Sunday, June 5, 2005
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Proverbs - The Brewing Art

This poster hangs at Rich O's. I really like it. It's just so busy. Everywhere you look there's something going on, people having fun. Each little section is its own scene, unencumbered and uninfluenced by the goings-on of the scenes elsewhere.

This is kind of like the scene at my niece's graduation party yesterday.

Except that there wasn't quite as much beer. And instead of people making beer, there were people swimming and talking and pitching horseshoes and playing volleyball. And instead of workers and pagan characters and smiling buildings and royalty, there were a bunch of people that I hadn't seen in several years. And instead of hops growing all over, there were eighteen year old girls hopping all over the volleyball court.

Just to briefly list the relatives that I hadn't seen in a long time (or ever) that showed up yesterday:

  • My cousin Durenda and her husband Kevin (two or three years)
  • My cousin Lynette and her husband Bill (maybe a year, maybe two)
  • My aunt Susie (about 6 years!)
  • My second cousin Taylor (never in her twelve years of life)
  • My cousin Michelle and her husband Barry (13 years!!!)
  • Three more second cousins - Michelle's kids (never seen before)

Most of the regulars were also there, with the exception of my cousin Jeff who wasn't returning any calls, and Dan "Holy Shit" Kruer and his wife Chris who had other plans.

So I guess my sister has been holding out on me. She does have hot friends. At least one anyway, and I'm now hopeful that she'll "remember" some others. Some that aren't married.

I spent about the first hour on the deck by the pool talking with my sisters and my cousins and my aunt. At one point I realized that I was completely surrounded by estrogen and decided to escape before, as Neisha warned, I started getting cramps and developing uncontrollable urges to ask people for directions.

I pitched a dozen or so games of horseshoes. The first game I lost with my cousin Mike. The next ten games I won with a coworker of Kenny's or with my friend Eric, then I lost the last game with Kenny.

By then it was dark, and I sat for a bit talking with Eric's wife Terri while the guys tried to pitch one final game of horseshoes by sense of smell or something. I don't think that worked out very well for them, but no paramedics were called so it could have been worse.

Let's see, to drink I had a half-gallon of NABC Blonde Abbey. That's a lot of 7% beer to drink but it was spread out over several hours so I was okay.

Once I left Dina's I drove down to Rich O's (even though I was filthy) and had a diet coke while talking with RealTrainGirl and MisunderstoodGirl, and some dude that looks like Buddy Rich, and DooRagGirl.

I guess I'm a little sunburned. I don't look that red by I can definitely feel it in my face. It will probably start to peel, further increasing my already undeniable sex appeal. Today I get to mow my lawn so I'll probably look like a tomato by this evening.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004
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Here we are again,
a couple of days from Thanksgiving,
perhaps my least favorite holiday,
probably because of the mall crowding that it begins each
year on the day after.

But I do like the holiday itself
in that I like to reflect and
ruminate on the things I'm
thankful for. I would probably like the
holiday more if I could spend it in solitude with no social
demands placed upon me. I
am aware that this makes me seem like a
yeti or some other antisocial creature.

Little is known about the yeti,
as it probably doesn't even exist except
perhaps to scare children into going
to bed. So in that way I'm not like the yeti
or any other legendary creature. Because
people don't generally use me to scare their children.
Godzilla or a goblin would be better. Well
it looks like I've almost
rambled on
long enough.

After I post this entry I'll bet that
nobody thinks it's clever and everybody will think it's

Maybe people will just see the strange line lengths
and assume that it's some kind of a
new-age poem or something but only
young people write that kind of poetry and I'm too old.

My brain just doesn't provide a very creative
outlet for my deeper thoughts so I end up coming off as
retarded when I try so I hardly
ever try.

Sunday, December 28, 2003
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Last night was a special occasion for a few reasons.

First, I was very pleased to see that my favorite style of Cone Smoker is still hanging in there at Rich O's. This is the longest that this beer has stayed drinkable yet.

Another high note last night was the appearance of my friend Eric, who I hardly ever get to see anymore. But that's as much my fault as his.

After my first Cone Smoker I tried a Bell's Winter White and did not like it even a little bit. Oh well, live and learn.

While I was choking down the Bell's Eric was enjoying a Great Lakes Christmas Ale. I had one as well, and I really liked it. No, really. Even though about 90% of the beers I try at Rich O's are, IMHO, crap, every now and then something good comes along. I will definitely have more of this when it's available.

I closed out the evening with another Cone Smoker, something I knew would finally wash the taste of the Bell's out of my mouth.

Let's see, also in attendance were DooRagGirl and DooRagGirl's husband. DooRagGirl I almost didn't recognize as she was without her trademark bandana.

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