posted by dave on Sunday, September 11, 2005 at 1:34 AM in category daily

My sleep schedule was all messed up, so I didn't even get to Rich O's until after 10:00. Accordingly, I only had two beers; a Delirium Tremens (347) and then a Guinness (841).

The place was pretty empty, at least of people that I felt like talking to, so I just sat at the bar and pretended that I was happy.

Since this is such a short entry, I'll add some shit.

1. I didn't go to the Lanesville Heritage thingy again this year. My sleep schedule was just too messed up, so I ended up napping during the time I'd planned to go.

2. The new Applebee's in New Albany sucks donkey dicks. Maybe they all do. I wouldn't know - this is the first one I've ever been to. They did have bottles of Guinness (821) though, so I had two.

3. I drove the Monte Carlo around today. With Fall and Winter approaching, I won't have as many opportunities to drive it. So I'm taking advantage of what I've got.

4. Today, VigilanteGirl was wearing one of the Hard Rock shirts I bought her. She looks quite fetching in it. Dare I say yummy? Yes I do dare it. Yummy!

5. VigilanteGirl has tentatively agreed to go see that exorcism movie with me next weekend. I'll believe it when I see it.

6. I think that the hot girl from last weekend may have been an Internet stalker. That would be cool I think.

7. MixedSignalGirl used the "L" word with me today, then quickly retracted it and denied ever saying it. This is the type of thing from which nicknames are born.

8. RealTrainGirl is trying to expand the holes in her ears. I expect that in a year or so she'll have dinner plates instead of earrings.

9. My readers seem to be pissed at me. Since I started duplicating everything at the number of daily messages I've received at my original site has dropped by about half.

10. I was going to make this an even 10, but I can't think of anything right now.

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