that's absolutely brilliant!" I replied.
Hey, what was that? Could it have been...? Yes, I think it was! An actual epiphany! Is there nothing that beer can't do?
Some taps
Red Hook Mud Slinger
(draft) Clear bronze. The head faded away before I could look at it. Light aroma of caramel and hops. Thin mouthfeel. Flavor better than I was expecting. Light, but good.
Whistler Black Tusk Ale
(draft) Clear dark brown with a large white head. Very nice lacing. Aroma of roasted malts and coffee. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor more watery than I was expecting. Decent.
It seems less pathetic to glare at my phone in this bar than in my hotel room. It's probably a tie, though.
The other way
Trying something
I think it would be nice to live happily ever after. It's certainly better than my current plan, which is to be miserable until I finally die.
If we were talking, I'd tell her that I like the bangs.
I don't want to do this anymore.
This drunk asshole is LOUD.
This drunk asshole is LOUD.
We should probably stop trying to be friends.
Got a new phone. I think it's working. I'm using it to send this.
Here I am!
Ripped out, set on fire, stomped on, to put the fire out, set on fire again, spit on to put the fire out, then set on fire again and left to turn to ashes.
Now these people want to have a party for me on my last night here.
This is the longest day in the history of days. If the next 12 days drag on like this, I'll be dead of old age by the time I'm home.
Trying to find the good, but it's buried under all this crap.
Sitting in my car, before work, glaring at my phone. This is always one of the best parts of my day.
Weather report
Horizontal rain again this morning.
It should arrive tomorrow! I'm excited!
I'm not going to miss much about Bellingham, but I will definitely miss Alaskan Smoked Porter.
I'm not sure it really counts as "experiencing life" when I'm doing most of it alone.
There seems to be a new rule in effect for the last two days. I order a beer, and the phone rings about some work problem.
...13 days left!!!
Some boats
Birdsview Pail Ale
(draft) Clear dark yellow. Nice head and lacing. Sharp aroma of rye and malts. Flavor fairly tame, without the rye weirdness that I was expecting. Good, though.
A nice find
Birdsview Hefeweizen
(draft) Hazy light brown. Small white head. No detectable aroma. Mouthfeel surprisingly fizzy. Flavor of spices and wheat. Pretty damn good.
Birdsview Amber Lushus
(draft) Clear dark yellow. Huge white head. Syrupy mouthfeel. Aroma of light hops and maple. Flavor not too bad, not too good. Decent.
Birdsview It's Da Porter
(draft) Black with nice brown head and incredible lacing. Fantastic aroma of males and coffee and chocolate. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor very good, mostly with a sharp malt bite. Wow.
Birdsview Cardiack Arrest
(draft) Hazy brown. Huge white head and good lacing. Light aroma of spices and hops and malts. Creamy mouthfeel. Flavor hard to describe. Sweet with a slightly bitter finish. Damn good.
Birdsview Sweet Brown Molly
(draft) Clear brown. Nice beige head with great lacing. Aroma and flavor of malt and molasses. Really good. Yummy, in fact.
Ptui! Ptui!
I'm so mad right now I could spit. I think I will!
All those questions, all that bullshit, and he ordered a fucking Bud Light. I hate people.
Friday, January 15, 2010
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My umbrella gets turned inside-out every time I go outside. The wind is ridiculous. But it's still warm. The air temperature must be 100 degrees for it to still feel warm when it's this windy.
Bad hair day
Horizontal rain, because of the sustained 40 mph winds. At least it's not cold.
Sometimes I wish I had a job where I could sport a bright red mohawk.
What the fuck ever
I'm so sick and tired of these stupid games.
Still looking for the magic words.
Good question
"Why didn't you just leave at once, instead of tearing me up bit by bit like this?" - Pyoter
They keep giving me the gay straw.
Did I ever tell you people about the time I met Aretha Franklin?
I want a new car. My newest one is a 1995 model. But I guess I should get a permanent job first.
If patience is a virtue, then I must be the one of the most virtuous guys who ever lived. Yay for me!
Now I'm stuffed, but still going to try to cram a couple beers down there.
There's an Asian buffet right up the road!
Now I've gone and done it...
It's about damn time!
Not worth the risk...Not worth the risk... Not worth the risk...
Me being weird
I just told this chick that she looks almost exactly like NotHideousGirl. I even showed her a picture. She wasn't as thrilled as she should have been.
New retirement plan?
This dude told me I sound just like Carl Rove. I wonder if I can make any money from this phenomenon.
55 down, only 19 to go!
Tonight, at this Green Frog place, I've been talking to two chicks who remind me of SassyGirl and LaptopGirl. The former looks like SassyGirl, and the latter has the same name as LaptopGirl.
Elliott Bay Gulden Von Boorian
(draft) Hazy Gold. Nice white head. Mouthfeel almost creamy. Light aroma and flavor of apples and pears. There's a weird funky finish that I could definitely do without. Decent is all I can say.
Now I'm at this Green Frog place. It's weird. There's a jug band. But they have Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence on tap.
Oh goody
The world's loudest people just sat next to me.
I just need to accept the fact that we're no longer close. It fell apart so quickly, though. I'm totally in denial.
Lake Padden
I forgot to ask what year...
I win!
Are fair-weather friends really friends at all?
My friend Gene is still alive! That's nice of him.
Now I'm at the Yummi casino. All of the back roads seem to lead to this place.
Finally got my hairs cut. It had been over two months. I feel and look more like myself now. I'm not sure the latter is a good thing.
Instead of just glaring, I've been giving my phone the finger all night.
So much, so much more than I want this to begin, I want this to end. What does that mean? I don't know.
This one gay dude has been playing excellent 70s and 80s music on the jukebox all night long. "Don't Fear the Reaper" is playing right now.
Trying to wrap my brain around a thought with very sharp edges...
The thing is, I know exactly why this is happening to her. What I don't know is why it's happening to me.
I just asked my phone, it told me that it's 12 degrees back home. It's 45 and drizzling here.
The ice is so thin. There's no way it will hold for long. I should get off the ice, before it breaks, and I drown.
Spending a quiet night at "home" with pizza and Alaskan Smoked Porter.
It's always so amazing how quickly things disintegrate. And how often, but that's a different story.
Small world
Sitting at a little bar in Bellingham Washington, talking to a guy who graduated from the same high school as me, 2000 miles away, just two years before I graduated. And he's not the most unlikely guy I've met tonight. that award goes to Ryan Stiles.
Why is this girl a bartender? She should be a movie star.
Tried to install Crysis on my laptop. The framerate is so slow that it's unplayable. Now who am I supposed to kill?
I'm feeling oddly detached today. But in a good way, I guess.
I'm in a bar at O'hare. I'm bored. My flight doesn't leave for an hour.
Thinking, uh-oh
I'm thinking that I need to be lied to again. It was better when I was lied to.
Decisions, decisions...
Awake at midnight. Should I try to go back to sleep for two hours or just stay up?
This couple next to me is drinking Michelob Ultra, and bemoaning the taste of their Blue Moon samples.
So funny I forgot to laugh
Well, thought it would be funny to cancel my reservation. And there are no other seats available today. So now I'm trying to get a flight leaving Monday morning.
Mission accomplished
There was absolutely no reason to tell me that, except to hurt me.
In good hands
Okay, Mr. Jack and Mr. Shit, you two are in charge of getting me ready for my trip. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you.
Can't sleep. Can't change my flights. Can't do much, it seems.
I should just leave on Saturday. Staying until Sunday will be a waste of time.
I had one resolution for this year. It lasted until 8:19. Oops.
I need a haircut
So far...
...this year sucks.
I really wanted to watch her dance today.
Happy new year...
...and stuff!
Thursday, December 31, 2009
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I'm at Bearno's, getting some food. Unfortunately-named girl is working.
Why is it that, every time I get on a conference call, my phone starts blinking to indicate a new text message? I can't see the message until this conference call is over. Frustrating!
HatGirl and OddlyFamiliarGirl need to plan their illnesses better.
My Uncle Carl passed away. That's sad.
I may complain, but I'd definitely rather be home and working until 8:00 than be in Bellingham and working until 5:00.
Time to turn in. Into what exactly, I don't know.
SneakyGirl is here!
Been talking to FirstGirl. She didn't even know I'd been gone. She's still nice, though.
I have to admit, it's a brilliant plan. I almost wish I'd thought of it myself.
My neck was sore, so I took a long hot shower. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but it made it worse. What's up with that?
So there are two issues here. One could be solved forever, and it would be fun doing it. The other issue, well that one I'm pretty much resigned to living with for the rest of my days.
Of course I knew it wouldn't last. But I was really hoping that it would at least last until I had to go back to Washington.
Regardless of what happens next, I had an absolutely fantastic two and a half days. I hope there's no doubt about that.
Today, so far, I've done some very odd things, but only as an accomplice.
I should go buy some new jeans. These are getting pretty ratty at the bottom.
I'm so excited to see HatGirl! Only 40 minutes! Yay!
I tried to call HairCutLady. I haven't had my hairs cut in six weeks, and I wanted to see if she was open today. The number has been disconnected. Now I'll have to drive down there. I hope she's okay and still open for business.
I'm home!
Having a layover here. Went outside to smoke two quick cigarettes and almost froze my ass off. Now I'm in a nice warm airport bar having a nice Goose Island beer.
On the plane now. I'm getting excited! Not about the long flight, though.
I'm watching The Notebook. This is a brilliant thing for me to be doing.
For now
I think I've talked myself out of getting an iPhone. For now, anyway. These blackerry outages are sure pissing me off, though.
It's just so surreal to be sitting here. I can feel the years falling away.
Sports Pub
Now I'm at my old hangout. I wish more people I knew were here.
Checking out of this stupid hotel in less than two hours. Guitar Boy in the next room will have to find someone else to annoy.
Another blackberry outage. It might be fixed now - I'm sending this via my blackberry - but two outages in a week? I'm now seriously thinking about getting an iPhone.
A year ago, we were really something. And on our way to something more. Something great. Now, not so much. I liked it better, a year ago.
I should be packing now, but instead I'm glaring at my phone.
Dear Penthouse Forum...
Nobody is here today except me and a couple of receptionists.
Tomorrow morning I get to check out of this stupid hotel.
In less than four days I get to see my kitties. Yay! In less than five days I get to see HatGirl. Yay! If I get to see LaptopGirl in the next twelve days, I can die a happy man. Yay?
I'm craving White Castles now.
Shocked, I tell you!
Too bad I already bought her present.
This dude on TV tells me to, as a gift to the woman I love, call her doctor and schedule a pap-smear for her.
There are certain disadvantages to having my hotel close to a mall.
I'm hoping the little guy has a safe and fun trip.
Mum's the word
I don't feel like saying anything nice, so I'm not saying anything.
Foiled again.
Did something I shouldn't have done. But it sure felt good doing it.
No good deed goes unpunished
I let some drunk guy use my phone to call his wife. That was my good deed for the day. The punishment for my good deed was that his breath funkified my phone and now I may have to get a new one.
What'll they think of next?
I guess I'll just keep doing what I do. Try to muddle through.
I'm just not sure what to do next. I'm so tired of being treated like shit, but I'm also supposed to be forgiving.
I got hopelessly lost, and somehow ended up at this Yummi casino again.
I don't like sluts. Or whores, either.
A glared-at phone never woo-hoos.
I'm showing incredible restraint tonight.
Alaskan Smoked Porter = Yummy.
Dear God
There are too many skanky prostitutes. Please give some of them real jobs so they wear more conservative clothing. Thanks!
I wish the magic wand had worked. That would have been really romantic, if it had worked.
I can't think of anything to write. I'm not sure why I picked up my phone to write something.
I fear that one of the hotel workers stole my Netflix movies from the mail.
So there.
I'm watching American Ninja. It's so stupid it's funny.
This dude just came in, and the bartender called him "Old Man John." I'm glad nobody calls me "Old Man Dave." At least, not to my face. Not yet, anyway.
I've realized that I haven't eaten in over 24 hours. I suppose I'll have some fish and chips. I hope they don't suck.
I'm finally off work! And I got to talk to HatGirl for a long time on the phone! Now I'm having a beer! Yay!
I'm excited that HatGirl gets her birthday present tomorrow! And if she doesn't like it I'm gonna jump into a volcano!
There's a blackberry outage affecting emails. So I won't be able to post any of these quickies once I get to work.
I have an urge to shoot some pool. I know I saw a pool hall my first weekend here. I'll have to find it again.
There may be light at the end of the tunnel after all.
She already does those things.
It's 52 degrees outside!
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
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They're having a Christmas party here. I think they're all from the hot girl factory.
The worst thing about stage three is that it makes me send drivelly emails to HatGirl.
If there's snow falling it's snowing. If there's rain falling it's raining. If there's sleet falling it's sleeting. But what if there's freezing rain falling? Is it freezing raining? That doesn't seem right. This is a relevant question because, whatever you call it, it's doing it outside right now.
It's supposed to finally warm up tomorrow. I hope so. I'm quite tied of shivering all the time.
I have no idea what I want for dinner. I think I'm getting burned out on eating. Maybe I should look into absorbing energy from sunlight, the way plants do.
I've been talking to an honest to goodness Bering Sea fisherman.
For BigWheelGirl
It's snowing again. Big giant flakes. It's pretty.
I'm starting to get worried. That's just how my minds works. Worry sucks. I'd rather be my usual mad/sad.
I didn't even notice, but there's an uberhot girl at the table behind me.
How to drive in the snow in Washington
Drive at one mile per hour, taking up two lanes. If your car ever creeps up to two miles per hour, slam on your brakes. Bonus points are awarded for a 360-degree spin.
It's snowing like crazy out here! Brrrr!
Hair Club for Men
He's not only the president, he's also a member.
I've been calling this the Yummi Nation. But now I think it's the Lummi Nation.
Sitting at a bar, drinking a beer, and smoking a cigarette. Too bad I had to flee the country to do it.
1954 miles
It sure seems like more.
I knew this was going to happen. Once again, I was right. Once again, I wish I'd been wrong.
Oh well
I just tried to watch a movie on my blackberry via Netflix. It didn't work. It would have been cool, though.
Strike two!
At least I'm pretty sure it's strike two. It might be more like strike one-million.
I bought a damn scraper for my windshield. I wonder if Alamo will reimburse me.
These fucking pull-tab players keep monopolizing the bartenders. I may have to go on a killing spree.
I can't make up my damn mind about driving down to Seattle tonight.
Weather report
It's snowing here. Little baby flakes...
Because there was an evening, in September I think, of 2003. Because I looked, and because I saw. That's why I never had a choice. That's why it's my fault.
I miss my kitties. As of two days ago, this is the longest I've ever been away from them.
Sitting at this Slo Pitch bar next to the hotel, trying to cram in a couple of beers before too many weirdoes show up.
I bet I have nightmares about 80s hair.
I'm watching Heathers. All the hair is cracking me up.
All the barstools in this place are slanty. It's disconcerting.
Had Mongolian Grill. I'm experimenting with their sauce choices. This time I had garlic and chili sauces. Not great. I should have had teriyaki.
It's 4:00 and the stupid sun is already setting.
Her face is deformed. Everyone must see it, but nobody ever says anything.
Something isn't right. The world suddenly seems out of kilter.
Tonight I'm in disguise again. It just feels safer.
I like them. They're pretty. Mountains are one of the reasons I moved here in 1992.
This morning a beautiful girl woke me up at 5:00. But alas, it was only with a phone call.
That's the bartender's name. What's weird is that she's white.
Wonders never cease
The mall was actually open. I bought a coat, because the wind chill outside is -2365841265 degrees.
They're out of African Amber. I drank it all.
Nice start to the week
The front desk called me because somebody had lodged a noise complaint about my TV. My TV wasn't even on. I told her it was my new loud neighbors. Now they're out in the hall arguing.
Now I'm sitting next to a dude who's talking to himself about how he has two hours left to live.
These kids today...
Talking to a girl who says she's majoring in ketchup bottles.
Stores in this stupid mall close at 6:00 on Sundays. That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.
The narrow path became a thin line became a scant thread...
If I could stay here, in stage two, then maybe I could survive.
Boundary Bay Inside passage IPA
(draft) Hazy gold. No detectable head. Interestingly floral aroma. Nice flavor. Whatever hops are in this, they're the kind that I like. Good.
Boundary Bay Single Hop - Amarillo
(draft) Hazy Gold. Aroma and flavor of pine needles. Not the kind of hop that I like. Calling it decent goes against my instincts.
Boundary Imperial Oatmeal Stout
(draft) Black with a thin tan head that faded quickly. Fairly neutral aroma. Thick mouthfeel, with a nice strong roasted malt flavor that coated my mouth. Good.
Boundary Bay Dry Irish Stout
(draft) Black with a lasting creamy head. Aroma of burnt malts. Flavor of burnt malts and a touch of coffee. Pretty good.
Boundary Bay Cabin Fever
(draft) Very dark amber/brown with a lasting white head. Nice aroma and flavor of malts and spices. Maybe some vanilla. Good.
Boundary Bay Scotch Ale
(draft) Hazy brown. White head that pulled a quick disappearing act. Mild aroma of roasted malts. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor surprisingly strong of roasted malts. A bit of a bitter hoppy finish. I disagree with this beer's classification, but not with its taste. Damn good.
Boundary Bay Amber
(draft) Cloudy brown, small head. Malty aroma. Flavor of a mild brown ale, but with a lingering hoppy finish that I could have done without. Just decent.
Boundary Bay Best Bitter ESB
(draft) Hazy amber with a decent head. Citrusy and hoppy aroma. Flavor of watery grapefruit juice. Decent, I suppose.
Mt. Baker
Trying to convince myself that it wasn't all a lie.
Chillaxin' with a bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter. I'm being spoiled by this beer.
It's a beautiful day outside. I can see it out my window as I work.
I have new neighbors in the next room. I may have to kill them.
I ordered a pizza from this Boston's place. I hope it doesn't suck.
Tried to go to Boundary Bay, but everyone in Washington was already there.
That's how many movies are now in my Netflix queue. I have such an exciting life.
I don't know what's more ridiculous, that she thinks she can get away with the way she treats me, or that I actually let her get away with it.
I'm conducting one.
It's no use. I'm wasting my time.
I probably don't want to know.
My favorite kind of hot girl is the kind that doesn't think she's hot.
I have this really weird thing that I do. Even I think it's crazy. But I'm doing it now, and it somehow makes me feel better.
I'm sad tonight. Drowning my sorrows with Mac & Jack's African Amber.
Back at the hotel. Expecting another very long night of work.
Still up. Still working. Thinking about all the yummy overtime pay I'll get.
On The Biggest Loser tonight, they had them run a marathon, and they put the last part over sand. Because I guess running 26.2 miles on asphalt was too easy.
At some big mall. I need new work shoes.
It's gonna be a good night for glaring at my phone. Maybe with a nice bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter. Or two.
Weather report
It's a beautiful sunny day here. Chilly, though.
Monday, November 30, 2009
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Some skanky old hag stole my chair while I was in the restroom. Not my seat, but my actual chair.
My problem with Buddhism
Desire is one of the things that separates us from animals. That, and not being afraid of vacuum cleaners. Elimination of desire is elimination of humanity.
Holding it in
I was going to go pee, but then everyone on Earth decide to go pee at the same time, so I decided to wait.
Not even married
I'm having Thai food for dinner. I've been having the strangest cravings lately. I hope I'm not pregnant.
Hooray for HatGirl!
Funny to me, anyway
It would be funny if hiccups were contagious like yawning.
Channeling Lou Rawls again. I wish I could sing.
Working on arranging my notes into a real blog entry. Stay tuned, I guess.
Now I'm at the place next to my hotel. It's their opening weekend.
It's a pretty nice day. which means it's not raining.
Heading back to Bellingham now.
Alaskan White
(bottle) Hazy light orange. Decent head that faded to a thin film. Light aroma and flavor of assorted spices. Nothing notable, but still a good combination.
It's bizarre that I used to sit here in this seat at this bar and think that I was sad. I had no idea what real sadness was, back then.
I used to date this bartender's mother.
Why does enlightenment weigh so heavily on the soul?
This bartender is a bitch.
In bed
HatGirl's fortune cookie: Everything will now come your way.
In bed
LaptopGirl's fortune cookie: You will be surrounded by luxury.
New Belgium Trippel
(bottle) Clear fuzzy light bronze in color. No head to speak of. Aroma of ripe apples. Flavor typical for the style, with a little extra maltiness. Quite good.
Right again
I rest my case.
Beautiful day, but Mt. Rainier is still hidden by clouds.
There's actual blue sky up there this morning. I'm optimistic that I'll get to see some mountains.
Everybody keeps telling me what I already know.
What accent?
Apparently, in Washington, my Indiana accent is sexy.
Gobble gobble
I guess that's all.
Had a nice night. Almost time for bed.
I miss Holly. I wish she still worked here. I do shots with Holly.
I'm down in Kent now. At my old bar. This used to be home to me. It's so surreal to be sitting at this bar.
Out of sight, out of mind...
It's a nice morning here.
That doesn't count. Too little, too late.
Kona Pipeline Porter
(draft) Black with decent white head and lacing. Light aroma of coffee and malts. Flavor like the aroma. Fairly light, bordering on bland. Finish is a little chocolatey. A decent beer.
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
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I'm still up. Glaring at my phone.
This was prettier in person
Funny and sweet and kinda gross, all at once.
Elysian Perseus Porter
(bottle). Black with thin tan head. Aroma of cola and roasted malts. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor same as the aroma, with a bit of a tingle to it. Good. I'd like to try this on tap.
If I don't get an answer, then that's an answer.
It wasn't even close
I don't know why I even bothered to try.
Please, no wagering
The race is on!
I don't like this game.
It's raining again.
My rock guarding the coasters I'm going to steal from here.
Anacortes Noel
(draft) Clear reddish bronze. Nice white head. Aroma of spices and maybe pumpkin. Medium mouthfeel. Tame flavor of assorted unidentifiable spices. A good beer.
On a coaster
"What'll it be then? Your 11,568th pint of the usual, or a life changing experience?"
The bartender here is too hot.
Full Sail Imperial Stout
(draft) Black with thin beige head. Strong aroma of malts, dark chocolate, and licorice. Thick and chewy mouthfeel. Flavor intense and lasting, mostly of roasted malts. Very good.
I'm bored. I'm going to go back to that Archer's place and glare at my phone there for a while.
Why do the football weirdoes always clap and high-five each other? My theory is that it's because they suck.
Some wood
More water
Some water
I'm too far away, for too long. It's too much.
Chuckanut Strong Ale
(draft) Clear Bronzish copper. Nice balanced aroma. Flavor a little subdued. Like a mild Alt-style beer. Decent.
Chuckanut Foreign Stout
(draft) Black with a decent tan head. Weak aroma of burnt malts. Flavor burnt, but weak enough to make it barely good.
Chuckanut British Brown
(draft) Clear dark brown. Minimal head. Strange aroma of malts and hops. Flavor of cola and malts. Very dry finish. Decent.
Chickanut Special Bitter
(draft) Clear dark gold. Thin whitish head. Hoppy aroma. Tastes like aluminum. Disgusting.
Watching the new Star Trek movie. At least one thing I bought at Best Buy works.
Some copper cow
Weird lunch
Some mountain
Some trees
Does the 5-second-rule count if the pretzel lands on the sock you removed after wearing it all day?
Georgetown 9-lb Porter
(draft) Very dark brown. Nice beige head. Subdued aroma of burnt malts. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor of roasted malts, almost acrid, but still very good. Maybe a touch of chocolate and licorice, too.
Am I craving a nice Belgian, or an Alaskan Smoked Porter?
The dude next to me is drinking a Coors Light, despite all the real beers available. His wife is drinking a mint julep.
It just took me 25 minutes to park. And it's raining again. And I'm parked about 500 yards away. And I keep forgetting to order my beer in an unfrosted glass. That's important to us beer snobs.
Oh well
Restraint going bye-bye..
Spicy chicken and brocolli alfredo. Incredible.
Thursday, November 19, 2009
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I've had a bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter in my fridge since Tuesday afternoon. I'm waiting for a night when I don't have to get up early. It's definitely a late-night beer.
Good thing I'm so close to the ocean.
There are 70-mph wind gusts here tonight.
My eyes tell you everything you need to know. But it's not enough for you to look. You also have to see. I wish you could see. I wish you would let yourself see.
Manny's Pale Ale
(draft) Slightly hazy amber. Decent whitish head. Citrusy hoppy aroma. Hoppy flavor, but the finish is smooth. It's actually not too bad.
Out of sight, out of mind. This is my biggest fear now.
Boundary Bay Scotch Ale
(draft) Hazy brown. White head that pulled a quick disappearing act. Mild aroma of roasted malts. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor surprisingly strong of roasted malts. A bit of a bitter hoppy finish. I disagree with this beer's classification, but not with its taste. Damn good.
A lot of people here look like somebody, but so far nobody is anybody.
I went out for a bit. Now I want to get back in my room, but the cleaning lady is there.
One of these times, she's going to say goodnight instead of simply disappearing, and I'm going to die of a heart attack.
This one dude keeps scowling at me. I'd hate to get murdered my first night here.
The good thing is that people in this area know how to drive. The bad thing is that there are so many drivers that it doesn't matter how good they are.
I used to rule these tables
My old hangout
HatGirl invited everyone on Earth, to my going-away party.
The problem with an official going-away party is that it means that I'm officially going away, and I'm not ready to admit that yet.
Thinking about stupid timing again, and how much I hate it.
To-do list
Accomplishing actual stuff today. Wonders never cease.
Sunday night
Bearno's for lunch. Keeping my fingers crossed about dinner.
Trying to get excited about Washington. It's not working.
At the casino, waiting for HatGirl. I'm excited!
Saturday, November 14, 2009
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Rich O's
I'm going to miss Rich O's. As much as I hate it sometimes, I'm still going to miss it. Plus, here you can still smoke in bars. In Washington, they have snipers posted to shoot people who smoke. Although I think they just wing you for a first offense.
I just realized that, along with everything else, I'm going to miss Saturnalia.
Going to maybe get my hairs cut, then have a Marzen at Rich O's, then wait for HatGirl to call me. We're hanging out today because I'm leaving and it makes us sad.
That was a really stupid question. I'm glad I wasn't the one who asked it.
The problem with airports is that there are people and long lines. Two of my least favorite things.
Funny to me
There's a dude wearing a shirt, with a picture of dice and the words, "Blow me for luck."
I've check out of the hotel. Now, I guess, I'll stick my thumb up my ass for five hours until it's time to go to the airport.
I'd kinda like to find an earlier flight. I think I'll look.
I'm sharing the bar with the hair club for men.
From left to right...
Hoegarden (with fruit wedge) Stella (straight from the bottle) Then, four people drinking Bud Light from the bottle.
Chinese for dinner.
Before the draw...
Big Sky Moose Drool
(draft) Clear dark amber, with a decent tan head. Aroma of roasted coffee and malts. Flavor mostly of roasted malts. Good.
About a fourth of the taps at Yardhouse
Every girl here, depending on whether she's wearing glasses or not, is reminding me of either HatGirl or LaptopGirl. I think this means that I've been away from home for too long.
Alaskan Amber!
So there.
Last night, right before I went to sleep, there was nothing. Everything cancelled out. I want that again, I think.
I'm doing this wrong. Way wrong.
This time zone is messing with my head.
I stand corrected. it's not XX, it's XXI. They have an old tap. Still OMG though.
Turns out that the beer I paid $10 for Sunday was mispriced. The real price is $28. Still totally worth it, but I'm glad I won that money this morning.
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
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Taps at Freakin' Frog
Wild Royal Flush, Baby!
Road trip postponed.
That explains everything. It sucks, but at least it explains everything.
Can't hardly wait
According to my fortune cookie, my hidden creative talents will soon be revealed.
It's what's for dinner.
Bras at Dick's Last Resort
This dude from England just bummed a fag off me. I knew what he meant.
The hovering rule is in full effect.
I'm on a quest for Alaskan Amber.
It took more time and much more beer than I was expecting, but I've finally found the mood I came here for.
In Las Vegas, there is no expectation of sleep, so I fit right in.
Deschute's Black Butte XX Imperial Porter
(draft) OMG.
Makes the entire trip worth it
I have arrived
Viva and stuff
Arrived in Las Vegas safely.
A couple of days. I could prove my point in just a couple of days. That's reasonable, I think. Especially on my dime.
I'm wearing it again. I'm not sure why. Maybe to keep the whores away.
Witches' Brew
(bottle) Hazy gold. Nice white head. Aroma of musty apples. Nice smooth flavor, typical for the style. The high ABV is hidden very well. Quite good.
I just saw a commercial for a "DJ Hero" game. Easily the most asinine thing I've ever heard of.
Now Bearno's has mini-burgers and fries. That's what I'm having. So there.
That's why this time is different. This time, I'm kept in the dark.
Wondering what I could do to help either situation. Probably nothing. I really feel powerless.
I've got a million things to do today. It's all very daunting. I should just go back to bed, but I won't.
Saturday, November 7, 2009
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I'm seriously pissed off now. And I'd foolishly thought that I'd have insomnia for the usual reason.
Experiencing a serious feeling of deja vu.
My right eyelid keeps twitching. Everyone probably thinks I'm winking at them. I'm not, though.
Too late for a nap, way too early to go to bed for the night.
I think it's weird that Five Guys always puts your food in a bag, and they don't have any trays at all.
One load in the washer now, only 999,999 more loads to go.
Artsy and stuff
I just realized that if I go anywhere for two months I'm going to miss HatGirl's birthday. So that settles it. I can't go. There. I feel better now.
But first, a trip to the haunted Burger King for breakfast and phone-glaring.
I'll be really busy for the next two days, but then...Las Vegas!
Okay, fine. One more Marzen before bedtime.
I hate this.
I got to see HatGirl, and I'd resigned myself to not seeing her until mid-January. I tricked her into coming to Rich O's. I don't feel guilty at all.
I am not a cheap whore. I may be a whore, but I'm not cheap.
I don't know for what, though. Something spicy, maybe.
Trying to take the hint, but it's hard.
Okay, that was really disgusting. When I stepped into my garage this morning, I accidentally stepped on and squished a mouse. So it was a crappy start to my day, but even worse for the mouse.
I seem to have successfully flipped my schedule back to semi-normal.
Public service
Some people just need to be told that they suck.
Really missing them both tonight. Stage one and a half, I guess.
Got halfway here, realized I'd left home without my wallet, and so had to turn around and go get it.
Plan B
Going to Rich O's. I'd just go to stupid Bearno's but they have stupid live music on Wednesdays.
It was a false alarm!
So it begins
Now I'm really starting to freak out.
My biggest regret is that it's gotten to the point that, though I may be needed, I'm not wanted.
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
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I feel like I should be helping, even though I don't know what I'd be able to do.
I was supposed to stop at Denny's, but I forgot. Now I'm starving.
I'm in a really cuddly mood.
Got a meeting invitation from a former employer. I must still be on some distribution list. It would be funny if I showed up for the meeting.
Dove into the water without first checking the depth. Got lucky, this time.
Time is running short for me to get back on a reasonable schedule.
Very weird.
An excuse won't be enough
I need a reason. A good reason. If I'm ever going to be so cruel, then it needs to be a fucking unbreakable reason.
I don't feel like I can wait until Sunday. I need to get away from here now.
You know what I want to do? I want to text her right now, and see if I can bring breakfast. I will do no such thing, however. Maybe the thought is worth something.
Time to go. Later.
...Between the stubborn and the clueless and the stupid.
Stage one achieved.
Apparently I slept on my neck.
Deep and stuff
A glared-at phone never woo-hoos.
I hope I have a good dream.
Right again
I was so right. HatGirl would never ever treat me like that. Not even when she's mad at me.
So far
Still at Rich O's. Talking to some chick who needs a nickname. Having a good time.
Watching Groundhog Day. It was never a favorite of mine, but it's topical.
That was a bit of a roller coaster. Good thing I like roller coasters, I guess.
Going to see SneakyGirl. Apparently I forgot to call her. Oops.
Had some really nice dreams. Just hanging-out dreams, not sex dreams, you pervert.
I was just thinking about something she told me the other night. It was almost the truth. Almost.
They have a new trivia game here. I rule at it.
Sunday, November 1, 2009
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Funny to me
The bartender is hung-over.
I have a tattoo now. I have an urge to go rob a liquor store or something.
There are an awful lot of old ladies here. Maybe they're having a bingo game or something.
I just decided on my Halloween costume. It's the scariest ever!
The annoying thing about this is all the false alarms. I feel really tired, but then I go to bed and I'm instantly wide awake again.
I think I'm craving donuts. Or maybe pancakes.
Stupid rain!
It was 366 days ago. Halloween of 2008.
It was 364 days ago. I got an email saying, "Come over, now."
I think I'm going to bake a turkey. Not today, though.
Well that didn't work for shit.
I'm back inside. What a nice night. I did some good thinking. And some bad thinking.
Still trying though
You know, this really isn't helping. In fact, I bet it's making it worse.
They made me look at pumpkins. I don't know why. I'm definitely an amateur.
Just jump. Planning and plotting and reason and caution have led exactly nowhere. It's time to take a leap of faith. Jump. I'll catch you.
I'm in a writey mood. Good thing I'm still at Rich O's instead of at my computer.
I should just throw my phone in the woods and then go to bed.
Damned if I do and damned if I don't. That seems to be the root of the issue. Not very encouraging.
Aim at the base
I need a little fire extinguisher to put out a stupid stubborn spark.
Bracing for impact
Still awake, of course. My mind is racing, and it's a slick road. A crash is imminent.
Stupid timing, it ruins everything.
For those of you keeping score at home...
...I'm still fucking awake.
I think it's superfunny.
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
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It's hard to tell from this crappy blurry photo, but that's my cat Buddy chillaxing again. It's even harder to tell that, once again, he's lying atop a pair of my blue jeans.


