posted by dave on Thursday, August 20, 2009 at 9:48 PM in category ramblings

I want to get sad tonight. I want to sit in my garage and drink some Marzen and bring myself right up to the very edge of babbling and weeping insanity. But I don't think it's going to happen.

I think I'll just stay my regular kinda depressed self, but that true sadness will be beyond me tonight.

The guy treats her, from everything I've heard, like the princess that she is. Oh sure, I would have treated her the same way, and I did treat her the same way, but that brings me to my next point.

She's happy with him. And there's more to being happy than just being treated right. Whatever that something extra is, he has it, and I might not have it. Not for her, at least. Maybe.

It's very tough for me to admit - it's been six years after all - but I might not be able to make her happy. No matter how badly I would want it and no matter how hard I would fight for it, I might not be able to accomplish it. Intent and desire can only get you so far.

To try and to fail at that task would probably be more than I could bear.

Right now, she is happy. That's what's important. That's all that matters. My own happiness is less than trivial when compared to hers, and it always has been.

I wish them the best, I really do.

If she's happy, then she smiles. And when she smiles, then the world is a beautiful place. So what if that smile's not for me? And so what if I don't even get to see it? Beauty is beauty, beheld or not.

How can I really be sad in such a beautiful place?

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You know what they say: "the road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Wish I could make it better somehow. :o(

You've nailed it! That is indeed the very definiation of unconditional love. I cannot imagine you having anything but unconditional love for her at any price, well. . . . as we all know, you're paying dearly.

*Note* Be careful what you wish for.

Re: Recovering Hot Mormon chick cashing in on Blog. . . You could too! Between your writtings, cartoon and *ahem* helpful hints to those who like to think we know how to shoot pool, you most certainly could cash in. Granted recovering Mormon chick is hotter. . . but I enjoy your blog more.


I really should either update my pool blog or delete the thing before it becomes a laughing stock.

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