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Tonight I took this survey on facebook. I should do a vlog about this. Maybe I still will.

Have you ever had a person close to your heart lie to you?
Yes. It sucks.

Do you think you take responsiblity for your part in problems that arise in relationships?
Often I think that I take too much responsibility.

Do you blame others for the whole mess?
Only when it's their fault.

Is there really a such thing as NORMAL?
I hope not. That would be really boring, I think.

What is the definition of Love? (besides 1 corinthians)
(This was straight out of my blog) I think that love just might be when every possible type of attraction exists at the same time for the same person. That's why it seems so damn overwhelming and confusing.

Have you ever made an extreme decision without support from anyone?
Yes, if doing otherwise would have gone against who I am as a person.

Do you believe in repeat patterns in family, life, and relationships?
Not sure what you mean.

How do you know if your crazy or sane?
I have a good idea.

How much of who you are today was brought on by how you were raised and the circumstances surrounding you?
The circumstances surrounding me made me the way I am.

Have you ever tried to do something good and right only to have hate thrown back at you?
It's been happening a lot recently.

Have you ever had to make a decision that would change everything? If so what was it?
I didn't answer this on facebook, but it's probably okay to answer it here. One time I decided to tell the love of my life that she was the love of my life. It was supposed to change everything, but it ended up not changing shit.

Have you ever lied to your best friend or significant other?
Not for at least a decade.

Have you ever felt completely and totally alone?

Have you ever argued with God?
I don't think so. I've had some cross words with Him, though.

Do you believe that love can grow slowly, or do you believe it happens imediately?
I think there's room for both kinds. I have experienced both kinds.

Have you ever felt like you ruined someones life?
I've felt that way at times. Fortunately, I was wrong.

Do you understand yourself, and how others percieve you?
I understand myself fairly well. I have no clue what other people think about me.

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"Do you understand yourself, and how others perceive you?
I understand myself fairly well. I have no clue what other people think about me."

I think you're a nut. All the best people are! :o)

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