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So, it's been two years since I've done one of these entries. Fuck, it's been two years since I've followed the show at all. Oh sure, I managed to watch it a couple of times last year, but my heart was never really in it, and wonderful distractions abounded.

I don't know if I'm going to watch it every week or not. I make no promises about that.

Anyway, here's what I thought about tonight. Keep in mind that this was the first time I'd seen or heard any of these people.

Siobhan: Stupid name. Minus 2 points just for that, and if I ever find out that it's some kind of stage-name that she picked for herself, then it'll be minus 50 points from then on. I thought she was very cute - she was the only girl I noticed when they showed the entire group at the beginning of the show. She needs to keep the glasses and she definitely needs to lose the nose ring. And she should probably pick a career other than singing. I thought this performance was screechy and crappy. She's definitely the hottie of the group, though. (65 points)

Casey: He seemed to be technically very good, but the performance seemed quite generic to me. I also took off 10 points for having the guitar as a crutch. (55 points)

Mike: Fucking awesome. Fantastic voice. Fantastic song. Fantastic performance. I'd buy one of his albums tomorrow. Minus 10 points for the guitar, which he definitely didn't need. (84 points)

Didi: Stupid name. She's quite cute, maybe a little too cute. Her plain voice gave a plain performance. Almost karaoke-ish. This was a shame, because I really like the song she chose. (50 points)

Tim: Nice voice. Good song. I like this guy. He missed the right note by a mile quite a few times. StupidGirl likes him, but I didn't let that affect my scoring. (68 points)

Andrew: Good song and good voice, but he seemed to be forcing things a bit, like maybe that wasn't his normal vocal range. Quite good, but I still took off 10 points for the crutch. (75 points)

Katie: Cute. She picked an awesome Aretha Franklin song, and sang it well. She's good, but she seemed a little full of herself to me. I took off 5 points for the backup singers. (75 points)

Lee: Great song. Great and unique voice. Fucking fantastic performance. I took off 10 points for the guitar, though. (89 points)

Crystal: Awesome song. I took off 5 points for the stupid backup singers, and another 10 points for the piano, but other than that she was the best of the night. (85 points)

Aaron: Great song. Incredibly good performance for anyone, but especially considering how young this kid is. But I found myself wondering how good he'll be in 10 years instead of appreciating how good he is right now. Needs to mature a little, I guess. (80 points)

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Crystal is F%&#$ing amazing. I'm going to boycott the show if she doesn't win. She hasn't had a bad performance yet. I like Lee a lot too...and of course Casey. He's not only pretty, he's talented. Just sayin...

Sometimes it's a blessing that they don't "win" the show. It could be detrimental to Crystal to be tied to the 5 yr obligation that comes with winning, which is what Simon was eluding to last nite.

She's Janice Joplin incarnate.

Last years Adam Lambert ROCKED! And it shocked everyone that he did not "win". Left to his own devices I've not been impressed with his output. I would have LOVED to have seen him front a reunited QUEEN. . . then go on his own.

Thur. evenings post, Survivor Heros & Villians? *smirk*

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