Monday, October 19, 2009
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Home again
I don't know why.
Craving a Marzen.
Took a stupid nap and had a stupid dream.
Something has happened. I don't know what has happened, but I know that I don't like it very much. Nope, not very much at all.
More TMI
Today, it's about the sex and then the cuddling. Weird.
I was at stupid Bearno's, and when I went to pee I noticed that I was going commando.
There's a show on TV and this dude's giving beer to a monkey. That's just wrong, especially since it looked like it was swill.
Lou Rawls
I fear that he's right, but I wish he was wrong. It would be so cruel if he was right.
Sometimes I have these thoughts. The most natural and expected thoughts, but not for this. For this, they're inappropriate. For this, they are a thin veneer over the truth .
Three Floyds Behemoth Barleywine
(bottle) Hazy reddish amber. No appreciable head. Aroma of molasses and dark fruits. Flavor of dark fruits, with a noticeable alcohol bite. Very dry finish. Only decent, but barleywines aren't my favorites to begin with.
I found a Delirium Tremens in my beer 'fridge. Yay!
Easily entertained
I'm watching Plan 9 From Outer Space, probably the best bad movie ever made.
I miss the woo-hoo sound that my phone used to make all the time.
The Beffie Song
They're playing "Welcome to the Jungle" on the jukebox.
Hoping they use a different funeral home.
I wish I knew what I was starving for. So far I've got it narrowed down to about 10 things.
Stage four musings
There will never be a beginning until there's an ending, and there can never be an ending without a beginning. I'm stuck, forever.
Stage three musings
I'm so stupid. I should have been more patient. More understanding. This is nobody's fault but mine.
Stage two musings
Okay, as near as I can figure it, in order to avoid "confusion" some lies were told, or at least implied. That I'm unreliable, and that I leave, and that I lie, and that I never really cared, and that I'm just like all the rest. Such bullshit. I deserve better, and so does you-know-who.
Words to live by
From some SPAM I got tonight: The genital signal is then homozygous.
Funerals suck, even more for the person who died.
Need to get out while the gettin's good.
Happy Dance!
HatGirl is feeling better, so Buddy and I did the happy dance! Yay and yay and yay!
Saturday, October 17, 2009
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Buddy chillaxing
Feeling the need to restrain myself today. I don't like that I feel this need, and I like even less that's it's necessary.
Zinnebir X-Mas 2008
(bottle) Clean copper-colored. Long-lasting whitish head. Fairly faint aroma of wet wood and apples. Light mouthfeel. Nice crisp flavor, hard to describe. A good beer.
I miss you, too.
I don't understand why Jim Carey doesn't weigh 1000 pounds, what with all the scenery he's always chewing up.
Kerstmuske Christmas Nightcap
(bottle) Cloudy dark brown. Nice tan head. Very surprising aroma of roasted coffee and wood chips. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor drying and fizzy, mostly of roasted coffee. Not as gross as I've made it seem. A decent beer, that might be better on a really cold night.
I, also, am downplaying my own awesomeness. Perhaps I should stop.
She keeps looking at me. I wish she'd stop. I'm not a piece of meat.
Salt for her wound
This chick next to me is putting salt in her Bud Light. I guess anything to change the taste has got to be an improvement.
I'd rather have stupid hope than no kind of hope at all, I guess.
It's all kinkified now. I'm not sure I like it. Plus, she needs to start wearing glasses.
Watching the footage about the homemade flying saucer thingy and the little kid...
I almost wish I'd get sick so I could see HatGirl. Maybe I should sleep in my front yard tonight.
How my day started
Looking for work again, sooner that I'd thought.
The self-service terminal at the BMV is very cool. I was able to renew the registrations on all three vehicles without having to deal with any people at all!
Today would have been three months, but I got lucky, and so it's only been four days.
A guy could get used to this.
Every bad thing I've ever been told about, is something I'd never fucking do. And she should fucking know it by now.
For some reason I'm craving Chinese food.
I dreamed about a really nice girl. I wish she was real.
Now I'm going to bed. I'll sleep with one eye open, glaring at my phone. Goodnight, cruel world.
I just heard some pretty messed-up news. And hearing about the method employed brought back some very bad memories. I think I should have gone to Bearno's instead.
When will I learn to not eat a big lunch when I've had zero sleep? Answer: Never, apparently.
Monday, October 12, 2009
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Thinking about taking a side-trip, but worried that it would seem weird.
Vegas, baby!
Only 2,332,380 seconds and I'll be on my way!
It happened. I should be happy about it. At least it makes sense. Except that it took so damn long.
I'm thinking that I should probably go ahead and fall in love with every woman on Earth. I haven't been fair. They all should have the fun of destroying me.
I'm in a writey mood. I think I can resist, though.
Some people are good, and some people are mean. I wish I was better at seeing which was which.
Now there are four stages. That's just fantastic.
Just because it's from Belgium doesn't make it a Belgian beer. Fucking Stella is NOT a fucking Belgian beer!
October 10
Remember this date.
I hope that's the saddest thing I hear for a long time.
I've seen her vomit more in the past year than I myself have vomited in my entire life. Yet I'm still attracted to her. That proves it's real, I think.
I bought a new router today. Not, as CrackerDude guessed, a piece of woodworking equipment, but a computer network router. And so now, my laptop doesn't crash my network when I turn it on. So that's good.
Six hours until HatGirl! Yay!
Had a dream about being stuck on a roller coaster.
When in doubt, I'm doing nothing.
Senility is either good or bad. I forget which.
So stupid
I came into Rich O's by mistake.
I guess I know that I'm old when all of the Hooters girls look too young.
At the new Wick's.
First beer in a week is a Marzen, of course.
I think I know what I need to do. I don't think there's much of a choice.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
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It's hot as fuck, but it's good, and the heat doesn't last too long. I can deal with wasabi much easier than I can deal with some hot peppers.
What are you looking for?
Did something stupid, and am now being reminded as to why it was stupid.
This is all HatGirl's fault.
Here's a thought. How about you stop?
Ten and a half hours of sleep. No bad dreams. That was nice.
Well, yeah
Words to live by.
Funding, and the lack thereof
It's not looking good. Everyone, cross your fingers again, please. Thanks.
There's a dude here who looks like her new boyfriend. I'm freaking out. I'm so unprepared to see them together. I'm abandoning my beer.
I'm craving KFC for some weird reason. I don't even like KFC.
Sometimes I'm funny, dammit!
32 years in fact
Stupid bullshit games and asinine tiptoeing. I haven't been twelve years old for a long time.
Stroke's the word
Every time they dim the lights in bars, I wonder if I'm having a stroke. And not the good kind of stroke.
Not even my job
Now I'm at Jack's, training a new bartender. I should get free beer for this.
Having a tough time getting motivated this evening.
I'm worried about someone I have no business worrying about. And who I'm not allowed to worry about.
Today is the last day of the season for Polly's Freeze. I must go there!
The neighbor's cat is outside. I haven't seen him in at least a year. I think I'll go feed and pet him.
Of course I'm curious, concerned even, but it's none of my business, so of course I'm not asking.
I'm sorry that HatGirl's girl friends all suck. There, I said it.
Plan C
Going to the casino for a buffet and some beers.
Got this at work for free!
It's baaaaack!
Instead of going out of town, I've decided to just stay here and glare at my phone. It's not as much fun, but it's cheaper.
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click for larger image
I'm so easily amused. Seriously, it doesn't take much. Even the most stupid things will get me grinning or even giggling for hours. Lately, I haven't been a particularly happy camper. Perhaps some of you more astute readers picked up on that. But even a hopeless sad sack like me can still grin every now and then, with the right prodding.

This image illustrates that point. Click on it for a larger version. It makes me grin. Especially number three. Yes, I'm a child. Tee-hee.

Anyway, the other night I had a brilliant idea. I was sitting at Jack's with OddlyFamiliarGirl, as that has become something of a Sunday-night habit lately, and I found myself in a familiar dilemma.

See, OddlyFamiliarGirl is very smart, and very talkative. This is a brutal combination. Quite often, I find myself listening intently to what she's saying, but listening so intently that I'm constantly forgetting the things I want to say. Then, when OddlyFamiliarGirl pauses to take a breath, I'm left with nothing with which to fill the silence.

Hence, my brilliant idea.

Frustrated with my nonexistent short-term memory, I asked for a piece of paper and a pen. With those things, I was able to jot down little notes to myself, and those notes were enough to remind me of the things I wanted to add to our discussion when the opportunities arose.

And, this past Sunday, one of the things we discussed was the clitoris.

I think it was Jay, and not Silent Bob, who once asked, "The female clitoris?"

Yes, that's the one.

Then we talked about dreams and other random stuff. It's all in the notes.

Saturday, September 26, 2009
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Grrr again
I woke up, and I thought that I saw the Sun shining outside. But noooooooooooooo, it was a false alarm.
Sleep aborted. Again.
Me man. Me make fire. Fire good.
30 minutes until HatGirl! I'm so excited!
The question remains as to whether it's good or bad, though.
Fischer Rauchbier
Dark brown. Whitish head that lasts decently. Light aroma of malts and smoke. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor fairly light, a little sweet, but smoked malts predominate. Reminds me of Spezial.
Only 10 hrs until HatGirl! Yay!
The opening segment of The Office tonight was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.
I've been so incredibly grateful for HatGirl lately. And I don't care who misinterprets that statement, as long as she doesn't.
I'm seeing too many parallels. I should run away fast.
From two to one. That's new.
Straight to stage two. This is the second or third day in a row for this.
I'm outta here!
My rock is almost hot to the touch right now.
People suck. Every last one of them.
I'll be glad when this fucking monsoon season is over.
Indeed, there ARE stupid questions
To answer that question, I will refer to my earlier statement: I am a good guy. If you don't believe me, then that's your problem, not mine.
Now I'm at Connor's, of all places. One hour until HatGirl! Yay!
I feel like I'll never sleep again.
Looks like I'll live. The little bit of swelling in my throat is gone now.
I'm home now. I don't know why. Oh yeah, and the horse is gone.
The bartender at Rich O's just tried to kill me.
Tornado warning!
Sunday, September 20, 2009
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There are, after all, degrees of dumbness.
More pondering
Pondering resolve, and the lack thereof.
Pondering attraction, and the lack thereof.
Surrounded by 5,000 teenage girls. Trying to not look like a pedophile.
I'm so excited! It's almost time to see HatGirl! Yay!
That is all.
Double standards are twice as irritating as regular ones.
For the gazillionth time, LaptopGirl and I never dated.
I just found some Domaine DuPage in my 'fridge. It's my lucky day!
Just sayin'
There are two hot girls here. The blonde one is at least 6'6" tall. The other one is brunette and of human proportions.
Urthel & Oaken Barrel Moaten
Clear copper color. Light tan head that fades quickly. Light aroma of maybe raspberries. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor a little sour. Smooth finish. Not too bad.
Mt. Rainier
I've been reading about Mt. Rainier, and it's got me to thinking that I should go to the summit again someday. Of course, I'm woefully out of shape for such a climb now, but I could fix that situation.
I'm not a catalyst for indignation. Not today, anyway.
It's like taking a deep breath before diving under water, isn't it?
I'm onto their scheme. They can't fool me.
The plan for tonight is to sleep. I must stick with the plan, or at least try.
Silver lining
At least I won't miss her more over the next few days than I've already missed her over the last few months. More is not possible. So there.
Like trying to fill the Grand Canyon by throwing pebbles.
I just got here. Had to work a little late, and then traffic really sucked.
I just took an informal test, and it turns out that I might have PMS!
Not even bothering to try to concentrate.
As the newborn savior lay in his manger, three wise men came to pay their respects. One of the wise men bumped his head at the entrance to the stable. "Jesus Christ, that hurts!" he exclaimed. Mary and Joseph looked at each other and then Mary said to the wise man, "We were going to call him Charlie, but we like your idea better."
Tonight, my plan is to sleep. It's always nice to have a plan.
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
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Wishful thinking
I guess I just want to know the reason. I'd take an excuse that I could believe, but I'd rather know the reason. I expect neither, and that makes me sad.
Watching the Big Brother finale.
Stage two is more fun, but much less fair.
My blackberry just got the EDGE network back. So emails are working again. I hope it lasts. Hmmm, I wonder if AT&T is going to pro-rate my bill.
AT&T is broken. Emails to and from my blackberry are not working. Texts and phone calls are fine, though, so use one of those methods if you need to contact me right away.
I've had to blow my nose so often over the past nine days, now I've got a nosebleed. Colorful!
On the phone for three hours last night. So sleepy today. Need caffeine.
I fucking hate stage one.
I was going to do something decidedly weird tonight, but they didn't have what I needed at Walgreen's.
Now those two people are engaged. Good for them, I suppose.
Home Something Home...
Sunday night
I say it, and it's ignored. Or I say it, and it's used in an attempt to start a fight. So now, I'm NOT saying it. I'm only feeling it.
Further proof that, to me, my opinion is the only one that matters.
Tomorrow it will have been two months. I wish I could say that I won't care, but I will. This continues to be such bullshit.
It was disturbing because it wasn't until I awoke that I realized that the dream didn't make any sense at all. When I was still in the dream, it was brilliant.
I'm a little worried. Nothing good can come of this. Not without a shit-ton of ifs all coming true.
Ping! Pong!
Yay! Dammit! Yay! Dammit! Yay! Dammit! Yay! Dammit! Yay! Dammit!
Five minutes!
A Friday afternoon thing
The clock was moving quickly, but now it's slowed to a crawl.
I just got tired of trying. And waiting. I did not give up. There is a difference.
Both of my cats are making noises like they're dying, because they haven't eaten since 11:00 or so last night.
Okay, that was fun.
Thursday, September 10, 2009
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Stage one sucks.
Creepy tree is watching me
Something is wrong with my email on my blackberry.
Why is this idiot talking so fucking LOUDLY to a woman less than three feet from him?
I think I'm allergic to not seeing HatGirl. It's been almost three days, and I've been stopped-up for almost three days. Coincidence? Why take the chance?
I'm not having any fun today. I think that my head is about to explode from sinus pressure.
This morning all of the cement in my head has fully hardened.
Big Brother
This Natalie girl is hot. A bitch, but a hot bitch.
Take that, universe!
My cat Buddy decided that it wasn't a good idea for me to take a nap. He was probably right.
Crunch time
What to do now? Take a nap even though I know that my dreams will be bad, or tough it out and hope that I'm so sleepy later that the stage one dreams don't keep me awake all night?
Stage three achieved.
I guess I must be feeling better, because I've entered the same old mental cycle again. Right now, I'm in stage two. It's the only stage that's any fun.
Somebody snuck into my house last night and pumped my head full of cement.
Cough cough sneeze sneeze
I wish I wasn't dying or I'd go out to my garage and drink a beer and watch the storm.
I'm back home now. I had fun, even though I'm coming down with something. Driving home sick wasn't very enjoyable.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, StupidGirl!
Meanwhile, the Reds blew another lead. They suck.
OTR for dessert
Skyline for lunch
Had a nice night with HatGirl at Rich O's. Now I'm home and debating whether to just go to sleep or maybe go outside and drink a Marzen.
By the way, this is all happening right in front of my property. The truck ended up in a ditch in my woods.
First they said one fatality, then they said just a little doggie was killed. Now they're saying no serious injuries.
I'm sitting at Bearno's in the middle of the day. That's how bored I am.
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
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I think I've stayed up too late tonight. Tomorrow is going to suck. But it's my own damn fault for sleeping 10 hours last night.
Val-Dieu Triple
(bottle) Hazy gold. Minimal head. Citrusy mild aroma. Flavor a little sour, more orange than apple. Not bad, though.
Voting ends at 9:00
I would gladly allow my mind to be read. How many others can say the same thing?
I've missed the stinky feet game! I wanna play! Damn.
It's like I'm living in a minefield sometimes.
Better late than never
Covington was booked for Saturday, but I've made a reservation for Sunday night. Yay for holidays!
Persistent problem picking proper pronouns.
Seeing is believing
There were just some things I had to see for myself.
I need to get out of town Saturday, but stupid Covington is all booked again.
Some actions are rooted in selfishness and/or ignorance and/or cruelty and/or mistrust and/or childishness and/or stupidity and/or blindness and/or deception, and sometimes it's futile to look for an honorable motive.
Ten hours of sleep. That ought to do me for a while.
I think that I will sleep tonight. Imagine that, me of all people, sleeping.
Sometimes I think that potato skins are the perfect food.
That was fun and very-much needed.
At Tucker's. Waiting. Excited.
Sometimes the river overflows its banks.
Left Hand Chocolate Starfish
(draft) The color of dark cola. Nice tan head. Very noticeable aroma of chocolate and roasted malts. Flavor mostly subdued chocolate. Pretty good.
Worst. Timing. Ever.
Crossing my fingers!
That is all, just whoa.
It's not that I don't want to, and it's not that I can't, it's that I shouldn't.
Still Sunday
Dinner was yummy. Now I'm at Jack's indulging in some daydreams.
Sunday, August 30, 2009
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Metaphorically, of course
The thing is, just because I liked it, that doesn't mean I wasn't being shit on.
About once out of every million times, I manage to fool myself into believing that I'm better-off now.
I'm craving shrimp scampi. I wonder if they can make it spicy. That would be awesome.
The problem with nice dreams is that you wake up.
Goodnight, cruel world.
Just trying to do what's right, and one thing that's right is not undoing the little bit of progress I've made recently.
It's a nice night outside. I should pitch my tent and camp in my backyard. I won't, though, because I don't have any firewood.
Spitting out worms, staying home tonight.
Yummy worms
Waiting with "baited" breath for word from HatGirl.
Today I'm missing a little kid who, for a while, filled a big hole in my life that I didn't even know I had.
Bought a battery for my Intrepid, and now I'm getting my oil changed. Who says my life isn't rich?
HatGirl! Yay!
In the words of a text I just got from HatGirl, "hhj $ninivviuji o ikiimbnnnn jNBONOOOOOOOOkvm."
I'm really being flooded with spam about watches. Those guys must really be desperate.
Sometime in the next few days, Marzen (14713) is going to pass Newcastle (14782) as the beer I've had the most of in my life. I really never thought Newcastle would be passed. I think it might make me a little sad when it happens.
My sin, apparently, was in seeing something more than a pretty face and a pussy. Seeing much more.
Dammit, where did that wave come from?
When I'm good it's not as impressive unless I'm bad every now and then.
Still alive. Let the rejoicing begin!
Uh oh
I hope this one dude doesn't go postal on us.
Foiled again
Wednesday I had a brilliant idea, but I couldn't find what I needed to being that idea to fruition. Tonight I looked in another store, and couldn't find it there either. Maybe they don't make what I need anymore. That would be a shame.
Like I said, it's not my first choice, but I'll tough it out for a while.
I think that Central is my favorite time zone that I've lived in. I don't know why. Maybe because prime-time TV was over at 10:00, and there'd be a Star Trek rerun or something on before I went to bed.
My doorbell just rang, but when I got to the door, there was nobody there.
Weather report
It's gonna rain here. That should help traffic. Not.
Thursday, August 27, 2009
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3... 2... 1... 0. Okay, fucking fine.
I've been getting lots of spam for watches lately. I bet it's because nobody wears watches anymore.
RockGirl is on some stupid trip and was going to be out of touch for two days. Sensing my desperation, she used the hotel's computer to email me. That was nice of her.
Bird's nest
The 80s called, and they want their hairstyle back.
NeighborsDaughter is here. She's not stuck-up.
It was either all a lie, or it was all me being stupid. I choose option C.
I got to see HatGirl tonight! Yay!
I like this kitty!
Had Skyline for lunch. I'm going to weigh a million pounds if I keep doing that as often as I have been.
My excitement is building, but I don't want to jinx myself.
The cool night air is nice, but it reminds me that Fall and Winter are just around the corner.
My plan is to shut myself in my closet and sob until HatGirl returns. Is that weird?
You might not know it from looking at me, but I'm being a good guy right now. It is both unappreciated and undeserved, but it's how I'm trying to be.
Need synonyms for "cute."
7... 6...
Giving up in 10... 9... 8... It would take so little...
I'm thinking about changing my name.
I think that, no matter what happens in the future, these last few months will always be a black spot.
I woke up about 3:00. That's a guess, because I didn't want to know what time it was. It certainly felt too early to be waking up. So now I'm running on two hours of sleep for the day. This should be fun.
This is a reminder to myself, to do a load of laundry when I get home.
It wouldn't even have to be about anything relevant.
Nugget is scared of my new shoes.
Thursday, August 20, 2009
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Me and NotHideousGirl
NotHideousGirl is here!
This dude who should know better just asked me if LaptopGirl was still dating HatGirl. They're straight, so the answer is no. That would be hot, though.
I'm tired of all these looks of pity. Celebrate with me that I'm still breathing, don't commiserate with me over the effort that breathing takes.
Traffic sucked in both directions today.
I finally remembered to pay my trash bill today. You know you care.
Okay, I'm not bored anymore. I found something that's broken!
I'm incredibly bored right now.
Every time I think I've figured out the rules, they change on me.
Stores should have a different line for lottery people. That way they'd get out of my way.
Dammit, I actually had stupid hope tonight. That was stupid of me.
There is most certainly a rule. It's implied by the explicit rule, but it's no less mandatory. So there.
Every day after work I have the same decision to make, and I always make the same one. I don't know why I persist in calling it a decision.
The reason I'm not bothered by this is that it's not being done to me, it's being done despite me. There's a huge difference.
The moral to this story is shut up.
There is a moral to this story somewhere. If I figure it out, I'll let you know.
Slept for 10 hours. I figure that was more productive than glaring at my phone for the same amount of time would have been.
It was nice, a million years ago. I'd never want to go back, though. Too many predators.
Word of the day
Well that was fun and educational. It was funducational, I suppose.
How one-sided do you need things to be?
I miss that kid. We were buddies.
Okay, what the fuck was that about?
I'm thinking that this camel's back might have finally broken.
They keep arriving earlier and earlier.
Saturday, August 15, 2009
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It's funny that I'm sitting in my garage at this early hour but I'm glaring at my phone anyway.
I slept away my entire Friday night. Better than sitting around feeling sorry for myself, but not by much. So now I'm going to go outside and have a couple Marzens and watch the Sun come up.
I was right. One fucking month as of today.
Breathe, then swallow. Don't try to save time by doing both at once.
One month today, I think. This is such bullshit.
I have nothing new to say. So there.
What's so damn fascinating?
O O O O'Charley's!
Why did they have to put mornings so early in the day?
Sometimes I think that maybe he had the right idea. I don't think that very often, but every now and then. It scares me a little.
I really think that girl is cute.
Sitting in my garage, drinking a beer, glaring at my phone. So much like old times...
It's not the cake that some people think it is. It's only the icing. The yummy yummy icing.
Uh oh
I'm feeling stuff about things, and thinking things about stuff.
Southern Tier Heavy Weizen
Slightly hazy gold. Smallish head that seems to last. Aroma of wheat and bananas and maybe a little alcohol. Flavor surprisingly complex and good. A slight alcohol burn at the finish. I like it.
I could have taken skydiving lessons, performed a couple of tandem jumps with an instructor, then for my first solo jump I could have used the third floor of this building as my landing site, and I could have done all of this in less time than I just spent waiting for the stupid elevator.
There's a Skyline about a mile away from where I work. It was yummy.
I think that the best thing for me to do is to stick my head in the sand for a while.
I had a very nice Wednesday. I'm going to try to go to sleep now before it gets ruined by some bullshit.
HatGirl is here! Yay!
I'm in a writey mood. Tonight I should write something. Somebody please remind me.
I don't know why.
This just in...
I don't like dorks. Even though I'm a dork myself.
They have been, and continue to be, the bane of my existence.
Monday, August 10, 2009
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One bad thing about working here on the dark side of the moon is that I'll have to wait until Saturday to get a haircut. I look like a hippie already - by Saturday I'll probably look like an asylum escapee.
Since I seem to be the only one who cares about what's happened to us, I wonder why I'm even bothering.
After three months, I'm reminded of why Monday mornings suck.
I'm back home now. I don't know why.
I've been talking to MixedSignalGirl. It was informative. I need to write a blog entry.
Now I'm at Jack's for some reason. I'm very afraid that this one drunk fucker is going to try to talk to me.
This could be huge, if it lasts.
Dinner at Sam's
No cheap sunglasses, though
There's a dude here rocking a very stylish ZZ Top beard.
Some days it seems like every place in New Albany is haunted.
I'm having a hard time getting motivated to go eat. I hope that I manage to motivate myself before I starve to death.
I need to go get something to eat. I have no idea what I want, though.
Funny... matter how many times I count, I keep coming up with one.
I've been doing boring stuff all day.
I'm having actual fun. Me, of all people. But I'm sure that reality will creep back into my life before too long. Probably when I next try to sleep. Fucking reality, I hate it.
Now I guess we're going to Rich O's. Cue the ominous music.
Fortune cookies
Mine says, "Get your mind set... Confidence will lead you on." HatGirl's says, "A handful of patience is worth more than a bushel of brains." Crap platitudes, both of them.
I am so close to something right now. I never thought I'd be this close. Not in a million years. Not ever.
Tomorrow I get to hang out with HatGirl! I'm so excited!
This place sucks. Everybody keeps pressuring me to take risks that aren't worth taking.
They told me Dragon's Milk was on tap. I got excited to tell HatGirl, then they said it was in bottles only. That was mean of them.
What a glorious day it is, and it's made even better because it's Friday. So there.
It's so peaceful out here at this hour. I really should flip my sleep schedule on purpose, so I can enjoy these warm peaceful nights while they last.
I'm in a writey mood tonight. But first, I'm in a sit-in-my-garage mood.
Thursday, August 6, 2009
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Today, on the way home, I saw an old woman trying to push a car on the shoulder of the highway. That was odd, but what made it even more odd was that there was what appeared to be a teenaged boy in the driver's seat. I stopped, but the old woman said that she'd called her son and he was on his way. The kid (her grandson?) didn't say anything.
She is here. I haven't seen her since I carried her down LaptopGirl's stairs, a million years ago.
It's too early for these people to be this damn LOUD. They're not pacing themselves at all.
Today I'm craving a Hawaiian pizza from Pizza Hut. It's been a long time since I've had one of those.
My shoe is deafening today.
I slept for 10 hours. So I guess I'm caught up for now. It's about damn time.
Suddenly, there are not enough hours in the day.
Yesterday's commutes weren't too bad, but today's sucked.
My shoe is making a horrible racket today. It's making me self-conscious.
I wish I had my swing. I can't believe I haven't fixed it yet. Oh, wait, I can totally believe it.
Okay, I'm done. Too much cruelty.
So very...
Wondering how long of a commute this is going to be. Less than an hour, I hope.
This silence, it screams at me.
A thousand times a day, I resist, and I stay silent. It's only for those rare times when I must speak that I get shit.
Decision time
Trying to decide if it's a good idea to start a new job with a hangover. Probably not.
Something I made up in a dream today
Into the abyss of the unknown I tumble, flailing and flapping for added style. I will find the bottom, or it, me. Only then might I be able to stand once again.
Going to Rich O's tonight for a celebratory beer, and hoping I don't have any bullshit surprises.
It's over
My Summer vacation is over. I start a new job tomorrow.
eight hundred and sixty-four
That's my estimate of how many loads of laundry I need to do.
I want to wake up. I want this nightmare to be over.
These feelings aren't hurting anyone but me, and I wish people would stop trying to talk me out of them.
There are lots of LOUD people here. I hope they leave soon so I don't have to murder them.
Just hoping for what's best, though I'm not sure what that might me.
Sunday, August 2, 2009
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I finally was able to sleep, then I slept the whole damn day away.
Very very tired
Can't sleep. Again.
Apathy achieved.
I'm feeling really powerless tonight. I did offer to help, but I don't know what I could have done. I mean, I can't even help myself, how could I expect to help a friend in need?
I was really wanting some Barfly tonight, but it was sold-out.
Had the most transparently metaphorical dream of my life just now. As obvious as a kick to the groin.
It's actually a nice day today. I should go somewhere.
There went what was left of any semblance of a good mood I might have had.
Okay, I finally managed to do my good deed for the day. Take that, karma!
Schlafly Quadrupel Ale
Cloudy brown. No appreciable head. Intruiging aroma of dark fruits and apple peels. Surprisingly pungent flavor, a little sour, but really good.
I keep trying to see things in the proper perspective, but there's really no safe place for me to stand.
A permanent position in Las Vegas. So damn tempting...
A nice pour
Damn, the proper response to P should have been d. How could I have been so stupid?
Still Friday
Done eating, back to glaring. May not have time to get my hairs cut, what with all the glaring I need to do.
My to-do list today consists of getting my hairs cut. And glaring at my phone, of course. And maybe having lunch with HatGirl.
I wish it would either storm or stop raining. If the former, I could drink a beer and enjoy the show. If the latter, I could take a long walk.
Went from sad, shot right through apathetic, and landed squarely in pissed.
It's a madhouse, I tell you!
Paranoia level about 7.4, but I'm fucking going anyway. Maybe I'll get to cause a scene. That might be fun.
I can usually just tolerate Bearno's pizza, but today's was absolutely yummy. I don't know why.
Time's a wastin'
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...
Emotions are not physical objects, but they still have inertia. That fact sucks.
My mood is shot all to hell. I'm going to Bearno's now to drink a birthday toast. Happy birthday, NotHideousGirl!
Thursday, July 30, 2009
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All this writing about Anchorage makes me want to go back there.
They're not doing the breakfast menu until 3:00, so I have to eat regular food.
Fireflies keep flashing and, for a second or two each time, I always think it's my phone that's flashing.
Paranoia level 9.7, so I'm staying home tonight.
In the harsh light of the new day, I see that my brilliant idea may not be practical.
I have had a brilliant idea. Now all I need are the cojones to follow through.
I kinda want to just walk home, but it's all uphill, and it's supposed to rain. So I guess I'll drive like a lazy person.
Glaring at my phone
Sometimes it's fun, or at least therapeutic.
So sue me
I'm a straight single man. I like hot girls. Hell, I like all girls.
HatGirl is here! Yay and yay and yay and yay!
SassyGirl is hitting the road again. I'll miss her, of course.
Going to Rich O's now. Paranoia level is around 6.2 or so.
Uh oh
I'm wondering about something again.
About four miles tonight, I think. I really didn't want to come home.
It's a nice night for a walk. I only wish all the detour-traffic would go away.
Now I'm getting pissed.
Had a nice lunch with a nice girl who is trying to find me a nice job. Now I'm having a nice Marzen at Sportstime.
Battling inertia, and wishing that was my only foe.
Sitting at Jack's, drinking a Gumballhead, pretending that everything will eventually be okay. Not good, but just okay.
If you are, then act like it, and if you're not, then don't act like it.
Every now and then, I am stupid. Tonight is one of those times.
Funny to me
I'm staying home again tonight, but if was out playing pool for money, I could be a millionaire by now. I don't think I've missed a shot since noon.
I've earned every bit of this, so I'll thank you very much for not giving me crap about it.
Wednesday, July 29, 2009
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MusicalYuppieDude and I working on building a HatGirl sandwich.

