posted by dave on Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 4:35 AM in category entertainment

I watched this movie the other night called Moon. I've seen it once before, and I like it pretty much. I don't want to spoil the movie too much, but I kinda have to say one thing, because that one thing leads to the subject of this entry.

In the movie, a guy finds himself hanging out with, well, himself.

This got me to thinking about what would happen if I was in that situation. I mean, would I get along with myself? Would we like each other at all? Would we beat the shit out of each other?

We'd certainly have a lot to talk about. And we'd laugh a lot, because we'd have the same sense of humor. We'd enjoy drinking good beer together, and shooting pool. Finally, I'd have someone able to challenge me at pool!

But I think I'd get pretty irritated with myself before too long. I'm pretty sure that the constant sadness about LaptopGirl would get old very quickly. I'd just want to choke him and scream at him to get over it already. But he'd be both unable and unwilling to do that, and so we'd be at an impasse. And, of course, I'd get into moods of my own, and we'd make each other miserable. Sadness feeding sadness.

Another thing would be that I really need a lot of alone time, and having a doppelganger around would probably make that tough. We'd probably start to get on each other's nerves before too long, and go our separate ways to preserve our respective sanities.

I dunno. This is a weird entry.

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