posted by dave on Friday, April 13, 2007 at 12:36 AM in category daily

I'm sitting here working, at 11:54. I only point this out so people will feel sorry for me. Because nobody ever had to work this late before.

I'm installing Solaris on a new server, and doing other crap to get it ready for the Oracle people. Like right now I'm putting on the latest recommended patch cluster. Type and wait, type and wait. It's not like I've been working nonstop since this morning, but it feels that way sometimes.

And I find myself, once again, several days late on journal entries. Oh well.

On Saturday during lunch, BikerGirl told me that something was wrong with the Newcastle. She was right. It just tasted a little strange. Not really bad, but not like the Newcastle I've become used to in The Pub.

Then, on Monday, the Newcastle was still a little off. I didn't really care for it that much. I figured that it might be a bad keg, and I vowed that I'd switch to Young's Double Chocolate Stout until it was changed.

Well, they changed it. Not only did they change it from an old, empty keg to a new, full keg - they also changed it from some other beer back to Newcastle. I'm not really sure what I'd been drinking. I thought maybe Tetley's, BikerGirl thought maybe Fuller's ESB. Whatever. The Newcastle is back now. So, yay!

Now I'm installing all of the companion software. This step sucks, because at the end there's a bunch of network traffic, and my wireless router always dies and has to be rebooted.

Let's see, today NotHideousGirl was a no-show at lunch. That's okay though. I talked to BikerGirl, and I emailed RockGirl, and I texted HatGirl. Tomorrow I'll be a no-show myself, as I've got a dental appointment in the afternoon so I'll be taking the last half of the day off.

Speaking of HatGirl, if I don't see her this weekend, that will make it at least eleven billion years since I've enjoyed that privilege. This is about the point where I start to freak out. So the text messages today helped my mood immensely. The time limit before I'd freak out from lack of HatGirl used to be about thirty seconds, so I have been getting better.

Or caring less, I'm not sure. I can feel myself wanting to pull away before she moves away. I don't like this childish desire, but I like the cause even less. Consciously I'm still in denial over the whole thing, but I guess that my subconscious is starting to get a clue. It's going to happen.

Great, now I'm sad.

Anyway, the other day I was talking to a PBD at Rich O's who's just as disgusted with the current state of affairs as I am. So it's good to know that I'm not the only one. I've actually caught myself wondering if the brewer there even likes beer.

And, now the companion software is done installing, so I'll hit the "Exit" button on the little installer GUI, and my network will die...

...and it's back. I had to power-cycle my router.

So now it's back to work.

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