Me, HatGirl, MusicalYuppieDude

Saturday, July 25, 2009
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Of course I'm happy, but also sad. I guess I'm sappy.
Me man. Me make fire. Fire good.
I'm just full of brilliant ideas for tonight.
There's a dude playing for the Chicago Cubs named, I shit you not, Milton Bradley. What a mean name to pin on a kid.
I think it will be a good night for some Belgian beer. Come to think of it, every night is good for Belgians.
Okay, apparently they took "Great to Be a Belgian" and added the extra letters to the third word in an attempt to be cute or something.
Okay, did my good deed for the day. I hope it pays off.
Funny to me
Careful what you ask for. Because I would love to grant that request.
That is all.
Coaster not this understand do I
Back at Rich O's now. I'm not sure why. Better than home, I guess.
Still at Jack's, proving my point with a pool cue.
Now I'm at Jack's. I really don't know why. I'll probably get bored and go back to Rich O's before too long.
Had yummy Skyline chili for lunch, and now I'm having a yummy Marzen for dessert. It's a good day as long as I don't think.
This lottery thing is tougher than they make it seem. I may need to rethink my retirement strategy.
I'm going to try to sleep now. I predict that I'll be awakened in two hours by bad dreams.
Now the power is back on. You know you care.
Power has gone off and on all night. Now it's off again.
I'm sitting in my garage, on an el-cheapo plastic chair, wearing nothing but shorts, and drinking a beer. I am white-trash personified.
Had a good day, and got to discuss relevant things. It meant a lot to me.
We're both very scared. The danger must be real. Too real.
What am I supposed to be writing? If I knew what was being sought, I'd try to provide it. If I knew what was being feared, I'd try to avoid it.
I think I might be falling. How fucked up would that be?
I wish it would stop raining, I want to take a walk.
Imagine that breaths and heartbeats are voluntary. Then imagine the reason for those things being stolen away. Imagine well enough, and you might understand me a little.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009
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Uh oh
Searching for a mood in the bottom of a glass...
What a strange, strange girl. Which one, you ask? All of them.
You can lead a horse to water, but don't ever let him drink, because then your power over him is diminished.
I'm at Rich O's for some reason. I can't get in touch with SassyGirl. I'll be mad if I move away and I only got to see her twice.
So very tired
I'm going to try to last until tonight, though, so I don't get upside-down again.
Guess who's awake again.
That was nice of her. See, some girls are nice, even to me, of all people.
Take the world in a love embrace.
Fire all of your guns at once and explode into space.
I had to choose between the lesser of two evils, and I stand by my choice. So now I'm at Jack's by myself.
Now we're at Tucker's. I don't know why. After dinner, I don't know why we're going to Jack's.
It's about damn time. Now maybe I can leave my house.
When in a pinch, and reasons are in short supply, excuses can be substituted.
Can't seem to get motivated today.
Small favor
Okay, everybody cross their fingers for me. I'll let you know when you can uncross them. Thanks.
Social experiment
Maybe I'll keep it on for a while.
It would have been fine. She would have enjoyed it, and he would have definitely enjoyed it.
Suddenly shy
The pussification of the American backyard
Menace to society
I nearly gave the liquor store dude a heart attack when I showed him my ID.
It's not always a bad thing to have. For one thing, it's the only thing that's kept me going for almost five years. That's worth something, right there.
Well, I've managed to become good and pissed. And what, pray tell, will I do with this newfound attitude? I'll go to sleep and I'll have bad dreams, that's what I'll do.
I'm trying so hard to be a good guy, but it's rarely appreciated and so it rarely seems worth the effort.
There's just no way to endure, but I somehow keep doing it anyway. And instead of even grudging respect, I get ridicule and pity from every direction. I keep enduring, though, because it's all I can do.
Dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit dammit...
Sunday, July 12, 2009
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I might get to see SassyGirl later this week!
The distant thunder sounds like war drums. It's kinda cool.
I'm so pissed at how things have turned out. But am I allowed to be pissed? Nope, I'm not fucking allowed to feel anything at all, lest I be deemed weird.
A hot bath didn't help. I need my neck massaged.
Hoping for a nice stress-free night at home, but when the stress comes from within, relief is doubtful.
I'm at this Legends bar, waiting to have my faith renewed.
I wish somebody would restore my faith in the fairer sex. It's fading fast.
Better than nothing
Slept for 8 hours, and had good dreams except for those last 10 seconds.
Not worth the risk. Going home now.
Sometimes you learn which are your real friends and which are not, and sometimes you're very disappointed by what you learn.
A good start
Some shithead wanted to start a fight with me before I'd even parked my truck.
I'm going to Rich O's now. I'm not sure why, but my working theory is that I'm brain-damaged.
I just cannot fall asleep today. Too much reality intruding into my thoughts.
Doesn't hurt to try
The Honey Wheat kinda sucked. Traded it in for a yummy Nitro Porter.
Change of plans
The haunted Tap Room was closed, so I'm at Cumberland Brewpub instead.
Weird. I'm craving Skyline Chili and I have an intense desire to go to the haunted Highland Tap Room. And, as luck would have it, they're right across the street from each other.
It's kinda hard to fix something when I'm the only one who recognizes that it's broken.
What a stupid movie.
That's fine. I'm fucking used to it. Mistreatment and use and abuse. Apparently, it's my purpose.
The beer I hope to marry someday
What kind of store closes at 3:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday? The kind of store that sucks, that's what kind. I had my good deed for the day all worked-out, and now I've got nothing.
Five hours of sleep is pretty good, I think.
I don't know what I was expecting. Something, I guess. I should expect nothing, but I never do.
All alone now. OddlyFamiliarGirl and NotHideousGirl just left.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009
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Oh well
I need to accept that there's only one. The sooner I accept that fact, the better.
I'm craving strawberry syrup for some reason.
I'll tough-out this nice guy stuff for a while longer, I suppose.
Okay, I've been a good boy for a while. I guess it's time to be bad.
Dammit, I really don't want to be alone tonight. Oh well.
Damn weirdoes. I'm not in the mood for them tonight.
Now I'm freaking out and I won't know why until at least tomorrow. This sucks.
My rock at Bearno's
I lost my rock sometime last week. I was really afraid that it was gone for good, but I found it this morning! I know it's just a rock, but it's my rock. Yay!
Also, I wish I could sing. There are some girls I'd like to melt.
Walking the dark streets at night is kinda nice, but I think I'd rather be sitting on my swing. I really need to get it fixed.
Lost again.
It's always a race. Will beer weaken my resolve before it puts me into a mood wherein I don't need resolve?
Because, dammit, sometimes silence is just another lie.
Right now, I'm guessing, and I'm second-guessing. I don't know what's the right thing to do.
Sunrise achieved
Getting closer
Another day dawns
It's 6:05 AM, and I'm sitting in my garage, drinking a beer and glaring at my phone.
I was just realizing that there's a difference between knowing what kind of person I am and knowing me. You have to know both. Whoa.
While it lasts
Sitting in my garage, a nice beer at my side, my ears lulled by the sound of gentle rain. Sometimes it's not so bad, being me.
The reason I still deserve this beer is because thoughts don't count.
The McDonald's near my house is now open 24 hours! I was sooooo craving a sausage biscuit, and now I get to have one! Yay!
When they say the buffalo tenders at Tumbleweed are hot, they're not fucking around.
Going to heaven
In case anyone was worried about me. Friday night I manhandled an 84-year-old one-legged man into his van after some dickhead abused the handicapped parking spot at the American Legion hall. I was going to say "some dipshit" but I didn't see him there so it must have just been a dickhead.
Wednesday, July 1, 2009
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Probably for the best
Everyone flaked on going bowling. That didn't last long.
That's what we're doing tonight. It should be interesting, because I haven't bowled since before I screwed up my arm.
Everything is crowded today. There are too many people.
Leaving now to go have lunch with HatGirl, so suck it, world.
Sometimes I get a little carried away when I feel like I'm being insulted.
Once I went to the summit of Mt. Rainier. Sometimes I wish I'd stayed up there.
Dipshits are funny. Looking.
Watching this father and son interacting as adults, and I'm envious. I never got to have that kind of relationship with my dad; it ended before it really began.
So let me get this straight. If I hadn't asked for what I wanted, I might have gotten it?
Having a nice Marzen now, and I've confirmed that I get to have lunch with HatGirl tomorrow. So yay!
My laptop has Vista, so I'm finally finding out about all the problems.
It's too damn ironic. The thing that opened my heart to the possibility of happiness is the same thing that keeps me from finding it. Irony sucks.
Desperate times are generating desperate ideas.
I'm kind of grumpy today.
Could have been worse
They gave me a cherry on my shake, even though I clearly said that I'm straight, and I got a single instead of a double cheeseburger. Not too bad, considering the source.
They're going to fuck up my order. I just know it.
Denny's is closed for some stupid reason, probably because I made the mistake of saying I liked it there. So now I'm at Steak 'n Shake. It's just not the same.
Predictable, but still cute.
I don't think it's denial, I think it's acceptance. I think it might last this time.
Still alive
DeadLady is here! Good to see her.
It would certainly be the polite thing to do, though I'll grant that Miss Manners probably wouldn't recommend it.
Been talking to her on the phone. First time since March, so yay!
Mommy glass and Daddy glass
This hook in my mouth is starting to hurt. All that tugging...
Now I'm at Sportstime for spaghetti. Monday used to be pizza day, but that seems to have changed.
Monday, June 29, 2009
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This just in...
Girls are weird.
The crisis, that is.
Can't sleep, so I'm not even going to try.
I'm flipping off my phone. It's fun, and oddly calming.
Sunday night
I'm smiling. Weird. Take away the hope and the frustration and the disappointment and the sadness and the potential, and I'm still in love with her. That makes me smile.
Stay tuned
I have a very strong urge to write something that's long-overdue. Good thing I'm at Jack's, miles from my computer. But the night is still young, and I'll have to go home eventually.
What a weird mood I'm in. I have, for the moment, found that elusive equilibrium. I'm not sure that I like it. Too precarious.
Dinner with YoungGirl makes me feel really old and really young at the same time.
Can't decide what to do today. I want to go somewhere, but I can't make up my mind.
It's a little cooler outside tonight. It feels really good.
Wasted time wasting away
Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...
Stupid Jack's is charging $5.00 to get in the door at stupid 12:25 to see some stupid band. Fuck them and their stupid cover charge.
Okay, I asked her. She said it was an "interesting" idea. I don't know what that means.
I got to see HatGirl, and most of you people didn't get to see HatGirl! So ha-ha!
Probably just inertia
Trying not to think about something, and wondering why it's such an effort.
Now I'm at Bearno's. There are LOUD dorks here.
Had a dream that I was at a concert at my old high school. Frampton and Loverboy - what an odd combination.
I've had an idea so crazy, it just might be brilliant.
I don't think I'm being unreasonable. I'm just asking for some decency.
I'm thinking how weird it is that in a week or two I could be thousands of miles away.
I feel a little better since I took most of my clothes off. I think I'm going out to my garage.
All kidding aside
I really needed that. It patched one of the holes in my soul.
I'm excited. This probably means I'm about to be disappointed, but for now I'm excited and I like it.
It's always weird when people I never saw before in my life greet me like their life-long friends.
Friday, June 26, 2009
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It's hot outside. I'm not complaining, I'm just saying.
Okay, that one was a little too close. Anybody need any fresh firewood?
This lightning is awesome!
I make you a deal. You open your damn eyes, and I'll reopen mine. Sound fair?
Now I'm back home, sitting in my garage and hoping that all this lightning leads to something. I like storms.
Just don't. Tossing dice is not the answer. So don't.
Now I'm at Jack's, having a nice Newcastle to end my night.
Last night we were wondering where ActualGeorge has been, and he just walked in.
I took a nap. My cats actually let me sleep, and they didn't get into a fight. I don't think I dreamed. It's hot here.
And then they started handing out free Chimay Grand Reserve...
And then they started passing out free Chimay...
It's not much hope, but I guess I don't need much. I just need a little.
This has been going on too long. There's got to be something else, besides the obvious. I might have to start freaking out.
Oh well
I'm back home now. Not what I'd have chosen.
Me and MisunderstoodGirl
Assuming that I'm standing in a puddle of water that's pooled under the urinal.
MisunderstoodGirl is here! Yay!
After I say something a million or so times without response, it starts to feel a little redundant. So tonight I'm not going to say it, except to myself.
It's reallly dead in here.
Now I'm at the haunted Burger King. Next I'm going to Rich O's. I'm really feeling unmotivated tonight.
Who am I supposed to cheer for when they're both hot?
I've got this thought stuck on the tip of my brain. If I can manage to dislodge it, maybe I'll write something.
I switched from 400 texts a month to unlimited. It was only $16 more, and now I don't have to be paranoid about it.
I did one of my good deeds for the day. I called NakedGirl and sang Happy Birthday to her, albeit 90 minutes later than I'd planned. My other good deed for the day is on hold, because someone is a big fat meanie. Disclaimer: Not really big, or fat, or mean. Okay, maybe mean.
Slurp is a funny word.
Sunday, June 21, 2009
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OddlyFamiliarGirl was all set to tell me how stupid I am, but she went to pee first.
I was feeling torn between going to Jack's and going to my garage, but OddlyFamiliarGirl called, so we're going to Jack's.
My cats will totally ignore each other all day, but then as soon as I try to take a nap on my couch they get into a fight.
Pizza was closer to my house.
Between going to Red Lobster or just getting a pizza at Bearno's.
Total eclipse
I absolutely could not take my eyes off her as she sang, and I really tried. My eyes were not under my control, they were under hers.
It's almost 5:00 and I'm sitting in my garage having a beer I earned the fuck out of.
Happy birthday
Happy birthday, Mom. It sucks that you're dead. It's especially sucked this Spring.
Nice hat
Now I'm at Rich O's. Louisville was boring. I stopped at Connor's but there was nobody I knew there.
Belhaven Scottish Stout
This is a fucking good beer. Very surprising to me.
This place has no signal. So I'll be out of touch for a while. Get over it.
I think I'm going to this one new place. I hope it doesn't suck.
Trying to fill it up and keep it full. At least until I win the lottery, which should be any day now.
It's a total sausage-fest in here tonight.
It would be weirder if I suddenly changed.
Actually, still starving from earlier. Plus, killing bad guys makes me hungry. A pizza-Marzen combination sounds yummy.
Trying to kill the bad guys in this game while keeping one eye constantly glaring at my phone. Makes it more difficult, and they keep killing me.
It's called Ruby Tuesday.
Funny to me
I was just reading some old notes, and I ran across The Plan. Step one is done. I'm ready for step two now.
Never mind
I can't go there. I only ever went there with her, so it's bound to be haunted. Oh well.
I can't remember the place that always had good food. Now I'll have to drive over there and see. I know where it is, kinda, just not what it's called. Some chain. I'm starving.
Okay, I killed 20 minutes. Now what?
Waiting waiting bored waiting frustrated waiting
I've been put in my place, shown where I stand. I don't like it here. It sucks here.
Thursday, June 11, 2009
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Somebody remind me to send back my damn Netflix movies. I bet I've had them for three weeks.
Of course I care. Even if it's not allowed, and even if it's not believed, I still care.
I'm putting a new tip on my cue. First time in years. It's oddly calming.
Oh the humanity
So my sister bought a car, then changed her mind at the last minute because it didn't have heated seats.
Die die die
The music they're playing at Sportstime today makes me want to kill whitey.
The cruelest thing she ever did was to be nice to me.
Having lunch with HatGirl!
Sometimes, understanding is overrated. Sometimes, simply knowing that someone you care about is hurting is enough. Sometimes, I really miss my mom. She wouldn't understand any of this, but that wouldn't matter.
I'm scared of the things I might write in my blog, if I ever truly give up and decide that there's nothing left to lose.
Sometimes I wish I could take it all back, but I can't. I can't take any of it back. Because it was all the truth, and because it all needed to be said.
Doing a quick job for a company in Paris. Unfortunately, I'm doing it from home. Going to Paris would be cool, I think. It might be far enough away.
I should have brought my new laptop here. I'm in a writey mood.
It's raining like crazy.
I'm wondering. If we ever manage to fix this, will we be angry at ourselves for wasting all this time? I think that I will be.
I went to bed at 10:30, and got up at 8:00.
I wish I could sing. Some emotions need song, because spoken words aren't enough.
I haven't bothered to shave since Saturday morning. I don't know why. This server girl at Sportstime just told me I look grizzled. I'm not sure if that's good or bad.
So funny I forgot to laugh
Tonight I'm finding myself amused by the irony.
The camera on my blackberry is indeed broken.
KittenDamsel and I, at night, in a cave
Screw it
Can't sleep. Going to Rich O's.
What a good time we had. Now I'm back home and so it's time to be sad again.
We've watched this dude spend at least $70 on drinks for this girl, and now he's finally leaving with her. He probably could have handed her a $5 and gotten the same result.
It was a good idea to come up here. I think we're drunk, though.
Taking over
According to a recent poll, there are four guys named "Dave" sitting in a row at The Cock & Bull.
Monday, June 1, 2009
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Let's end these bullshit games. Just end them. This offer expires in 40 years.
The truth is, it would have been fantastic. Deny it if you want, but you're fooling nobody, not even youself.
That seems to be my philosophy for today. Whatever. Nothing else I can do or say. Whatever.
NotHideousGirl is here. She looks cute in her pigtails. I'll see if she'll let me take a picture.
Yippee ki-yay?
Interview went well. I may need to get fitted for a cowboy hat, though. And of course I can't sleep, so I'll go to Bearno's and have a sedative.
When did it become a bad thing?
That some people will allow themselves to be force-fed opinions, and they won't believe their own hearts.
With OddlyFamiliarGirl. NotHideousGirl is late. HatGirl isn't coming. Neither is KittenDamsel.
Got caught up on my sleep, so that's good. My schedule is still upside-down, that's not as good.
I'm at Denny's again.
Maybe a storm coming
Small part of crowd
There are millions of people here.
I like it when I allow myself to get angry. Especially when it's well-deserved, and more especially when that anger isn't directed at myself. I should do this more often.
There's a guy here at Rich O's drinking a Samuel Smith Imperial Stout straight out of the bottle.
Just what I needed
After a horrendous series of flakes and unflakes, I got to have dinner at Polly's Freeze with HatGirl. Yay!
McDonald's has these new brownie melt thingies. I could die now they're so good.
It may be time to consider drugs.
Right now, it's not what people think. Right now, it's much more understandable. And much less noble.
I'm in my garage now, drinking a Barfly. It's a little chilly, and I don't like it. The weather, I mean. The chilly Barfly is quite good.
I'd forgotten about the Thursday weirdoes. They suck.
Rich O's
Going there for a while. I think HatGirl is mad at me, so a beer is definitely needed.
I slept three whole hours. Whoop-de-do.
So very tired.
Thursday, May 28, 2009
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This time...
...I heard a certain little kid call out my name, twice. I awoke with my heart pounding, and I knew that once again sleep would elude me for the rest of the night.
I'm feeling very writey tonight. This feeling will probably dissipate when I go back into the house.
I'm out in my garage again. It's raining. Matches my mood perfectly.
We need to break up. We need to break up before we can even really call it a break-up. We've discussed this. We're thinking about it.
There's an old lady here who looks very familiar. I think I might have graduated high school with her.
Even though it's a decidedly weird situation, we've still gotta eat.
Well that was an interesting conversation. What am I, 18?
Eating at Denny's always reminds me of this great girl I dated right after my divorce. They're nice memories.
A nice thing...
...about being single is that I can go to Denny's whenever I want. So that's where I'm going now. Though, of course, I'd rather stay in bed with my arms around a girl, Denny's is still nice.
I'm so glad that it's warm. Now, if only I had my swing back. Sitting in my garage on my el-cheapo plastic furniture seems kinda white-trashy.
Now I don't quite want to live, but I no longer want to die. It doesn't take much. Thanks.
Came back to Rich O's. Now it's too damn interesting. I miss being bored.
I shouldn't be made to feel ashamed or embarrassed for being sad these days. It's who I am. Happiness or even acceptance would be a lie.
Rich O's was boring. Now I'm at Jack's. It's boring here, too.
Because all white people look alike
I just got carded for cigarettes.
Now they want me to go back for a much bigger project. It's very tempting. I told them I'd have to think about it.
When watching women's tennis, I always root for the hot one.
I seem to have picked up her habit of talking to myself out-loud sometimes. When she does it, it's cute, but when I do it, it's just weird.
It's 9.8%. That explains a lot.
What's the ABV % of this mother fucker?
They're still asking me, "Who? Who?" but I don't know the answer to their question.
Who? Who?
There are owls out here. I like owls. I wish I would see one.
Every bar on Earth seems to be closed, so I bought some yummy beers and I'll sit in my garage and watch it drizzle. They say it might storm, but my luck's not that good.
Thursday, May 21, 2009
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OtherDave keeps trying to get me to drink shots, but he's not Holly so I'm not gonna do it.
To Jack's or not to Jack's, that is the question.
It would be easier if she wasn't so fucking beautiful. It still wouldn't be easy, but it would be easier.
Everything is too random now. I miss the routine.
Song and dance
"We have nothing right now, but we'll definitely keep you in mind," everyone says.
Guess who's still awake. Right, it's me. Now, guess why.
You know what I hate?
When guys try to pick me up at Mac's while the girl I love wants nothing to do with me.
The one thing without the other thing is a million times better than the other thing without the one thing. So there.
Open your eyes. Just open them, and see what's what. For just a second. That's all it would take.
They messed up my pizza.
These chicks at Bearno's just declared that I'm the only real man here because I'm the only one drinking dark beer. While I might dispute their tagging Newcastle as a dark beer, I can't argue with the rest of their assertion.
It doesn't matter how hot the girl in that Bud commercial is. She's still peddling swill.
The chalkboard behind the dude on TV says "Clones are people two."
Well, that was fun.
Falling apart
Now I've done something to my left shoulder. I'm falling apart at the seams.
People should definitely fuck off with their "not worth it" bullshit or I might have to go off on somebody. Perhaps cap a bitch.
Back home.
At this Third Street Dive place now. It's extremely loud here. I don't know how she can stand it. I hope we leave soon.
It's not eight months, it's five and a half years. So people should fuck off with their "get over it" bullshit.
Will the circle be unbroken?
I took a nap this afternoon, and the dream I had during that nap, it had this old church song as the theme song of the dream or something. Now I can't get that song out of my head. I think I'll go to Rich O's and infect everyone there now.
Not as blurry
These people won't shut up. I'll try to refrain from murdering them. Because I'm all nice and stuff.
It's 3:00 and very peaceful, except in my head. My head is where chaos reigns.
Thursday, May 14, 2009
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Or maybe six minutes. It's so damn tempting.
I know how he felt. Give me six months of this, and I'll do the same thing.
Drug lord
My neighbor's house has a constant stream of visitors tonight.
You know you care
It took a week, but Nugget finally figured out that "that black thing" is only Buddy with a fresh haircut.
Why are racehorses used as the standard for pissing? And what's so special about the Russian ones?
So many people suck. I'm glad I'm not one of them.
My needs, they're no longer a subset of my wants. Weird.
It looks like it's getting ready to storm! This better not be another false alarm.
Trying... decide if a warning is warranted.
Looks like this round of thunderstorms is going to miss us to the North.
Only 10 minutes until HatGirl!
Go ahead, I double-dog dare you. What's the worst that could happen? What's the best that could happen? Isn't it worth the risk?
I'm not a damn mind-reader, and nature abhors a vacuum.
It's the thought that counts... I'm not going to do it. I will, however, continue to think about doing it.
I regret being myself. I regret not being like every other guy on Earth. I regret not taking advantage of a golden opportunity when it was presented to me.
Careful what you wish for
I'd been irritated that she hadn't wanted to come to Rich O's, but it turned out to be a good thing, I think.
KittenDamsel and I had dinner at Arni's, just like old times. Now I'm stuffed.
I made the mistake of taking to an old dude at Bearno's. Now he won't shut up.
This just in
People are stupid.
Spending money
This dude just challenged me to some games of pool for $10 per game. That's pretty stupid of him.
I keep running the memories through my head, personal and perfect memories. It was real. Sure, it was lopsided, and sure, it's over now. But it was real. It was fucking real.
Now YoungGirl is being nosey, trying to see what I'm typing. So, instead of posting the cure for cancer and the secret of world peace, as had been my intention, I will post this tiny bit of nothingness.
The best kind is the mutual kind.
Mother's Day
Went to see my mom today, of course. While I was there I also talked to my dad and my grandparents for a while. That cemetary is crowded.
Sunday, May 10, 2009
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Back home now. I don't know why.
Okay, this was an actual good idea. By me, of all people.
It's me and six women here. I'm getting estrogen overload. I have a strong urge to ask someone for directions.
Chick magnet
Here come da judge
Going to Rich O's now. I'm helping to judge a smoked-beer thingy. Bribes will be accepted.
Changed scripts to call these things quickies instead of tweets. Testing now...
Nothing like sleeping until 12:30 to kick off a really productive day.
A kitty just ran across my driveway. Or maybe it was a stobor. Hard to tell because it's dark.
Now I'm at Bearno's. There's a dude bartending. I hate it when that happens.
HatGirl got a touch-screen Blackberry. I'm totally jealous.
Lost power last night during the storms, and it just came back on a few minutes ago. I guess that's one way to save money on electricity.
I miss my dad, too, but it's not like I want someone to dump his body at my feet.
And now...
...I'm going to Rich O's. I wasn't going to go tonight, but OtherDave called me, and I kinda flaked on him the other night.
Not ridiculous at all
I haven't heard anything about Buddy yet. I'm starting to freak out a little.
Phoenix for two months in the middle of the Summer. Something tells me that I wouldn't need a coat.
I've been messing with mine this morning. I don't know why.
My sister just took my cat Buddy to get shaved. Poor kitty is going to look so ridiculous. I'll be sure to post at least one picture.
And don't even get me started about how time has no meaning when it comes to missing a certain other girl.
I mentioned in a blog entry, a while ago, that time without HatGirl seems longer than it really is. The actual ratio is 776,156,250,000 to 1. Yes, I'm still pissed about not getting to see her yesterday.
Weirdos at Bearno's
Showing great restraint now. I'm proud of myself.
Now CuteBlonde and I are talking about cats dying. It's sad.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009
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Back to Rich O's. I don't know why.
If I'd been at Rich O's right now, I could have gotten to see HatGirl. But nooooooooo, I'm sitting at my stupid house like a sucker.
I ended up having a fun day hanging out with WeirdGirl in Louisville. It was fun. I like WeirdGirl. We're not back together, though.
Blah blah blah
This old dude keeps trying to talk to me. Can't he tell that I've got this gaping hole in my life?
But at least it's warm.
If I ever manage to find myself, I need to remember to ask myself what I want. Because I'm stumped.
I keep having the most unsettling dreams.
Maybe there isn't one. Maybe it's all pointless.
I told her it was silly. She didn't like it. Now I'm alone again. As I should be.
Now she want to go to Rich O's, so I guess we're going there. This is silly.
The hot idiot girls started removing clothes to show their tattoos. I had to leave lest I say something inappropriate. Now I'm at Jack's.
I'm so glad I'm not an idiot. I don't know how these people face each day.
One of these girls has an unfortunate name. I'm trying not to hold it against her.
Now there are idiots here, and I miss the dorks.
There are dorks here. They are very loud.
Back at Rich O's for a while.
Test with Nugget
Test with duck
They're not related at all. Weird.
The are two old men here. They may be brothers, or even twins. It's hard to tell, however, because a lot of old people look and dress and act alike.
Break time. I've been summoned to Bearno's.
Seeing if I've broken things too badly...
Working on this quickie script to add images. You may see strange things until I get it working. Do not panic.
Eating a bunch of homemade Skyline chili right before sleep leads to some pretty messed-up dreams.
Dammit, I'm really craving Skyline now. I think I'll have to make some.
Tuesday, May 5, 2009
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click for larger image
HatGirl took this picture last night at Rich O's.

It really is too bad that she's not photogenic at all, isn't it?

So this was pretty much the highlight of my night. After HatGirl left I glared at my phone for a while, then went over to Jack's. I was starving, but the kitchen had just closed.

I spent a couple of hours talking to this one dude about various topics, one of which being - All white guys look younger than they really are. So that was good to know, I guess.

They showed a commercial for Skyline chili at one point, and after that I couldn't shut up about how much I was craving some Skyline. So, when I left Jack's, I went to Kroger and bought the stuff I'd need to make my own.

And that's what I did, as soon as I got home.

Oh yeah, I also had a new beer when I was at Rich O's.

Ayinger Leichte Brau-Weisse

(draft) Hazy yellow, with a decent head that lasted long enough. A nice aroma and flavor, both fairly standard for a German wheat beer. Good, a little dry. Tasted stronger than it was.

Monday, April 20, 2009
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click for larger image
One of the weird things was how much that one dude loved my truck. He kept asking me questions about it like what year it was and how many miles it had. He commented on what a shame it was that my rear bumper had some rust. I swear he was hitting on my truck.

Then we walked a mile or so to HatGirl's car, so we could put our extra crap in there and not have to lug it around all day. Next, we walked all the way back to my truck. We walked all the way back to my truck because I'm retarded. I'd left our tickets for the craft beer tent thingy there. When we got back to the parking lot the dude was still admiring my truck. I think he had an erection, but I was afraid to look too closely.

Then we walked back to the riverfront. The craft beer tent thingy didn't open until 2:00, and it was only 12:30, so we went into Hooters where my cousin Jeff awaited. He'd gotten us free wristbands. That was nice of him. We had some Diet Cokes and sat around for a while.

click for larger image
Then we went and stood in line to get into the beer tent thingy. We had plenty of time then for people-watching. I came to the conclusion that HatGirl and I were the coolest people around. But I might be biased.

Oh, and we saw TremensGirl and Bubbles walking around, so that was nice.

Once the thingy opened, we got something to eat and then went down this steep-ass hill to the river. We watched the airshow, which was very cool. There was a fucking helicopter doing fucking loop-de-loops. I didn't think that was even possible in a helicopter. During this period I had myself a Gumballhead (534). This is also when the events portrayed in the comic two entries ago happened, so I had myself 14 ounces of Upland Wheat (297), too.

click for larger image
At one point HatGirl may have gotten a little tired. It was hard to tell for sure. I did, however, get a little concerned that the FBI might swoop in to recapture the unibomber.

click for larger image
Then she spent the rest of the night freezing to death because it was only 70 degrees or something. HatGirl has heat issues sometimes. I worry about her, and wonder how she survives the Winters.

This was about when I had myself another Gumballhead (550). It was yummy.

click for larger image
The fireworks were, of course, totally awesome, and were the reason that everyone was there. The airshow was introduced as a way to entice people to show up early. Also, it's hard to take pictures of fireworks, especially with a blackberry.

Anyway, once the fireworks were over, we were going to hang out for a while, but all of the bars closed early, so we went and sat in HatGirl's car for a half-hour or so, waiting for traffic to start moving. Then we went to White Castle then she drove me to my house.

It was a really fun day, and I only missed a certain person a million times, instead of the asstillion times I'd been predicting.

When HatGirl took me to get my truck yesterday, I'll admit that I was a little disappointed that the dude hadn't washed and waxed it for me. I guess I should have just been grateful that it wasn't covered with his semen.

Friday, April 17, 2009
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The first part of the day consisted of work, punctuated by lunch at Wendy's with HatGirl. I only mention that because, after work, I had dinner with HatGirl at Buckhead in Jeffersonville. I only mention that because tomorrow HatGirl and I are going to this fireworks thingy. I only mention that because, as I said a few entries ago, I got to see HatGirl at Rich O's on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Like I've already said, HatGirl is doing one hell of a job keeping me distracted. In other words...



click for larger image
So we were talking today about how I'm bound to get bored with seeing HatGirl all the time. Before too long at this rate, I won't be able to take a damn piss without getting some splatter on her. And not in a kinky way. So the joke was that I'd have to get her a new shirt to replace her HatGirl! Yay! shirt. The new one would say HatGirl. Yawn.

It was funny to us.

I will never get tired of HatGirl, by the way.

So then after dinner - I had a Paulaner Hefeweissbier (607) - I decided to stop at Rich O's. You know, just for a change of pace, also known as a Schlenkerla Marzen (10299).

click for larger image
I went to the bar to order my beer, heard my name called, and turned around to see none other than BadPickleGirl. So that's twice in a week for her, and that's even more unusual than seeing HatGirl four out of five days will be. Oops, five out of six days, because I'll see HatGirl again on Sunday.

