posted by dave on Saturday, September 10, 2005 at 8:45 AM in category daily

I don't think I mentioned ButterFace and Nerdlinger the other day. They were at Rich O's again last night. ButterFace reminds me of someone but I don't know who. With the body she's got, she could definitely do better than Nerdlinger.

Anyway, when I got to Rich O's, the place only had a half-dozen people in it. I mean in Rich O's proper - there were a bunch of people out front and in the loser area.

The problem was, the half-dozen people were so scattered about the place. Nowhere were there three seats where my friends and I could sit without invading somebody's territory.

So that's what we did. We grabbed some seats at the island next to some people that I don't know.

It was quite cool to see MisunderstoodGirl again. She was her usual bubbly and outgoing self. Not. Still cool though.

Let's see, I started off with a Spezial Rauchbier (680), and I pretty much had that finished by the time the girls arrived. Next I had a Baltika "6" (158) so I could continue my ongoing love affair with that lovely beer.

Oh yeah, I did buy the girls their first beers as payment for being so good at pretending.

RealTrainGirl keeps bugging me to go to this Oktoberfest thingy. When I hear the word Oktoberfest I figure it's all about lagers, and since I don't like lagers I don't want to go.

Lanesville, my first hometown, is having this heritage festival this weekend. Every year I tell myself that I should go and check it out, and every year I end up not going. I imagine that this year will be no different, but as of this writing I'm still planning to head down there later today. We'll see.

Once my Baltika was gone I had a half-glass of Spezial (690).

It was one of those nice and pleasant evening that I've come to loathe, but it was much better than the last few boring nights at Rich O's have been. I enjoyed myself.

On the way home I was feeling nostalgic so I went into this bar near my home that had been my Dad's old hangout. I was going to have a Falls City in his honor but they no longer carry it. That fact, more than anything else, told me that times have indeed changed. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see Newcastle so I had a bottle of that (1632).

Then when I got home I was going to read some 'blogs but InsightBB decided to crap out again so I just went to bed.

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