posted by dave on Sunday, July 4, 2004 at 12:16 AM in category daily, drink

1. Utterly stupid or silly; asinine behavior.
2. Of, relating to, or resembling as ass.

First off, Friday night.

I had a pint of the Arcadia Scotch Ale, which I like more and more each time I drink it. What happened next was NOT the beer's fault. About halfway through I started feeling a little queasy. By the time I finished my pint I wasn't feeling very good at all so I left. I have since figured out the reason for my little anxiety attack, and it's nobody's business but mine. So there.

Anyway, once home I felt a little better. I had a bottle of Stone Smoked Porter while I watched a movie. It was pretty good beer actually, not as strong of a smoke flavor as some of the other smoked porters I've had, but enough to be recognizable, and enough to be pretty good.

On Saturday, I resolved to be in a better mood.

The night started out pretty well. VigilanteGirl was very fired up about the adventure she'd just had. She'd chased down some gas thieves and got their license number for the cops. She was VERY fired up, and her enthusiasm was quite contagious. I arrived at Rich O's in a very good mood. Ahhh, youth.

My mood was quickly diminished by what has to have been to most fucked up conversation I've ever heard. Now I want to be clear that I consider these people to be my friends, and that hasn't changed, but when people start talking about how cool Nazi's are and how, even if they're not cool, America is no different than the Nazis, I have to either bite my tongue or go off on someone.

I chose to bite my tongue. People like that are, I've found, not very receptive to conflicting views, and like I said, these people were my friends.

After a while I moved over to the island area and spent a good couple of hours talking with CoffeeDude about a lot of things.

Oh yeah, beer. While all the stupidity was going on I had an Arcadia. Once I'd moved to the island I switched to NABC Beak's Best.

I was able, via my conversation with CoffeeDude, to turn my mood back to a positive one.

Thanks, CoffeeDude.

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