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Showing up at 8:00 always means that I've got to really pace myself or I'll end up going home at 10:00 like some old man. I needed to drink only tame beers. So I sat on the sofa and ordered an NABC Artemsia (180) and talked with a couple of regulars. Regulars who will no doubt be disappointed that I haven't given them nicknames.

Anyway, there was some old lady in the throne. I talked with her for a bit. She seemed really nice, which was strange because most old ladies really creep me out.

Once the old lady and the regulars left I grabbed the throne for myself.

I'm pretty sure that some other stuff happened, but I don't know what. It must not have been important, or interesting.

Actually, that brings up a point. I'm woefully unprepared to write this, the second half of my Saturday beer report. I took notes at the BBC, and I had my notebook with me at Rich O's, but I made very little use of it. In fact, here are the only notes I took at Rich O's last night:

Don't forget. Three times a lady.
I wrote this because they played that song over the radio or CD player or whatever they have back there. I was reminded of a dance I went to when I was in 8th grade. This girl had a crush on me for some reason and we danced all night. They must have played that song a dozen times. That was in 1978.
Weirdoes at 10:00.
A whole herd of weirdoes came in at 10:00 and looked around for a bit. Then I guess they went and sat out front.
This one guy shows up every now and then and makes fun of everyone's beers. I hate him, and I guess just about everyone hates him.

At a little after 10:00 I texted DooRagGirl, telling her to put down the paintbrush and come to Rich O's. About an hour later she came in, but not (she claimed) because I'd asked her to. Didn't matter, it was nice to see her.

My next beer was a Smithwick's (936).

I spent the next hour or so talking with DooRagGirl and MusicalHippyDude and GlassesGirl. I determined that I haven't managed to completely alienate DooRagGirl. The HatGirl question remains unanswered. Also, I guess MusicalHippyDude is supposed to get his hair cut next week. I probably won't bother giving him a new nickname. We'll see.

They started kicking everyone out at 12:30, so I bought myself a couple of Gulden Draak bottles and came home.

See, I hadn't slept since Friday morning. I gave it a hell of a try, but certain images and events and non-events prevented it. So I devised a plan.

I would drink until I passed out.

Not the healthiest plan I've ever had, but I figured that if I didn't manage to get some sleep then I'd probably end up in the hospital. And that's when the accusations would start flying. I couldn't let that happen.

So I came home, and I sat out on my swing, and I had two bottles of Gulden Draak (204). I was still conscious, so I had a bottle of Delirium Tremens (599).

That did the trick. I woke up at 12:30.

I kinda wish that I could sleep until it's time to leave for Las Vegas. I doubt that the next couple of weeks will be very much fun.

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