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My umbrella gets turned inside-out every time I go outside. The wind is ridiculous. But it's still warm. The air temperature must be 100 degrees for it to still feel warm when it's this windy.
Bad hair day
Horizontal rain, because of the sustained 40 mph winds. At least it's not cold.
Sometimes I wish I had a job where I could sport a bright red mohawk.
What the fuck ever
I'm so sick and tired of these stupid games.
Still looking for the magic words.
Good question
"Why didn't you just leave at once, instead of tearing me up bit by bit like this?" - Pyoter
They keep giving me the gay straw.
Did I ever tell you people about the time I met Aretha Franklin?
I want a new car. My newest one is a 1995 model. But I guess I should get a permanent job first.
If patience is a virtue, then I must be the one of the most virtuous guys who ever lived. Yay for me!
Now I'm stuffed, but still going to try to cram a couple beers down there.
There's an Asian buffet right up the road!
Now I've gone and done it...
It's about damn time!
Not worth the risk...Not worth the risk... Not worth the risk...
Me being weird
I just told this chick that she looks almost exactly like NotHideousGirl. I even showed her a picture. She wasn't as thrilled as she should have been.
New retirement plan?
This dude told me I sound just like Carl Rove. I wonder if I can make any money from this phenomenon.
55 down, only 19 to go!
Tonight, at this Green Frog place, I've been talking to two chicks who remind me of SassyGirl and LaptopGirl. The former looks like SassyGirl, and the latter has the same name as LaptopGirl.
Elliott Bay Gulden Von Boorian
(draft) Hazy Gold. Nice white head. Mouthfeel almost creamy. Light aroma and flavor of apples and pears. There's a weird funky finish that I could definitely do without. Decent is all I can say.
Now I'm at this Green Frog place. It's weird. There's a jug band. But they have Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence on tap.
Oh goody
The world's loudest people just sat next to me.
I just need to accept the fact that we're no longer close. It fell apart so quickly, though. I'm totally in denial.
Lake Padden
I forgot to ask what year...
I win!
Are fair-weather friends really friends at all?
My friend Gene is still alive! That's nice of him.
Now I'm at the Yummi casino. All of the back roads seem to lead to this place.
Finally got my hairs cut. It had been over two months. I feel and look more like myself now. I'm not sure the latter is a good thing.
Instead of just glaring, I've been giving my phone the finger all night.
So much, so much more than I want this to begin, I want this to end. What does that mean? I don't know.
This one gay dude has been playing excellent 70s and 80s music on the jukebox all night long. "Don't Fear the Reaper" is playing right now.
Trying to wrap my brain around a thought with very sharp edges...
The thing is, I know exactly why this is happening to her. What I don't know is why it's happening to me.
I just asked my phone, it told me that it's 12 degrees back home. It's 45 and drizzling here.
The ice is so thin. There's no way it will hold for long. I should get off the ice, before it breaks, and I drown.
Spending a quiet night at "home" with pizza and Alaskan Smoked Porter.
It's always so amazing how quickly things disintegrate. And how often, but that's a different story.
Small world
Sitting at a little bar in Bellingham Washington, talking to a guy who graduated from the same high school as me, 2000 miles away, just two years before I graduated. And he's not the most unlikely guy I've met tonight. that award goes to Ryan Stiles.
Why is this girl a bartender? She should be a movie star.
Tried to install Crysis on my laptop. The framerate is so slow that it's unplayable. Now who am I supposed to kill?
I'm feeling oddly detached today. But in a good way, I guess.
I'm in a bar at O'hare. I'm bored. My flight doesn't leave for an hour.
Thinking, uh-oh
I'm thinking that I need to be lied to again. It was better when I was lied to.
Decisions, decisions...
Awake at midnight. Should I try to go back to sleep for two hours or just stay up?
This couple next to me is drinking Michelob Ultra, and bemoaning the taste of their Blue Moon samples.
So funny I forgot to laugh
Well, thought it would be funny to cancel my reservation. And there are no other seats available today. So now I'm trying to get a flight leaving Monday morning.
Mission accomplished
There was absolutely no reason to tell me that, except to hurt me.
In good hands
Okay, Mr. Jack and Mr. Shit, you two are in charge of getting me ready for my trip. Don't let me down. I'm counting on you.
Can't sleep. Can't change my flights. Can't do much, it seems.
I should just leave on Saturday. Staying until Sunday will be a waste of time.
I had one resolution for this year. It lasted until 8:19. Oops.
I need a haircut
So far...
...this year sucks.
I really wanted to watch her dance today.
Happy new year...
...and stuff!
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