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As I'm clearly unfit for the world, and as the world is clearly unfit for me, tonight I'm just going to stay home and drink some fucking pumpkin beer. I was saving this, but oh well.

Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale

(bottle) Clear medium amber in color. Small head. Aroma of pumpkin and spices. The flavor was more spicy and metallic than I was expecting. There was also some hop bitterness that I didn't care for at all. Decent is all I can say.
I can see it in my face, when I dare to look into the mirror. My eyes, they're so tired, so sad. And there is no real escape, even far away from any mirror. Escape exists in a pair of hazel eyes, and nowhere else. The rest of the time, this permeates my bones and my muscles and my heart. I can feel it, right now, weighing me down. Pulling me under. It's more a part of me than anything else. It's who I am, now. It's what I am, now.


I used to think that I knew how this would end. Not that it would end, I'm not quite that much of a pessimist. Yet. But if it ended, I thought I knew how and why. I was so sure. It was going to be all my fault, but I wouldn't be the one to end it.

Schlafly's Pumpkin Ale

(bottle) Clear copper in color. Small head that dissipated almost immediately. A very nice aroma of cinnamon and other spices. Medium mouthfeel. Very good flavor of all sorts of spices and, of course, pumpkin. The 8% ABV is hidden very well. A very good beer.
I watch this destroy her, and I feel it destroy us. There's nothing I can do. I've already tried my best, and it wasn't enough. My words may as well have been silent. My face invisible. My heart irrelevant.


Lately, though, I haven't been so sure. Maybe it won't be her. Maybe it'll be me who recognizes and does what needs to be done. Walks away. I hope not. There's nowhere to go.

Post Road Pumpkin Ale

(bottle) Slightly hazy amber. Smallish head. Aroma of pumpkin and spices. Thin mouthfeel, but the flavor is very good. There's a bit of a bite - not bitter - that is a pleasant surprise. Very good.
But can I ever be happy, being so close and yet so far? I honestly don't know the answer to that question. All I know is that I want to try. With everything that I am and everything I ever will be, I want to try. I don't ever want to give up.

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Dave, Thank you.

Your musings are a refreshing breath of honesty.

>>As I'm clearly unfit for the world, and as the world is clearly unfit for me

* Oct. 13th was my Birthday.
* Oct. 17th 2nd floor bathroom sink supply line failed while I slept, dumping water for at least 6 hours. I mention which floor it's on because my 9' Gold Crown is on the floor below.

I turn to the game/sport of pool as a respite from the game/sport of life; and if ever I need it I need it now. But the table was dismantled to make way for the new flooring which comes after the new ceiling which comes after the new walls. . . .

During the week of this occurance I consumed; massive quantities of Guinness, He'Brew (The Chosen Brew), Yling Yling, ButtHead, and Bail's (?) Bale's (?) Java Stout (Breakfast Beer, for those who enjoy combining thier morning coffee with a beer buzz).

Anyway, I'm about fed up with it all and. . . well. . . it's nice to know I'm not the only one.

~Iron Butterfly

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