posted by dave on Sunday, March 21, 2004 at 11:19 AM in category daily, drink

Last night Rich O's was actually pretty dead. Perhaps the novelty of their Gravity Head festival, now a couple of weeks old, has begun to wear off.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was SuperHotYoungGirl sitting with her friends in the front area. She actually made eye-contact with me and I nearly professed my love and adoration for her right then and there.

Somehow I resisted that urge and went into Rich O's proper. Things in there did not look good. DisgustingMakeoutCouple had stationed themselves on the couch and were doing their best to make everyone in the room feel uncomfortable by sucking and groping at each other. Seriously, get a room.

Beyond that display, right in "my" spot, stood CreepyGuy. He gave me his customary grin/leer. The guy either wants to pound me in the ass or chop me up and feed me to his pet ferrets. Neither option sounds particularly appealing so I try to steer clear.

Luckily a spot opened up at the bar so I was able to grab a seat. I ordered a Community Dark and had the bartender put an Alaskan Smoked Porter on ice for later.

As I drank my beer I'd occasionally look around the room to see if SuperHotYoungGirl had entered Rich O's proper. She hadn't but at one point I saw someone even better. LaptopGirl had managed to sneak in and was sitting there reading a book.

It had been at least a month since LaptopGirl and I had seen each other, and I swear she seemed as glad to see me as I was to see her. She moved her stuff over to the bar so we could talk.

While I talked with LaptopGirl about things ranging from her artistic endeavors to the National Park Service I finished my Community Dark and had the bartender bring me the Smoked Porter I had put on ice earlier.

This was the 2002 vintage Alaskan Smoked Porter. I usually have the 2003, and according to the Rich O's beer experts there is supposed to be a substantial difference.

I couldn't really detect a difference. I liked the 2002 exactly as much as I like the 2003. That is to say I liked it a lot, and I wished I could drink more than one in a night.

While I'd originally planned to leave Rich O's fairly early since I had to work the next morning, the appearance of LaptopGirl changed all that. I ended up having a couple of NABC's Beaks Best pints while she sampled a couple of the Gravity Head beers.

At one point we also sampled a Fantome Saison that I really liked and LaptopGirl didn't seem to care for all that much. It had the apple taste that I've come to expect and enjoy from Belgians.

As Rich O's closed LaptopGirl made a couple of references to going over to a nearby bar. I somehow remembered that I had to work in the morning and told her so. I also managed to stop myself from babbling on about the invisibility factor and the fact that Jack's Tavern seems to be a catalyst for that phenomenon.

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