This is, from right to left, the lovely BadPickleGirl, my lovely self, and the lovely friend of BadPickleGirl who doesn't get a nickname unless I see her again.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
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click for larger image
So every year they have this huge airshow and fireworks thingy in Louisville, to kinda kick off all of the Kentucky Derby stuff. I've never gone, because I'm not a fan of traffic and crowds.

Well, this year we're supposed to be going. It's this Saturday.

I've gone ahead and gotten a head start on freaking out about the traffic and crowding, but the company should be good, so I'm also looking forward to it.

Friday, April 10, 2009
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click for larger image
Because HatGirl is so nice, and also because she is so mean, she sent me a picture of herself in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is so lucky!

So I dropped HatGirl off at the airport, and hung out there with her for an hour or so before she had to go through security. Next, I was planning to just go over to Rich O's because I was meeting BadPickleGirl and some other people at 5:30 or so. But around 4:00 I found myself suddenly starving to death. I mean, I was so hungry that I was actually shaking a little bit. So I went to the haunted Burger King and scarfed down some food. After that I felt better, but my stomach was a little queasy.

I went to Rich O's. I sat at the throne and had a couple glasses of Diet Coke to calm my stomach. I glared at my phone. I waited for BadPickleGirl.

Once they all showed up, it was a pleasant enough evening. I had some glasses of Schlenkerla Marzen (10040) and then a Diet Coke. It was nice to be able to talk to some people closer to my own age.

I came home at 10:00 or so, then slept for a couple of hours before sleep once again escaped my grasp.

Tomorrow I want to take a trip.

Saturday, April 4, 2009
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click for larger image
A zoomed and black & white version of this picture hangs on the wall at Rich O's, in commemoration of DaveFest. SassyGirl and I enjoying the opening night of that festival.

Anyway, today this one chick noticed this picture on the wall. "So all I have to do is kiss you and I can get my picture on the wall, too?" she asked.

"Sure," I said. "And bring all your friends. We'll cover the entire wall eventually."

We never did follow up on that plan. I was too tired, I guess.


click for larger image
This was me this evening, sitting at the bar and wondering why I was there. I know that I must look hung-over and/or depressed in this picture, but really, it was mostly just that I've hardly slept since Thursday morning. Though I suppose, now that I look at this picture more closely, it really does display my recent mood quite accurately.

I just got a haircut, in case you were wondering.

I sent this picture to HatGirl and she asked me if I was okay. I sent it to SassyGirl, and she sent me a picture of her and some girls having fun in the sun. I sent it to RockGirl, and she suggested that I take a nap.


click for larger image
Tonight OddlyFamiliarGirl and MusicalYuppieDude and I were discussing this Tremens tap - normally used for Delirium Tremens but used for Delirium Noel right now - and OddlyFamiliarGirl posed the question of whether this was an African elephant or an Asian one. She said, and I agreed, that the size of the ears placed it somewhere in the middle.

Of course, this discussion was all moot, because the elephant is clearly Belgian. The dead giveaway being that it's fucking pink.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009
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click for larger image
And now HatGirl is trying to kill me. She's sending me pictures of herself with her sexy new hairstyle. A hairstyle that's oddy similar to the one that LaptopGirl got last Summer.

She's very pretty, in case you can't tell that from the picture.

So, this may be it for me. If the pictures keep coming, I might not last the day. And it might be worth it.

Sunday, March 29, 2009
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click for larger image
I think it was when I was eating breakfast that I decided. Or realized, whatever.

There was no way I could risk another "normal" Saturday night. Nope, not with the week I'd had. Any other blow would have been a fatal one.

So I decided that I'd go to Covington. I'd go there and I'd drink some OTR beer and I'd be far away - physically at least - from my life with all of its perils.

But noooooooooooooo!

Some crap happened at work, and I was informed that I'd need to stay close to home, in case things got worse.

So, at around 3:00, I had a brilliant idea. I texted HatGirl to see if she wanted to hang out.

She said yes!



We had a lot of fun just talking and hanging out. We went down to our local casino, ate too much food at their buffet, then drank too much beer at this Legends bar. Or I guess she drank too much beer - I was perfectly fine.

And now this makes two nights in a row, two different girls I've hung out with, and both have gotten sick. I guess I just have that effect on women. This is something I've long-suspected.

Anyway, I adore HatGirl, and she was exactly what I needed last night. After the horrible week I'd just been through, and which promised to spill over into the upcoming week, she was the perfect reminder of why it's sometimes worth the effort to keep breathing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
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happy kitty
Got a call from the veterinarian this morning.

The call was a strange one. Not that the situation could ever be considered normal. Not by me, anyway. The vet probably makes calls like that a lot.

She got the results from Happy's blood tests. Not good. His kidneys were almost completely failed. He'd lost almost eight pounds since he was last weighed in September. And most of that weight loss was muscle mass. He was not diabetic, and his condition wasn't contagious to my other cats.

There wasn't any hope for long-term survival - that's pretty much what she told me.

Then she told me that he'd gone into cardiac arrest and died this morning when they were treating him.

Seems to me that she could have told me that in the first place.

I'm really not trying to be funny. It's just that this is going to hit me pretty hard before too long, and I wanted to write something before I lost my mind.

It would have been eleven years, on New Year's Eve. That's not nearly long enough.

Sunday, October 12, 2008
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I was going to write an entry about my fun Saturday, but instead I decided to slice my finger to the bone. And now I can't type very well at all. So, for now at least, you people will be spared.

It was a really good day, though.

Maybe a picture can be worth a thousand words.

hard to tell, but I am very happy in this picture

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
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This is the activity taking place outside my building this morning.

I have no idea what these people are doing. I just hope they get all that shit off the road before the afternoon rush hour.

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I haven't done one of these for a couple of years, but it's time. It's definitely time.

permanently engraved onto my shitlist

Saturday, September 20, 2008
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Had lunch with HatGirl today.

Usually, I have something extra to add, whenever I mention HatGirl. But this time, I'll let her awesome t-shirt say it for me.

sorry guys, she is totally taken

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
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A long time ago, before I was even born if you can believe that, I guess a bunch of people wore buttons saying "I like Ike."

You know, because of Eisenhower or however it's spelled.

Well, I think I'd like to introduce a new button. Mine will say "Ike can suck my hairy ass."

You know, because of the hurricane.

For those just tuning in, I live in Southern Indiana. Tornado country. Maybe earthquake country. But not fucking hurricane country.

Well, somebody must have missed a memo or something. That damn hurricane Ike refused to die after wreaking havoc down South where it belonged. Nope, it continued Northeasterly with its hurricane-force winds, and wreaked havoc upon the Louisville area too. Upon my area.

Everybody is affected. Some in worse ways than others. I, for example, have not had power since noon on Sunday (UPDATE: Power came back at 8:30 PM Tuesday). I lost some big-ass branches, and a couple of big trees either fell or split in half. There are millions of twigs and leaves littering my lawn, and some in my living room that are really perplexing me.

But all of that I can deal with. The thing I may not be able to deal with is this:


That, readers, is my swing. Or the pile of rubble formerly known as my swing. Fucking Ike took it out completely. Ripped it right out of the ground.

I'm sad about this. Much sadder, I'm sure, than I should be. "It was just a swing, after all," people will say.

But, to me, it was really much more than that. To me, standing there Sunday afternoon, it was almost like I'd lost a friend.

I couldn't help but think of the dozens of times I'd sat on that swing with MixedSignalGirl, or the millions of times I'd sat there without LaptopGirl, or all of the other times when I'd just go out there to relax and not think about anything for a while.

It just makes me sad that it's gone.

Let me put it this way: If Ike had destroyed my house, and my detached garage, and my swing - I'd replace my swing first and then worry about the trivial structures.


I wrote the above, in my little notebook, while sitting in that same coffee shop, next to that same lovely companion. Trying to feed off her creativity, I suppose, and not really succeeding. I was distracted, after all.

Now I'm across the street at Bearno's. Drinking a Goose Island Honker's Ale (132), scribbling in this notebook, and watching my phone. There's a chance that I might hear from her again tonight. There's a smaller chance that I might get to see her again tonight. So I'm waiting.

There's no sense in going home. No power there, and not even a single bar of reception on my Blackberry - just "SOS."

And, of course, she's not there either. So, I'll wait for a while. She's worth it.

Monday, September 8, 2008
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I think this was the third time I've been in the newspaper. At least the third time. One time I drove my car off a cliff in Seattle. Another time StoreGirl and I were at Rich O's when a local paper came in to do a story about the place.

The third time was today. Click the picture for the entire article, while it lasts.

and my name is spelled correctly!

This was an article about Rich O's and its owner Roger. I was mentioned in the first sentence and I was quoted a couple of times.


Also today, I got to talk to SassyGirl for a while! We'd been texting back and forth, and eventually I got sick of that and just called her ass up. She and JauntyGirl are doing well, but they're far away from here, so it's a very mixed blessing.


The rest of the day was kinda disappointing, except I got a sweet email while I was taking a nap. Maybe I'll have more to write before I go to bed. Don't hold your breath, though.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
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Monkeys I think

Those are supposedly monkeys. Giant inflatable albino monkeys. In blackface, for some strange reason.

Monkeys I think

I'm told they're supposed to be art, and that they're affiliated with the 21C museum/hotel across the street.

I don't know whether giant inflatable albino monkeys in blackface are art or not. What I do know is that (a) They seem kinda rascist to me, and (b) That's a busy interstate highway behind them, and (c) If I were driving down the highway and saw giant inflatable albino monkeys in blackface, I might just cause a 50-car pileup.

Maybe that's where the art would really be.

Friday, August 29, 2008
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First, there was a surprise lunch invitation. I'll admit it freely - I was very excited about it. I mean, two days in a row!?! I was truly blessed. Or I would have been truly blessed if those lunch plans hadn't fallen apart as quickly as they had formed.

Second, there was dinner with BadPickleGirl. I really had a feeling that she was going to flake on me. We seemed to be making it much harder than it should have been. Well, sure enough, she cancelled at the last minute.

Third, I figured that I'd at least go over to Louisville, see AlliGirl, and check out CoolHairGirl's purple hair.

But noooooooooooooooooo!

They were having some stupid thing in Louisville, and they were charging a cover just to walk down the stupid street.

So, foiled not once, not twice, but thrice, I ended up just coming home. I ate some pizza. I watched Borat. I sat on my swing. I had a Newcastle (10648) and two Marzens (5116). I glared at my phone a lot.

All in all, It was still better than having my legs knocked out from under me and then being repeatedly kicked in the gut.

Anyway, here's a picture I took while peeing at Sam's this afternoon:

where is an editor when you need one

The part about .40¢ wings and .99¢ drafts and nachos and mini-cheeseburgers, that's one of my pet peeves. If you don't know why, then I probably think you're an idiot, just like I think the person who made this sign is an idiot.

But at least they've brought back mini football helemets. Good for them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008
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Thursday, July 17, 2008
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Today I picked up my new painting, by MisunderstoodGirl.


Because I'm all cultured and shit.

Monday, July 7, 2008
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Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, at the stupid depressing park.

I'd gone there, as I'd gone to Polly's Freeze earlier, looking for myself.

I wasn't at either place. I remember running into myself once a long time ago. At Rich O's of all places. That was nice, but that was also the last time.

Anyway, by the time I'd returned home from the floodwall park, it was clear to me that there was a 0% chance that anything good would happen Friday night. Understandable, but of course disappointing. Because of this, I saw no reason to bother leaving my house at all. So that's precisely what I didn't do at all. Instead, I sat on my swing and I glared at my phone and I had three yummy bottles of Delirium Nocturnum (157), and that was it.

Then by Saturday at around noon, I'd once again gleaned that there was a 0% chance of anything good happening. Still understandable, still disappointing. But whereas on Friday that 0% had caused me to lose all motivation, on Saturday I couldn't run out the door and jump into my truck fast enough.

Luckily, I always carry a spare pair of pants in my truck, for times such as that. When I don't want to waste time putting on pants before I leave my house.

What I did, and this really was a spur of the moment decision, was I drove up to Noblesville, Indiana. To the Barley Island brewpub, specifically. Just something to do, really. I might just as well have picked Oaken Barrel, as it's slightly closer to home, but I had Barley Island on my mind because LaptopGirl had been raving about their Barfly IPA.

The drive up took a couple of hours. It was uneventful, though I felt bad because I kept getting emails but I was driving and couldn't type my responses very well. I managed to survive the drive* though. I even managed to respond to some of the emails, when the traffic and the rain let up enough.

The first thing I noticed, upon entering the brewpub, was that it was really dark. Like being inside a cave at midnight with my eyes closed and a bag over my head. But then my eyes started to adjust, and I was able to grope and stumble my way, around a bunch of empty tables and up an unfortunately-placed step, to the bar area.

I only took one picture, and it's a pretty crappy picture, even by my standards.

Barley Island

The first thing I did, after seating myself, was order a trio of small samples, of the three available draft selections that I hadn't had before.

Barley Island Sheet Metal Blonde

(draft) Color of hazy grapefruit juice. Light citrus aroma. Very light citrus flavor, with a bit of sourness, like grapefruit juice. Good, not great.
Okay, a Belgian-style wheat. Always welcome.

Barley Island Blind Tiger Pale Ale

(draft) Clear light brown. No detectable aroma or flavor. There was a slightly bitter hoppy finish, but not enough to be completely disgusting. A waste of my time.
I only had about one ounce of that crap.

Barley Island Barfly IPA

(draft) The color of clear weak tea. Light aroma of floral hops. Medium mouthfeel. Flavor decent but mild. The slightly bitter finish went away after a few sips. Maybe a good session beer.
Yet another IPA, but this one was with the floral kind of hops that I like sometimes. This was the beer that LaptopGirl had been raving about since she'd discovered it at the beer date thingy last weekend.

I went ahead and ordered a full glass of the Barfly (20), and enjoyed that with my yummy burger and fries. I traded a bunch more emails with LaptopGirl, and a few with RockGirl.

I relaxed fairly well I suppose, but I could already tell that I wouldn't be staying. I guess I'd been hoping to find myself, up there away from all of the distractions of home. But I wasn't there, either. I'm still a slippery bastard I guess.

So next I had a Dirty Helen (400), which is one of my favorite brown ales. And then I had something I wasn't expecting. The place had a couple of guest beers available, and one of those guest beers was an all-time favorite of mine. So my last beer was an incredibly yummy Two Brothers Domaine DuPage French Style Country Ale (310).

Before I left, I bought a couple of bottles to have at home sometime. I also picked up a growler of the Barfly for LaptopGirl.

The drive home was uneventful.

* - Poet and don't know it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008
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Then, after I visited the creepy zombie clubhouse, I continued the short distance down the road to the park.

I'm pretty sure that the park has a name, but I can't remember what that name is. Probably named after some dipshit with money.

Back when I was a teenager, right after the last ice age, I'd come down to the floodwall fairly often. Note that it was the floodwall then, not a park. At least once every weekend we'd go down there. Lots of kids my age went down there. We'd shoot the shit. Drink our illegally-obtained beer, smoke cigarettes like chimneys. Make out, have sex sometimes. We were kids - we did kid stuff.

But then, shortly after I left home to join the Air Force, a lot of crap happened down at the floodwall.

Some assholes decided to make it into a park.

And not only that, they decided to make it into the worst park ever.

It closes at dusk now. Before, the fun didn't even start until hours later. Now, I think they're allowed to shoot you if you go there after dark.

They constructed all this new shit. Seating and a bandstand and shit like that. Before, it was just a bunch of concrete pillars you could climb on.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took.

Sherman Minton Bridge

This is the Sherman Minton Bridge. It's how I-64 connects Indiana and Kentucky. Everyone takes pictures of this bridge, when they're down at the floodwall park. I think it's a rule or something. I drive across this bridge every day going to and coming from work.

Other Bridge

Looking upriver, once can see another bridge. I think this is the K&I bridge, used for trains only. Though I think I've heard mumblings about maybe opening the old car lanes up to pedestrians and bicyclists. I have very dim memories of riding across that bridge with my parents when I was very young. I remember that you could see right through the road into the water, as the road surface consisted only of metal grating.

By far the most noticeable "improvement" they've made down here is this monstrosity.



Again, there used to be nothing here but pillars you could climb on. It was a gazillion times better then.

At the very top of the earthen floodwall, there's a platform thingy. I climbed to the top and took this next picture.


Dedicated stalkers will, of course, recognize my truck parked way down there on the road.

The top of the floodwall used to be reserved for starry-eyed couples. Now they've gone and made it accessible for everyone.


But hey, it's not all bad I guess. That playground looks kinda fun.



The whole thing was just very depressing to me. Yet another part of my adolescence that's gone for good.

There was an old man. He was sitting on a bench near where I parked my truck, just sitting and watching the river flow by.

I imagined him as a future version of myself. Just sitting and watching the water pass him by, and remembering everything else that had passed him by over the years.

The old man glared at me when I parked my truck, for intruding into his world like that. I think he just wanted to be left alone, so that's what I did.

When I climbed to the top of the platform thingy, he was gone. Maybe he jumped into the river, or maybe one of his girlfriends came and picked him up. I'll never know. Either way, I'll never see that old man again, nor he I. And that makes me sad. I bet it'd be cool to have a beer with him.

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Okay, so Friday sucked, Saturday sucked, and Sunday isn't looking too good, either.

Is that enough? Does that count as an entry?


Okay, fine.

I already mentioned that I went to the river Friday. Specifically, I went to this depressing little park that they've built on the river-side of the floodwall.

But before I got to the park, I stopped at this creepy little building and took some pictures. See, RockGirl has been sending me pictures of all these neat scary old buildings where she lives. So I figured I'd reciprocate a little.

creepy building

That's a little building next to the river, on the same road that the park is on. I must have passed it a zillion times in my youth, but I'd never taken a good look at it before.

nice brick work

I like the way they did masonry back in the olden days. Even for a crappy little building like this, they added some class and took pride in their work.

potty chair

One very weird thing was that I saw an old potty chair through the partly-open door.

zombie clubhouse

Whereas the old abandoned buildings in RockGirl's area are huge zombie fortresses, she said this building looked more like a zombie clubhouse. But I guess it's actually just an old pumping station. A zombie clubhouse would be cool, though.

I think I'll put the stuff about the actual park in another entry.

Sunday, June 29, 2008
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if only

If only they had some devices which could extinguish fire...

Thursday, June 26, 2008
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What a disappointment.

They weren't lingerie photos after all. Just bikinis.

Come to think of it, I might have been told that, when they first started flooding in. I just forgot when I saw all the Victoria's Secret URLs.

I'm supposed to help HatGirl pick something for a cruise, I guess.

I like the one in the lower right.


Sunday, June 22, 2008
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So today I went to Jeffersonville.

First time in a couple of years, I think, that I've graced that town with my presence. At least on my own - I seem to recall going to Buckhead for lunch with some coworkers more recently.

Buckhead is where I went today, of course. I like the food there. I like the memories that resurface there. And they usually have good beer, too.

I sat out on the deck, oddly optimistic that it wouldn't rain while I was eating, and I enjoyed a yummy Cajun burger and a Paulaner Hefeweissbier (551) in a plastic cup.

It was very nice out today, as long as it was cloudy. As soon as the Sun would come out from behind the clouds - as happened several times - I'd almost immediately start being roasted alive.

But, it was usually cloudy, and so I survived.

Then, I went across the street to Hooters to see my cousin Jeff. I haven't seen him since my nephew's funeral, but that's not entirely my fault. He has agreed to share a lot of the blame.

Anyway, here's a picture of the potential storm that rolled in right after I got to Hooters.

maybe stormy

All that storm really did was dump rain. It cooled things off, though, so that was nice.

While I was at Hooters, I had a couple glasses of Newcastle (9808) while I talked with Jeff. Then I went to Sluttopia to meet up with some old guy who was going to loan me a guitar, but he was a no-show. Damn old people. They can't be trusted for shit.

And that was it. Now I'm back home, wondering what happened to my weekend.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
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My AlliDay lunch started out on a sour note for me, but it got better.

First, the Newcastle keg blew as AlliGirl was starting to pour it.

Slightly undaunted, I asked for a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter.

That keg blew as well.

I figured I'd go ahead and go for the trifecta, so I asked for a Young's Double Chocolate Stout.

Imagine my surprised relief when AlliGirl was able to pour me a full glass (500). It was very good.

Also, AlliGirl has agreed to help me test my video chat capability. I guess she's not afraid of seeing my dick, like everyone else. So, yay for AlliGirl! Way to be brave!

Now all I have to do is find my old webcam and microphone for her, then we should be able to video chat. Wait, maybe she'll need chat software as well.

Anyway, here's a picture I took today. It looked cooler in person.

up through some glass

Wednesday, June 4, 2008
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Okay, so it wasn't so much a limb that fell Tuesday morning. It was more like half the tree fell.

A crappy picture of how the stupid thing ended up straddling the property line.


Another picture, taken from my neighbor's driveway.


This thing defied all attempts to locate a good shooting position.


Here we see what I meant when I said it wasn't a limb that fell. It was more like the tree split apart at the crotch. Like a whore in a hurry.


Since this break is about 30 feet in the air, I can't tell if attaching a rope and yanking with my truck will be good enough. It looks pretty dubious.

Sunday, June 1, 2008
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I guess I still don't feel like writing anything just yet, so here is a picture of a squirrel peeking out from a tree in my backyard.

Squirrel peeking

Sunday, May 11, 2008
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You don't have to tell me that it's kinda silly for me to be here now. And by here I mean the red room at Rich O's, and by now I mean 3:30 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You don't have to tell me, because I sort of already know it. But what I also know is that I've got a damn good reason for being here. Now.

I'm supposed to meet LaptopGirl here at 5:00, to tell her something which she already knows. Not that one thing which she already knows, silly. Another thing. I need to tell her that her computer is probably on its last legs.

Anyway, I got bored at home and I didn't want to start anything new at 3:00, so I came down here instead. And now I'm sitting and writing and enjoying a Barley Island Dirty Helen (262). But mostly, I'm waiting. I do that a lot, it seems.

So this morning, after I took care of some bullshit exciting challenges for work, I took my Monte Carlo to get its oil changed. That wasn't particularly interesting except that this one dude kept bugging me to sell my car to him. Not gonna happen, OilChangeDude, so back the fuck off.

After that, I drove around for a while. I checked out the new NABC brewery location. Not much to see except for this one temporary banner thingy. I took a picture:

NABC Banner Thingy

Then I went down to the other side of the floodwall and looked at the river for a while. That place used to seem so isolated when I was a teenager. Now it's some kind of stupid park. They've got fucking bandstands and bleachers and shit. Plus, it's closed at night. Much slaking used to take place there at night. I wonder where people go now, when they want to slake.

Then I went to Polly's Freeze for lunch. And I got to sit at my favorite table, so that was cool.

Next I drove to Lanesville. I'd decided that I was apparently retracing my childhood in reverse-order. I mean with the floodwall and Polly's. With the oil-change place and the brewery, not so much. So I went to this park in Lanesville where I used to play until I was six and we moved away. It used to be a pretty shitty (hey, poet and don't know it) park. And I suppose it's still shitty. But they keep adding new buildings to the place. They're all locked, though. Maybe that's where they keep all the cool stuff.

bane of my youth

I took pictures of this slide. I can't believe it's still here after all these years. I'd have thought it would have rusted into a heap by now. This slide was always scary as fuck to me, when I'd climb up those shaky chains and then pull and contort myself between the bars to the platform. It was worth it, though, because the sliding-down part was really cool.

the fun part

Next I drove to my old house there in Lanesville. I keep hoping to see somebody in the yard, but I never have, and today was no different.

Next I went home for a bit, but I got bored and came here to Rich O's.

Oh yeah, now I'm having my second Dirty Helen (282) and it's yummy.

So there.

Monday, April 21, 2008
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Okay, this first picture is part of the front cover of the most recent issue of the Louisville Eccentric Observer newspaper, or LEO for short.

a bunch of cars

Saturday night, LaptopGirl sat on the sofa at Rich O's, looked at the cover, and excitedly announced that her car was there. And, by inference, so was she. "Right there!" she said. "Behind that white car, just behind the don't walk sign."

Now, I didn't have my glasses on at the time, so I couldn't really see what LaptopGirl was talking about. And, I'll admit, I was skeptical. I mean, what are the odds that she's be driving down that stretch of road right when LEO decided to take a picture?

Once I got home, however, I used my computer to scan and zoom the image. I found all the proof I needed. These next two images show, with advanced zooming technology, that LaptopGirl was right all along. It's definitely her.

hmmm, could's her! it's her!

It's really her! Right on the front page of the newspaper!

LaptopGirl is famous! It's about time!

But I'm left with a couple of nagging questions.

Why is bigfoot in the car with her, and what in the world is bigfoot doing to that poor chicken?

Sunday, April 20, 2008
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Google comes in really handy

Okay, at the top of the picture is the exit ramp from I-265 to Grant Line Road in New Albany. It's a one-lane ramp, but people are in the habit of driving on the right shoulder if they're going to turn right. The people who are going straight or turning left usually get backed up at the stoplight when traffic is heavy, so people use the shoulder to get around those assholes.

I do this myself all the time, usually when I'm going to Rich O's after work. I was doing it last night on the way to Rich O's after Tumbleweed.

So I looked in my rearview mirror and there were two trucks behind me, at about where the 1 is on the picture. There was a newer truck directly behind me, and a shitty truck passing the newer truck on the shoulder.

Problem was, the dillhole in the newer truck was also moving onto the shoulder.

I don't think he actually hit the shitty truck, but he at least nearly ran him off into the ditch. Then both trucks swerved back onto the pavement. Then both trucks swerved in the other direction. Like ShittyTruckDude had decided to repay the favor, and was trying to run the DillHoleDude off the road.

I watched all this in my rearview mirror, then I turned right at the intersection. Both of the other trucks turned right as well. I guess they were about 50 yards behind me, at about where the 2 is, when they both stopped their trucks right in the middle of the road. ShittyTruckDude opened his door and, I'm assuming, loudly told DillHoleDude to have a nice day or something.

By the time I got to the intersection at the bottom of the picture, Both trucks had started moving again. DillHoleDude pulled into the gas station at where the 3 is. I was stuck at a red light, so I turned my head to watch. ShittyTruckDude went by me, turning right at the intersection, then he turned right again into the gas station parking lot.

This was getting good!

By this time, I could see that ShittyTruckDude had a business placard on the door of his truck. Larry's something or other. So I'll call him Larry from now on.

Larry parked his truck directly behind the dillhole, blocking him in. Then they both got out of their trucks and started yelling at each other. It only took a second for them to come to blows. I really couldn't tell who threw the first punch, and I couldn't tell how the fight ended because my light turned green and I had to start moving lest I cause my own road rage incident.

I'm sure that somebody called the cops. They were in an extremely public place.

Also, readers may have been wondering whether that's the haunted Burger King at the bottom of the picture.

Indeed it is.

Monday, March 31, 2008
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I have now been told, by three different people, that the girl in this beer poster at Rich O's looks uncannily like Hatgirl.

full poster

I can no longer ignore these observations. So I figured I'd post this entry and let those readers who know HatGirl decide for themselves.

Above is the full poster. I will admit a slight resemblance if I ignore the fact that HatGirl no longer wears glasses and her hair is now much shorter than that.

Here's a close-up of the facial area of the poster:

just the face, ma'am

Okay, it does seem to look like HatGirl. Except HatGirl's horns are not nearly so pronounced. This chick certainly has that hot librarian look that HatGirl is so famous for.

Here's a close-up of the assial area of the poster:

shoot now, ass questions later

I, of course, would never ever look as HatGirl's ass. She's much too pure and sweet for me to sully her in that way. But, if I were to look at her ass, I'm pretty sure that (a) it would be even nicer than what is portrayed here, and (b) there would be no tail.

Anyway, NABC's artist Tony Beard does a heck of a job, doesn't he?

Friday, March 28, 2008
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Awww, look at the kitties!

I spend a lot of my spare time, such as this time right now while I wait for the dryer to ding, playing this Euchre game on my computer.

I'm not going to try to explain what Euchre is except to say that it's a card game. If you already know the game, then no explanation is necessary. If you don't already know what it is, and I try to explain it, you're inevitably going to exclaim, "Oh! It's like Spades!"

And then I'll have to kill you.

It's not like fucking Spades.

Anyway, I play this Euchre game a lot. Me and a computerized version of my cat Happy partnered against computerized versions of my cats Buddy and Nugget.

Shut up, I am so not gay.

I must have played this game a million times. Way more than I've played it with actual humans. This might be a good thing.

See, Happy keeps pissing me off. He's constantly leading trump on defense. I think this strategy scored a point once, back in 2001 or 2002, but it had never worked before and it hasn't worked since. I'm constantly cussing out my computerized partner for this folly, but he won't listen. Because he isn't real.

I'm pretty sure that, if I ever have an actual human partner, and he or she leads trump on defense, I'll just have to kill him or her.

Thursday, March 27, 2008
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the block where I work

Okay, so the red X is about where I was standing, just outside the building where I work. To the left of the X, directly across the street and about 50 feet away, is the 21C Museum/Hotel. So, imagine my surprise when two girls, who were walking around looking lost, stopped and asked me how to get to the 21C Museum/Hotel.

Nice guy that I am, I gave them directions. "Go South and turn left at the light, then go East and turn left at the light, then go North and turn left at the light, then go West and turn left at the light, then go South. When you get back to this exact spot again, go across the street."

Then I had to get back inside to work.

I hope they found the place okay.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008
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I couldn't think of anything to write about, so I just figured I'd cheat and post this picture I took yesterday when I was waiting for AlliGirl to drag her ass out of bed and call me.

Straight up

If I was a kid again, I would totally climb that shit.

Saturday, February 9, 2008
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me have more to love

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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Sunday night, the pizzeria side of the NABC complex was open for some sporting event. Usually, they're closed on Sundays, so it was a special occasion, and I usually go. Just because it's such a rarity. I really couldn't care less about the sporting event.

Anyway, while I was on the way there, OddlyFamiliarGirl called. I'd texted her Friday night because I had a question about astrology. She's into that stuff, she's just not into returning text messages in a timely manner.

While I was talking, and driving, I happened to glance down at my odometer. I quickly said goodbye to OddlyFamiliarGirl and pulled off the road at the earliest opportunity.

The earliest opportunity, it turned out, wasn't quite early enough.


That there, even though it's really hard to see, is the odometer on my truck showing 100001 miles. I think it would have been cool to get a picture of it at exactly 100000 miles, but it wasn't meant to be.

Here's a close-up. Still hard to see, though.

so close

Once at Sportstime The NABC Pizzeria, I had myself a couple pints of their Old Lightning Rod (490). The place was really dead. I guess nobody cared about the sporting event. Or maybe they were all at some cool party to which I wasn't invited.

So they closed the place down at 7:30 or so. I went over to Tucker's and had some cheesesticks and a glass of Guinness (1783). I'd been thinking about having a steak, but I changed my mind for some reason.

And that was Sunday. Pretty exciting, huh?

Monday wasn't anything special except that while I was at Rich O's The NABC Public House, waiting for my pizza and having a yummy NABC Old Lightning Rod (510), OddlyFamiliarGirl and NotHideousGirl came in for a bit. It had been a million jillion gazillion years since I'd seen OddlyFamiliarGirl. It had only been a couple of days since I'd last seen NotHideousGirl, but it always seems longer when it's her. I just thought I'd better mention seeing them, lest I get into trouble for some reason.

Then tonight it was really warm, so I sat out on my swing and enjoyed a Schlenkerla Urbock (286) and smiled a lot. I thought about all of the times I'd sat out there and thought about sad things, and about how much happier I am now. It really doesn't take much to make me happy. Even the tiniest things can do it, especially when the tiniest things are so incredibly huge to me.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008
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Walking out my front door this morning, I was able to confirm what I'd suspected last night. It was a big tree.

fallen tree

I got pretty lucky, though. The tree barely reached my house.

fallen tree


This section of gutter is toast. I've got a guy coming out to see if there's any damage to my actual roof. He'll also give me an estimate on repairs. This is the same guy who replaced my entire roof a few years ago.

smashed gutter

This hole in my yard is going to be a pain to fill, I just know it.

broken roots

I got lucky.

fallen tree

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
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Monday, as I mentioned before, I went to Rich O's after work. I got a pizza to go.

What I didn't mention before was that I got a special pizza. Or at least a special pizza box.

The kitchen staff, led by MisunderstoodGirl, all signed the thing.

