posted by dave on Saturday, February 26, 2005 at 3:04 PM in category drink, pictures

In my never-ending quest to become the most boring person in the world, I present this, yet another entry about going to the bar on Friday night.

Actually, I went to two bars last night.

Woo hoo.

The first one, recommended by some people who's opinions really shouldn't matter to me as much as they do, was this place called Mac's Hideaway.

I was there for thirty, maybe forty seconds.

My new enemy was there, probably hiding from my hatred by avoiding Rich O's, and I didn't see anyone else I knew, so I left.

When I got to Rich O's it was after 10:00, and it was only moderately crowded. I tried to grab a seat on the loveseat but some assholes told me that they might be expecting some people to join them. My official Rich O's regular card must have been lost in the mail so I couldn't pull rank on these jerks, and I sat at the island instead.

some assholes

My first beer was a Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale. I thought I had tried it last week and wanted to give it another try.

The first big mistake was that I hadn't tried it before - it was Goose Island Honker's Ale I'd been thinking of.

The second big mistake was actually trying this Sierra Nevada crap.

I took one sip and decided that it was just too disgusting for me to risk another. I had the bartender take the vile thing away from me and pour me a Guinness instead.

After a while CoffeeDude came in and joined me and I had an NABC Community Dark. I don't know if they've tweaked the recipe or if my tastebuds simply weren't suffering from sensory overload like they usually are, but it tasted different to me. In a good way.

At one point, lo and behold, the assholes did have some people join them in the living room area. I decided to forgive them for their rudeness because (a) they hadn't been lying to me earlier, and (b) their friends consisted of SweetLookingGirl and TooHotGirl.

I chose that nickname for the latter because after she came in I went out to the front area to make sure that NotGeorge had seen her, and to invite him to join me and CoffeeDude. He told me, "Dave, I just can't go in there. She's just too hot."


At one point some young girl came in and sat with us at the island. I've decided to call her HairGirl because she just wouldn't and/or couldn't stop twisting and twirling with her hair.

Okay Dave, time to start wrapping this up.

Once the living room people left, and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees, CoffeeDude, HairGirl, and I went over to the living room area and I had myself a Piraat.

Once the conversation turned back to coffee I got bored and came home.

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