posted by dave on Friday, November 24, 2006 at 1:23 PM in category daily

Yesterday I was talking to BadPickleGirl about how I had to go shopping today for luggage and jeans.

Being a woman, BadPickleGirl has all of the shopping places in the area mapped out and locked in to her brain. I think that, for this purpose, women use the same area of the brain that I use to keep track of all the bars and poolhalls.

Anyway, she told me that I should go to this place called Tuesday Morning for my luggage.

So that's where I went.

Man, am I whipped or what?

They did indeed have luggage. Pretty nice stuff and very good prices. One-offs I think. I picked out a large suitcase and a matching smaller case for carry-on. Retail price was like $400, but I was only going to have to pay $75. Hell of a deal, I think.

I got to the checkout counter and I had to wait - I shit you not - 25 minutes for some old lady in front of me to fill out her check and find her driver's license. So that sucked.

The hag finally got out of my way so I put the two suitcases on the counter to be scanned.

The guy started opening up the small suitcase. I guess this is because I look like a thief or something.

Inside the small suitcase was a soft-sided carry-on bag!

I didn't put it there!


So I told the guy that I didn't want the soft-sided bag, that I hadn't put it there, and that maybe he should check the large suitcase to see what might be stashed hidden in there.

"Gee, ya think?" the guy's eyes said to me.

Inside the large suitcase was, of course, a smaller suitcase.

I didn't put that there either!

I swear!

The guy took it pretty well I suppose. I don't think it was the first time it had happened. They stuff shit inside other shit to save shelf space. The guy did, however, seem a little surprised and maybe even a little disappointed that I hadn't decided to buy the extra items. Maybe some people would have done so out of embarrassment or something.

So that was fun. And now I've got decent luggage for my Las Vegas trip.

BadPickleGirl had also told me to go to some place that sells dead peoples' clothes. She'd said that I could get cheap jeans there.

I passed on that, and went to the mall like a regular person.

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I am so glad you found some excellent luggage for your trip. You must look like a thief b/c they didn't look inside my luggage when I bought mine! Now you look like a high roller. Did you get any type of personel satisfaction having purchased such wonderful luggage. I am a chick and I do know where to shop, but I don't really like shopping that much. By the way you like shopping for beer! You, my friend, gave me info on the party mart. Have a great trip. BPG

The luggage served me well. It even has an expando feature that I needed because I got all kinds of crap from vendors at the conference.

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