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Got to Rich O's early last night. 7:30 or so. It's one of my quirks that I like to watch hot girls come in, and HatGirl had said that they'd be in on Saturday so I went early to give myself the best chance of getting a seat with a good view. HatGirl and LuckyFucker typically keep early hours at Rich O's.

Ideally, I'd have grabbed the throne, but there was some stranger sitting there, and his date was on the loveseat. I don't know why but they looked like they'd be the annoying type, so I sat at the island instead of joining them.

I ordered a Smithwick's (786) and just kind of vegged out for a while. The place was pretty dead, and I don't think it was because I was early. Some people have these things called lives and so they sometimes go to places besides Rich O's on long holiday weekends.

ElPresidente came in and told me about some PBD campout or some such thing that's in a couple of weeks. I reminded him that DaveFest would probably still be going on so I doubted that I'd be doing any camping.

At 8:30 or so, SpoonsGirl came in with her brother VegasDude. He's in town for the graduation of SpoonsGirl's son. So we sat and talked and I tried a couple of times to make beer recommendations.

My second beer was a yummy Avery The Reverend (120). I went ahead and ordered a 20oz pint of it instead of the usual 10oz glass.

So we sat and talked for a couple of hours about nothing much. Stories of their childhoods, Las Vegas, and crazy women drivers. TallLady came and joined us, and I became concerned that there'd be no place for HatGirl and LuckyFucker to sit if they came in.

This fear was realized when TallLady invited a couple of Daytonians to join us, but by then it was 9:30 and I'd started to suspect that my friends wouldn't be coming after all.

At 9:38 I got a text message from HatGirl that they'd be in "shortly."

At 10:38 I sent HatGirl a text message asking if she'd changed her mind.

At 10:45 HatGirl and LuckyFucker came in.



I'd already told SpoonsGirl and her brother and the Daytonians that I'd be leaving them once HatGirl arrived, and that's what I did. I moved down to the red room table where we talked about TV and similar exciting topics.

My last beer was a Guinness (1217).

A little after 11:00, DooRagGirl came in and sat with us.



It turns out that DooRagGirl has never seen the show Lost! and so HatGirl, LuckyFucker, and I spent some time urging her to correct that injustice.

Once the bartenders started giving everyone their bills (their subtle way of saying get the fuck out so I can go home) the place cleared out fairly quickly. I sat for a few extra minutes with DooRagGirl while I finished my Diet Coke, then I went to White Castle then came home.

It was a nice night.

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Have you ever brewed your own beer? I notice you like beer a lot but don't mention homebrewing.

On another note, I was at checking out some videos after this local pool god and I spoke about straight pool. He recommended this video where a guy runs to 100 balls and then he's voiced over explaining the entire set. I'm interested to watch this and soak it up. Have you ever seen videos like this?

About the blog.....I also have nowhere to go on long holiday weekends. My wife and I just had a baby so were stuck for the long haul. Thank GOD for basement pool rooms!!!!!!!!

I responded via email.

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