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A few days ago someone - MisunderstoodGirl, I think - posted this to facebook. I was thinking that I'd do a vlog about it, but I don't feel like putting clothes on right now, so I'll just type my answers. How quaint.

If you could, at this very moment, take a ride on anything in the world, what would you most want to ride?
A dragon. Also, I'd like dragons to exist.

If you could get one thing back that was either lost or destroyed, what would it be?
The second car I ever owned, a 1979 firebird. It wasn't that great of a car, but I liked it, and I went through a lot in it. Whenever I dream about any of my old cars, it's always that one.

What is one item you own that has virtually no monetary value but has such sentimental value that you would not sell it for $1,000?
My rock, of course. Duh.

If you could know without a shadow of a doubt the answer to one question that has always troubled you, what question would you want to have answered?
Is there any point to any of this?

If you could bring back any tradition that seems to have faded into the past, what tradition would you bring back?
Knocking cute girls on the head and dragging them back to the cave. It just seems like our current way is a lot harder.

If you could open your own retail store, what type of merchandise would you sell?
Probably pool & billiards supplies. Or maybe books. I dunno, I can't really see myself running a retail store of any kind. That would be boring to me. Wait, do bars count?

If you could have any book instantly memorized from cover to cover, which book would you choose?
I think a World Almanac or something like that, with lots of facts.

If, with your safety guaranteed, you could experience something very dangerous, what would you want to experience most of all?
If my safety was guaranteed, then it wouldn't be very dangerous, would it? Anyway, I think climbing Mt. Everest would be cool.

What is one field or profession that you never persued, but that you think you probobly would have been quite good at?
Anything scientific. Astronomy, perhaps.

If you could invent a pair of glasses that would allow you to see abstract things, what would you want to be able to see most of all?
A person's aura. Kinda like in that movie Shallow Hal.

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Had I bet on your response to the 2nd question I would've lost that money!

Hmmmmm ????

I suspect that you have a dirty mind.

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