posted by dave on Monday, September 28, 2009 at 1:11 AM in category ramblings

Once or twice or a million times every week - it used to be much more often - I get the urge to say something. To initiate communication.

I don't do it, though, not anymore. I resist those urges, with whatever amount of effort is required at that particular time.

I have my reasons.

My feelings had become unwanted background noise to every word I said. Always inferred even when not consciously implied, even when explicitly dismissed.

I think that the thing I wanted to say, when I first had this thought earlier tonight, is that I haven't gone anywhere. But that wouldn't be quite true.

The truth is, I have moved.

But I've moved only as far as I've been pushed, and not one inch farther.

I'm still here, dammit.

Just one the other side of this damn line in the sand. Wishing that I knew what had happened. Wondering what would happen if I took a step forward.

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What happened to the Sept. 13th post? Repeated below for your convenience.

>>There are things! And they're happening!

That's just about all I can say.
But I wonder, I can't help but wonder, even though I know it's stupid to wonder.
Am I finally awake, or have I merely shifted to a new dream?

I think we've all been waiting for THAT to unfurl a bit more, did it? What was it?

Still can't say. Still don't have any answers.

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