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So last night was the beginning of the Gravity Head festival at Rich O's. This is the biggest, and oldest, and most crowded festival of the three that they have every year.

This year there'll be four because of DaveFest.

Anyway, I spent some time yesterday feeling a little bit torn as to whether I'd go or not. There were two things that helped sway my decision. First, They've got this new seating area out front and all of the PBDs were supposed to use that area, hopefully lessening the crowd for us civilians. Second, NABC was unveiling a new beer and I definitely wanted to try it before it ran out.

So I got there a little before 9:00. It was pretty crowded, but not as bad as I'd feared. SassyGirl was sitting on the throne, and UplandWheatDude was at the kiddie table, and SassyBoy was in the new loveseat. I took the other kiddie table seat and ordered my first beer.

New Albanian Thunderfoot (10)

(draft) As with all Imperial Stouts, this one took a few sips before my palate was numbed enough to appreciate it. A little more subdued than I was expecting, absolutely drinkable. The alcohol was masked very well.
For various reasons, whenever I talk to UplandWheatDude, the subject of LaptopGirl always comes up right away, and last night was no different. It didn't bother me though. I think he understands the situation better than most because he was witness to it in the beginning.

After a while, some assholes left the island so we moved up there.

Our conversation turned to a more recent subject. It was kind of funny I suppose. UplandWheatDude asked me what had ever happened between "that one girl" and me. I assumed he was asking about MixedSignalGirl, so I told him about her going back to her ex and how she'd just became tired of waiting for me to get over LaptopGirl and all that. At one point he said something about how young she was, and I said that she's 35. He freaked out and kept saying that he just couldn't believe she was that old - that he'd have guessed middle to late 20s for her age.

I had my second beer:

Dark Horse Sapient Trip Ale (10)

(draft) Absolutely nothing special about this beer except that it's an Abbey Tripel, so it's special by default. Very good, but not great.
After a few minutes a light bulb went off in my head, and I asked UplandWheatDude to describe who he thought we'd just been talking about.

He was talking about a completely different girl!


So I had to update him on that situation, and that's an update that I'm not going to be typing up here for the world to see. Sorry.

My third beer was an NABC Bob's Old 15B (80). I hadn't had one of these in a long time. It was pretty watery after the two strong beers I'd just had.

We were joined, sort of, by GlassesGirl and HotRedHead. GlassesGirl wants a new nickname, because she doesn't wear glasses any more. If I think of a good one for her I'll use it, but for now it will remain unchanged.

My last beer was another Gravity Head offering:

Great Divide Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout (10)

(draft) I've never been a big fan of oak aged brews, but the oak undertones of this are subtle enough that they're hardly noticeable. Just enough chocolate and coffee flavor to almost mask the alcohol burn, but not quite. Pretty good.
At one point UplandWheatDude pulled a disappearing act. I stuck around and talked with the girls for a while. I had a Diet Coke and came home a little after midnight.

So, the night wasn't too bad. Much better than I'd been expecting. There were no big surprises. The crowd wasn't unbearable. I wish I could have talked to SassyGirl more.

Tonight is the night that the Daytonians invade. They've been given the new front area for the night, but I bet the whole place will be very crowded. We'll see.

This is a boring entry.

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