posted by dave on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 12:02 PM in category drink, general

I'm craving a steak. Again. Must be some old age thing. Like I need meat to help make up for withering away.

So I'm at this place in New Albany called Tucker's. We used to come here, every now and then. The food is pretty good. The bartender is hot. Plus, there's something about the Guinness here. It's fucking yummy. Much better than it is anywhere else.

I'm having a Guinness, of course. A tall glass of frothy pleasure while I wait for my steak and my baked potato and my sautéed mushrooms. Not that the sides matter. It's all about the steak tonight. And the Guinness. And the hot bartender.


The red room at Rich O's is fucked up. Some plumbing problem. So what little crowd there is has, um, crowded into the rest of Rich O's proper. I don't care though. I'm not even officially here.

They've got two new beers on tap. Both seem intriguing to me.

New Albanian Jenever Rye(10)

(draft) Dirty gold. Zero fizz. Has a sweet aroma, if that makes any sense. Flavor is quite sweet with some odd indescribable undertones. Pretty good, but dangerous because the alcohol is very well hidden. No bitterness.
This one chick is going to piss me off, but not as much as this fuckhead on the sofa is going to.

They're playing fucking Johnny Cash again. I never had an opinion about him at all, but now I hate him because they play the dead fucker so damn often in this place.

Great, now the fuckhead on the sofa is singing along to the music. I hate him.

New Albanian Artemsia Ale(10)

(draft) Clear brown. Zero fizz. Smells like a pine tree - must be the mugwort. The flavor is very weird, and very good. I like this a lot. Tastes like it should have more alcohol than it does.
TallLady has left the bar. I'm moving up there to get away from this fuckhead.

Piss time.

Another half-pint of the Artemsia (20).

The strangers just left the other end of the bar. I would move down there, but it seems hard.

Some guy from the future just took the right-hand barstool. He seemed upset when his Upland Wheat didn't come with a citrus wedge.

PotatoGirl is having trouble pouring Pilsner Urquel because it's so foamy. This has prompted me to write a new advertising slogan for that beer. Pilsner Urquel: A lot of effort for a little flavor.

I had a brilliant idea for a series of 'blog entries yesterday. But it seems hard, so I probably won't do it.

The guy from the future has gone. The time portal must be about to close.

Piss time.

Ordering another half-pint of the Jenever (20).

I am sooooooooooooo glad that I deleted her number from my phone. Really.

Fine, maybe I'm stupid, but at least my stupidity lets me do the right thing. Most idiots have no excuse at all.

Bubbles is here.

PotatoGirl wants me. She needs to get in line.

This Artemsia stuff is yummy. That means that it will never be here again, so I'd better drink up. Not tonight though.

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