posted by dave on Sunday, August 6, 2006 at 12:53 PM in category drink

This is me trying to be funny. Not with the content of the entry, more like the theme. Or the lack thereof. Only time will tell if I am successful or not. Well, time and RockGirl, what with RockGirl being the only other person on Earth who might get the joke.

Plus, I'm kinda repeating the same joke from the Friday report, so this time it might fall flat.

Anyway, Ha Ha.

Saturday evening I went out to the BBC brewpub on Shelbyville Road. I'd been craving their Dark Star Porter and I'd been thwarted last weekend when I went downtown. So I this time I went straight to the source.

I sat at a table over by the outdoor area, and the first thing I noticed was that ExoticGirl was sitting outside. The second thing I noticed was that her husband was sitting with her. Oh, well.

I ordered a spicy cheeseburger and fries and a Dark Star (194). The beer was yummy. At least what I had of it was. What happened was this - Out of the corner of my eye I saw ExoticGirl lean forward in her seat and expose some panty material. For some reason I chose that exact moment to reach for my beer, but in my distracted/excited state I didn't so much grab the beer as knock it over. Actually, I didn't so much knock it over as backhand it across the table and onto the floor.


So I only had about a half-pint of the Dark Star (184).

My second beer, which arrived at the same time as my food, was a BBC Smoked Porter (54). It was pretty good, but the caution with which I found myself drinking it - that caution neutralized some of the enjoyment for me. I was being very careful because I figured that if I managed to spill two beers in a row they'd probably call the cops just on principle. I'd go directly to jail. I wouldn't pass go. And I most definitely wouldn't collect $200.

The remainder of my time at the BBC passed without incident, and I got to Rich O's at about 8:00.

(to be continued)

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