posted by dave on Sunday, January 23, 2005 at 11:24 PM in category drink

Went and picked up a couple bottles of Blue Moon Belgian White so I could do a proper tasting.

Blue Moon Belgian White

(bottle) A commonly-available beer that I put off drinking simply because of its availability - reasoning that something so widely accepted must be bland and boring. I was quite wrong (see Newcastle for another example of my flawed logic). This is a very nice beer that went down very easily. I think I could drink it all night, and that's not something I could say about most Belgians.

Also had the De Dolle Ara Bier that I had in my 'fridge.

De Dole Ara Bier

(bottle) Pouring this into a glass resulted in about a 5/1 head/beer ratio. I actually lost patience waiting for the head to dissipate and ended up disrupting it with my finger. Once I got to the actual beer I really enjoyed it. A little lighter in both flavor and ABV than other Belgians I've enjoyed, so more suitable as a session beer. Black flecks that settled to the bottom of my glass turned me off a little.

Finally, one more from De Dolle:

De Dole Boskeun

(bottle) Fizzy, hazy orange. Citrus undertones that I didn't care for at all. MIght be okay on a hot Summer day. My least favorite from this otherwise wonderful brewery.

(I just corrected a typo in this entry. I'd had the word Belgina instead of Belgian in the first sentence. Belgina, what a lovely name that would be for the daughter of a beer lover such as I.)

(Yes, I'm kidding.)

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