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Relaxing and reminiscing. Thirst quenching. Flinging steel arches at cold metal spikes. Drawing promises of fortune out of a box, and feigning excitement as brutes flee whips that they can never outrun.

Such was my day.

Familiar faces in unfamiliar surroundings, they just don't seem to fit. Or maybe I am the one out of place. Sound crossing still waters, driving its rhythm into my bones. Man's best friends, excited to see me, though they've never done so before. If they only knew.

Such was my evening.

A comfortable chair. A comfortable friend. Silent camaraderie. Life exhales and allows itself to relax.

Such was my night.

Ha ha. Just kidding.

Today was a long day, even though it didn't really start until 3:00.

First, I went to my friend Eric's Derby party. This party, like last year's version, consisted of Eric and his wife, and about 800 people that I don't know - mostly friends of Eric's from high school.

To drink, I had the same thing I had at last year's party. So maybe I'm starting my own tradition here. At any rate, I had five bottles of Blue Moon (270) and it was quite good. I'd like to have had something better, but not in the middle of the day when I know I'll be drinking for several hours.

After some preliminary crap like eating and being introduced to people whose names I immediately forgot, we pitched some horseshoes.

The first game, Eric and I were down 19-10 and I caught fire. We won that game 21-19.

The second game Eric and I just ran away with. I think we won with a score of 21-4 or something equally embarrassing for our opponents.

The third game we had our asses handed to us. We both just sucked.

The fourth game we lost 21-19. Close, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and this time it didn't even count in horseshoes.

Once the fourth game was over it was time to watch the race. I'd drawn the name of some horse I never heard of in the $5 pool. I think it's still running.

Then, it was time for me to move on to my next appointment. This one chick was having some people from Rich O's over for a post-Derby party.

While there, I had the last of my Blue Moons (282) and talked with the PBDs. It was definitely strange to see those people outside of Rich O's.

The people across the pond were having The Party To End All Parties. There must have been 50 cars parked all along the street outside that house, and their music must have been audible for miles. I expect arrests to be made at that party before the night is over.

I couldn't stay at that party for long though, because I had yet another appointment.

I'd promised SassyGirl that I'd meet her at Rich O's before she had to go into work.

The place was dead. I sat on the throne and ordered a Smithwick's (746). After a while SassyGirl came in and we bullshitted for a while. We also spent some time making fun of this one pretentious asshole that was sitting at the bar. It was a nice way to wind down a busy day.

Once SassyGirl left for work, I went to White Castle then I came home.

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Awww, I liked the first part! You should do that for real sometime.

I liked the first paragraph. It all fell apart quickly after that.

Okay so a friend is reading your site with me and she has a question. What happens If you get a buzz and lose track of how many ounces of a particular beer? Has this happened?


Kitkat: Not a problem for me. I never drink enough to lose track. I'm a lightweight and I know it.

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