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Arrival - about an hour later than I'd planned. The crowd isn't too bad yet. I'm sitting at the empty island, and having a N'Ice Chouffe. Apparently I'd had it before, but I've updated my review:

N'Ice Chouffe (14)

(draft) Dark cranberry in color. Huge head. Aroma is a very faint sweetness. Tastes like watery cranberry juice. Kind of disgusting.
(According to my beer page, I've now had 14 ounces of that crap. The 4 ounces last night plus another 10 ounces sometime in the past. I astounds me that I ever managed to choke down 10 ounces of it in one sitting.)

All of the strangers just left the living room area. Yay! I'm moving to the throne. Yay!

This Chouffe stuff is too disgusting. I'm ordering another new NABC beer.

New Albanian Naughty Claus (10)

(draft) Cloudy brown. No foam (duh). Aroma of sugar and unidentifiable spices. Flavor is decent - reminds me of pumpkins. There's a slight citrus tang at the finish. Not too bad.
After that, since I was sitting on the throne, it was too much of a pain to write down every little thing, so the play-by-play format stopped there.

My next beer was another new one for me.

Bluegrass Hell For Certain (10)

(draft) Clear dark bronze. Decent head. No detectable aroma. Flavor of dried cherries. The finish was quite drying as well. A good beer, but a little weird.
While I was drinking these last two beers, I talked to OldBob and to MusicalHippieDude for a while. Oh yeah, this one chick from Ohio remembered that I'd talked to her months ago and that I'd blogged about her. She was the one who'd driven down here for some beer that I never heard of. I used my Blackberry to try to find the old entry, but I couldn't find it. I'd just wanted to make sure that I hadn't said anything bad like calling her an idiot or anything like that. I found the entry when I got home and it was okay.

Sometimes I use words like idiot when stranger would be much more appropriate.

My next beer was something I've had before, but I wanted to update my review.

Delirium Noel (60)

(draft) Dark brownish red with a very dense head that lasted forever. A very nice completion to the Delirium triad. Not as much spice as I was perhaps expecting, but very drinkable. More similar to Delirium Nocturnum than to Tremens. Yummy.
So my tastes have changed a little. Before I'd just called it good.

At 7:10 or so I started getting text messages from HatGirl that she was on her way.

At 7:30 HatGirl and LuckyFucker arrived.



For a few minutes, HatGirl had to stand. LuckyFucker had taken the only available seat in the place - at the kiddie table. But I laid a guilt trip on this other dude and talked him into moving from the kiddie table to the sofa so HatGirl could sit.

This was also about the time I switched to Diet Coke for a while.

So I spent the next couple of hours talking to HatGirl and LuckyFucker and GuiltTripDude and a few other people in the living room area.

At one point I got into a bit of an argument with one of the PBD girls. I feel kinda bad about that, but I doubt that she even remembers it. I still apologize.

I also found out that this one PBD is the bartender's dad. I'd had no idea, but once I found out I could really see the resemblance. Small world.

My next beer was a Rogue Chocolate Stout (1192).

After HatGirl left the night settled down for me. A couple of uberhot girls that I sorta know came over and sat with us. Those two are like an unstoppable force of hotness, so I didn't pay much attention to less important things like breathing for the next couple of hours. Once TeamHotness left I had a half-pint of Rogue Chocolate Stout (1202) to close out the night, and I came home at about 12:30.

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