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Yesterday, I went driving.

First, I went to get my oil changed in my truck.

Then I went out to my sister's house to see her new kitten.

Then I hit the road.

After about six hours of driving, I ended up in downtown Louisville. A mere five miles from my home. I obviously took the scenic route.

So at a little after 7:00 I was sitting in this place called The Dark Star and I was eating a yummy cheeseburger and drinking a yummy BBC Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout (314), and the cast of all the Batman movies walked in.

There was Batman, and Catwoman, and The Joker, and Two-Face, and some harlequin chick that I guess was one of the Joker's henchmen.

Catwoman and the harlequin chick were hot. All of the costumes were great.

After I'd finished my meal and my beer I walked up the street to The Pub and had a couple of Newcastles (2626) and I wrote down all of the costumes that I saw. You should be aware that some of these might not have been actual costumes. Those characters marked with an * are the ones that might have been real:

  • The Blues Brothers

  • Pirate

  • Stupid Hairstyle Guy *

  • Active Herpes Outbreak Girl *

  • Joe Dirt

  • Kermit (or, Green Tights Dude with Frog-Shaped Tumor On His Head)

  • Terrorist (had a bomb in his turban, how original)

  • Hot Rasta Girl

  • Security Guard *

  • Prostitute *

  • Fireman

  • Hot Pirate Girl

  • Fat Bumblebee Girl

  • Assorted Zombies

  • Living Crocodile Hunter

  • Dead Crocodile Hunter

  • Nacho Libre

  • Assorted Faeries

  • Stick Up Her Ass Girl *

  • Cute Devil Girl (my waitress)

  • Rambette (like Rambo but a girl)

  • Green Dude In A Suit (maybe an alien?)

  • Vampire Couple

  • World's Gayest Guy *

  • Assorted Sexy Nurses

  • World's Ugliest Cheerleader

  • Goth Girl

  • Orange Pants Faggot *

  • Joe Dirt (another one)

  • Fatass Ex-Jock Guy *

  • Assorted Evil Clowns

  • Assorted Non-Evil Clowns

  • Striped Shirt Girl

  • Skinhead Punks *

  • Gay Black Uncle Sam (his description)

  • Really Tall Skull Dude

  • Little Miss Muffet

  • Bloody Surgeon

  • Hot Navy Girl

  • Hot Army Girl

  • Hot Burkha Girl

  • Assorted Cute Princesses

At 10:00 or so, my phone vibrated.



They were at Rich O's.

So I went there. Out on the street there were a gazillion more people in costumes, but I didn't stop to write any of them down or I'd still be writing.

Oh yeah, I'd talked to this one zombie at The Pub and he gave me a beer shirt and a free glass to give to HatGirl. I had to lie and say that they were for my girlfriend, but the sheer joy in HatGirl's eyes when I gave her those gifts - well it was certainly worth a little fib.

When I got to Rich O's I got to sit on the throne because TallLady had just left. I knew this because I'd talked to her in the parking lot. There were some girls I didn't recognize scattered around the living room. They might have been cute but I wouldn't know because HatGirl was at the kiddie table.


I had myself a Diet Coke and talked to HatGirl and LuckyFucker for a while. I got NotHideousGirl's phone number from HatGirl, but it might have been a fake number because I sent a test text message and I've recieved no response.

Then after HatGirl and LuckyFucker left I talked to WomanRepellant for a while.

Then I came home.

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Greetings. Nice website.
(URL deleted by Dave)

The harlequin girl with the joker - her name is, punnily enough, Harley Quinn. In my nerdy years of following the goings on in the Batman universe, I never put that joke together.

(a) Thanks.

(b) That girl was hot. I doubt there are many who could get away with wearing that skintight spandex costume.

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