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Sunday morning I got up way too early. I dicked around the room for a while and watched some movie that I can't remember.

Then I went and got my truck and went driving around. I had no particular destination in mind - I mainly just wanted to see the lake.

Where I ended up was this Great Lakes Science Center thingy, which is a very cool interactive museum. It's mainly for kids I guess, and about 75% of the patrons were children, but it was fun for me too. I didn't take any pictures because if I had then there would have been kids in it and I didn't want to get arrested for anything I wasn't doing.

Oh, I guess I did take one picture. They had a giant turbine thingy outside the place:

Turbine Thingy

The science center was cool, but it was actually pretty small. I was able to see every exhibit in about an hour, and that's even accounting for the time I spent explaining things to the ubiquitous kids.

Before I left, I went into the gift shop to browse for a while. At one point I came upon a stand of rocks. Rocks which were, in fact, very much like my own rock. Since my rock is always in my pocket, I became concerned that I'd get accused of shoplifting. But I didn't.

Next I went to this Edgewater Park place that the hot blonde bartender at Bier Markt had told me about. I took pictures.

There was an actual beach, which I wasn't expecting.

Edgewater Park

The lake was, of course, there. It was windy as fuck.

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Here I was testing my camera's zoom on a lighthouse thingy.

Lake Erie Lighthouses

They had a pier thing that I wanted to walk out on.

Lake Erie Pier

At the end of the pier I found a dead fish.

Lake Erie Dead Fish

I really wanted to get on top of one of these things.

Lake Erie Concrete thingies

But I couldn't see how to do it. The birds have it easier.

Lake Erie Concrete Thingy With Birds

There were also sailboats. Did I mention them before?

Lake Erie Sailboats

I took a picture back toward the city from the end of the pier. That blue Toyota pickup is mine.

Cleveland from Lake Erie

Finally, I did another zoom test.

Cleveland from Edgewater


There were storms out on the lake, but I never got lucky enough to capture any lightning with my camera. It was windy as fuck though. A bad hair day for everyone.

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