Then a bunch of other people who were standing around signed the thing.

You can click this image to see a large version.

Pizza Box

Saturday, December 29, 2007
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Last night I whipped this together and sent it to a few people. I mainly made it for RockGirl. She was looking for ideas on what to send her boyfriend.

RockGirl decoded it in about two seconds. HatGirl came very close right away, but may have given up. LaptopGirl is probably forwarding it to her attorney. WeirdGirl cheated, but she said it was only to check her answer.

I could have picked another image altogether for the third image. I don't know why I didn't.


Thursday, November 15, 2007
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...there was this stupid dog named Fido. Really original name, I know.

Fido liked to eat dead animals.

But, besides being stupid, Fido was also lazy as fuck, so he never bothered to actually hunt and kill anything. Nope, he'd just look for something that was already dead. Like road-kill and other gross stuff.

Fido gnawing on a dead rat

Then he'd bring the rotted carcass up onto the porch and gnaw on it for a while, until this kid named Dave took it from him and threw it in the trash barrel.

The moral of this story is that random dead things are disgusting.

Saturday, November 10, 2007
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I got to Rich O's early, about 7:20 or so. I hadn't really been planning to go at all. I was just going to sleep and wake up whenever I woke up. But then HatGirl texted me that she was at Rich O's. So I went to Rich O's, even though I was very tired, because, duh, HatGirl!

Also, Thursday I went there after work and saw this bit of loveliness on the board.

Cone Smoker is coming soon yay!

I asked Roger when he thought it might be available, and he guessed that it would be around the first of December.

So, imagine my surprise and glee when I went in on November 9th and saw this.

Cone Smoker is here yay!

Cone Smoker was on tap! Yay!

I went into Rich O's proper and sat on the sofa. I said hello to everyone around me. MusicalYuppieDude, some dude without a nickname, LuckyFucker, HatGirl.



Then, after about 10 minutes, I realized that none of the bartenders were going to ask me what I wanted, so I went up to the bar and ordered my first Cone Smoker in 18 months or so (1936). It was a little darker than I remembered. More malty, and not as bitter. Quite yummy, though - that hadn't changed.

I ended up having a second one (1956) then most of a third one (1974) before my stupidity irritated me to the point where I became unfit for human company. At that point, I came home.

I don't feel like writing anything.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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Tonight I looked through my photo album for a certain picture. I never did find it, and so I fear that it's in South Dakota, but I did find a few that were worth posting. So long as I don't care about the things I post being interesting. Plus, this counts as an entry for today. So, ha ha!.

foxy girl and friends

I took that picture in the cafeteria at school, in 7th grade. On the left was FoxyGirl, my first love. Her friends were quite cute, too.

ufo girl and friend

In the 8th grade, I'd completely gotten over FoxyGirl, and UFOGirl was my new obsession. She's the one on the left.

dina and the gay guy

This picture has nothing to do with the previous two pictures. I've just always thought it was funny. That's my sister Dina. I still think of her with huge 80s hair like that. Also, when I was a kid, I didn't think that gay guys really existed. I thought they were just something that adults made up to scare little children. Like the boogie-man and Jesus. By the time I'd reached adulthood, I'd begun to suspect that gay men might actually exist. This picture provided absolute proof.

Monday, October 8, 2007
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Here's the view from my deck. If you would indulge me for a minute, please. Ignore the rotting woodpile and the bird feeder, and just look at the tree. See anything? About ten feet up, on the left side?

Tree from deck

Maybe, maybe not. I certainly notice something, whenever I'm out on my deck. Here's a closer look:

Zoomed a little

How about now? See that damn face, turned to the left? I'll tell you, once you notice it, as I did a couple of weeks ago, it's impossible to look at that tree without seeing that face.

One more picture, zoomed even more:

Zoomed way in

Now, to me, the face isn't as obvious as it was in the last picture. But it's still there and, at this magnification, I can see just a tiny hint of an eye. An eye looking right back at me.

This tree-face, along with Dilly the Armadillo, is one of my best friends now. I call him Treeface, which is a stupid, albeit descriptive name.

Upon seeing Treeface for the first time, I was of course reminded of all the Jesus and Virgin Mary sightings that keep showing up on the Internet. Pieces of toast, rust stains on sidewalks, stuff like that. I thought, for just a brief minute or two, about announcing that The Face Of Jesus had appeared on a tree in my backyard. I figured that maybe there'd be profit to be had.

But then I remembered, I certainly don't want those people here. Weeping and wailing at all hours of the day and night as they prostrated themselves all over my lawn.

I also thought about that Face on Mars that so conveniently was photoshopped away disappeared soon after it was first noticed. I thought that maybe Marsface had somehow relocated and changed his identity to Treeface. Via some kind of interplanetary Witness Protection Program, perhaps.

But I certainly couldn't disclose that theory to the world. The freaks who would show up then would be even worse than the bible thumpers. If you can imagine that.

Sunday, September 23, 2007
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I have a doghouse, out behind my detached garage. It came with the house. I haven't had a dog in a million years; certainly not since I bought this place. But that doghouse is out of the way. So I've just left it there. Out of sight, out of mind, as they say.

I was outside messing around today, and I took a good look at that doghouse. It's bigger than I'd remembered. And in a lot better shape. It's actually useable as long as you're a dog.

The last time I thought about that doghouse was back in July. I took NotHideousGirl to a pet store so she could buy a doghouse. I told her that I had one behind my garage, but I was pretty sure that it was too small for even her medium-sized dog. And besides, it must be a really crappy doghouse after sitting there behind my garage for all these years.

See? Not that bad at all.

I don't remember what NotHideousGirl paid for the doghouse she ended up buying, but it was certainly more than free would have been. So now I figure I screwed her out of whatever she spent, because I was too lazy to walk behind my garage until today.

Friday, September 7, 2007
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I'm in a better mood now. Not that it was a great feat or anything, as there was nowhere to go except up. But still, it's something.

Today I was treated like shit. By someone who is, ostensibly at least, a friend of mine. I may have deserved it. I almost always deserve it.

And you know what?

It was okay.

I got over it.

Also, maybe to make up for being treated like shit, I made a brand-new friend today. Here's a picture:


This is Dilly. He's an Armadillo. I never saw him before today. He stands on a shelf at Rich O's, and he moves his head up and down and side to side, following the whim of the air currents in the room.

He's fucking awesome, and I may steal him.

Also, I'm feeding these dogs while my friend is on vacation. One of the dogs is a major pain in the ass. It won't let me even think about petting either of the other dogs. If I try, it starts growling and biting. It's an asshole.

Also, my friend's cat is still afraid of me. But for the last two days I've given it kitty treats, and it's at least eating them. After I've left the room, of course. Maybe, in a zillion years or so, I'll be able to actually pet that cat. This has become my new goal in life.

Also, I'm pretty sure that, after a week of taking care of this 8,000,000 gallon aquarium with its $8,000,000 worth of exotic fish, I'll qualify for a commercial pilot's license. That will be cool, I think. Chicks dig pilots.

Also, I really need to take a break for lunch tomorrow. I hope I can spare the time away from work. I want to see BikerGirl and NotHideousGirl. And I really should talk to NotHideousGirl before it's too late to talk. If it's not too late already.

Also, they're having a sex clinic or something across the street from my work tomorrow. I don't know much more than that, but the information is here.

I guess that's it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007
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the compound

Dedicated stalkers will, of course, recognize that this is where I live.

Between my house and my detached garage? That little structure is my swing. One of my favorite things to do on the warm nights is sit on my swing and contemplate various things. So, Saturday night, hoping to somewhat salvage my mood, I got myself a Left Hand Smoke Jumper (100) and went out to my swing to do some contemplating.

Right behind my swing is a tree. You can probably see it in the picture. Anyway, As I sat down, I heard this rustling from under the tree. My eyes hadn't adjusted to the dark yet, so I couldn't see anything. Then I heard the rustling again. Closer this time.

"Kitty kitty?" I asked hopefully.

Then there was more rustling, and something, some thing ran under the swing and across my driveway to the front of the house.

And it wasn't no damn kitty.

From what little I could see about its size and the way it moved, I'm guessing it was a big raccoon. Or a small grizzly bear.

Yes, it freaked me out a little. Rabies probably wouldn't be a fun way to die. Being mauled and/or eaten probably wouldn't be that great either.

Sunday, September 2, 2007
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Okay, when I was sitting at Famous Dave's this evening, having some yummy catfish tenders and a yummy Newcastle (7327), I noticed this coaster under my glass:

truth in advertising

This struck me as being really funny. Because whoever made this up probably thought it was a good slogan which would cause lots of Miller Lite to be sold.

Anyway, I turned over the coaster, and found this:

not a classification

And this struck me as being even funnier. Because saying Best American-Style Light Lager is kinda like saying swilliest swill or pissiest piss.

Somebody needs to tell these Miller people, who keep bragging about this award, somebody needs to tell them that American-Style Light Lager is NOT a classification.

It's a diagnosis.

Monday, August 27, 2007
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Sunday, August 19, 2007
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so very true

I stole this from somebody at the other day. I wasn't going to post it because of copyright concerns, but it's just so damn fitting and accurate that I couldn't resist.

Just like I couldn't resist going to Dina's today to see her new kitten.

A new kitten!


It is, of course, a comfort kitty, which is one of the best kinds of kitties. It's a Siamese, and it's about the size of my hand, and it likes to meow and climb and sit on people.

I could have stayed and petted that kitten for weeks, but I think that it might have become awkward for my sister's family after a week or so. So I tore myself away, and I tore the kitten from my lap, and I went to Hooter's in Clarksville.

While there, I had some yummy mozzarella sticks and three yummy glasses of Newcastle (7107), then I bought some crab legs and brought them home.

I never said that this would be an interesting entry.

Saturday, July 14, 2007
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After a quick meal at Wendy's, I got to Rich O's at 8:45 or so. The place was packed. Seemed to be an even mix of regulars and strangers.

Oh yeah, they finally got their order of Schlenkerla beers in. This was good news, but it caused me a bit of a problem right off the bat.

See, Rogue Chocolate Stout was still on tap. And I have a contractual obligation with my liver to drink Rogue Chocolate Stout whenever it's available. But I really wanted to have a couple of Schlenkerlas at the end of the night, and I knew that there'd be much clashing of flavors if I had the Rogue first.

So I broke my contract, and I had a couple Dirty Helens (202). I sat at the bar and talked to some dude who should probably get a nickname, I got a text message from NotHideousGirl featuring the drunk womanese word wrAnfo and deciphering that word occupied a good part of my brain for the rest of the night. I still haven't figured it out.

I talked to MusicalYuppieDude and TremensGirl for a bit, and some people cleared out from the sofa so I moved over there. I talked with a chick who I shall call FirstGirl. Not, as one might suspect, because she was my first girl, but rather because she was the first person to ever talk to me at Rich O's after I started hanging out there. Anyway, FirstGirl was puzzling over her own little mystery.

Click for larger version

She'd found this napkin on the table, and her brain was about to explode from trying to figure out its meaning. We spent some time trying to figure out the napkin, and we spent some time trying to figure out NotHideousGirl's wrAnfo, but we never did decipher either one of them.

My next beer was a Schlenkerla Weizen (222), and I overlapped the last part of that with a Schlenkerla Marzen (547). I wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of the two. I don't think that I can really declare a winner. The Weizen is certainly lighter, and it would make a better session beer than the Marzen. But the Marzen is flat-out yummy.

Even though the Marzen was flat-out yummy, I only drank about 8 ounces of it before I cut myself off and then snuck out and came home. I don't think I missed much, because they'd declared last call at 11:30 even though the place was still totally packed.

Friday, July 6, 2007
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Wednesday night, when I was waiting to see if BikerGirl was going to join me for dinner, I took this picture. On the left is the building where NotHideousGirl works. On the right is a building where irrelevant people work.

louisville buildings

Saturday, June 30, 2007
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Two fucking fifty three. In the morning.

I'm so tired. I've got so much crap to do tomorrow. I've got to work early Sunday morning.

Basically, I'm fucked.

I won't get anything done tomorrow before I go to my nephew's graduation party. I won't be able to get to sleep after the party, so I'll go to Rich O's or something. Then I'll be up all damn night until it's time to start work.

That's when I'll suddenly get tired.


Tonight was kinda fun. I got to Rich O's a little after 8:00. Had a Dirty Helen (122), then TremensGirl and I split a bottle of Allagash Grand Cru (63), then I had another Dirty Helen (142). When I first arrived, NotHideousGirl was there at the island with OddlyFamilarGirl and MusicalYuppieDude. I joined them for a while, but eventually I moved to the living room for my Allagash. It was a little strange to have to share NotHideousGirl with a group. I've become accustomed to having her all to myself during our lunches. I guess I've been spoiled. As has she.

After a while, ArtGirl came in, and I pretty much spent the rest of the night waiting for opportunities to talk to her, and then taking full advantage of those opportunities once they arose. Had her completely to myself for an hour or so at one point, then we moved to the red room and sat with some people there. That's why I was out so damn late. I wanted to leave, but ArtGirl was totally kidnapping me and keeping me trapped in the corner. But it wasn't so bad. She's warm. She's pretty and nice. So of course she has a boyfriend.

ArtGirl and I not only closed out Rich O's, we stayed almost three hours after closing. Not even during the days of LaptopGirl have I ever stayed there so late. I felt pretty guilty about it, but one of the owners was right there with us, so I guess it was okay or she'd have kicked us out a long time ago.

Man, I need to get some sleep. I'm rambling.


Oh gee wowie zowie. I managed a whopping four hours of sleep. Damn circadian rhythms.

There's some shit I forgot to mention about last night.

tower thingy

At one point this one dude and I were talking about mechanical engineers. Specifically, we were talking about how much they piss us off by being so damn smart. I mean, a mechanical engineer could have told us whether our little tower was stable without having to build the thing.

At one point I found myself back at the island with MusicalYuppieDude and PillowDude and PorterBob. They were sampling some beer. I had a very small sample myself.

Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout (2)

(bottle) Black with nice brown foam. Aroma of roasted malts and not much else. Flavor of roasted malts and not much else. Quite a bit of malt bitterness at the finish. Everyone around me was raving about how great this beer was, but I didn't share their enthusiasm. Decent, but no better than that.
Also, at the very end of the night, I was sitting with ArtGirl and OddlyPrettyGirl in the red room, and there was a half a Smithwick's there, so I drank some of it (1658).

ArtGirl asked me how old I am, and for some reason I told her. When she didn't run away screaming, that earned her some points. Not that she needed any more points.

I also found myself writing down my website address for her. I don't know why I do crap like that. Now she might actually read some of this drivel. Just in case, Hi ArtGirl!

Friday, June 22, 2007
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From the other day at lunch, incontrovertible proof that NotHideousGirl is strange.

Ketchup Face

A couple of weeks ago, NotHideousGirl and I both found ourselves missing HatGirl terribly. This picture was taken to document our sadness.

We Miss HatGirl

Okay, what the fuck is this thing? It's on the shelf at Rich O's.


NotHideousGirl and BikerGirl missed me a lot while I was in Las Vegas. I like to think that they consoled each other in various ways.

They Miss Me

Saturday, June 16, 2007
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The conference ended at 1:00 on Thursday, which was quite cool because it gave me some time to attempt to take a nap. It would have been even cooler if the nap had actually happened, but the construction going on in the room above me prevented any Zs from being caught.

I managed to snap a picture of the construction equipment as it was heading to the room above me. How they fit all that shit into one room I'll never know:

After I gave up on sleep, I took my last bottle of Alaskan Smoked Porter down to the race and sports book place. They were perfectly willing to let me use one of their glasses, but they said that some red tape bullshit rule prevented them from opening the bottle. Then this one dude took pity on me and showed me how to open a beer bottle using a lighter. I've already mentioned learning this valuable skill. The Alaskan Smoked Porter (589) was yummy, by the way.

Then I had a Fat Tire (587) and played video poker and glared at my phone for an hour or so. See, I maybe had a date. I wasn't even going to mention it here, in case it didn't pan out. But I had a maybe date with StupidGirl, because my new best friend had told his girlfriend that I was in town, and then his girlfriend had told StupidGirl. She finally called me at 6:00 or so with the excuse that she just got off work.

For those joining me late, I realize that StupidGirl is a terrible nickname. I would change it to SweetGirl, but StupidGirl actually likes her nickname. She says that it gives her a story to tell. So the nickname stays.


StupidGirl and went up to Fremont Street and dicked around there for a while. We were going to have dinner at Main Street Station's brewpub, but they were out of their Triple 7 Porter, and all of their other beers suck. So, in protest, we ate at this Grill Bar Saloon place. I drank Diet Coke, and StupidGirl had some foo-foo thing.

After dinner, we went back to The Strip and took in the volcano at the Mirage and the fountains at Bellagio. Walking down The Strip holding hands with a pretty girl is still one of life's perfect moments for me. I wish I could do it every night. In front of the Bellagio fountains there was much slaking. I think it was all the gushing of the water that gave us the idea. Some lady took our picture slaking in front of the fountains. I gave her my email address so she can send me a copy.

This part is probably going to seem pretty lame, but nothing reportable happened beyond that. I really like StupidGirl, and I'm going to leave it there. Maybe next time I'm in Las Vegas...

Thursday, June 14, 2007
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Here's some crap I wrote Wednesday night.

Another Las Vegas Wednesday. Another night when I get to realize that it's the last full night I'll have here for months. Another night when I get to wonder if I could have done more with my week. Well, this time it's more like a certainty than a wondering, and it's more like a lifetime than a week. But, that's just my mood right now. It fluctuates, in case you haven't noticed.

I'm sitting at the Tilted Kilt, drinking a yummy Tilted Kilt (656) and just kind of soaking in the place for the last time. See, it's going away. Probably late this Summer. And I won't be back until November, so tonight is the last time I'll sit at this bar. This sucks. This place has been my main escape and distraction during an awful lot of troubled times. Las Vegas just won't be the same for me without it.

Also, I really like the free shows here at The Rio. Here's a crappy picture:

Rio Show

See, that kind of thing almost never happens back at Rich O's. Not even for DaveFest. Plus, it's kinda funny to see five of the gayest guys on Earth, trying to feign interest as they dance/grope five of the hottest girls on Earth.

Much time passes...

I've stayed here at the Tilted Kilt longer than I'd planned, and I've had more glasses of Tilted Kilt (720) than I'd planned, because I've realized that when this bar goes away, it takes this beer with it. This makes me even more sad, hence the staying and the drinking.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
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Monday morning, circadian rhythms forced me awake a little before 4:00, so I played some video poker and drank diet cokes for a few hours. Yes, I rock.

Then I remembered a couple of cool things. First, there's a free shuttle running between The Rio and Harrah's. Second, there's a monorail servicing the strip.

So, guess what I did.

Guess where I am now? I mean now as I write this, not now as you read it.

I'm at The Rio. Yay! One thousand DavePoints for anyone who guessed correctly.

I love The Rio. It's a much better place for someone like me. The Venetian is for millionaires. So I went to The Rio, and I immediately felt better. Just being in the place did me worlds of good. And then, and then I saw something that lifted my spirits to new heights.

Tilted Kilt

The Tilted Kilt is still there! Yay! I'd heard that it might be gone.

They weren't open yet though, so I couldn't go in, and I couldn't quite read the taps to see what was available. I'll be going there Tuesday night though.


I wrote the above stuff sitting at The Rio. Now I'm back in my hotel room and it's pretty damn late and I'm wide awake but little hung-over.

I'm hung-over because, when I left The Rio, I went to The Freakin' Frog. First, I took the free shuttle back to Harrah's. Then I bought a three-day pass for the monorail. Then I took said monorail to The MGM Grand. Then I took a cab to The Freakin' Frog.

Their draft list didn't impress me too much today, but I got over it quickly enough, as soon as I confirmed that they had Alaskan Smoked Porter in bottles. They had four bottles left, and I bought all four, and I drank three of them (567).

And that's why I'm a little hung-over.

The fourth bottle is here in my hotel room. I haven't decided if I'm going to drink it this week or if I want to try to figure out a way to get it home.

Friday, June 8, 2007
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A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that StoreGirl and I had been photographed and interviewed by a dude from one of the local free newspapers. Well some of the fruits of that session made it into this week's issue.

Apparently, space was an issue, because none of the stuff about how awesome I am made into the final article. I guess they decided to cut out the obvious stuff first.

click to go to the site

But still, pretty cool.

And I've thought about it, and I've decided that I will continue to associate with the little people in my life. I won't let this new fame go to my head.

I will, however, still accept groupies.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
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purchased today

Malheur Dark Brut
Malheur Brut Reserve
Gouden Carolus Grand Cru
Gouden Carolus Classic
Malheur 10
Abbaye d'Aulne Triple Brune
Gouden Carolus Triple
Konigshoeven Quad

Except for the Koningshoeven, these are all new beers for me.

already in my fridge

Rogue Ten Thousand Brew Ale
Allagash Curieux
Rodenbach Grand Cru
Ommegang Three Philosophers
Avert The Reverend
Three Floyds Behemoth
Canaster Winterscotch
Delirium Tremens

All new to me except The Reverend and Delirium Tremens.

And I actually have even more waiting to be enjoyed. I just didn't want to post a picture of everything because I didn't want people to think I was a freak.

Friday, May 11, 2007
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This is what happens when I'm in a weird mood.

I can't focus on any thoughts long enough to coax a decent entry out of them.

So you get this crap.


A former coworker of mine died yesterday. He was 35, and he was a cool guy. So on Friday I'll go to the visitation, even though I didn't really know him that well.


Rogue Smoke is finally available at Rich O's. Yay!


I forgot to mention that, the other night, HatGirl graduated from college. In addition, she surprised absolutely nobody by making the dean's list.

Yay for HatGirl!


For the next two days there's an art show at Rich O's. I already bought one of NotHideousGirl's paintings:


We've talked about this painting over lunch several times. I just had to have it. But this time I'm going to pay her in person, because she still hasn't got her money from the last one I bought, when I paid the guy running the art show.


Oh yeah, at the art show tonight it was movie night. I didn't stay for it, but I read about it. One of the films is about Darfur, so that's probably the feel-good movie of the year. Not.


You know how to piss off a stray cat?

Well, I'll tell you.

Go outside at night, and watch said stray run and hide underneath a pine tree with low-hanging branches. Then, walk right up to the tree and call out, "Hi there kitty! It's so nice to see you!"

See, it pisses the strays off because they think they're being so sneaky and feral.


I have no idea what happened to SassyGirl and JauntyGirl. They're probably off on another one of their adventures.


TremensGirl showed up at Rich O's this evening with red hair. She then claimed that it's always been red. I'm not fooled though.


I have to pee.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
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Sunday, April 29, 2007
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So why do I keep spouting the same drivel over and over, even long after it's become perfectly clear that it does more harm than good?

Because it feels right in my head. Because it fits onto my heart like a glove fits onto my hand. Because it belongs.

Because one night I leaned against a railing, and I looked at her as she sat and cried on this little wall...


and I broke through the clouds, and I saw how far I was going to fall. And I knew, right then and right there that my life would never be the same again.

That's why I keep writing crap like this.

Because I was right. Everything changed then.


My next stop, after Buffalo Wild Wings, wasn't the BBC after all. It was the Haunted Highland Tap Room. I had a couple Newcastles (4682) and had a little séance. Funny, we only came here once, but this place seems as haunted as any other. Maybe even more than Rich O's, because there are fewer memories competing for attention.

Next, I went over to The Pub. Actually I went to Hard Rock first, but CoolHairGirl wasn't working, so I went to The Pub and had yet another Newcastle (4702) and talked to BikerGirl for a while.

My sister Dina called to see if I was going to Rich O's later. I hadn't really made any plans to go there, but I told her that I'd meet her in about an hour. I invited BikerGirl to come to Rich O's when she got off work at 8:00. I wrote down directions for her, just in case. I think going to Indiana was about tenth on her list of possibilities for the evening.

But at least she didn't laugh when I invited her. So that was cool.

Got to Rich O's a little after 7:00. I sat at the kiddie table with Dina and had another Diet Coke. Her husband Kenny came in after a while. BadPickleGirl came in with some dude, but I think it was just a coincidence that they came in. Unless she's stalking me.

Eventually, I had a bottle of yummy Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (1805). Once everyone else had left, I waited until about 9:30 to see if BikerGirl was going to show up.

Then, some fucked-up shit happened.

Then, I stopped at White Castle on the way home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
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trust me, she was beautiful

Tuesday, March 27, 2007
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I'm easily amused. Found this at

you just wait

This is the type of fame for which Nugget is destined. I'm sure of it.

Monday, March 26, 2007
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This first one was a week ago Friday. I was with NotHideousGirl and I tried on her glasses. So this blurry images is probably what she saw when she looked at me. Both because she'd been drinking and because I had her glasses on.


This one we took this past Friday night. I then sent it to HatGirl, hoping that it would inspire her to show up and give me someone who didn't hate all men to talk to. My plan didn't work.


Friday, March 16, 2007
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I found this Face Transformer site that lets you do shit to pictures. Here are some of the manglings it came up with for my picture:

Hi thereHello

Monday, February 26, 2007
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Now this is exactly the kind of thing for which I wanted a camera in my phone!


Sunday I was sitting at a red light, minding my own business, and there was suddenly a loud crash to my left.

The sign says "No left turn" and it seems a lot bigger when it's lying on the ground than it does when it's 20 feet in the air.

I bet it's a heavy fucker too.

I wish I'd been thinking more clearly. I could have jumped out of my truck and grabbed the sign. Then I could have mounted it in my basement or something.

There are way too many people making left turns in my basement.

Friday, February 23, 2007
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RIght after I got my new Blackberry I took this picture of the stuff adorning my desk. Many of these are things that I've posted here before.


From top to bottom, then left to right:

My cat Buddy after he got shaved.

An image I made of three of me on my couch.

BadPickleGirl and me and BadPickleGirl's cousin at Rich O's.

My sister Dina's kids.

MisunderstoodGirl wearing a shirt that says I agree with Dave.

A picture of HatGirl that I really like.

A whirlpool that RockGirl drew. I think of it as my department's unofficial logo.

A little saying I got from somewhere. People who stay calm all the time just don't have all the facts.

A picture I took at the Grand Canyon in August 2006.

Another Grand Canyon picture.

Me and SassyGirl at DaveFest last Summer. This picture also hangs on the wall at Rich O's.

A picture of HatGirl's ear. This picture doesn't taste very good.

And now, that picture I took of NotHideousGirl yesterday is up there too, just below the HatGirl picture.

Thursday, February 22, 2007
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I had fun today.

First, I overslept. So that was cool.

Then at lunch - Newcastle (3334) - I ran into NotHideousGirl. First time I've seen her since HatGirl's birthday party in December. So that was way cool.

Then we went to Borders so she could buy some CDs. This was about as useful as taking a blind man to the paint store, but I went anyway.

Oh yeah, I got a new Blackberry yesterday, and guess what.

It's got a camera!


First time I've had a camera phone in months.

NotHideousGirl was kind enough to let me test the camera on her, and post the results here.

still not hideous

So that was fun. It was a little strange to leave a bookstore without any books though.

Then, after work, I went to the local hardware store to buy a bunch of PVC shit for my sink. I figured that I'd go ahead and give it a try, and then if I screwed it up Kenny could always come and laugh at me as he corrected my mistakes.

Well, I managed to twist the PVC stuff around enough so that now I have actual drains running from my sink. I also managed to install and wire up the new garbage disposal without killing myself.

Anyway, here's the old ugly sink.


And here's the new sink. Ta da!

Ohhhh! Ahhhh!

Just so none of you people start to think I'm infallible, here's what's under the new sink.


Those bowls are because the new drain lines leak. Not very much, but enough to be annoying. So I called Kenny and apparently I need some Plumber's Putty to put between the sink and the traps. Either Kenny or I will get some of that, we'll tear everything apart and reinstall using the putty where appropriate, and then this project will be done!

Except that I think I need Kenny to use one of those snake thingies on the drain line that goes into the wall. Everything still drains pretty slowly.

And the garbage disposal works too! Nugget is scared of it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007
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Every now and then I'll get a bug up my butt about my house.

There are about a zillion things that I hate about this house. Cosmetic stuff mostly. But back when I bought the place, I was making a lot more money, so I figured I'd just throw cash at the ugliness and make it all go away.

But no! Once the Internet bubble burst, I had to get a real job, at substantially less pay.

And so the ugliness remains.

Flowery wallpaper.



Striped wallpaper.


Grotesque light fixtures.




Brown shag carpeting.


Hideous cabinets and countertops.


Ugh. Even all the dark brown doors and trim are ugly and dated.


And I didn't even show you the light fixture in my bedroom, or the floor in my bathroom or bedroom, or the painted wall in my downstairs bathroom. Had I posted pictures of those things, I'd probably have been shut down for running an obscene website. And I didn't want to take that chance.


Friday I got this bug up my butt to do something, anything to reduce the ugliness.

So I decided to replace my kitchen sink and faucet. While I was at it, I figured, I'd get a garbage disposal too.

Yesterday, I had my sister's husband Kenny over to look at my sink area and tell me what I'd need to buy. He's a professional Mr. Fixit.

Then I went to Lowe's and spent an hour or so picking out stuff that (a) looked cool, and (b) wasn't laughably expensive.

Did you know that there are $600 kitchen faucets? That's just ridiculous to me. Who needs a fucking $600 kitchen faucet?

So I piled all the shit in my cart and, when I went to pay for it, they declined my card.

I became a little concerned. There certainly should have been money in my account. I mean, Thursday was payday I hadn't taken any money out for at least a week.

But oh well. I figured that I'd call my bank on Monday and see what the deal was. I apologized to the checkout girl and went home.

Then last night I had the brilliant idea that maybe they'd declined my card because they'd tried to run it through as debit instead of credit. The card can be charged either way, but there's a $200 daily limit on debit transactions.

So I went back to Lowe's today. I picked out all the same shit I'd picked on Saturday.

This time I told them to run it through as credit instead of debit.

It fucking came back declined again.


After I'd apologized to the second checkout girl in as many days, I left scratching my head. What if something was going on with my checking account?

I needed to find out. So I went to my bank, and did a balance inquiry at the ATM thingy.

There's almost $3000 in my account right now. That seems about right to me.

The shit I was trying to buy was $580 or something like that.

Now I'm no math whiz, but I'm pretty sure that $580 is less than $3000. I'm also pretty sure that $580 is less than the $1000 daily limit on credit transactions.

So I don't know what's going on. All I know for sure is that everything in my house is still ugly. Including my kitchen sink.

Saturday, January 20, 2007
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Okay, so that one particular cool thing didn't happen. But it was still a pretty nice night. I got to relax and look at pretty girls. And I got to wear my cool new t-shirt.

what a crappy picture

this is a little better

They're having a big S.I.G.H. convention around here somewhere, and all the girls seemed to have picked Rich O's as the place to unwind. From their hotness seminars or pillow fight tournaments or whatever they do at those things.

So the place was packed, but there were at least ten very pretty girls there. This is at least nine and a half more than usual. Pretty girls definitely make the crowd bearable.

When I first arrived, I sat on the loveseat. Some semi-acquaintances were scattered about the rest of the living room area. They know SassyGirl, so I told them about how I'd finally been getting emails from her. We talked for a bit about the good old days of lesbian mud-wrestling parties. I had an NABC Old Lightning Rod (190).

After a bit I moved up to the island and sat with MusicalYuppieDude and some PBDs. My second beer was a Wostyntje (119).

CoffeeDude and WomanRepellant came in at some point. I was talking to them when the President of S.I.G.H. arrived with some dork. I almost lost all self-control, and it's only thanks to CoffeeDude's impromptu therapeutic intervention that I kept from making a complete fool of myself. I did, however, have a Rogue Smoke (450) and then couple of Diet Cokes to kill some time so I could keep looking at Madam President when the opportunities arose.

Oh yeah, at 10:00 or so I drunk-emailed BadPickleGirl. This is always a waste of time because she won't even get the thing until Monday.

Anyway, I've been developing this theory about beer. About me and beer actually. There are some beers, and some combinations of beers, that I simply should not be drinking.

Last night I stumbled on one such combination.

I felt fine when I left Rich O's, at about midnight. I spent some time digging around for some batteries for my camera. Then I took those two awesome pictures above.

Right after I took the second picture, I fell back against the wall, and I was immediately drunk.

Spinning room drunk.

Pretty damn weird.

So I didn't get to practice pool last night. Instead I went to bed and hoped that I wouldn't get sick.

I didn't.

