posted by dave on Tuesday, February 15, 2005 at 6:51 PM in category daily

I suppose you'll read this and the gist of my words will somehow make through that thick layer of fat and dead cells you have in place of a brain, and you'll think, "Damn, I'm sure glad that's not directed at me!"

Well guess what, asshole, it is directed squarely at you.

I ask for one fucking thing in the entire time I've known you - hell, maybe one thing in your entire miserable life, and what do you do?

You use it to further your own fucked up drug-induced self-propagandizing agenda.

You use it as ammumnition in your ongoing battle to annoy and belittle and ostracize every person you meet. You take my request and twist it around and use it to make me look like the bad guy. Like I'm the one with the problem.

I decided a while ago that if you fucked this up for me I'd never speak to you again. Now you've managed to fuck it up royally, and I find myself unable to avoid you. Some things are unfortunately more important than that which you've corrupted, and I'll continue to honor those obligations.

But know this, you incredibly immature fuckwad of a human being: You will not be trusted by me again. Not with anything.

I can hold a grudge a looooooooong time. Just watch. Asshole.

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