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Both Friday and Saturday were quite busy, so I'll be breaking this trip report up into several entries. Otherwise it's just seems like too daunting a task and I'd probably never get to it.

So, Friday afternoon. I checked into my hotel. It seemed like a cool place at first.

a hollow hotel

I wonder if anyone has ever dove in from the ninth floor

But I quickly discovered that the "free Internet access in every room" was simply a myth to lure in customers. I had no signal in my room, and when I called them to complain they basically told me that I was SOL, and why not just take my laptop down to the lobby? There's a strong signal there.

So that sucked, but I wasn't supposed to be sitting at my computer all weekend anyway.

Once I'd checked in, I took off down the hill to see the arch. Should that be capitalized?

The Arch?

I dunno. Or care.

view from the arch grounds

I took a shitload of arch pictures. I'm only going to post a few though. You'll thank me later.

hey look! it's an arch!

This next one is semi-interesting. This was the first time I'd touched the arch in twenty years or so. I didn't cry though.

look ladies, no ring!

As I'd expected, the ride to the top was completely sold out, so I bought a ticket for 12:40 on Saturday. Then I walked over to Laclede's Landing to check out this Morgan Street Brewpub place. Behold my photographic prowess.

I don't remember it being that blurry

While I was at Morgan Street I figured what the heck, I'll have some beer.

Morgan Street Honey Wheat (4)

The bartender didn't know if it was a German-style or and American-style wheat, so I just had a sampler glass. It's American-style, so I didn't like it. The honey was not apparent except that the usual hop bitterness I find in this style was not there. Bland and boring.
The bartender said that it was their most popular beer by a wide margin. This did not bode well.

I also had a sample of this Winter Lager stuff (4) which I'll get to in a minute.

Morgan Street Irish Stout (16)

Fucking yummy and chocolately and yummy. Whoever says that there's no good beer at Laclede's Landing is an idiot. This beer was worth the trip all by itself.
Morgan Street Dopplebock (4)
Quite boring and generic. No hint at all of the strangeness that I usually associate with this style. I see no point to even making this beer.
Morgan Street Winter Lager (20)
Despite the name, this is an oatmeal stout aged in used Jack Daniel's barrels. The bartender says that every beer in the place is "lager-style" which to me means yeast. Whatever they call it, this beer is yummy.
I really wanted to talk to the brewer to see if the bartender was full of shit about the "lager-style" stuff. But he is apparently out of town. I have to ask some of the homebrewing PBDs at Rich O's.

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