Sunday, November 12, 2006
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Tonight, for a change of pace, I had a beer. This was the fourth bottle that I took to BadPickleGirl's house on Friday. We didn't get to it then, so I got to it tonight.

Bluegrass Mephistopheles Metamorphosis (25)

(bottle) No foam at all. I mean none. I've seen tap water with a bigger head. Other than that, poured a slightly hazy orange. Taste was, as expected, fairly flat and generic. Yeasty and bland in flavor, this beer did grow on me as time went by. I'd love to try this in draft form someday. Maybe there'll be some fizz then.
Meanwhile, I sit here with three ideas for blog entries. All of them good ideas, but none of them exciting enough that I'm going to start typing them up now.

I think, instead of trying to tackle any of my new entry ideas, I think I'll just quote from my friend NotHideousGirl's blog:

Dave Siltz is the weirdest normal person I know, and I love him for it.
So, isn't that just the sweetest thing?

In response to that, I'll say this:

Kat is the most beautiful girl I know, who doesn't act like she's beautiful, and I love her for it.
Also, today I didn't talk to BadPickleGirl at all, and that bothered me a little. Uh oh.

Finally, my sister Neisha accused me the other day of killing and eating my cat Nugget, since she hasn't seen him in years and years. As proof that Nugget still lives, I present this picture (taken tonight) of him in all his fatness, along with the scratching post that he's slowly but surely shredding to bits:

hail his fatness

Friday, October 20, 2006
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I was dicking around with this today, showing a coworker the route to the expressway, and I noticed that the resolution seemed to have improved. Intrigued, I directed the application to a little town that had always been nothing more than a blur of pixels.

Now it's much better. I guess Google Earth has updated its database with new images.

Very cool.


Thursday, October 12, 2006
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...on Lost! are real dicks.

Except for this chick. I have a massive crush on her:

Tania Raymonde (Alex)

Probably in part because she used to be this girl on Malcolm in the Middle and she's the one that started the whole perverted brunettes with glasses thing for me.

Tania Raymonde (Dorky Girl)

If only there'd been a dorky girl like that when I was in school.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006
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they should make good pajamas

Sorry, ladies, but your dreams have not come true.

There are not three of me.

I got this idea from netmale a long time ago and completely forgot about it until MixedSignalGirl "found" some scrubs for me at work today.

Sunday, September 10, 2006
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Man I'm so behind on these things. But I don't feel like writing so I'm just going to rush through this.


On Tuesday, I went to Rich O's to see SassyGirl and JauntyGirl. This could be the last time I get to see them in that place, so it was kind of bittersweet for me. I took a picture to remember them by.

SassyGirl and JauntyGirl

To drink, I had myself three glasses of Delirium Tremens (712).

After the girls left I stuck around and talked to CoffeeDude for quite a while. I think I bored him with my stories, but at least we didn't talk about coffee. I also tried to get MixedSignalGirl (yes, we're talking again) to come but we got into a fight instead.


Wednesday night, I was in Broomfield Colorado. There was a brewpub right next to my hotel. I think it was called CB & Potts, but it was the Big horn Brewery too. Or maybe Ram brewing. It was quite confusing.

Anyway, I had myself a yummy steak dinner, and with it I had a couple of beers:

Big Horn Hefeweizen (20)

(draft) Served in a glass that was way too cold. There were ice crystals in the beer. Once it had thawed out a little, this was a pretty good beer. Very much a German-style wheat, but with the tiniest little bite of hops in the finish. I liked it.
For my next beer, I asked the girl to thaw me a glass out ahead of time.

Big Horn Total Disorder Porter (20)

(draft) Very nice. Chocolately and roasty and malty. If this was available near my home it would be one of my favorite beers.
After that I went to this place who's name escapes me. I'd gone in there earlier to see what they had on tap, and the hot bartender had told me to come back after I'd eaten, so I did.

While I was there I talked to the hot bartender and I had several phone conversations with MixedSignalGirl. To drink, I had a 24-ounce glass of Fat Tire (403) and then a regular 16-ounce glass of Newcastle (2348). Then I ordered some chicken tenders and went back to the hotel.


Thursday I didn't drink anything. I didn't do anything except go to class and then read a book in my room.


Friday I didn't drink anything. All I did was check my email every 10 seconds and try to avoid having a total meltdown.


Saturday I flew back home.

After a nice meal at the haunted Burger King, I went to Rich O's and got there at about 8:00. I waved at MusicalHippyDude and GlassesGirl who were sitting at the island, and I sat in the throne and talked to a couple that seemed to know me. I will now christen then Scarecrow and HopGirl.

I had a Delirium Tremens (722).

After a while everybody around me started talking about boring stuff so I moved up to the island. This was about the time I had another Delirium Tremens (732).

Then those people started talking about boring stuff. I realized that I was just bored and that it had nothing to do with anyone else. So I texted HatGirl on the off-chance that she'd come to Rich O's.

Well it worked! I got a reply back that they'd be coming in! Yay!

I think that this was about when I ordered my third Delirium Tremens (742).

After a million years, during which I tried somewhat successfully to lure MusicalHippyDude into interesting conversations, HatGirl came in to say "Hi." She and her sister and LuckyFucker were sitting out front. So after a suitable interval I went out to sit with them.



I spent the next hour or two migrating back and forth between the island and the front area.

Sometime during that period I had a fourth Delirium Tremens (752).

After HatGirl and company left I moved back to the island for good. WomanRepellant had snuck in at some point, as had Bubbles and NoNickNameDude. So I finished my beer and talked with them for a while. I also had a couple Diet Cokes to give the beer time to wear off.

I came home at 12:30 or so.

Sunday, September 3, 2006
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I feel kind of silly writing this, my Saturday beer report. More than that, I feel a little bit guilty about writing it. 'Cause see, I can't or at least won't write about what was important. And I don't want those things that I do write to take away from the significance of those things that I can't or won't write about.

Did you ever see a shooting star so brilliant that it just took your breath away, and you just stood there watching it blaze across the sky, so awestruck that you forgot to make a wish? Did you ever then realize that you're wish had come true anyway?

Yeah, well me too.

Saturday I needed to get to Rich O's early. It was imperative. There were people that were going to be there and I needed to have suitable seating available.

So I left my house a little before 7:00. I was on my way to the haunted Burger King to get something to eat when HatGirl went zooming by me, honking her horn and giving me a heart attack. HatGirl was one of the people I was supposed to meet at Rich O's. One of the reasons that I needed to be there early. But she called to let me know that she'd be later than expected. Didn't matter though. I still had to find suitable seating. There was another.

I grabbed a quick meal and got to Rich O's at 7:30. There were already strangers in the living room area. Fuck! The island was empty though so I went to sit over there, but I glanced at the bar and saw MisunderstoodGirl. That was a very nice surprise. I sat at the bar and talked with MisunderstoodGirl and QuietDude. I also kept looking behind me to see if the fuckheads would be leaving any time soon. It didn't look good. They seemed to be well entrenched.

My first beer was a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (1483). Actually, so were my second and third beers (1523).

After much discussion about such lofty topics as boobs and lesbian mail-order brides, some other stuff happened. This is the part where I shut up for a while.

After that, HatGirl and LuckyFucker came in.



MisunderstoodGirl left, so I moved down one spot and HatGirl and LuckyFucker joined me and QuietDude at the bar. I continued to turn around to check out the living room area. Actually I increased the frequency of this quite a bit. I really really really wanted to move over there.

(Seriously, I really did. The opportunity just never presented itself. I was not afraid.)

But it was not to be. The fuckheads had given their seats to some new arrivals, and so I spent the entire night sitting at the bar.

As the night at Rich O's wore to a close, the living room area did eventually empty out. Not that I cared by that point. I and QuietDude and FutureDude and DooRagGirl all moved over there.

Oh yeah, HatGirl and LuckyFucker had gone, and DooRagGirl had come in. Try to keep up please.

Then they closed Rich O's up. The four of us went over to this Mac's place that I don't like. They had a band that was covering Pink Floyd and AC/DC though, so that was pretty cool. It was quite loud there. I had a Newcastle (2308) and we sat around for an hour or so basically shouting at each other because that was the only way to be heard.

At 2:00 or so, DooRagGirl suggested that we all go to her house where we could hear ourselves think and hear each other talk. I thought that this was a great idea because we'd been talking about her pussy and I'd become obsessed with the idea of getting to pet it.

So we all went over to DooRagGirl and FutureDude's house, and I got to pet her pussy. Several times in fact. I'd heard some scary stories about her pussy but it was really quite nice. You just have to know how to treat them.

Nice pussy

I also got to meet the famous Harry the dog.

I also had another Newcastle (2320).

At about 4:00 or so I left and went to White Castle then came home.

Saturday, September 2, 2006
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happy kitty

Sunday, August 27, 2006
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very convincing

We'll see how well this works. My laptop is broken, and I'm sitting in the New York New York casino, in the shopping area. At a little table with a pizza design painted on top. I'm sitting under a fake tree, surrounded by fake streets. Above the storefronts are the illusions of second and third story windows. It's all fake, but still very convincing. I half expect to get mugged.

What was I getting at?

Oh, yeah.

This place certainly has style, but there's no real substance behind it. Concrete and cold steel. Plaster and paint. Break through these facades and the illusion is revealed.

I had a conversation last night. At least it started out as a conversation. It ended up being more of a sermon, or an impassioned plea for understanding.

The things that you read, the things that I write, they're not fiction. I am not a storyteller. I'm not even much of a writer most of the time.

My writings describe my thoughts and my feelings and my life. Strip away the facades of flowing phrases and you really lose nothing. What you're left with may not be as refined, but it's no less real. Hell, it might even be more real.

The point I need to make is that it's often too easy for people to have a disconnect between the words that they read and the people and events behind those words. I see this reflected all the time in the comments and emails I get. People complimenting me in something I've written.

But the thing is, I'm am not an actor performing in a play. This is my life. These events are real. And beyond that, they're happening right now. This is not an historical account of my life that you're reading. It's a play-by-play description.

So, if I write about pain, then I'm hurting.

If I write about confusion, then I'm confused.

And if I write about being in love, then I'm in love.

Just not with you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
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Continue reading "grandeur" »

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
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Monday morning, after I'd won a little bit of money playing video poker, I did some walking around. My plan had been to walk up to The Riviera where there's a pool tournament going on, but I only made it to Caesar's Palace.

I took a bunch of pictures.

Paris Las Vegas is quite photogenic.

paris las vegas

I did another zoom test with my camera. Here's the unzoomed view of New York New York.


And here's the zoomed view.

nyny zoomed

I think this stained glass dome was inside Paris Las Vegas.

stained glass dome

I took a lot of pictures of fountains. I like fountains.


I stopped at Planet Hollywood inside Caesar's and this creepy thing was on the wall.

creepy thing

More fountains.

cool fountains

These were cooler in person.

more statues
statue chick

Here's the obligatory strip shot taken from just outside New York New York.

obligatory strip shot

The first time I ever came to Las Vegas these talking statues were probably the coolest things in the city. Now they seem kind of cheesy.

talking statues

I really wanted to jump into the water in front of Bellagio.

cool cool water

That's the Rio way out there on the right. It was too far to walk though.

too far to walk

A tower.


For lunch, I had three Smithwick's (1004) and then I had a Guinness (1277) for dessert. I'd still like to duplicate this bar in my basement some day.

nine fine irishmen
nine fine irishmen
nine fine irishmen statue

Then I came back to my room and took a nap.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
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I want a mountain.

Yep, that's what I want.

Not my own personal mountain. That would be way too much responsibility. But I want to live by a mountain again.

(Image stolen from some USGS site)

Mt. Rainier

I miss Mt. Rainier. Even though I could go for months without ever seeing it, I always knew that it was there. And, on those days when it would appear, it never failed to impress and inspire me.

There are no mountains here, in Southern Indiana.

It's kind of boring.

LaptopGirl once said something to me about The Grand Canyon being this gigantic hole that would suck the creativity out of everyone around it. That got me to thinking that maybe mountains would do the opposite. Maybe mountains exude creative energy.

Somebody should look into getting us a mountain.

Sunday, July 23, 2006
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Figured I'd clean out some of the pictures on my phone.

This was a couple of weeks ago, when we all wondered if we were going to die. It's hard to tell from the picture, but a storm had gone through and left the sky an eerie purplish-brown. I went outside to check it out. With the sunset giving some context to that color it wasn't nearly as freaky.

Brurple Sky

This is just a smoldering hot girl that was at White Castle one night. She had brown hair and glasses. I was smitten.

Hot White Castle Girl

One night, when nobody was looking, I hung a picture from DaveFest on the wall at Rich O's. I figured that none of the bartenders would be motivated enough to take it down. It's the picture on the left, and it's of me and SassyGirl.

Sneaky Pic

Saturday they had this art thingy at Rich O's. This here was done by MisunderstoodGirl.


I just took a picture of this because I thought it was stupid. Maybe that's what the artist was going for.

Mirror Thingy

This statue thingy reminded me of allaboutme's profile picture.


Wednesday, July 5, 2006
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Clicking the image should pop up a larger view, if you're really bored.

Okay, this is a little disjointed.

That field to the right of the highway - that's where I grew up. There used to be a house there. There used to be a lot of shit in that area that isn't there anymore, and there's a lot of new shit that wasn't there when I was growing up.

Anyway, I had my pillows and my sleeping bag, and I was camping right on the edge of the road in front of my old yard. The pillows that I had - I had three pillows with green pillowcases, which is weird because I only have one pillowcase like that in my house.

There was a kind of theme to what I was doing. "Roadside 'Blogging" or something equally nonsensical. I kept getting annoyed because passing cars would keep zooming by me without even slowing down. I kept thinking that I was going to get run over, and I didn't want to die in my sleep like that.

I was trying to get some sleep, but there were some kids across the street setting up for a concert or a huge party or something. Also, I was right near this drainage pipe (you can barely tell where it is in the picture) and there were rocks that were digging into my back.

So I gave up on sleeping, and I decided that I was thirsty and that I'd go to Polly's Freeze. Polly's is the building at the top of the picture. So I walked passed my grandmother's old house (center right of the picture) and I was almost to Polly's when I realized that it was only 10:00 or so, and that I could go to Rich O's and have a yummy Rogue Chocolate Stout instead.

I picked up a ladder and I started running back to my old yard, where I'd parked my truck. Some black guy came out of Mildred's house (on the left side of the road in the center of the picture) and he started hollering at me about something, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

When I got back to my old yard, there was a big giant house that was being delivered. I couldn't get my truck out because the big giant house delivery had the driveway blocked. So I tried to drive my truck up the hill at the front of my old yard, but the hill was too steep and I flipped my truck.

Now, this damn dream was chock full of symbolism, and I think I get most of it. But the thing I really want to know is, What the fuck did the ladder have to do with anything?

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These things were outside my window when I got up this morning. There were actually about twice this many. There was another adult and another half-dozen chicks.

The reason it's so out of focus is that I took this picture through the glass in my window, and the glass messed up my camera's auto-focus. By the time I figured out how to focus them, they were in the bushes.

I think they're turkeys, but that's just a guess.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006
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On Monday morning they must have declared some kind of ice shortage or something, because the ice machine, located conveniently across the hall from my room, was in constant use from about 6:10 in the morning until I left at around 9:00.

What I'd decided was that I'd go and try to find a Best Buy or something so I could buy a new power adapter for my laptop.

And that's just what I did. It took a long time to find a Best Buy though.

When I got back to my room, it hadn't been touched. Big surprise.

Monday afternoon, after I'd done a little writing, I walked down to this Cleveland ChopHouse and Brewery place that the cabbie from Sunday night had recommended.

Cleveland ChopHouse and Brewery

With my very yummy sirloin and my kinda rubbery shrimp, I had a couple of beers:

Cleveland ChopHouse Stout (16)

(draft) Black with cream-colored head and incredible lacing. Flavor slanted a bit more towards coffee than chocolate. A decent beer.
Cleveland ChopHouse Saison de Chop (16)
(draft) Wow! Unexpectedly good. Extremely well-balanced and very refreshing. It also tasted like it had a higher ABV than it really does.
Then I went back to my room (still no maid service) and dicked around for a while before it was time to go to the Indians game.

It was a pretty good game. Indians vs. Yankees. I heard from somebody that it was the first time this season that Jacobs Field had been sold out. I believe this is because the Indians suck this year, but I'm really not sure.

Jacobs Field batting practice

Jacobs Field Scoreboard

Also, and maybe it was just the area where I was seated, but there seemed to be more Yankee fans than Indians fans at the game. That's kinda sad, I think.

As is my custom, I bought a cap and rooted for the home team.

The Indians actually won. I gathered that this was a surprise to everyone, especially the Indians.

After the game was over they had fireworks, but I wanted to beat the crowd so I high-tailed it down to the Winking Lizard and grabbed a seat at the bar. I had myself an Edmund Fitzgerald (144) and then I realized, quite suddenly, that I'd be leaving Cleveland in the morning. I decided that, no matter how yummy the Great Lakes porter was, I just had to try something else.

They have a pretty impressive beer menu. You can actually see it here if you want to play along at home.

The first choice was a no-brainer. I'd loved the Harpoon Winter Warmer so much, when I'd had it in Portland, that I just had to try their Hefeweizen.

Looking at the bottle, I should have known that something was wrong:

Harpoon UFO

Look a little closer:


That's a fucking citrus wedge, right there on the bottle!

Well I told the bartender that I didn't want the damn fruit wedge, bottle artwork notwithstanding. I used my standard "I'm straight" line as an excuse.

Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen (12)

(bottle) Despite the name Hefeweizen, this is an American wheat beer. Despite that, I liked it anyway. There was none of the hop bitterness that I usually associate with this style. The thing tasted like a Belgian wheat, and it tasted good.
The next beer choice took a little longer. There was this banana beer on the menu that looked intriguing, but it was an awfully big bottle and there was no guarantee that it wouldn't be disgusting. So I chose instead the following:

Unibroue Blanche de Chambly (12)

(bottle) Although supposedly a Belgian wheat, this had much of the aroma and flavor of a German wheat. If I had to put a label on it, I'd say that is was a blend of those two excellent styles. A very good beer from what is becoming one of my favorite breweries.
During all this I spent most of the time talking to a couple of Clevelandites about various crap.

Then I walked back to my hotel.

The fucking bitch maid had not visited my room all fucking day.

After I tried to write some entries, I went to sleep, then I got up and made sure that the manager knew how lazy the maid was, then I drove home.


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I feel like I need to say something here, before I say anything else. One of the things that I really hate about traveling is having to work my schedule around the hotel's cleaning people.

On Sunday morning, I was gone from my room for about four hours. When I returned, my room hadn't been touched yet.

During my driving around I'd passed this Winking Lizard place that I'd remembered from my pre-trip research. It was close to the hotel, so I decided to walk. After I'd walked a couple of hundred yards, it started to sprinkle. After I'd walked another couple of block, it started to pour. By the time I got to the bar I was soaked to the bone. I guess this Winking Lizard place is pretty famous or something. They had a decent draft selection, and a very good bottled selection. What I did was have three Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgeralds (112) and some Cajun-spiced chicken tenders while I watched the Indians game on TV.

Here are a couple pics I took inside the place:

Winking Lizard

Winking Lizard

When it was time to leave, I went out front and bought a t-shirt, and took this picture of what I must assume is the bar's mascot:


Either that, or they have a really bad pest problem.

Oh yeah, there was a smoldering hot girl sitting at the next table. She had very thin straps holding her top up. I tried using my mental powers to unravel the straps, but it didn't work. Oh well.

So I walked back to my hotel room at about 5:00, and my room hadn't been touched. I grabbed my dirty towels and went out and tracked the lazy bitch down and traded for some clean towels. I also told her that I wouldn't be needing any additional service that day.

Then I took a nap. Then I watched Catwoman on TV. Halle Berry is hot, in case you've been living in a cave on Mars and didn't know yet.

We're up to Sunday night now. I took a cab to the Rock Bottom. While there, I bought a t-shirt from an improbably cute hostess, and I had some beers.

Rock Bottom Walleye Wheat (Cleveland) (16)

(draft) No detectable aroma, and not much flavor. I can't tell if this is an American or a German wheat. It's very bland, but still good.
Rock Bottom Riverbend Red (Cleveland) (16)
(draft) Looks and tastes like weak tea, but with the slightest hint of creamy caramel. Not too bad. If a beer like this is too much for you then you probably shouldn't be drinking beer..
Rock Bottom Dawg Pound Brown (Cleveland) (16)
(draft) Very dark brown - almost black, with a nice tan head. Very roasty and malty. Not sure that this should be called a brown ale, but whatever you want to call it, it's still good.
Then, once the bartender found out that I wasn't driving, he gave me this on the house:

Rock Bottom Le Flats Saison (Cleveland) (16)

(draft) Clear gold in color. Looks like a lager, so scary. The flavor is awesome. There are the typical apple undertones, but this is a lot thicker-tasting than most saisons I've had. Damn good. Yummy actually.
The place closed up early, because it was Sunday, so I went out and stole a cab from somebody who'd called for one but didn't get there in time.

I told the cabbie to take me back to my hotel, but about halfway there I changed my mind and had him take me to the Winking Lizard instead. While there I had a Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald (128) and got some chicken tenders to go, then walked the short distance back to my hotel.

Monday, July 3, 2006
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Sunday morning I got up way too early. I dicked around the room for a while and watched some movie that I can't remember.

Then I went and got my truck and went driving around. I had no particular destination in mind - I mainly just wanted to see the lake.

Where I ended up was this Great Lakes Science Center thingy, which is a very cool interactive museum. It's mainly for kids I guess, and about 75% of the patrons were children, but it was fun for me too. I didn't take any pictures because if I had then there would have been kids in it and I didn't want to get arrested for anything I wasn't doing.

Oh, I guess I did take one picture. They had a giant turbine thingy outside the place:

Turbine Thingy

The science center was cool, but it was actually pretty small. I was able to see every exhibit in about an hour, and that's even accounting for the time I spent explaining things to the ubiquitous kids.

Before I left, I went into the gift shop to browse for a while. At one point I came upon a stand of rocks. Rocks which were, in fact, very much like my own rock. Since my rock is always in my pocket, I became concerned that I'd get accused of shoplifting. But I didn't.

Next I went to this Edgewater Park place that the hot blonde bartender at Bier Markt had told me about. I took pictures.

There was an actual beach, which I wasn't expecting.

Edgewater Park

The lake was, of course, there. It was windy as fuck.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Here I was testing my camera's zoom on a lighthouse thingy.

Lake Erie Lighthouses

They had a pier thing that I wanted to walk out on.

Lake Erie Pier

At the end of the pier I found a dead fish.

Lake Erie Dead Fish

I really wanted to get on top of one of these things.

Lake Erie Concrete thingies

But I couldn't see how to do it. The birds have it easier.

Lake Erie Concrete Thingy With Birds

There were also sailboats. Did I mention them before?

Lake Erie Sailboats

I took a picture back toward the city from the end of the pier. That blue Toyota pickup is mine.

Cleveland from Lake Erie

Finally, I did another zoom test.

Cleveland from Edgewater


There were storms out on the lake, but I never got lucky enough to capture any lightning with my camera. It was windy as fuck though. A bad hair day for everyone.

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The Bier markt was a weird place. It was, for one thing, huge. For another thing, it was empty. At least until 9:30 or so. Before that point there had been more bartenders working the place (2) than there were customers (1, my lovely self).

Bier Markt

The draft selection was indeed impressive. I wrote them all down but I'm not going to bore you people by listing them all here. There were a half-dozen or so Belgians that I've never even heard of. I had two:

Ommegang Rare Vos (16)

Dark copper-colored, firm head. A neutral flavor, with perhaps a touch of apple. A very fizzy mouthfeel. A good beer. The aroma was a little perfumy.
Leffe Blonde (16)
Looks like a lager, so scary. Smells like unpeeled apples. OMG tastes fantastic! I may just cream. Fucking yummy.
So, I liked the Leffe okay.

I spend a good amount of time talking with the hot blonde bartender. Then I found out that she's only 22 years old. Seeing nothing handy with which to kill myself, I decided to hang in there. Who knows? Maybe her grandmother is available.

At about 9:40, the place became packed, and 90% of the customers were hot girls. I decided that I loved the Bier Markt.

Also, no matter what city I go to, no matter what bar I visit, no matter where at the bar I sit, I always end up having people hovering all over me while they order their beers. Must be my after-shave.

By 11:00, I was pretty well-lit, so I walked outside to look for a cab. I ended up talking with some Clevelandites out on the patio for a while. One chick wanted a DaveFest shirt, but the one I was wearing was the only one I'd brought with me. She ended up still wanting it. So I put on my Bier Markt shirt and sold her the DaveFest shirt. Then I went back to the hotel and crashed.

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(Today I went and found myself a mall and bought myself a power adapter, so I'm free to type away. But, since I'm typing into this tiny laptop keyboard, I cannot be held responsible for any typos. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.)

People that don't know me very well, people that perhaps only know my online persona, they might think that they know why I chose Cleveland for this trip. "It's the baseball," they might say. Or maybe, "It's gotta be the lake and the other scenery."

Wrong and wrong.

Other people might guess that I picked this city because of the Great Lakes Science Center or other cultural crap.

Again, wrong.

All of that shit did play a part in my decision, but the real reason, and the only reason that could have stood on its own merit - is the Great Lakes Brewery.

Great Lakes Brewery

I took a cab to the place, though as it turned out, it was probably within walking distance. I took a few notes which I will now transcribe:

Patio area outside, packed as fuck. Not a good sign. The bar area inside, also packed. But wait! There's another section upstairs! Also packed. Shit. But wait again! There's yet another area down in the basement! Fuck, it's packed too, but I manage to cram myself in next to a guy that looks like ExBartender from Rich O's.
I figured that, as long as I was there, I'd have some beer.

Great Lakes Market Street Wheat (16)

(draft) Almost overpowering aroma. Flavor was good, but much more subdued than the aroma had hinted. The head disappeared almost immediately. Zero fizz.
Great Lakes Holy Moses White Ale (16)
(draft) Smells and tastes more like a German than a Belgian wheat. As a German, it's quite good. As a Belgian, it's a little musty.
Great Lakes Elliot Ness (6)
(draft) No aroma to speak of. the taste and the mouthfeel reminded me of a dopplebock more than anything else. Not worth a full glass.
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter (64)
(draft) I've had this before, but I don't remember what I wrote about it. Right now I want to write "yummy and roasty."
The main thing about the place, aside from the beer of course, is that it's completely non-smoking. I think that the main effect that this kind of policy has on me (aside from the occasional urge to murder everyone) is that I drink very quickly. I mean, I had all of the beers listed above in one hour. Somebody should do a study on this type of thing. Instead of drink, drag, drink, drag - it was drink, drink, drink, drink.

So by 8:30 or so, I was ready to leave. I was also half-shitfaced. I'd been talking to the bartender and she'd recommended this Bier Markt place around the corner. "They allow smoking," she said, "and they specialize in Belgian beers." Once my erection subsided I bought a souvenir t-shirt and walked out to find my Mecca.

Sunday, July 2, 2006
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I got to Cleveland right on schedule, a little bit before 4:00. Right at my exit was Jacobs Field, home of the Indians.

Jacobs Field

This was also the point where MapQuest let me down. I had to drive around for quite a while before I found my hotel, and I had to drive around even longer before I found the parking garage.

I'd been pretty tired, and a little hung-over, during the drive up. But my arrival gave me some new energy. I was quite suddenly alert and starving. So I threw my shit into my room and I went to find the local Hard Rock. I already knew that it was close because of my pre-trip research. It turns out that it was inside a mall called The Tower Mall or some such. Here's a shitty picture I took inside the Hard Rock:

Cleveland Hard Rock

Oh yeah, here's one of he inside of the mall:

Cleveland Mall

After I'd had a mushroom cheeseburger and fries, and a souvenier glass full of Guinness, I bought myself a t-shirt and then went back to the hotel.

Here are some more pics I took:


Still Cleveland

Saturday, June 24, 2006
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First things first. Yesterday I had the first half of the day off work, but at noon I had to go to Churchill Downs for a work thing.

I guess I'm kind of anti-horseracing. It just seems a little cruel to me, especially when they use the whips. Maybe that makes me a pansy. I dunno.

Here's a picture I took:

Go Baby Go!

Anyway, that's how I spent the day Friday.

Friday night I was on my way to Rich O's, and I ran into VigilanteGirl in the parking lot at the GasNStuff. So I talked to her for a half-hour or so. This was quite disconcerting because she was looking very sexy. I displayed willpower that I didn't know I possessed by keeping my eyes locked on her own. Mostly. Drift was inevitable, and understandable, I think. Damn she's hot.

She bought a DaveFest shirt. That was nice of her.

So by the time I left GasNStuff, I was running late, but I still needed to eat something, so I stopped at the haunted Burger King for a quick meal.

While I was waiting for my food, my cousin Jeff called to let me know that he'd be coming by Rich O's later to get his DaveFest shirt.

When I finally arrived at the bar, it was crowded as fuck. A couple of PBDs were on the loveseat. ActualGeorge was at the kiddie table, and strangers and assholes were everywhere else. How could I tell the difference between strangers and assholes? I'm glad you asked. The assholes were the ones sitting on the sofa, eating, and drinking fucking water.


What a bunch of assholes.

Anyway, I stood at the end of the bar and had myself a yummy Rogue Chocolate Stout (576) and glared at the assholes. At one point I went and sat with ActualGeorge for a while but then WomanRepellant came in so I went back and stood with him.

It was pretty boring, but I didn't mind too much.

After a while the strangers left the island so WomanRepellant and I and some PBDs went and sat there.

My second beer was a half-pint of Rogue Smoke (100). I like that beer (another DaveFest selection) a lot, but I wanted to save room for more Chocolate Stout.

At about the time Jeff arrived, The PBDs were leaving the loveseat, so we went and sat there. Then the assholes left the sofa and the throne.


I guess that was pretty much it. I gave Jeff his DaveFest shirt, and we sat and talked for the rest of the night. A couple of times somebody would come in and interrogate me about DaveFest, and I did my best to sound humble about the thing. But it's hard to be humble when you're me, I suppose. At least when you're me and people are wearing shirts with your likeness on the front.

Oh yeah, that one girl that looks like Ella came in and sat out front. With her was, I shit you not, the hottest girl who has ever sat foot in Rich O's. You could hear straining zippers all over the place as erections formed on every man there.

So the night was pretty tame. WomanRepellant joined Jeff and me in the living room, and I had a couple more Rogue Chocolate Stouts (616) before they started kicking everybody out of the place.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006
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Talked to SassyGirl tonight. She's been laying low since JauntyGirl is out of town.

She sent me a shitload of pictures from the first night of DaveFest. Some of the pictures are suitable for public viewing.

Going clockwise, my sister Neisha, her husband Chris, my lovely self, my other sister Dina, her husband Kenny, DooRagGirl, and SassyGirl.


Pretty much the same people as before, with JauntyGirl added next to SassyGirl, and WheatDude and MisunderstoodGirl on the loveseat.


That's GlassesGirl talking to Neisha.


DooRagGirl got fucked up.


SassyGirl trying to embarrass me.


Shortly after this picture was taken, things got out of hand. Sexual harrassment took place. I liked it.


Monday, June 19, 2006
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I drove into this loveliness on my way home from work this evening.

I wish I had a wide-angle option on my phone. The sky was incredible.

Somehow, the lack of lightning made it even scarier.

Sunday, June 18, 2006
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My sister Neisha sent me this picture of us siblings.


Thursday, June 8, 2006
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How, I wonder, do you get a hangover without being drunk the night before?

I dunno, but I seem to have stumbled upon the secret.

Too bad I still don't have a clue what that secret might be. Maybe when the cobwebs clear out of my head.

Anyway, last night the DaveFest t-shirts were to be delivered, so I made a rare Wednesday night appearance at Rich O's, arriving at 7:00.

Some stranger was eating in the living room area, so I sat at the island and had myself a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (1021). After a short while, some old lady showed up and sat across from me. I decided that the lesser of two evils was the eating guy, so I picked up my shit and moved to the loveseat.

TShirtDude arrived at about 7:45 with my shirts.


I put one on almost immediately, then I sold one almost immediately to one of the PBDs sitting at the bar. I'd kinda been hoping that HatGirl would buy the first one, but we don't always get what we want.

HatGirl (yay!) did come in a little after 8:00 to drink a beer and buy a shirt. It's always nice to see HatGirl, but seeing her wearing a DaveFest shirt was positively sublime.

My second beer was a Piraat (165).

