posted by dave on Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 10:43 AM in category daily, drink

Whores and Sluts.

I'm sure that one of my old friends will recognize that old mantra, that oft-repeated phrase we used during that time in our lives when all women seemed to be evil, manipulative, and just plain repulsive.

My friend got lucky and found himself a good one. I remained unlucky and wasted a couple more years trying to work things out with my ex-wife.

He's still married, I'm still single, and I think we're both pretty happy.

I found myself thinking of those old days while I sat at Rich O's Friday night. There was a group of women who, to me and my already foul mood, seemed to be the perfect poster children for loose and bitchy women.

Anyway, they reminded me of that old slogan. My mood was foul for a completely different reason. My favorite Rich O's beer, Cone Smoker, has been pulled from the rotation, and I was forced to drink some lesser brews.

What I had was a Beak's Best and a couple of Community Darks, both decent beers, but neither is substantial enough to wrap an evening around. I found myself drinking beer just to drink it, not to enjoy it as I've been able to do lately.

Most of the regulars were there. MisunderstoodGirl and LaptopGirl seemed to notice my foul mood and left me to myself. Other's weren't quite so understanding and I was probably a little surly towards them.

When I left, much earlier than I usually do, I simply paid my bill and walked out. If anyone noticed my departure they were probably relieved.

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