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Okay, pop quiz time.

Say you make pizzas for a living. An order comes in. The order specifies "light on the sauce."

What do you do. What DO you do?

A) Use less sauce that you normally would. The customer is always right, and even if they're wrong, they should at least get what they paid for.
B) Ignore the request and make a regular pizza. Fuck the customer. You're the goddamn pizza professional, after all. Who does the customer think they are?
C) Be an asshole and load the pizza up with twice the normal amount of sauce. Customers suck. You hate them all and you wish they would die. Or at least leave you alone.
D) Forget about the special request and use the regular amount of sauce, then try to hide your mistake and fool the customer by using additional amounts of all the other ingredients. Customers are all stupid, they will never notice.

This is not a particularly hard quiz. But I'll give you a hint anyway.

The letter corresponding to the correct answer is a vowel.

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I would say choice A. That is unless the person claimed the last time they ordered light sauce there was actually extra sauce on the pizza when you know damn well there wasn't extra sauce on it because you had made it the last time. If that were the case, then it would most certainly be choice C.

Actually, the last three or four times they got the light sauce part exactly right. This is how I was fooled into taking this latest pizza home without checking it first.

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