Let's see, I also hung a shirt on the wall so people would know they're for sale:

DaveFest Shirt

After HatGirl left the place got really boring really quickly, but I stuck around anyway and had a couple of Newcastles (2100) and talked to TShirtDude and some guy from some website for a while.

And tonight I get to do it all over again, except I think I'll skip the Piraat.


Saturday, June 3, 2006
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The first two arrivals besides myself were TallLady and UplandWheatDude. I sat in the throne and talked with them for a bit until the floodgates opened up and people started flocking to the area. Before too long, the scene looked like this:

DaveFest people

Let's see, going from left to right: My sister Neisha's hand, UplandWheatDude, My lovely self, MisunderstoodGirl, my sister Dina, Dina's husband Kenny, DooRagGirl, SassyGirl, and TacoBell. Just off-camera to the left was GlassesGirl, and off-camera elsewhere were MusicalHippyDude, TallLady, HornDog, and Neisha's husband Chris.

Notably absent when this picture was taken were HatGirl and LuckyFucker. They didn't show up until later.

Oh yeah, and EwokGirl and her posse were all out sitting in the loser section:

EwokGirl and posse

My sisters and their husbands all feel left out because they don't have fancy nicknames. I've been giving this some thought, and so maybe they'll get some before too long. We'll see.

The biggest surprise of the night, for me, was definitely the appearance of MisunderstoodGirl, who has been absent from my life for over six months now. I was so excited to see her that I leaped out of my chair and pretty much threw myself at her.

Let's see, my second beer was a Goose Island Honkers Ale (94). It seemed a little flat to me.

A grand time was had by all I think. One of the reasons that Roger chose me for this honor is that my beer tastes aren't too extreme. So everyone was able to find something that they liked. Even Neisha.

My third beer was a Weihehstephaner Hefeweissbier (1001).

I'm having a tough time figuring out what to write here. I guess I'll think about it some more. I've got to go to Dina's wedding reception now anyway.

(to be continued)

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The hard part about writing this will be remembering what the fuck I had to drink.

But wait!

I wrote it all down!

So I guess the next hardest thing will be remembering who all showed up.

But wait!

There are pictures!

Maybe the hard part will be writing something that does justice to how much fun I had. Especially since I don't have much time to write anything. I've got to go to my sister's wedding reception before too long.

Oh, and I must buy cat food first.

For my cats, not for the reception. How white-trash do you think we are?

I took a day of vacation Friday, mainly to make sure that I could get my sleep schedule back on track, but also to play the new Half Life 2: Episode One game. I managed both feats, so it was worth it.

I left my house at about 5:30 and stopped by GasNStuff for some provisions.

VigilanteGirl was there!


I hadn't seen her since she left for her new job, and I actually hadn't seen too much of her in the weeks before that. She's as pretty as ever. I invited her to DaveFest though I knew very well that she wouldn't come. It was nice to see her though.

Went to Wendy's for dinner, passing up the haunted Burger King because I didn't want my mood to be spoiled. Plus, I like Wendy's. So there.

I got to Rich O's very early for me, at a little after 6:00. My first evidence that this whole thing is real and not some kind of sick joke was the front door:

DaveFest front door

They probably scared some customers away with that sign.

The next evidence came in the form of the beer board:

DaveFest beer board

The DaveFest beers are the ones with the logo next to their listings.

Finally, this is the sign that announced that the living room area was reserved for me and my group:

DaveFest reserved sign

Now, having 10 of my favorite beers on tap at the same time presents a bit of a logistical problem. Especially when I start drinking before 7:00. I knew that I'd have to really pace myself if I was going to make it through the night. So I resolved to only have half-pints, and I also resolved to start out with the lower alcohol selections.

Accordingly, my first selection was a Two Brothers Domain DuPage French Style Country Ale (210), or "that frenchy beer" as I like to call it, just to save time. I hadn't had this in a couple of years. It was yummy of course. As good I remembered.

(to be continued)

Thursday, May 25, 2006
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real not real

On the left, my lovely self, trying to make SassyGirl regret taking my picture.

On the right, the DaveFest t-shirt design.

Uncanny, isn't it?

I could have done without the jowls, but I've got my likeness on a t-shirt, and that's more than I ever thought would happen to little old me.

If you don't know what all this is about, you can go here and read Roger's explanation.

I'm going to be all famous and shit.

T-shirts will be available over the Internet to any of my readers that have nothing else to wear. When I find out pricing I'll post it. I'll pay for shipping on Internet orders.

Sunday, May 21, 2006
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It's been a pretty fantastic weekend here, weather-wise.

I realized this fact yesterday, after RockGirl's incoming email woke me up at the crack of noon, and I made the momentous (for me anyway) decision to (a) get off my ass, (b) leave my house, and (c) maybe even go someplace.

But where?

Why, Madison, Indiana of course.

But why?

Because they were having some festival or such and the NABC had a booth and they had Cone Smoker with them. And, you know, if there's anything better than drinking a Cone Smoker, it would have to be drinking a Cone Smoker in Madison.


So, basically, it gave me something to do. It also gave me a reason to take my new digital camera.

I've never been to Madison. It's about an hour up river from New Albany. I took the "scenic route" which so-named, as far as I can figure, because it's curvier than the other route.

After I'd driven for 45 minutes or so, my phone started vibrating. It was Awesome Larry, an old pool-playing friend from Omaha. So I pulled off into this ice cream place and talked with Larry for 15 minutes or so.

I know, this is boring.

When I was almost to Madison, I passed the entrance to Clifty Falls State Park. Hey! I didn't know that was by Madison! I'd gone there once as a kid with Boy Scouts or something and I remembered that it had been pretty cool, so I postponed going to the festival thingy, turned around, and went into the park.

I paid $5 to get in. I think I want my $5 back.

When I was a kid we'd been able to climb these stairs all the way down into the canyon. Then we'd been able to actually walk behind the falls. It was awesome.

Remember that scene from "The Last of the Mohicans" where they're all behind that waterfall while the bad guys are chasing them? It used to be kinda like that, except without as much water, and without people in funny wigs shooting at you.

But that was then. It was very cool.

Now, it's pretty much the exact opposite of cool.

Now, you can't do shit.

The stairs leading down to the base of the falls are gone. As near as I can tell the only ways to actually see the falls are to either jump and get a good look before you splatter onto the rocks, or hike approximately 8,764 miles up though the creek.

No thanks.

* drumroll *

And now, without further delay, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Clifty Falls!


What's that? You can't see shit?

Okay, I'll move over to the left and zoom in a little.


And that's all you can see. The falls are like 60 feet tall but you can only see the first few feet, and even that I don't think is the real falls.

It's not even impressive enough to make you want to pee.

So I didn't pee. I just left.

On the way back out of the park I stopped at this one overlook place and took a couple of pictures to test out the 12x optical zoom on my camera. Here's the normal shot:

not zoomed

And here's the zoomed shot:


Pretty cool. If there was a naked chick over there by that thingy, I'd totally be able to see her boobies!

But there were no boobies to be seen, so I left the park and continued my original journey into Madison.


This was the street down by the river where this festival was supposed to be going on. There were about 50 people there. I stopped by the beer tent and had a Cone Smoker (1796) in a plastic cup and talked to Roger.

Then I drove back home.

All in all, I'd say that the day was more interesting than doing laundry would have been, but not by much.

Saturday, May 20, 2006
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...and I have proof.

After I got home from Madison this afternoon, after I finished my dinner, I went downstairs to shoot some pool.

And I tripped over this:

Luckily, I seem to have killed it by tripping over it. Otherwise I'd have had to move out of my house.

I dropped the pool ball on it just in case.

Yep, it's dead.

Now I have to find my shovel so I can dispose of the thing.

Friday, May 19, 2006
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I went to Rich O's after work today for a Cone Smoker (1770), and PhotoDude told me about this:


That's the blackboard over at the Sportstime side of things. Nothing written on the Rich O's side yet, but maybe they've decided to go with neon, or maybe a blimp.

Dancing girls would be cool too.


I found a picture today that makes me sad. This is good timing because the picture that I used to use for that purpose only makes me happy now.

I'm weird, I know.

Sunday, May 14, 2006
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Yesterday my sister Dina finally married Kenny.

It was originally going to be a nice quiet affair in Dina's back yard, but because of the rain, it ended up being more like a Keystone Kops skit, with 8,000,000 or so people all crammed into Dina's living room.

I filmed the thing, as best as I could, with Dina's camcorder, then I took a few pictures with my cellphone. One of the latter is this one:

Mmmmm, cake

I left the rest of the picture taking to the other 7,999,999 people.

Also, because of the weather, the happy couple decided to postpone the reception and leave for their honeymoon early.

Guess when they're doing the reception now?

June 3rd.

Right at the beginning of DaveFest.

It'll probably come down to a coin flip for me. DaveFest is a huge honor, and not one I intent to take lightly.

Sunday, April 30, 2006
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Friday night was kind of a bust.

The place seemed more crowded than it was, mainly because of the presence of certain assholes.

I sat at the bar and had myself a Founder's Black Rye (32). I was pretty sure that I'd had this before, but the bartender didn't remember them carrying it. Well, I was right - I've had it before and I liked it okay.

Then some bullshit happened.

Then this one douchebag finally left the island so I moved my shit away from this one asshole and sat up there.

Coincidentally, or maybe on purpose, Rich O's also had Founder's Red Rye on tap. So I had one of those next (100). It was pretty good.

After a while, WomanRepellant came in and sat with me. Then some other people came and sat with us. Then some other people came and stood around us.

I was feeling pretty claustrophobic, and plus for some reason those two beers were going straight to my head.

So I went home.

On Saturday, SassyGirl called to see if I wanted to go over to the Cumberland Brewpub. Well, duh. Of course I did. They have such a yummy porter there.

I braved the weekend Bardstown Road traffic and met SassyGirl at about 6:30. I'd actually gotten lucky and I got to park right in front of the place. This is different than usual, when I have to park on Mars and then walk the rest of the way. So Yay!

I had a burger and fries, and a couple of yummy Cumberland Nitro Porters (160) while SassyGirl and I caught up on what's been happening since we last saw each other. We also talked about stuff like how her gaydar is quite accurate and mine sucks. I guess that makes sense though.

There was a chick at the bar that I thought was hot, and I was sure that SassyGirl would think so as well, but she once again baffled me by going, "Ehhh."

When we left Cumberland we went down the road a little to this place called Willy's. I'd never been there before, but I'd heard that they had a lot of beer on tap.

Well that part was true. Here's a picture of some of their 68 taps:

Taps at Willy's

Pretty impressive, but also quite hard to read all those taps. Luckily they had a beer menu so we checked it out.

Proving once again that great minds think alike, except when it comes to which girls are hot, we chose the same beer:

Bert Grant's Perfect Porter (24)

(draft) I guess this place has gone out of business. Hmmm, I wonder how long this beer has been sitting in the keg. The first thing I noticed was that it was quite thin. Like water. It took me a long time to figure out how to describe the flavor. That's because there was nothing. It was all roasted malt. I think I'd have liked this better if it wasn't so old-tasting.
Seriously, the beer compared to a porter the way a 7up compares to a Coke. The underlying structure was there, but it wasn't holding anything up. Plus, it had an extremely watery mouthfeel.

SassyGirl had to get ready for work, so we left Willy's at about 9:00. I took this picture of the dance floor on the way out:

Where is Willy?

Apparently there's a giant iguana that lives under there. Those are Mannequins of The Blues Brothers. Weird.

So I dropped SassyGirl back off at her truck and headed back to Indiana.

First thing I did, because I was in a mischievous mood, was go to Buckhead's. I didn't really plan to heckle my friend who recently started working there, but I wasn't feeling averse to making her think I was going to heckle her. For a minutes anyway.

Well, she wasn't there, but sometimes shit happens even when it's not the shit you were expecting.

MixedSignalGirl was there.

I was walking around the bar, looking at all the waitresses to see if my friend was working, and I nearly ran into MixedSignalGirl. She'd been walking around the bar, in the opposite.direction, looking for me.

Okay, to be fair, she wasn't quite looking for me. Just wondering if I was there. Well, I was. And so was she.

We spent a good few minutes joking about how fate had once again thrown us together. That's kind of a theme with us.

But she couldn't stay. She'd ordered food for herself and the asshole, so we went our separate ways.

It was still early, so I went to Rich O's next.

The place was actually pretty dead. I loved it. I sat at the bar and had a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (873) and talked for a bit with ElPresidente.

Once the PBDs cleared out, I had a bit of an episode. I looked at this...


...and felt a little nostalgic. Okay, a lot nostalgic.

Luckily that wave of emotion passed through me quickly, and I felt fine after that. I came home and shot some pool until about 4:00.

Sunday, April 16, 2006
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Everybody told me that I just had to go to Schlafly's bar slash brewery.

So I did.

I went there at around four I think. I drove myself, figuring that I could always take a cab back to the hotel if the situation warranted.

It's a pretty big place, and at first I thought they might be closed because the parking lot was almost completely empty. Inside was almost empty too. There were just two people sitting at the bar. Some dude and some lady.

I recognized the dude!

It was EvilLou, a pool player I know from my days on the newsgroup and also from the Derby City Classic.

Man what a small world it is.

Of course I knew that EvilLou lived in St. Louis so I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised. I, on the other hand, surprised the shit out of him.

So I sat at the bar and talked with EvilLou and his wife while I had some beer.

Schlafly's Hefeweizen (20)

It's always a crap shoot as to whether a hefeweizen is in the true German style or the crappy American style. This was American, so I didn't like it. As with most beers, however, this did get better as the glass got emptier. By the end, it was passable. This is not the beer's fault - I just don't like the style.
Here's the only picture I took inside this place:


My next beer was much better:

Schlafly's Scotch Ale (20)

More malty than other Scotch Ales I've tried, and that extra maltiness was needed to help mask the alcohol. A very good beer.
EvilLou and his wife left while I was drinking that last beer, so when I looked at the beer list and saw nothing interesting at all, I decided to head over to another brewpub.

The place I went to was called the Square One brewpub.

Square One Brewpub

Square One Brewpub

I guess they're affiliated with the Augusta brewery because all of the coasters were from that place.

I had myself some yummy beer-battered chicken tenders, and a beer sampler tray. They had a Belgian Red listed, and that sounded intriguing, but the waitress said they were out. Oh well.

Square One Nut Brown Ale (6)

Pretty good. Malty with a hint of cola to balance it out. A lot like Goose Island Hex Nut Brown Ale.
Square One California Common (2)
Hoppy and malty, with a bitter finish. Common is a very good name for this beer - there are a zillion just like it, and I don't like any of them.
Square One Bavarian Weizen (6)
The aroma is fantastic, as is the flavor. Maybe a bit more mellow than other German-style wheats. A very good beer.
Square One Stout (6)
A typical dry stout. Nothing wrong with it at all but nothing great either. Quite roasty, and better than average I suppose.
I had myself another of the Weizens (26) and that was it for me for a while.

I ended up taking a cab back to the hotel.

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Saturday morning I was, remarkably, not hung-over.

I know you were all worried.

I had a 12:40 ticket to go up in the arch, but I woke up at about 8:00, so I spent some time walking around downtown St. Louis looking for something to eat. I was really craving an omelet and sausage, but I settled for Burger King. It was good though.

At around 10:00 I walked down to the arch. I took more pictures. The sky was really cool looking. Even my crappy cellphone camera did a good job.


This is my favorite picture out off all of the ones I took. This was looking straight up at the arch while I was standing in the security line.

straight up

If you've never been under the arch before, there's a whole Westward expansion museum down there. It's pretty cool, and I don't understand why I didn't take any pictures. I just dicked around for an hour or so while I waited for 12:40 to arrive.

I was pretty excited to be finally going up in the thing. I must have visited the arch a dozen times in my life, but I never went up in it before.

At about 12:20, I got in line. The chick that was checking everybody's tickets looked at me and asked me if I was alone. I said, "Yes I am. Hard to believe, isn't it?"

That's one of my standard jokes.

Then ArchGirl told me that they had an opening for a single in the trams that were leaving next, so she gave me a red boarding pass and I got to walk right by all those other suckers and go join the group that was just getting ready to board.

I really had no idea what to expect. I mean, I knew enough to know that regular elevators would not be able to negotiate the curve of the arch, but I guess I was expecting something that at least looked like an elevator from the inside.


What they do is, they have you climb through these tiny doors into these tiny compartments. It must be an awful lot like climbing into a front-loading washing machine would be. Sharing compartment #5 with me were some dude and his two cute daughters. In compartment #6 was the guy's wife and their four other kids. Wow.

The littlest girl kept asking her dad if she was going to be "sceered." It was the most adorable thing I'd ever heard.

Her father told her that she might get a little "sceered" once the thing turned upside-down. That was funny.

I didn't take any pictures of the capsule thingies either. I don't know why. I guess I was just too excited.

The ride up was pretty cool. There were tiny windows in the tiny doors and I could look out and see the staircase that people had to use back in the olden days. Actually I think the stairs looked like fun. I wish they'd have given us the option of taking them on the way down, but they said that the stairs were only for emergencies.

After about a four-minute ride, we reached the top.


The observation deck is pretty small, and this chick to the left didn't help matters.

inside the observation deck

Of course I took pictures out the windows of the thing:

the city form the arch

the river from the arch

This next one is looking straight down:

straight down

A British guy asked me to take a picture of him and his wife, so I did. Then I asked if they'd take mine, so he did. An added bonus in this picture is BritishGuy's finger:

inside the arch

Another thing that was funny was that I told the little girl who'd been in my capsule with me that the maintenance hatches in the floor were actually trap doors. Her sister asked me why on Earth they'd put trap doors in the arch, and her dad piped in with, "They let people bungee jump through them. Didn't I tell you? We jump in ten minutes."

Both girls ran screaming to their mother.

On the way back down I had to share a capsule with the fat chick from the picture up above. That's karma for you.

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Friday night after the game I hailed a cab and took it to this Growlers place that I'd heard about.

Growlers Pub

It's easy to get to: You just go to the Moon and then take a left.

That means that it's pretty far away from downtown. The cab ride cost me forty bucks with tip.

Anyway, I did something kind of stupid, but there was just no way I could have known.

I sat at the bar.

There was a constant crowd of people standing all around me, leaning all over me as they tried to get the bartender's attention to order their drinks. I got extremely claustrophobic and I actually started regretting my decision to come to the place.

But I had to justify that forty buck cab fare, so I drank.

The place has a pretty impressive beer menu, both in selection and in price. The selection part is a good thing. The price part is not so good. They charged $8.50 for a bottle of Delirium Tremens. That's just ridiculous.

But I wasn't going to be drinking bottled beer anyway, so no skin off my back. I checked out the draft selections. There were maybe 30 beers on tap, almost all of which I've had before at one time or another. There was nothing that really jumped out at me, so I just had myself a Newcastle (1856).

The place was a freaking madhouse!

a madhouse I tell you!

While I had my Newcastle I kept looking around for a more private place to site, and eventually one of the tables opened up, so I hightailed it over there. I had that table to myself for maybe five seconds before three people joined me. I'll call them OriginalDude, PlayaDude, and SweetAssGirl. These three ended up being my companions for the rest of the evening.

My second beer was a Fat Tire (105). I hadn't had this in a long time. It was good.

The three of us sat around for a while and talked. They all knew each other but obviously they didn't know me. I told them about my Easter trip custom and shit like that.

My third beer was another Fat Tire (125).

Here's the view from where I was sitting. Those are barrels up there. It's kind of hard to tell though.

Growlers Pub Barrels

So, as near as I can figure it, OriginalDude and SweetAssGirl have been friends for like their entire lives. OriginalDude is clearly in love with her, but SweetAssGirl is either clueless about that fact or she's just choosing to ignore it. She actually spent most of the night either flirting with me or with PlayaDude.

Towards the end, PlayaDude was falling victim to SweetAssGirl's charms much more readily than I was, so I spent most of my time talking with OriginalDude.

My fourth beer was a Guinness (1217).

At one point these four chicks joined us. I think they knew SweetAssGirl and OriginalDude from before. One of them was quite pretty - she actually looked a lot like this girl.

Oh yeah, I had myself some very yummy blackened chicken quesadillas.

My fifth beer was a Diet Coke. I cut myself off after that Guinness.

I guess Missouri must have some draconian blue laws in place, because the place was still packed as shit when they did last call and eventually kicked us all out.

The cab back to the hotel cost me another forty bucks.

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After I left Morgan Street, it was time to hit the Cardinal's new park for the game.

It was fun. I always like going to games. Of course the Cards lost, but I guess technically I'm supposed to be more of a Reds fan anyway. I didn't tell anyone that though. I even bought a Cardinals cap.

Anyway, I took some pictures.

outside Busch Stadium

my hotel and the arch

view from my seat

view from my seat

play ball!

The new park is a pretty confusing place. Parts of it are like a maze. I think it might be my least favorite of the new parks I've been to as far as getting around goes, but it's got a lot more character than the new parks in Cincinnati or Chicago, so I like it.

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Both Friday and Saturday were quite busy, so I'll be breaking this trip report up into several entries. Otherwise it's just seems like too daunting a task and I'd probably never get to it.

So, Friday afternoon. I checked into my hotel. It seemed like a cool place at first.

a hollow hotel

I wonder if anyone has ever dove in from the ninth floor

But I quickly discovered that the "free Internet access in every room" was simply a myth to lure in customers. I had no signal in my room, and when I called them to complain they basically told me that I was SOL, and why not just take my laptop down to the lobby? There's a strong signal there.

So that sucked, but I wasn't supposed to be sitting at my computer all weekend anyway.

Once I'd checked in, I took off down the hill to see the arch. Should that be capitalized?

The Arch?

I dunno. Or care.

view from the arch grounds

I took a shitload of arch pictures. I'm only going to post a few though. You'll thank me later.

hey look! it's an arch!

This next one is semi-interesting. This was the first time I'd touched the arch in twenty years or so. I didn't cry though.

look ladies, no ring!

As I'd expected, the ride to the top was completely sold out, so I bought a ticket for 12:40 on Saturday. Then I walked over to Laclede's Landing to check out this Morgan Street Brewpub place. Behold my photographic prowess.

I don't remember it being that blurry

While I was at Morgan Street I figured what the heck, I'll have some beer.

Morgan Street Honey Wheat (4)

The bartender didn't know if it was a German-style or and American-style wheat, so I just had a sampler glass. It's American-style, so I didn't like it. The honey was not apparent except that the usual hop bitterness I find in this style was not there. Bland and boring.
The bartender said that it was their most popular beer by a wide margin. This did not bode well.

I also had a sample of this Winter Lager stuff (4) which I'll get to in a minute.

Morgan Street Irish Stout (16)

Fucking yummy and chocolately and yummy. Whoever says that there's no good beer at Laclede's Landing is an idiot. This beer was worth the trip all by itself.
Morgan Street Dopplebock (4)
Quite boring and generic. No hint at all of the strangeness that I usually associate with this style. I see no point to even making this beer.
Morgan Street Winter Lager (20)
Despite the name, this is an oatmeal stout aged in used Jack Daniel's barrels. The bartender says that every beer in the place is "lager-style" which to me means yeast. Whatever they call it, this beer is yummy.
I really wanted to talk to the brewer to see if the bartender was full of shit about the "lager-style" stuff. But he is apparently out of town. I have to ask some of the homebrewing PBDs at Rich O's.

Thursday, April 6, 2006
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SassyGirl finally managed to send me these pics she took Saturday night:

This was before they made me put on the hat.

Me and SassyGirl. The hat was her idea.

SassyBoy joined us for the next picture.

Then SassyBoy's boyfriend joined us.

This me trying to look like I really don't know what happened to the hat.

Monday, April 3, 2006
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Me and SassyGirl acting like idiots Saturday night.

Me and SassyGirl

There were many more pictures taken. The others she must have deemed too hideous to send me.

Sunday, April 2, 2006
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Last night was SassyGirl's party. Of course I went.

I only knew a handful of the people there, but I think that's part of the appeal of the thing. I don't know them, and they don't know me. It usually takes a while for people to figure out how fucked up I am.

Here are some people I didn't know. The King Kong Bundy guy I have seen at Rich O's before though.


SassyBoy, TacoBell, and SassyGirl hamming it up for the camera. SassyBoy got fucked up.

hamming it up
hamming it up more

SassyGirl had a keg of some NABC beer (I think it was the Bob's Old 15B Porter), but I took my own stuff. I had three bottles of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (799) and a bottle of Baltika 6 (324) plus a sip or two of Panil Barrique (10), which I'd brought for SassyGirl.

It was fun I suppose, but (surprise!) I'm not much of a party person. For me the fun part is watching everybody act like fools. I also spent a lot of time trying to convince SassyGirl's cat that I wasn't going to torture and kill and eat it.

here kitty kitty

I got bored and left at about 12:30.

Then, as is usual, I got sad on the drive home because I couldn't help but think about how the last time I was ever happy was driving home from a party at SassyGirl's house back in 2004, with LaptopGirl beside me I think I need to find a different route to take home the next time.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
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This was spotted with the rest of our incoming mail at work today.

Friday, March 10, 2006
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Paco the Alpaca

Here's a picture of Paco the Alpaca, brought to me all the way from Peru by SassyGirl.

Paco is admiring my second yummy bottle of Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (606).

Sunday, February 26, 2006
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burger king

On Grant Line Road, in New Albany Indiana, just South of I-265, there is a Burger King. Just like uncountable Burger Kings scattered all over creation. You either like the food, or you don't. You either like the convenience, or you feel that it's too high a price to pay for what places like that do to local mom and pop restaurants. You certainly don't go there for the atmosphere and the ambience.

At least most people don't go there for those things.

I'm not like most people. And, to me, that Burger King on Grant Line Road is not like most Burger Kings.

To me, that place is haunted.

Not haunted the way Rich O's is, with memories of better times, and a sparkling presence that sits beside me when I feel alone, and a million reminders of what was, and a million more reminders of what might have been.

Nope, not like that at all. That Burger King is haunted by me.

For that Burger King, on Grant Line Road, in New Albany Indiana, just South of I-265, in the third parking spot on the right when you pull in, that's where I died. That's where pieces of my shattered heart fell onto the pavement on that night back in October 2004. That's where my long scream began. That's where the echoes of that scream are the loudest.

When I go there, I always park in that same spot if it's available. It usually is. Like it's waiting for me.

I remember, back in Junior High, walking through the field at Gettysburg during a field trip, and imagining all of those that had perished there. Trying to pick up any sensations from souls that might still linger around that blood-soaked ground.

I wasn't able, back then, to feel anything out of the ordinary. Maybe that's because it just didn't seem real to me, and I had no connection to those poor soldiers, and it had all happened so long ago. Or maybe there was truly nothing there to feel. Maybe it's all a bunch of mumbo jumbo.

Maybe this is simply my imagination, yet another manifestation of my unwillingness to let all this go. Maybe this is just another symptom of my insanity.

But whatever. When I pull into that parking spot, I feel something there. Something that carries me back to that night and forces me to relive it.

I don't struggle, when my ghost bullies me like that. It's actually kind of nice, in a weird way.

Monday, February 20, 2006
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overhead view

Okay, so the house in the lower left is mine, and the house in the upper left - two houses up from me - that house isn't there any more.

Pretty messed up.

Sunday, February 19, 2006
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that's more like it

go me, it's my birthday!

I don't know why the picture turned out so small. I guess the guy that took the picture messed something up.

Thursday, February 16, 2006
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That's right, suckers! I got a new rock for my birthday! And this one I get to keep!

Ha ha!

So, ha ha!

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This entry brought to you by:

Zinnebir XMas (25)

(bottle) The aroma was almost overpowering at first, but after that it was difficult to even detect. The flavor was mild and tasty. It was kind of strange to pull a cork from a bottle of beer and find something this generic inside. Good, but not great.

Zinnebir XMas

I'm not complaining.

Really, I'm not.

I did this to myself, on purpose, with full awareness of what it was going to do to my mood. I knew what was going to happen, and I did it anyway. For several reasons. Eight or so that I've mentioned publicly, and at least one that I've kept private. I did it because it was necessary.

So I'm not complaining.

Just observing.

Observing that this can, and has, picked up exactly where it left off. I sort of thought that it might have faded a little bit after so many months. I sort of thought that, like a two-liter bottle of Coke, that things might have gone a little flat despite being so tightly capped.

Didn't happen.

The only thing that's different, the only thing that's different this time is that I seem to be able to withstand it better than I did before.

Which is, of course, not saying much, because before I couldn't withstand it at all. Because before, it was killing me.

Now, I think I just might survive. Whatever that means. However I might define who I am. What I am.





But you know, that's okay. It's nice to feel something again. It's nice to just let things wash over me again. It's nice to just let these emotions flow through me and dictate my moods. It takes all the pressure off my brain when I let my heart run things for a while.

I'd thought that, once I'd proven my point, that I'd put those corks back in. I'd thought that, once I'd reassured myself that what was truly important to me hadn't changed one fucking bit, that I'd bottle these feelings back up and get on with my life again.

And therein lay the problem with my great plan. There might not be a life to get on with.

I once wrote these words:

For he died in the depths, and he was reborn in the depths. Without their cold embrace he cannot exist.
The he referred to was, of course, my lovely self.

You know what? I miss her. I have no reasonable rationale for still missing her after all this time. I have no justifiable excuse for what happened to me when she left. I have no logical explanation for how these feelings can still flow through me so strongly.

And right now, right now I don't want any of those things.

Right now, I just want to lie back, and remember, and imagine, and wish, and smile, and hope, and cry, and long, and laugh, and wait, and dread, and hurt, and love.

What's a little insomnia if it gives me all that? That's a pretty small price to pay, if you ask me.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006
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Because I'm on this poll again over at Ella's journal, I figured that I'd post some pictures.

I also owe you an evil update.

So I'll kill both birds with one stone.

I'm all efficient and shit.

Tonight I was downstairs making a little practice video for myself, and when I was finish with that, I took advantage of the camera and the lighting to check out my evilness.


I guess I'll keep it for a while longer. It's still got some filling in to do.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006
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I don't know where to start this entry.

At the beginning seems like the logical place, but it just doesn't read correctly in my head.

Oh well, I'm going to start at the beginning anyway.

I took the day off work today. One hour of sleep just wasn't going to cut it. I had some comp time coming to me from having to work all day Sunday. I'd planned to use that to have my birthday off, but there was no way I could have gone into work today, so I used my comp time a month early.

Anyway, I didn't do fuck all day long, really. I slept until 11:30 or so, then dicked around on the computer and downstairs on the pool table.

At 2:30 or so, SassyGirl invited me to meet her at Rich O's after work.

Little did she know, I wasn't even at work. Muhaha.

Since I had laundry going, I agreed to meet her at 4:00.

Once there, I had myself a half an Upland Winter Warmer (120). Why just the half-glass? Because I'd decided that I'd go ahead and buy myself some new glasses. So I'd called in to LensCrafters ahead of time to make sure that they had everything in stock, and I figured I'd go there and pick up my glasses after Rich O's.

Since LensCrafters has glasses in about an hour, I had an hour to kill between the time I got my pupils measured and the time I'd be able to pick up my new glasses. To kill that time, I invited SassyGirl to go to Red Lobster with me (it's right across the street from the mall) and she agreed.

Let's see, during dinner SassyGirl's phone rang, and she saw that it was TrainGirl, so she handed me the phone so I could answer. TrainGirl didn't recognize my voice, not that I can fault her for that.

Also, with my dinner, I had a glass of Blue Moon (210). I'd remembered to asked for an unchilled glass, but I forgot about the fruit garnish so they put a fucking orange wedge in the thing. I guess I got it out before it completely ruined the beer, because it tasted okay.

After we left Red Lobster we went back to get my glasses. Here they are:

new glasses

And here are the old ones:

old glasses

After that we went back to Rich O's.

While there, I had myself an NABC Old Lightning Rod (110), and later a half-glass of Guinness (1040). DooRagGirl came in and sat at the kiddie table and talked to me for a while. She kindof noticed my new glasses, but only because I'd taken them off and was waving them in her face.

Tonight didn't feel at all like a Tuesday night, but it was. I do have to work tomorrow, so I came home early.

Saturday, December 31, 2005
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Man, what a difference a day makes!

The past two nights had been pretty much unbearable at Rich O's, but Friday night was pretty decent. Good in fact.

I arrived a little after 7:00. It was pouring down rain. There were some strangers scattered around but the living room area was empty except for DooRagGirl and LaptopGirl's ex, who I will start calling WheatDude for reasons that should be obvious.

