posted by dave on Saturday, November 15, 2003 at 9:02 PM in category daily, drink

Last night was certainly an interesting one.

The Good: My sister has gotten engaged, and we all met her and her boyfriend (fiance!) to congratulate them and share in the joy and all that mushy stuff.

The Bad: The bar where all the festivites took place carries no beer worthy of human consumption, so I settled for a couple of Diet Cokes and waited for an appropriate time to sneak out.

Seeing so many of my family members together at once got me thinking about my dad, and I decided to have a Falls City in his honor.

It wasn't the battery acid that I remember from the occasional sips I took as a kid. As lagers go, it's probably better than most American ones. That's not saying much though. Hoppy, with a little bit of a citrus tang that didn't make me want to vomit. Not after just one at least. I didn't risk another.

The Ugly: Apparently that's me. I was at Rich O's, drinking some Cone Smoker (Style #1 again) to remind myself why I drink, and having a very lively discussion with LaptopGirl about things ranging from England to beer to her ex-boyfriend.

LaptopGirl is quite cute, in a dorky way. Since I'm quite dorky in a cute way, we were clicking right along. Or so I thought. Right in the middle of a sentence LaptopGirl stopped and loudly told her girlfriend how cute she thought the guy standing next to me was. The guy overheard that and promptly moved to the head of the line for LaptopGirl's attention. They ended up leaving together shortly afterwards.

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