I ordered an Upland Chocolate Stout (180) and enjoyed that while marveling at our ability to have an actual discussion without having to shout. Mostly we just talked about how pleasant it was. I also made a couple of beer recommendations to WheatDude.

A little before 8:00 HatGirl called me, I guess because DooRagGirl's phone was broken. She wasn't sure if she was going to come in. I handed my phone to DooRagGirl so she could talk some sense into her friend, then I crossed my fingers and toes and eyes.

It worked! DooRagGirl went to pick her up.

Let's see, I talked with SassyGirl. She was on her way for a quick drink or two before work. That's okay though - she just drives zillion-ton trains for a living. But you don't have to steer them.

At about the time DooRagGirl came back with HatGirl I was finishing my second Upland (200), and I'd started my third (220).

I took the girls over to see the port tasting party going on in the new area:

Oooooooh, fancy!

We were very quiet, so as not to startle the port people.

From my fourth Upland, I only drank about half the glass (230). This was because I'd had the brilliant idea of having an Alaskan Smoked Porter put on ice for later. Everybody wanted to try what I'd been touting as one of the world's best beers, so I let everybody have a sip.

I think they all liked it - especially DooRagGirl who tried to steal my glass.

I feel the need to interject here that I'm probably going to have to have a talk with WheatDude. Just because a girl is in a slightly bad mood, that does not mean that she's "ripe for the picking," as he so crassly suggested. Plus I'm a gentleman.

Once WheatDude had left, and SassyGirl had left, and these other two people who are friends of SassyBoy had left, it was just Me, DooRagGirl, and HatGirl. I moved over to the throne and HatGirl moved over to the loveseat. It was like I was in a little cocoon made of hot girls. Hot girls with boyfriends, as I'd had to remind WheatDude several times.

At one point I started craving Steak N Shake, and I decided that I was going. This extra driving meant that I had to cut my drinking off a little early. DooRagGirl was more than happy to relieve me of the last of my Alaskan Smoked Porter (238).

I had a couple Diet Cokes. HatGirl wanted to go to Steak N Shake. DooRagGirl didn't want to go unless her boyfriend could get off work, so I ended up taking HatGirl in my truck. Good thing I'd just given it its annual cleaning.

Well Steak N Shake was a bust, and we ended up going to Denny's instead. This was the first time I'd been in this particular Denny's since about a zillion years ago when I took SpoonsGirl there. The food was yummy, the company was charming.

I dropped HatGirl off at her house and managed to find my way out of that maze of streets, then I came home and dicked around until a little after 4:00.

I've got a couple of days to try to get my sleep schedule back to normal, or Tuesday morning is going to really suck.

Thursday, December 29, 2005
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Well my initial plan was to try this evil thing for a month and see if it worked out.

My own opinion is that it isn't working. My hair is just so damn fair you can hardly tell it's there. And there are still some gaps around the edges that I'm not convinced are ever going to fill in. There's also a bit of a symmetry problem.

But my sister Neisha says she'll kill me if I don't give it at least another month, and MixedSignalGirl gave me a grooming kit for Christmas, so I'll be sticking with it for a while longer.

Forgive me for this. I'm having one of those bad face days. Plus the phone always does this fisheye thing with close-up pictures. My nose really doesn't take up half my face.


It is kind of neat though. To look at more or less the same face in the mirror for forty years gets a little old. I only wish this face I still see didn't look so old sometimes.

I was also expecting some gray in my facial hair, but there's none. My dad had very little gray when he died at age 56, so I guess I get that from him.

Monday, December 26, 2005
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Before going out tonight, I first had to get ready.

Tonight was going to be the big beer-off between two of my all-time favorites; Rogue Chocolate stout and Upland Chocolate Stout.

I was way too excited over a couple of beers being on tap at the same time, but I'm bottling everything else up and I need to have some outlet for my emotions, so fuck off.

Besides, I take my duties as unofficial Rich O's beer reviewer very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that I had VigilanteGirl help me put together a special uniform for tonight's activities.

Behold me in all my scruffy and/or evil glory:

Evil Dave

If you look closely enough (not at my crotch you perverts) you may notice a reflective patch on my shirt. This shirt normally says Irish Stout Official Taster on it but tonight, for one night only, the word Irish has been replaced:

Ta Da!

At around 4:30, I called the bar and asked Roger, the owner, if he was going to shatter my dreams again. He assured me that both of my favorite chocolate stouts were indeed on tap.

Having thus confirmed that my mission was still a go, I arrived at Rich O's a little after 5:00 PM. Right off the bat, I checked the board:


Yay! They were both listed!

Did I mention that I was excited?

Well, I was.

I ordered a half glass of Rogue Chocolate Stout (318) and a half glass of Upland Chocolate Stout (70), which will hereafter in this entry be referred to simply as Rogue and Upland, and I sat in the throne with my beers and my notebook to begin my beer-off.

With both beers in front of me, calling to me, I tried to remain as scientific and impartial as I could. I alternated each beer through each of the following tests:


Upland: Jet Black
Rogue: Jet Black
Conclusion: Tie


Upland: Beige, faded quickly to a thin coating
Rogue: Light brown, lasted forever
Conclusion: Rogue easily wins this contest


Upland: Good chocolate aroma, a bit sharp when inhaled deeply
Rogue: Rich and malty chocolate aroma
Conclusion: Rogue easily wins this contest


Upland: Dryer than I remembered, with a touch of coffee but mostly a slightly bitter chocolate - yummy
Rogue: Tastes like it smells, rich and malty and chocolately - fucking yummy
Conclusion: Rogue easily wins this contest


Upland: A decent thickness, more syrupy than anything else
Rogue: Thick and creamy
Conclusion: Rogue wins this contest by a nose

Overall Winner

Rogue wins in a landslide.

I want to make this perfectly clear: The Upland Chocolate Stout is a fucking fantastic beer. On any night in which the Rogue wasn't on tap, the Upland would almost definitely be my favorite. There's not a damn thing wrong with the Upland - it's just no Rogue. And that's not such a bad thing. I, for example, am no Brad Pitt, but give me a try and you'll keep coming back. Unless Brad just happens to be in the room, then I'm screwed.

Saturday, December 3, 2005
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Prologue: Same as last night. I sat at the bar and wrote in my notebook when I felt like it.

I arrive and order a Rogue Chocolate Stout (80). Tastes awful because I just brushed my teeth. The solution: Drink faster.

Here's my rock admiring the Tilted Kilt glass.

Rock and Rogue

It's pretty dead in here right now, at least at the bar. Good.

A couple in their forties just sat next to me. They're looking at the beer list. I'm going to guess: Bud Light for her and Sam Adams's for him.

I was off, but not as far off as you might think. He got a Sin City Amber and she got a Sprite. I hate them.

One of the waitresses was complaining that somebody took her picture without permission. I told her that it happens to me all the time. I'm not sure what's so funny, but she laughed and touched my arm. She must want it up the butt.

I'm revising my opinion of the couple next to me. The girl is in her mid-thirties, and the guy with her may be her father.

Another Rogue (96). Fucking yummy.

Another revision. The chick is a pro and the dude doesn't know it. He actually thinks that she's interested in him.

The john just got a black and tan. He's telling the hooker that it's what everybody in Europe drinks. What a dork.

I wonder if every entry I make this week is going to be this boring.

There are some incredibly ugly people in the world.

Some fuckers just sat to my right. I'm guessing three Foster's. I may have to close my notebook as one of the fuckers is being nosey.

Two Grey Goose Martinis and one Bacardi & Coke. I should have known, but my brain is geared toward beer.

I'm taking off my glasses. Watch out ladies!

Steve the bartender is working tonight. We're talking about how freaked out I was at this time last year.

Showed PictureGirl my rock. She thinks it's cute. She definitely wants it up the butt. My dick, not the rock.

A hot girl just sat to my left.

This glass is almost empty. Do I want another Rogue?

Yes. Yes I do (110).

The hot girl left. Oh well.

I can feel myself being pulled to the Southeast. I wonder, if I'm being pulled by her, am I not also pulling her toward me?

Time to take a piss.

A goth couple just sat to my right. My guess: Guinness for both of them.

I nailed it.

GothGuy is smoking a clove cigarette. Now I'm starving to death.

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Today I went up to downtown and dicked around for a few hours.

Here's a picture of the famous cowboy on Fremont Street.

Fremont Street Cowboy

To eat and drink, I went to the 777 Brewpub at Main Street Station.

Fremont Street Cowboy

Fremont Street Cowboy

I mentioned back in May, but the Black Chip Porter there is world-class. I had a large glass (69) and chased it with a small glass (81).

Here's my rock being all jealous of my yummy beer.

Beer and Rock

Now it's time to take a nap before I head back to the bar tonight.

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Rio Dancing Girl

Rio Dancing Girl

Because even at 7:00 AM, even if I'm the only person at the bar, a beautiful girl will still get up on the stage thingy and dance for me.

Friday, December 2, 2005
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After checking into my room, and managing a fitful nap, a woke up a little after 5:00 and went down to the casino.

First things first. I needed to eat. So I went to this All American Bar place for a burger and fries. That's not why I went there though. I went there because they have Alaskan Amber, one of my all-time favorites.

I ended up having two of them (2024) with my dinner. Absolutely yummy.

This is just a picture of the bar. Exciting, isn't it?

All American Bar

Next, and if you've been reading me for more than six months you already know this, I went to The Tilted Kilt. Probably my favorite bar in Las Vegas, and definitely my favorite place on the strip.

Tilted Kilt Bar

The only person there that I knew is this one waitress. She remembered me, which I will consider to be a good thing because I'm not the type that gets remembered for being obnoxious.

To drink, I had some of the best beer I've ever had the pleasure of drinking.

Rogue Chocolate Stout (32)

(draft) A fantastic beer, from the intense chocolate syrup aroma through the creamy mouthfeel to the delicious finish. Beyond yummy.

I kinda wanted to just stay there and drink these all night long, but I'm still, even in Las Vegas, a lightweight. So I came up here to write some journal entries.

Now I'm going back down to drink some more.

Thursday, December 1, 2005
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After work Wednesday, as I said in my last entry, I went to Rich O's to see RealTainGirl.

Checking the board, I saw quite a few beers that looked interesting. One that I'd never heard of before. I asked the owner to describe it, then tried it anyway:

Rogue Honey Cream Ale (4)

(draft) I just had a small sample glass of this, as I was not expecting to like it. I was right. Had that dirty sock aroma that I associate with too many hops. It was very watery tasting, but had sort of a thick mouthfeel. Hard to believe that this comes from Rogue.
Because I hadn't expected to like the Rogue, I'd also ordered an old favorite that hasn't been available since this time last year. A pint of Goose Island Christmas Ale (120) went down quite nicely.

There was something strange going on in the red room. Roger was having some kind of private tasting for a bunch of guys in suits. That was odd enough, but the really weird part was that they had a spit bucket! RealTrainGirl and I decided that they were a bunch of pussies.

Since we were enjoying ourselves so much making fun of the spit bucket brigade, I decided to stay for another half pint. At about the time I ordered my Spezial (950) these people came in:

Odd People

I know, that's a pretty useless picture. That is a picture of a hot girl carrying a microphone, and another hot girl carrying a camcorder. With them, but not pictured, was some dork with a notebook.

They were doing some kind of profile on Rich O's for IUS, the local small college. The hot girl with the microphone interviewed a couple of the after-work PBDs, then she came over and interviewed me for a bit. She could tell that I was interview-worthy because I was sitting on the throne.

I showed great restraint by actually looking her in the eyes instead of at her chest. The concentration needed for this, unfortunately, also prevented me from saying anything funny. RealTrainGirl was clearly disappointed that I hadn't used my camera time to poke fun at the bucket brigade.

See, this is what happens when I forget my rock. I end up on TV or something. If I'd had my rock then it could have been on TV too.

Friday, November 25, 2005
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Delirium Tremens

For those of you with lives, those of you that don't have the great beers of the world memorized so you can recognize them simply from the bottle, this is Delirium Tremens. One of the world's finest beers.

This is my desert island beer.

And it's fitting that I'm drinking this now, because while I often feel like I am very much alone on an island, this day, with its crowding and its socializing and its obligations, this day magnifies that feeling more than any other. You can be completely surrounded, but if the right person isn't there, you're still alone.

That's an official Delirium Tremens glass, too. I used to have two of these glasses. This one's mate is far away now.

Part of my problem is that I read too much into things. I look for hidden signs everywhere. And not just signs. I have to look for the bad in everything I see. And I keep looking until I find it.

I can take the most heartfelt compliment and twist it into an insult. I can take the simplest greeting and turn it into a goodbye. This is my super power. But I don't use it to ward off evil, I use it to ward off everything and everyone.

Well, almost everyone.

Why, I wonder, can't I ever recognize good for what it is? Why is it that I can immediately see the bad, but when something good presents itself I must transform it into something else?

I dunno. Probably because I'm a dumbass.

So I'm drinking my symbolic beer (379), my second of this night. Later I'm going to have a third. Good thing I'm staying home tonight. After I drink my beers I'm going to go downstairs and shoot some pool. Maybe make some movies if I can remember to turn the camera on.

It's midnight now. November 24th is over. Good riddance.

Sunday, November 13, 2005
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Tonight, I was in a strange mood.

Not good, not particularly bad. I guess nostalgic would be a good description. Makes sense, anyway.

I tried a couple of times to call SpikeBoy to see if he was in the mood to do something besides Rich O's tonight, but I couldn't get in touch with him. Oh well, can't say I didn't try.

So what I ended up doing first, to help make up for not going to the cemetery today, was go to The Hitching Post and have myself a Falls City (24) in Dad's honor. Straight from the can like a real man would drink it.

Falls City Beer


I talked to the bartender for a bit, told her what I was doing there, but she'd only been working there for a couple of years so she didn't remember Dad. On the way out some dude initiated the brief conversation depicted two entries ago.

Next, big surprise, I went to Rich O's. There, big surprise, I had a Bell's Kalamazoo Stout (95).

I started out sitting at the island, talking with ExBartender and CoffeeDude, but then this old fuckhead sat with us and he pissed me off so I went and stood at the bar and talked with FutureDude for a while.

My next beer was an Avery Old Jubilation Ale (50), which I haven't had in a year and which was quite yummy.

After a while DooRagGirl (FutureDude's girlfriend) came in so I went to White Castle and then came home.

The kitty wasn't at White Castle tonight, for those of you who care about that sort of thing.

Saturday, November 12, 2005
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Today I slept a lot.

I slept from about 10:00 until 7:00, then I decided that going to work would be stupid.

So I slept from 9:00 until 1:30.

Then I had to do some work. I had a conference call with some vendor support people. It was quite trippy trying to deal with technical issues with a fever.

Next I slept from 4:00 until 9:00. I had the strange dream.

After that I took a long, hot shower and I actually felt better. I felt halfway normal actually.

So I went down to Rich O's.

All I did there was have myself a Bell's Kalamazoo Stout (70), and talk to BamaCouple for a while. Once they left I had part of another glass of the stout (75) and then I went to White Castle.

Here are some pictures of the cat at White Castle, which I have named Slider and which I hope to be able to actually pet some day.

White Castle cat

White Castle cat

White Castle cat

Sunday, November 6, 2005
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This entry brought to you by:

Rogue Imperial Stout

Rogue Imperial Stout (26)

(bottle) Hard to find anything wrong with this beer. If I had to pick something it would be the high ABV which limits the amount that can be consumed. A yummy chocolately flavor with a fairly intense alcohol burn. Quite good, and I will be buying more bottles which I will try to let age.
So, this is tough, writing this entry.

I can think of a million reasons why I've been putting it off, and I'll list them right now, one by one.

No, I'm kidding. I'd never do that to you.

Instead I'll just start typing and hope that the main reason reveals itself quickly before I die of boredom.

This entry will close out the period from October 9th, 2004, until middish/lateish September, 2005.

I will call this period The Wasted Year for reasons that are probably already evident to some of you, and which will become evident to the rest of you.

If you don't die of boredom yourselves before I finally get to the fucking point.

So, where was I?

Oh yes, I was dead. I died on October 9th of last year. I'd call my death a metaphor. Some may call it an exaggeration. Others may call it whiny crybaby drivel. But whatever you call it, it's all the same thing.

When I found out that she had left, I was devastated. Obliterated. I'd waited 39 years to meet someone that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but I fought it and denied it and ignored it until that veeeeeeeery moment when I couldn't deny or fight or ignore it any longer. That very moment when I brilliantly figured out that I'll probably only meet the love of my life but once in my life so I should probably stop being so fucking scared and just take a fucking chance for once. So, I decided to take that chance, and I was too late. She was gone. And every last bit of anything and everything that she'd inadvertently reawakened inside me died.

(I have this yummy beer I'm drinking to thank for that last paragraph. I'll probably read it tomorrow and delete it.)

You know what really pisses me off about the past year?

There was a girl. A girl that was everything I ever wanted. In a companion. In a girlfriend. Maybe even in a wife. She was everything I ever wanted except for one thing. She wasn't the one I was in love with. I tried so hard, I tried for so long, to divert my attention toward her, but it seemed like the harder I tried the more resistance I met. And, and this is what really pisses me off, all of that resistance was coming from inside me. My own heart betrayed me on a daily basis. Every minute, every fucking second, my heart waged war against me.

I could spend the rest of my life telling MixedSignalGirl how sorry I am that I didn't love her. I probably will spend the rest of my life at least thinking about what a colossal failure I was when it came to her.

I was supposed to be her hero, and instead I was the dragon and the black knight all rolled up into one.

Almost an entire year. Wasted on a dream that I never wanted to have in the first place. Almost an entire year, searching for answers to the questions I was afraid to even ask. Almost an entire year, hurting someone that truly cared about me while I longed for something that was simply not meant to be. Almost an entire year, wasted.

I think I was supposed to make a point here. Why has it been so hard for me to write this entry? To close out this chapter of my life?

For a while, I thought that perhaps some hidden part of me was actually still clinging to hope.


For a while, I thought that perhaps some small part of me was still waiting for some answers. For some closure.


What's been holding me back from writing this entry, what's been holding me back from closing out that period of my life when all I did was mourn and hurt and miss and long, what's been holding me back is that...

...I died, and whatever it was that arose from death wasn't me anymore. It was something that only existed to feel pain. If I let the pain go away, there will be nothing left, and I'll have to once again start over.

So that's one reason. The other is...

...The last time I had to start over, it wasn't a choice. Oh, I thought it was a choice for a while. I thought I could control my own emotions and my own destiny and my own happiness. But I was either lying to myself or fooling myself. Probably both. There was no choice in the matter. At the moment that I first looked into her sparkling eyes, the number of paths available to my heart dwindled to one. I would love her.

But this time, this time it is a conscious decision on my part. The things that I've finally done and finally found to stop the flood of pain - I could switch them off in an instant.

It's ironic really. This 'blog is to blame for a lot of the problems I've had. If I'd been able to restrain my writings way back in the Summer of 2004, things might be a lot different for me now. The irony is that it's this 'blog that has enabled me to be sitting here writing this entry.

There's this one girl. A regular reader of mine. She is the one that pointed out to me that the pain was killing me all over again. She's the one that suggested that I had to try something different. Instead of trying to deal with the pain, she asked, why not try bottling it up?

And then there was this other girl. My kindred spirit. A series of coincidences led me to her, and she has given me what nobody else has been able to give. Understanding. Not judgment. Not argument. Not even pity. Simple understanding, from someone going through the same thing I'd been going through.

I don't know which girl deserves the most credit for curing me. I suppose they're equally responsible. On the Internet, everybody is secretive, but these two girls have shown me trust and understanding that I never could have found anywhere else - not even from my family and my closest friends. I've already said this, to each of them, many times, but I feel compelled to say it here:

To T and to N, what you have given me can never ever ever be repaid, but I vow to do the best that I can, for as long as it takes, to repay it anyway. You have helped me to get my life back, and I seriously didn't think it was possible.
Anyway, where was I?

Oh yeah, the choice thingy. This time, ending this era, this wasted year, this pain-filled period, this time it's a choice. And with this choice comes responsibility. What if I'm fooling myself once again? What if suppressing these emotions and getting understanding isn't enough? This hasn't been tested, after all. I will be tested again. Eventually.

I sit here right now, and I know that I'm not ready to be tested. How can I truly consider myself healed, how can I honestly feel like I'm ready to close out this past year, when I know that all of that pain is still there inside me, building up pressure, ready to explode the next time she walks into my life?

I dunno. It just feels like I should close it out, this past year. Even if I'm not ready to be tested, everything else has changed over the last few weeks. I was in pain every day. Every single fucking day, I missed her. And now I don't. Even if it doesn't last, even if this turns out to be yet another false sunrise, and even if the darkness returns, this is still the end of an era.

I wasted a year, missing her. But I no longer fear spending the rest of my life missing her. I know that I can feel better, because I feel better right now. If I, reborn into pain, can still manage to live for a few weeks without that pain, then anything is possible.

This leopard can change its spots.

This scorpion can change its wicked ways.

This once broken man can have a life worth living.

And now I've got to go out onto my deck and finish this beer, to complete my little stupid tradition.

Sunday, October 30, 2005
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I always wanted us to go, but she kept putting it off. "One of these days," she'd always say. She was never much of an outdoorsy person.

Well, today I realized that there was no point in waiting for that magical day any longer. We weren't going to be going anywhere anymore.

So I went to the damn place by myself.

Going with a broken toe? Maybe not so brilliant. But I had a fucking point to make.

Since I'd never been there before, I just parked at the first parking lot I saw. How was I supposed to know that there was a real visitor area just down the road? Anyway, here's the view from where I parked.

Ohio River Falls

For some reason when I got here I had to pee.

Ohio River Falls

Looking up at the old bridge. I think they're talking about making this a pedestrian walkway, but it may be a completly different bridge for all I know.

Ohio River Falls

My cellphone camera couldn't handle the contrast apparently.

Ohio River Falls

I was surprised, for some reason, to see sand on the river's bank.

Ohio River Falls

Waaaay over there is Kentucky.

Ohio River Falls

At one point I found that I'd left the beaten path, so I beat my own.

Ohio River Falls

These rocks were pretty cool. I wish my toe had allowed pain-free jumping around on them.

Ohio River Falls

Just a bunch of logs that the river has deposited over the years.

Ohio River Falls

The tree was pretty much growing out of solid rock.

Ohio River Falls

A view back toward the bridge from the real visitor center.

Ohio River Falls


After I left the park, I went over to The Pub and had a Newcastle (1704) and then a Young's Double Chocolate Stout (243) with my lunch.

That Young's is a beautiful beer in draft form. Yummy.

Sunday, October 2, 2005
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Hmmm, I would have sworn that I started typing this before I went out earlier, but it's not here so I'll start over. Strange.

All day yesterday I tried to make up my mind what I'd do that night. The only thing that I knew for sure what that I didn't feel like going back to Rich O's.

I toyed with the idea of making a little circuit of the four brewpubs in Louisville. I thought about going to Jeffersonville and hanging out with my cousin. I even thought about just staying home and catching up on the television that's been tivoed over the last couple of weeks.

In the end, I went over to Fourth Street Live, which is part of Louisville's downtown revitalization vision. I kind of like it there. It makes me feel like a tourist. Like I'm on vacation or something.

So they were having this OktoberFest thingy, which in Louisville at Fourth Street Live, means that they ID you when you enter the block, and they have booths with BudMillerCoors beers in the middle of the street.

I wandered up and down the block a couple of times, looking to see if there was anyone I knew. I seemed to remember RealTrainGirl talking about OktoberFest recently. I don't think this is what she was talking about, but I figured that it would be a nice surprise to run into them.

I ended up at this place called The Pub. They have the best beer selection at Fourth Street Live. I ordered myself a Newcastle (1684).

While I was drinking my beer, I sent out a couple text messages, and I looked around the place to check out the local talent, as they say. There was one girl that sort of looked familiar, and she caught me looking at her and smiled. Yikes.

After about 15 minutes the girl started inviting me over to join her and her friends on their side of the bar. I declined politely because (a) Her friends were two guys and I figured that at least one of them was probably her boyfriend (maybe both of them from the dirty looks they were giving me), and (b) I'd texted MixedSignalGirl and was hoping that she'd show up, and (c) Normal girls do not invite me to join them in bars. I did not want to wake up in a tub of ice missing a kidney.

Seriously, what is it about women and their radar for when a man is vulnerable?

Anyway, after my Newcastle I had a new beer for me:

North Coast Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout (20)

(draft) A wonderful beer. Intensity everywhere from the aroma to
the flavor to the finish. Dark chocolate and quite a lot of roasted malt. A sweet burning finish that made me want another sip right away.
At one point KidneyGirl and her two guy friends were joined by two other girls - the actual girlfriends of the guys from the looks of things. This left KidneyGirl alone, and it left me with only two reasons to not join them. It was probably too late by then anyway.

I had another of the Rasputins (40).

At one point I got a call from RealTrainGirl. There weren't at Fourth Street Live, but they'd be at Rich O's later. She and GreenBeerDude were going to "show me something." Yikes!

I hadn't heard from MixedSignalGirl since the early evening, so I figured that she wasn't coming. I shot off a message telling her where I'd be, and that I wanted to talk to her, then I drove back to Indiana and to Rich O's.

When I got there the usual assortment of idiots was in the living room area. I stood at the bar, ordered a half-pint of Guinness (871) and talked to Bubbles for a while until RealTrainGirl, GreenBeerDude, and MisunderstoodGirl arrived.

Here's what they had to show me:

Matching Pizza Guy Tatoos

Matching tatoos of what looked like a logo for a pizza place or something. I'm just guessing here, but there was probably alcohol involved in their decision to have them done.

So we just hung out for a while. RealTrainGirl and GreenBeerDude were quite animated, probably from the pain or something. MisunderstoodGirl was busily plotting revenge on the world or something, so she didn't say much.

It was a nice end to the weekend festivities, and it took my mind off MixedSignalGirl, who I still haven't heard from as I type this entry.

Monday, September 19, 2005
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Why? Why would someone do this to me?

It's just so unfair!


*sobs uncontrollably*

Somebody erased what I'd written on the board at Rich O's and rewrote it!

Why Oh Why?

*breathes into paper bag*

Okay, so maybe I forgot to write how many ounces it was. Maybe I wrote a little small. Maybe I got the price wrong. Maybe my writing looked left-handed (inside joke ha-ha Hi M!) but c'mon! What I'd written was a zillion times better than what had been there, which was absolutely fucking nothing.

*tries to slash wrists with keys*

If I hadn't noticed the Smithwick's tap behind the bar, and written on the board, the place might not have sold any Smithwick's all weekend.

How would you have liked that, Roger? Your precious Smithwick's just sitting in the keg, going all stale and shit.

Everyone I asked, of course, denied erasing my legacy from the board, but there was one guy that got so flustered that he spilled an entire thing of straws all over the floor! Clearly there was a guilty conscience at work.


But I still don't understand why.

Oh BartenderDude, why hast thou forsaken me?
*grins in an evil manner*

They say that revenge is a dish best served cold. My revenge will be frigid. A veritable iceberg of revenge. You just wait.

*begins plotting revenge*

Sunday, September 18, 2005
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This entry is late because I had to work all day. It sucked, but it doesn't happen very often that I have to work on a Sunday, so I guess I'll live with it.

The entry is boring because all of the passion has either been sucked out of me or bottled up inside me. I'm not really sure which is the case, and it probably doesn't matter very much at the moment. The end-result is the same - a boring entry.

You have been warned. I suggest that, instead of bothering with this entry, you go read PassionateKisses instead. She's funny as fuck.

I feel like a visual is needed here.


Last night, when I got to Rich O's, I was sitting in the chair, which we all call the throne. NotGeorge was on my right, and WomanRepellant was on my left, and there were a couple of other guys that I don't know all that were sitting around as well.

I had myself a Delirium Tremens (357), and the group of us bullshitted about various fluff. I was already feeling a little bit claustrophobic because WomanRepellant was sitting just about as closely to me as he could while still maintaining some ass-sofa contact. I have no idea what that was all about.


To my immediate right is the kiddie table. This dude comes up and grabs a chair from the kiddie table and turns it towards our group so he can talk with us. Mainly he was just talking with WomanRepellant.

So I found myself stuck in the middle of a conversation between two people who were way into my personal comfort zone. I put up with this for about 10 seconds, but that was all I could stand. I grabbed my shit and went and sat at the end of the bar next to the idiots that had been there Wednesday.

I ordered one of these:

Upland Wheat (3)

(draft) Very fizzy. Too damn fizzy. There was too much citrus and it was a little sour tasting. I didn't care for it at all.
To wash the taste of that crap out of my mouth I ordered a Spezial (740) - a new keg since I'd blown the one on Friday.

At one point WomanRepellant came up and stood at the bar. He'd apparently gotten sick of all the football talk that was going on, and he knew that football was the last thing I'd want to talk about. So we talked for a while about anything but football.

Next I had a Weihenstephaner Dunkel (140).

At one point I returned from taking a piss and my seat had been taken. So I grabbed my shit again and moved over to the other end of the bar since the idiots from Wednesday had left.

At about this time I noticed that there was a Smithwick's handle attached to one of the taps behind the bar. After confirming that they did indeed have Smithwick's on tap I found some chalk and went out and wrote it on the board.

I wrote this!

So finally, I've been able to leave my mark in this world. I've always wondered what form it would take.

Once my Weihenstephaner was gone I ordered a Smithwick's (500).

I guess that's about it. I had a fairly enjoyable night, probably because I was irritated for having to pick up my shit and move not just once but twice. Irritated is close to being an actual feeling, and feelings have been hard to come by lately.

As long as I'm trying to break my own record for the most boring entry ever posted, I'll include a couple more pictures:

Mad Bitch

I'm so going to steal this Mad Bitch poster some night.

BBC Taps

This was a picture I took of the taps at the BBC when I went there recently.

Finally, here's an awkward ending to a pointless entry.

Sunday, August 28, 2005
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Here are the pictures I took at the Louisville Zoo yesterday before the Brew at the Zoo thingy started.

Please keep in mind that I'm not a professional nature photographer.

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

zoo pic

Saturday, August 27, 2005
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I ended up, as directed, going to Bloomington yesterday. I actually took a half day of vacation so I could get there early. This ended up being a good thing, but I'll get to that later.

During the drive up I ping-ponged between two thoughts.

First, I was a little excited to be doing this spur of the moment thing and following the sign I'd imagined getting on Thursday. I had no idea what to expect in Bloomington, but I figured it must be something interesting or I wouldn't have been led up there.

Second, I felt a little silly. I was basically driving up there because a coaster had told me to. I was also a little afraid that maybe I was missing something exciting and/or interesting at Rich O's. Of course maybe that's what the coaster was really trying to do - just keep me away from Rich O's for the night.

Those coasters, you never really know what they're trying to accomplish. They're sneaky and mysterious.

The first thing I did after I got to Bloomington was get a hold of my niece so I could check out her new dorm room. Here's a pic:


Next I went over to the Upland Taproom. Here's another pic:

Upland Taproom

It's a smaller place than I'd imagined. It was also quite crowded especially when you consider I got there at 6:00. I noted the complete lack of a smoking section and grabbed a seat at the bar.

I told the bartender that I was looking to taste some beers and that the first thing I wanted to taste was their Chocolate stout. So she poured me a little sampler glass (4) before I could stop her. I drained that and asked for a 12 oz. glass.

Upland Chocolate Stout (16)

(draft) Incredible head and lacing. Had a strong coffee aroma but the flavor was an incredible blend of both coffee and chocolate. Very creamy and very yummy.

So this is now my favorite stout in the world, and I almost decided to just stick with it, but in the end I figured that The Coaster would want me to sample some other beers. So that's what I did.

Upland Bad Elmers Porter (32)

(draft) Had a very strong roasted malt aroma. The flavor was quite nice with roasted malt and a mild chocolate. A dry finish that made me want to take another drink right away.

Upland Valley Weizen (12)
(draft) Very fizzy but sweet. A mild banana aroma and flavor. Mouthfeel was fizzy wheat. There was a slight tartness to the finish. I liked this, but I've had better dunkels.

I'd actually drank, and rated, the Porter before, but I went ahead and updated my old rating because I like to think that my palate is a little more sophisticated now than it was back then.

During the time I was drinking my beers I found myself looking around, trying to figure out just what I was doing up there. The place was completely packed, but everyone was with their own little group. The only person I really talked to was the bartender.


By the time I'd had my three beers it was only about 6:45. This is something I've noticed each time I've gone into a non-smoking bar. I drin